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  • [3e OOC] Vigilantes

    Vigilante. Noun. A civilian that takes matters of law enforcement to their own hands.

    The world is a dangerous place. For all the law enforcement agencies in the world, the power held by various governments and corporations, it never seems like enough. The law always seems to have holes where criminals slither through because of some corruption or loophole, protecting criminals from the justice they rightly deserve. And despite all that, these agencies and corporations don't always want to accept help from sources that can grant it, not when the agencies and corporations can't fully control that help. Not when that help could just as easily turn their attention to the corruption influencing the corporations and agencies themselves. No...they won't accept help that could get too close and expose them.

    You are a Vigilante. A member of a loosely connected network of individuals and groups across the globe, some powered, others not, but all applying their skills to seeing to it that justice is served where the law can't, or won't.


    This is an idea that kind of struck me lately as a type of game I haven't seen. Sort of the inverse of Suicide Squad, where rather than villains being conscripted to do good work in the world, you are heroic types trying to do good in a world where the authorities don't want you sticking your nose out.

    Some world details;
    • The world has superheroes and supervillains, however, the superheroes the world knows are corporate shills that accept the leash for the money that comes with it. Not that they are all bad people, but when the Suits say jump, they know better than to ask why.
    • The men and women who hold positions of authority within a government agency or a corporation are collectively known as Suits. Those that work for them but don't hold personal authority are called Agents. So it follows that Superheroes are also technically Agents.
    • Those with powers that are neither hero nor villain, while still expected to register their abilities, are allowed to apply for permits to use their abilities in a professional capacity, such as someone with low-grade super strength using their power to work for a construction company. Unlicensed power usage is illegal, though infractions are typically viewed based on the severity of the infraction. However, power use, even in an emergency, can see hefty fines, so as to discourage potential vigilantes.
    • Powers in the world typically come from Biological (Apex), Supernatural (Mage) or Technological (Tech) means, and collectively, those with powers are simply called "Powers".
      • Apexes are people with natural powers that manifest in adolescence. Apexes are required to be registered when their powers manifest and must attend regular seminars and testing that assesses their abilities as they grow. These seminars are often used by Suits for scouting potential talent for endorsed Superhero material. Apexes that do not have a physical mutation based power may be able to hide their powers, but since their powers manifest young, most parents get their powered children registered to avoid fines or jail time.
        • The powers of one apex to another can vary greatly with no particular pattern anyone has been able to recognize as to why someone might manifest a particular power, but the powers do appear to be linked to genes as a child with one or both parents with apex genes has higher odds of manifesting a power, though the gene is known to be recessive. A child with an apex parent, if they manifest a power, will have a power similar to their parent. If both parents are apexes, the child may have one, both or a hybrid of the powers. Very rarely, a child of two apexes will not receive the apex gene from their parents but will manifest their own unique apex gene.
        • Apexes that manifest with a hyper intellect gene are almost uniformly snatched up by Suits when discovered. It is exceedingly rare to find a hyper intellect that isn't a supervillain out of necessity to evade being controlled by the Suits or having previously escaped them. The vast majority of hyper intellect apexes live in high-security communities and are generously provided for, but they are also highly regimented. (So despite the existence of hyper intellects, the world's level of technology is mostly as we know it today, perhaps a little further along in terms of public availability, but what is available to law enforcement agencies and security firms and the like is on an entirely different level seemingly more belonging in a sci-fi novel).
      • Mages have been around the longest as powers and generally operate in traditions that go back for generations in their families, and while uncommon, adoptions do happen from time to time for those who possess exceptional potential, or "Mana". Mages are also expected to register in order to use their magic openly, and Mana Scanners exist that can detect active magic, though despite the name can't measure the mana potential in a mage beyond "high" or "low", which itself is not indicative of one being a mage. Since a mage can only be detected by actively using magic, they have the easier time slipping through society, but those that register can often find work being contracted by Suits.
        • Magic exists within disciplines that have finite parameters that have been explored over the generations. The disciplines are; Matter, Energy, Illusion, and Life.
        • Mages that specialize in Matter are called Makers. They can manipulate all manners of physical matter but are unable to create something from nothing. The alchemical study of turning lead into gold was a result of a Maker doing exactly that and non-mages attempting to replicate the process.
        • Mages that specialize in Energy are collectively known as Kineticists, but often focus on a single type of energy that they can manifest and control. Energy is known to be the trickiest magic to wield due to the sheer volume of applications possible, especially when combined with other disciplines (the classic example being ice by using Matter magic to manipulate water and thermal energy magic to draw the heat out and freeze the water)
        • Mages that specialize in Illusions are ironically called Illusionists. Ironic in that despite the unimaginative name, they use the most creative magic, able to create realistic stimuli for all senses based on their imaginations. Some mages like to learn just enough illusion magic to give their other spells a personal touch, like black flames.
        • Mages that specialize in Life are called Shamen. Life magic is connected to life force itself, and through it, they can do various things such as read or manipulate minds, speak with lingering spirits or even animals and living plants, or link their senses with other living things. Necromancy is a dark aspect of life magic that places life within the dead and is severely looked upon with disgust by any good shaman.
      • Techs are the relatively newest type of power in this age of rapidly advancing technology and does not refer to people without powers that use technology, but are classified alternatively as "weaponized humans". People who have technology incorporated one way or another with their core being, whether on purpose or by accident. Like Apexes and Mages, they are required to register their condition and like the others may be scouted for employment by Suits, and due to the nature of many tech's enhancements having a visually physical nature, they tend to have the hardest time blending in casually with regular people.
        • Techs come in two varieties, Made or Accidental. Made Techs are intentionally created by integrating technology into volunteer provided by Suits. These techs can be hard to distinguish without a scanner, or they can be quite obvious, depending on the purpose and intent of their creation. Accidental Techs can result from unintentional interaction with super tech, a botched experiment or an unsanctioned integration. while Accidental Tech tends to be more obvious with a more aberrant appearance, this is not always the case. Accidental is more to refer to the fact that the person was not meant to be a Power in the eyes of the Suits. Unless one became a Tech through intentional means, which is illegal, the accidental acquiring of technological powers, after strict and thorough review and investigation, an accidental tech must still register and may apply for a license and even obtain contract work.
        • Even for techs with less obvious technological enhancements, scanners do exist to detect techs just as they are for mages, though unlike mages, a tech doesn't need to be actively using their enhancements for a scanner to pick them up. These scanners are also typically connected to a database of registered techs, so unregistered techs that get scanned often find themselves quickly apprehended.
      • An individual may have powers from multiple categories due to whatever circumstance. Unless your are void of mana, you are technically capable of learning even at least weak magic. Pretty much anyone can be integrated with tech of some sort. And Apex gene treatments, while highly illegal and questionable ethically (because where do you think they get those genes from?), do exist. Such beings are called Hybrids and tend to be considered a little more dangerous on average due to the multi-nature of their power roots.
    • A Vigilante that has no powers and uses equipment is typically called a Norm. And since apexes with hyper intellect are uncommon but high in demand, unless a Norm acquires super tech from somewhere, they are relatively limited in the equipment available to them.
    • The world has not experienced extraterrestrial or interdimensional contact nor are there any present means, power-related or otherwise to establish either. Various governments have expanded space programs through the use of hyper intellect apexes to the point of small, self-sustaining space stations that can house a few dozen families, but progress in the space sector is still a work in progress. (This is mainly due to the distance from the planet, these space colonies are more difficult to regulate and control, so colonist numbers are kept small. Larger colonies are at this time in fact technically possible, likewise with Lunar or Martian colonies, but are presently being intentionally withheld from production.)
    • Vigilantes by necessity tend to operate much like Batman with secret headquarters and secret identities. Their activities are judged as harshly as those of supervillains and a similar fate awaits them should the authorities capture a vigilante.
    • It comes as no surprise that Vigilantes are almost as popular as Superheroes, just with a more low-key fan base. Many people do recognize that Vigilantes are trying to help, and often succeed and so feel the treatment of them is unfair, that the authorities should work with Vigilantes, but they also have a tendency to be resistant to accept that the people in charge may have more corruption than is healthy for a country. Still, it is not uncommon to see some unlicensed merch of local and even non-local Vigilantes; posters, tee-shirts, backpacks and the like. Such items are not strictly illegal but are seen by authorities to be in bad taste. Such merch is not uncommonly produced and distributed on the sly BY a Vigilante themselves.
    • All of the above is mostly specific to North America. While most countries have slight variances, the above model is largely used around the world in most first and second world countries with strongly established governments as the Power Laws were established as a collective effort to address Powers when they were beginning to emerge. Countries that did not participate and thus established their own sets of Power Laws unique to their own countries are considered "aberrant". Powers leaving an aberrant country are expected to fall in line with the "Collective" Power Laws while aberrant countries tend to simply kick out non-national Powers that are discovered there at best, or execute them summarily at worse. Asylum is heard of in rumor only.
    • Despite apparent and rumored poor treatment of Powers, the world is no more dangerous to them as it is for any ethnic group. There are of course those who are racist towards Powers, usually out of fear or jealousy, or even misguided hatred due to supervillains or other criminals that use their powers, but such racist groups are the minority and hate crimes against Powers are dealt with as hate crimes against any other group.
    • Perhaps ironically, humanity as a whole in most places are less hung up on physical appearances and don't treat apexes with physically altered bodies or techs like freaks due to their appearance. This carries over to non-powered humans where body-shaming in any form is at an all-time global low. Of course, humanity hasn't adopted an "everyone is beautiful" view on things, they have at least become more passive about how someone appears.


    That's all I can think of for now. I might add more to it later if I think of something, but this should be sufficient to get a good idea of the tone of the setting I am thinking about here.

    Players would take the role of Vigilantes, Powers, and Norms who have taken it upon themselves to mete out justice where it would otherwise not reach for whatever reason. The authorities are not your friends and would just as soon take you in as well as a threat to civilized, rule-following society. Supervillains are still supervillains, and while some may be sympathetic to why they were pushed to that point, they are still actively working against society to bring everything crashing down or simply acting anarchistically in their own self-interest and hurting others in the process with or without a care. Suits are not always, but often have at least a little corruption, but often have a lot and as a result, can't trust the Vigilantes lest they learn the specific nature of corruptions and root them out, potentially unraveling the society that has been built to trust and rely on the Suits (Which is largely why Vigilantes don't strongly target Suits. the fallout is thought to be potentially catastrophic on a near-global scale.

    This setting could be played out as a lower, street-level game, largely focusing on operating either in a single city, or constantly being on the run through the country, righting wrongs along the way, or possibly a group of Vigilantes whose cover was blown and is actively on the run. Or it could be a higher level game, with global mobility and possibly even visiting the space colonies. Such Vigilantes would still have to operate in secret because as mentioned, countries possess Powers akin to nukes, so as strong as the PC Vigilantes might be, they still need to step carefully, as there is certain to be a Power stronger than them.

    Some powers would be banned or restricted, but most things can fit into one of the Power categories. Apexes and Techs can justify most powers, even Norms can procure some advanced super tech with the added complication of how to get it repaired if damaged. Mages are the most restricted in the end, though they can use multi-discipline magic to pull off most things one could want to with the right descriptors. The idea of these categories of hero types isn't meant to be restrictive on exactly what powers a player wants to have, so much as descriptors and flavor for those powers. And because it was asked before, yes, a character may, in fact, be any combination of the three power types. Mages and Techs are the easiest to "add-on", but black market Apex gene treatment is a thing. It is very dangerous, and very illegal and more often than not leads to complications and a significantly shortened lifespan. You also don't necessarily want to know where they got that gene they are splicing into you. Again, that's just how it USUALLY is. You can, of course, play a character that beat the odds and came out stronger on the other side without the side effects.....but maybe the side effects could be fun to play? It's mainly flavor and opportunity for complications is all I'm saying. You could have also become a mage or tech early on in life before your apex gene manifested. Any Power that fits more than one category is known as a Hybrid.

    Basically what I am saying, is despite how restrictive things may appear, I really didn't intend them to be more than flavor and guidelines for the kinds of things each type of Power would deal with and most concepts should work fine. Even aliens or extradimensional beings could be characters, though they would lack the personal means to return to whence they came at this time since Space and Dimension Movement powers would be on the ban list.

    Thoughts? Just a note, I would be just as happy playing in such a setting as GMing it...just sayin'. :mrgreen:


    The CRUNCH:
    Powerlevel is going to be 7-9 with PP based on your chosen PL.
    PL9 = 135pp
    PL8 = 150pp
    PL7 = 165pp

    * 3 skill points per PP (excluding Close and Ranged Combat)
    * One free Interaction Skill Advantage per rank of Presence.

    There are a few banned powers:
    -Dimension, Space and Time Travel Movement
    -Immortality (Mainly because how it works.. actual immortality in terms of Immunity to Aging is just fine)
    -Growth past rank 8
    -Regeneration must be ranks 1, 2, 5 or 10 (For simplicity sake) and cannot be higher than 10.

    Transform and Variable powers will be closely looked at due to their game-breaking potential, but are not banned outright for those who want to use them responsibly.

    If I feel concern about a build or mechanic implemented into one, I'll probably mention it, but not necessarily require a change right away. It's more a "If this causes problems, I may ask you to change it later, so use it responsibly". Of course, you could change it preemptively, but I am inclined to let people at least try things out before deciding they are trouble without seeing them in play. (Besides, could pose an interesting challenge for me as GM)

    I do lean towards quirky submissions; characters that have some manner of satirical element to them, or a unique powerset that flys in the face of mainstream, like taking a power that might be considered useless and being creative with it to make it work, and I love seeing powers from the book that rarely get used. After all, Vigilante's are born from wanting to do good in the world. Some of them WANTED to be scouted, but were denied due to a power they Suits considered useless for one of their sanctioned superheroes and only really learned more about corruption after the fact.

    All in all though, I am fairly flexible so long as the character fits the tone and theme of the game.


    Player Character (and link) PL Registered Mini-description
    Doctor Malsyn Dataminer (Julien Delcroix) PL8 No Cyberpath (Apex Mage Hybrid)
    Star Guard Starlight (Claire Sanders) PL9 Yes Light-based flyer (Apex)
    Lara Croft Dusk (Jessica James) PL8 N/A Calamity Jane Legacy (Norm)
    Onion Bubs Kala the Barabarian PL9 N/A LARP Enthusiast (Norm)
    mrdent12 Robert Blake aka Damien Thorne PL8 No Ex-Necromancer (Mage)

    Player Character (and link) PL Registered Mini-description
    Doctor Malsyn Dataminer (Julien Delcroix) PL8 No Cyberpath (Apex Mage Hybrid)
    jmucchiello Blink (James Parnel) PL7 Partially Gadgeteer (Apex)
    Star Guard Starlight (Claire Sanders) PL9 Yes Light-based flyer (Apex)
    PauloDeWalshio Oni (Mako Wallice) PL8 No Blind Martial Artist (Apex Mage Hybrid)
    Lara Croft Dusk (Jessica James) PL8 N/A Calamity Jane Legacy (Norm)
    Onion Bubs Kala the Barabarian PL9 N/A LARP Enthusiast (Norm)
    hero4hire Fastlane PL9 ?? Speedster/Kineticist (Apex?)
    CaptainChaos Mistress Edrissa (Mina Dubois) PL8 No Self-taught Transmuter (Mage)
    mrdent12 Robert Blake aka Damien Thorne PL8 No Ex-Necromancer (Mage)
    Nareik123 Bladestorm (Juliet "JD" Dawson) PL9 Yes Fluid Metal (Tech)
    Bill from Accounting Bastion (Ryan Keaton) PL9 Yes Will to power conversion (Apex)
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    Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

    As I said previously, this does certainly have my interest.
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      Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

      What PL? Any chargen house rules beyond the setting "limitations"?

      I have an idea but the PL will determine if I can do it or not. (And if not, I will have other ideas, I'm sure. )


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        Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

        Right now it's just interest gauging.

        The setting can play out at different PLs depending on the tone of game people are interested in. It could lean more street level, or more global, even reaching out to the colonies in orbit.

        So if people would line to pipe up on that sort of thing too, it would be helpful.


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          Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

          Tag ... same here as there

          PL never really matters to me except where in it crosses with the “norms”. That’s more a matter of what scope you would like the characters to have. With your concept of the “Suits” capable of having a controlling factor over the “Powers” I’d softly suggest PL8/9. Admitted I have no clue other than. Numbers and co-oping other “Powers” how that’s control is handled but a tad under standard PL 10 would seem to help
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            Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

            As far as the suits go, they've got assets in the PL13 range. The scope of the PCs would have no impact except to have an idea of the gap in power.

            Ultimately, it means going lower PL will give players the chance to flex their cunning against a much stronger force that could be working against them, but being higher PL means the players could tackle greater threats without the Suits being as big a direct threat to them.

            So, really, it's up to what you the players want to do and how big a threat you want the Suits to be should they get involved.


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              Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

              This sounds interesting. Count me in.

              From what you described of the Suits, I think they should at least be a severe threat to the PCs in the beginning. Maybe as time goes on the PCs get strong enough to take them on directly, or maybe they don't and ultimately have to outwit them instead, but I would suggest a lower PL to begin with.
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                Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

                I'm totally interested in throwing my hat into the ring.
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                  Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

                  I am interested. I think a lower PL, say 8 or 9, would work well for the setting.


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                    Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

                    Gonna have to concur with them. A lower "street level" type of game sounds appealing. Fits the aesthetic of a being a vigilante as well.
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                      Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

                      potentially interested
                      [QUOTE=Enigmatic One;178799][FONT=Verdana]Note to self, get Bruce and his Bat-force to take this one.[/FONT][/QUOTE]

                      [URL=""]Earth 218 - JLA Academy Setting[/URL]
                      [URL=""]Blade's Builds[/URL]

                      [URL=""]The Merge Character Sheet Lists[/URL]
                      [URL=""]The Cosmic Merge Character Sheet List[/URL]


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                        Re: Vigilantes (Interest)

                        Well, that is 7 interested so far, so I may as well open it to submissions now.

                        The general interest seems to be for 8-9, so what I'll do is say PL9 with the option to go down to PL7 for 15pp per PL lowered.

                        For simple reference, thats;
                        PL9 = 135pp
                        PL8 = 150pp
                        PL7 = 165pp

                        I'll post this stuff up in the first post too with a few specifics for banned powers, house rules, etc. If anyone has questions about houserules they would like me to consider using, by all means please speak up. I can't say for sure I'll use any or all requested houserules, but it costs nothing to ask and I can at least consider it.

                        hold I not able to change the thread title here?

                        I figured it out. :lol:
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                          Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                          Awesome! I'll probably hit up PL 8 myself... Hmm. I was considering giving him an AI 'familiar' that might be able to help with a few things. Do you think that should be best built as a sidekick, summon, or maybe just descriptors to certain powers?
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                            Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                            Originally posted by Doctor Malsyn View Post
                            Awesome! I'll probably hit up PL 8 myself... Hmm. I was considering giving him an AI 'familiar' that might be able to help with a few things. Do you think that should be best built as a sidekick, summon, or maybe just descriptors to certain powers?
                            I think that largely depends on what exactly you want it to be able to help with, and the nature of that help and how capable it should be. Also in the dynamic the character has with it.

                            If it's an AI less than something like Jarvis, I'd say make it a descriptor and move on. But if the 'familiar' is meant to be more of a defining accessory to the character, then sidekick or summon would be more appropriate, depending on just how impacting you want the familiar to be. Summon is probably more appropriate wit hthe natuer of it being able to be recreated if somehow estroyed though. Killed sidekicks get replaced, but not typically with the exact same sidekick with the same skills, etc.


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                              Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                              Dataminer -PL 8

                              Birth Name: Julien Delcroix
                              Age: 22
                              Height: 5'10
                              Weight: 190 lbs.
                              Place of Birth: Lewistone, Maine

                              "You wouldn't believe how many people just make their passwords literally just 'Password'."
                              Standing at above average height for a man his age, Julien has brown butch-cut hair and blue eyes. Upon his face and hands are a series of black tattoos that are made to resemble circuitry or the joints of an android. Once he starts casting magic, his eyes turn a glowing cyan blue, with his tattoos lighting up in the same color.

                              The clothes he prefers tend towards the dark and practical side, though with his black trenchcoat and heavy cleats he very much resembles the classic stereotype of the hackers you see in media. The lower half of his face is usually covered by a dark grey scarf, wrapped tightly to help conceal his identity for when his other defenses against discovery fail.
                              Julian had always heard stories from his grandparents about how his family was descendant of arcane nobility, french wizards and kineticists who had could hold the very sun within their hands, conjure thunderstorms which sank fleets, and even rivaled the god Thor himself. It was all to be lost when they were forced to flee their home country, the French Revolution not sparing even magical society in it's bloodsoaked quest for independence. Whatever magic they had in their blood that let them once perform such extreme feats had hidden itself in fear of discovery.

                              Or at least, that was the story he had always been told by his great grandfather. The truth was that while descendant of arcane royalty they may've been, that 'magic in the blood' was the awakening of that man's own Apex Gene. It was a spark of sheer and utter brilliance, with which he could touch true power. When it came to sealing that spark away, it was himself who hid it away, the fear of a rapidly changing world as people were swept up into the growing corporate power. A powerful ritual never before attempted was performed, imbuing himself with life magic to seal away that genetic strand to keep himself and his family safe even if it cost them their superb intellectual prowess. It was to forever be his family's greatest secret, a mystery to only be unfolded when the time was right.

                              Juilen's father however, seemed to believe that time was already here. His creative ingenuity as a spellsmith was already almost unmatched, to find the means of tapping into his true potential was only child's play. From there his power would continue to grow in secret, awakened in adulthood outside of the prying eyes of observant teachers and tutors. Creating new magics, new spells to meld the kinetic arts with those of life into something both shocking and awe inspiring. The corporate world had a means of finding out about such discoveries however, ears on the wall which caught word of an unregistered mage displaying an odd, unprecedented amount of apparent intellect.

                              The spell which had for years kept his family happy and healthy was broken the moment men in uniform arrived on their doorstep, giving his father an offer he wasn't even allowed to refuse. An ultimatum, to leave with them and keep his family safe and provided for, or to stay and guarantee a financial debt they'd never be able to crawl out of. It was here that the man learned just why his grandfather had been so paranoid, why he had created that first ritual to hide away their unrivaled minds. That great unrivaled mind could do nothing but helplessly accept the lesser of two evils, and went with them willingly where he would be spirited off to god only knew. That child who could cry as they led his father away learned to hate these men, these Suits, for the way they tore his family apart.

                              Legacy unshackled by his father, Julien's own intellect start to spike at the tail end of nine. Later then typical for an Apex, and luckily in the middle of summer where it was allowed to foster and grow unseen by his teacher's eyes. Science and technology came to him like a fish to water, and it was only a matter of time before he made his first great discovery even as a child. An entirely new form of kinesis, a subset of the electrical mastery his family was once known for. By subtly influencing computers with his magic, he could control Information itself. A skill with almost limitless applications in the increasingly technological world. Datakinesis.

                              His proficiency with this new form of magic only increased as he grew, discovering new tricks and ways to manipulate data in ways a common hacker could never even dream of. Coding to him was like Latin was to the sorcerers of Ancient Rome. Applications had become his spells, and phones were his wands. The internet itself was his plane of Arcanus, a mystical realm with limitless potential. Endless possibility.

                              Learning to pull information outside of this other realm had become his second great discovery, transforming into into a substance just as potent as raw mana. From there it only spiraled further, having the park entirely to himself to explore and create to his leisure. Until, that is, they came back.

                              Julien hadn't been subtle at all as was unraveling the mystery of this new magic, he had poked far too many bears in his quest for knowledge. This time, they didn't even offer the option to turn them down. Hired men had charged him down with stun-sticks in hand, no hesitation at all to beat a punk kid to a pulp just to drag him off to wherever his father must've been all those years.

                              Surviving that fight took every trick up his sleeve and ended with him a hundred miles away in front of some dingy library's computer. It taught him a valuable lesson about anonymity he'd since taken to heart, as well as just what the stakes in this world were really like.

                              From then on he worked in secret, a runaway child forced to learn magic fast in order to survive a harsh world. He drifted from city to city as he hacking only what he needed to survive, and leaving once he noticed one too many black SUVs during his waking hours. It was an especially lonely period for a boy living on his own, which led to him twisting his magic in a new way. Creating something, someone new. A friend for the road, to keep him company when times were tough and to help him when his own fleshy mind failed some sort of task. When his grandmother told him about creating a bound familiar, a sapient computer program was probably not what she had in mind.

                              Even with a companion, he was destined to grow from a lonely kid into a bitter adult, one who had spent the better part of his life now entirely immersed within the internet. It was the system which had wronged him, stolen away that idyllic childhood just when it had gotten started. None of the heroes he had once childishly looked up to were doing a damn thing about it either, working with the companies instead of trying to break their stranglehold.

                              There was a name for the people who would though. The ones who rejected the rules and regulations, all these restrictions. Those who refused to bow their heads to someone who thought himself important just because of the way he dressed. Looked out for the little people, helped them when the others couldn't or wouldn't.

                              The Vigilantes.

                              Motivation: Justice The world as it was now was complete and utter spaghetti, a mess that had leaks and breakages wherever he looked. This sort of corruption just couldn't last long until the whole system crashes. What it needed was for someone to come in and clean up the code, and the Dataminer is just the vigilante with the skills to get it done.

                              Apex gene Though it's not as strong as his father's must've been, Julien is still much smarter then normal humans should be capable of.

                              Absent Father When he was only eight years old, men came to his family's door and practically kidnapped his father for the fact he was an Apex with heightened intellect. While never managing to track down just what company it was who took him away, he's refused to give up. One day he'd find the man, and on that day they can finally return home.

                              Two's Company As he grew in power, his own brain started to restructure itself in a way that allowed the manipulation of data even easier. This meant it was the perfect place for a young Artificial Intelligence to nest within and call home. Julien is never really alone in his mind ever since he created Rommie, unless he manifests her into the real world. Though he may have been the one who twisted her code into place, Rommie desires independence sometimes just as much he does.

                              Drifter For the past several years Julien has been without a home of his own, and has been forced to scrape by to survive. He knows he could use his magic to embezzle more then enough funds to keep himself happy, but he hates letting himself sink so low. When left with no other options, he's only taken the bare minimum he needed from those he knew wouldn't miss it.

                              Somatic Casting A true genius, he mastered the art of silent casting by turning his own mind the comandprompt in which he wrote his spell's basecode. Yet his magic isn't perfect, not truly, and he as such still needs to move his hands to trace the right patterns in the air to direct the flow of information. If his hands were to become restrained or hurt in a way that left moving them correctly impossible, casting a spell becomes like trying to use a computer without it's keyboard.

                              Technical Focus On top of needing to move his hands, most of his magic requires access to computers and the internet to function properly. In areas of low-reception or without direct access to technology these abilities work at half strength as he struggles to find a strong enough data-stream.
                              Abilities: 0+0+2+6+8+8+8+0= 32
                              Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 1, Dexterity 3
                              Fighting 4, Intellect 4/8, Awareness 4, Presence 0

                              Advantages 5
                              Artificer, Inventor, Skill Mastery (Technology), Improvised Tools, Ritualist Second Chance: Will Saves Vs. Mind Control, Well-Informed, Eidetic Memory

                              Skills 9(27)
                              Technology 4/8(+12/16), Investigation 3 (+11), Insight 6(+10), Perception 4(+8), Ex: Magic 2(+10), Stealth 4(+5), SoH 4(+5), Vehicles 0/6 (+8)

                              Powers 8+69+14=91

                              Apex: 8 PP
                              ..Hyper-Intelligence: Enhanced Attribute 4 (8 PP)

                              Datakinesis: 16+27+26= 69PP
                              ..Firewall: Sustained Protection 10, Impervious 6 (16 PP)
                              ..Emergency Shutdown: Nullify Technology 6, Burst Area (30-foot radius), Broad (Technological), Simultaneous, Alternate Effect 3 (24+3=27 PP)
                              ....Assume Direct Control: Perception Ranged Affliction 8 (controlled), Overcome by Technology skill or Will; Limited (third degree only), Affects Objects Only, Limited to Technology, Insidious (9/24 PP)
                              ....Sensor Ghosts: Burst Area (30-Foot Radius), Concealment 10 (All Senses), Limited to Technology (20/24)
                              ....Surveillance Grid: Remote Sensing 10(4 Miles) (Visual and Auditory), Limited to Technological Sensors (20/24)
                              ..Data-Burst: Accurate 2 Ranged Damage 9, Alternate Effect 4 (22+4=26 PP)
                              ....Digital-Recreation: Continuous Create 7, Precise (22/22)
                              ....Summon Hologram: Illusion(Visual/Audial) 7 (21/22)
                              ....Holographic Persona: Morph 3 (Humanoids) (15/22)
                              ....Data-Ride: Teleport 7(1/2 Mile), Accurate, Extended(120 Miles), Medium (Networks) (21/22)

                              Virtual Familiar 14 PP
                              .."Rommie":Container (Enhanced Advantages: 3(Second Chance: Will Saves(Mind control), Well-Informed, Eidetic memory) -- Enhanced Skills 5 (Technology 4, Vehicles 6) -- Senses 3 (Detect Technology, Analytical, Radius) -- Quickness 4, Limited: Mental Tasks) (13+1 PP)
                              ....Manifest: Heroic Summon 3 (45 PP/ PL 3) (12/13)

                              Initiative +1
                              Unarmed: +4, DC 15
                              Data-Burst: +7 DC 24
                              Emergency Shutdown: +6 Nullify Tech (30ft. Burst)
                              Assume Direct Control: DC 18(Tech/Will) Affliction (Controlled), Limited: technology

                              Defense 3+0+4+6=14
                              Dodge 4, Parry 4, Fortitude 4, Toughness 10(5 Impervious), Will 10

                              Power Points
                              Abilities 32 + Powers 91 + Advantages 5 + Skills 9 (27 ranks) + Defenses 13 = 150

                              [0]Strength 0, Stamina -, Agility 0, Dexterity 0
                              Fighting 0, Intellect 2, Awareness 1, Presence 2
                              [4]Technology 4 (+6), Vehicles 6 (+6), Investigation 2 (+3)
                              [1]Eidetic Memory, *Well-Informed, *Teamwork
                              [30]Virtual: Immunity 30(Fortitude)
                              [2]Computer-mind: Quickness 4, Limited: Mental
                              [4]Tech-Empathy: Comprehend 2 (Machines)
                              Unarmed: +0/ DC 15
                              Initiative: +0
                              [4] Dodge 0 / Parry 0 / Toughness 0 / Fortitude Immune / Will 6
                              Build Notes:
                              • As far as a straight up summary goes, Dataminer is a Super-Hacker with a couple extras.
                              • When he hacks, he's actually casting spells which re-arrange the data inside computer interfaces to suit his needs
                              • Limited to not just manipulating information stored on computers, he can instead rip it out of technology and make it manifest in the real-world.
                              • His holograms are one part Illusion magic and two parts Datakinetic-Energy magic. When someone passes the perception check or has the exact senses to notice, the holograms are in fact composed of pixels.
                              • By temporarily converting his body into information, it's possible for him to transmit himself through the internet. This requires direct access to a network, such as a smartphone with decent reception.
                              • I tried a few times to make her a straight-summon or a sidekick, but I just couldn't get it right without it feeling like a waste of points. Instead, I compromised with that 'Jarvis' idea and made her primarily an on-board AI with the ability to manifest her if he feels the need. I imagine she's still relatively young as a program, and will need time (and PP) in order to become a capable enough summon to manifest regularly.
                              • He's not exactly in 'fit physical shape', which makes itself apparent in his skewed defenses. He'll have to rely on his firewall, and hope for the best if he get's hit with something affecting his body. Over time, I could probably fill in the gaps so to speak.
                              • I've considered bringing him down to PL 7 and putting those extra points into summoning, but I think he should be fine enough.
                              • EDIT: Updated in accordance to House Rules. Int raised to 8, new advantages added, Apex made it's own ability, and Rommie has gained the Comprehend Machines ability.
                              • EDIT2: Decided to add Insidious towards Assume Direct Control, though it's still possible to see him cast the spell. This should make his technological tampering harder to pinpoint.
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