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    Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

    This version of Blink is old. The "current" version of blink is here.

    Blink (Hero; PL: 7; PP: 165/165)

    STR: 2; AGL: 2; FGT: 4; AWE: 5
    STA: 6; DEX: 0; INT: 7; PRE: 2
    Dodge: 8; Parry: 8; Fortitude: 6; Toughness: 6; Will: 8

    SKILLS: Athletics +2; Deception +10 (8r); Expertise: Biology +8 (1r); Expertise: Chemistry +8 (1r); Expertise: Computers +8 (1r); Expertise: Electronics +8 (1r); Expertise: Material Science +8 (1r); Expertise: Physics +8 (1r); Expertise: Private Investigation +8 (1r); Insight +10 (5r); Intimidation +2; Investigation +10 (3r); Perception +10 (5r); Persuasion +10 (8r); Sleight of Hand +10 (10r); Stealth +12 (10r); Technology +14 (7r); Treatment +8 (1r); Vehicles +5 (5r)
    LANGUAGES: English
    ADVANTAGES: All-out Attack; Assessment; Benefit, Wealth (well-off); Connected (free); Contacts; Equipment 2; Inventor; Power Attack; Speed of Thought; Well-informed (free)

    COMBAT Initiative: +7; Close: +4; Ranged: +0
    • Affliction: Cumulative Affliction 8: +6 (Fortitude DC 18)
    • Flurry of Fists: Strength-based Damage 4: +8 (DC 21)
    • Grab: +4 (Special DC 12) Range: Close
    • Throw: +0 (DC 17) Range: Varies by weight
    • Unarmed: +4 (DC 17) Range: Close

    • Domino Mask HUD - Flaws: Device: Removable - (17 PP)
      • Immunity: Immunity 7 - Sensory Affliction Effects, Suffocation (All); Descriptors: Technological - (7 PP)
        The eye crystals filter out flash effects. The ear buds filter out sonic flashes. The fabric itself bonds to the face and filters out smells and provides a rebreather effect.
      • Senses: Senses 13 - Analytical: Sight, Awareness: Apex, Awareness: Mana, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Extended: Sight 1 (X10), Microscopic Vision 2 (Cell-size), Radio, Time Sense, Ultra-hearing; Descriptors: Sensory, Technological - (13 PP)
        The eye openings are clear crystal that can project imagery over the display for enhanced reality applications. Ear buds provide access to the radio functions.
      • Video and Audio Recorders: Feature 1 - Descriptors: Technological - (1 PP)
    • Martial Arts - (19 PP)
      Hard work, training, and a healthy natural aptitude toward high adrenaline situations gives James his high speed punches and nerve strike ability.
      • Affliction: Cumulative Affliction 8 - 1st degree: Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Immobile, 3rd degree: Paralyzed, Resisted by: Fortitude; Extras: Accurate (+2), Cumulative, Reversible - (18 PP)
        Nerve Strike
      • Flurry of Fists: Strength-based Damage 4 - Extras: Accurate 2 (+4), Multiattack, Penetrating 6 - (1 PP)
    • Presence: Enhanced Presence 2 +2 PRE - Ability: Presence; Advantages: Connected, Well-informed; Flaws: Limited: House Rule for Presence - (4 PP)
    • Regeneration: Regeneration 10 Every 1 round - (10 PP)
    • Teleport: Teleport 5 900 feet in a move action, carrying 100 lbs. - Extras: Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Increased Mass; Descriptors: - Custom Descriptor - - (18 PP)

    • Underground Lair (10 ep)

    Gender: Male Age: 32
    Eyes: Green Hair: Brown
    Height: 6' 2" Weight: 182 lb.

    James Parnel is the successful owner and operator of Parnel Investigations, a private investigation firm with a handful of employees. He only works on the high profile cases the agency gets as he has skills most of his employees do not have and are not aware of. Three senior investigators, two junior investigators, two researchers and an office manager/receptionist work for him.

    James was raised by his father. He never knew his mother. His mother was a Apex Intellect working for a corporation. She worked in gene splicing and when she discovered a way to imbue Apex gene complexes in utero. But once they were imbued, they morphed and were not detectable using the normal Apex detecting protocols. She knew she could not let the Suits know that she could do this. Successful experiments performed on a lab "rats" (destitute people literary found in alleys and brought into labs), she would arrange for those women to fail to carry to term. The postmortems would always show that the genes were successful imbued to the offspring but the offspring were apparently not viable. After this she became pregnant and she went into a panic/madness episode where she injected her offspring with various Apex genes. She also built an artificial womb and managed to have it smuggled out of the corporation and to her husband who lived outside. Then she managed transfer her child to the artificial womb. Most of this occurred in the first trimester and the corp never knew she was pregnant. James was born in his grandmother's home with only his father, grandparents and an aunt present. By law, his father is considered his uncle and his mother is his father's "sister" who died in childbirth in a rural (read: off the grid) town in Montana.

    His father was a member of an underground resistance cell and did not register James' Apex manifestation. James manifested over the summer when he was 7 and his father hid it. Being a doctor, he could treat his son at home. When James turned 18 and wanted to be able to move around in society, he registered himself as a teleporter. When asked, he said he never remembered being sick as a child and he only noticed he was able to teleport in the past few weeks. His range testing showed he was only a short range teleporter and that he had trouble teleporting to unseen places. (He faked not having the Accurate extra.) He had been hiding his abilities for several years at this point and being able to admit to some of them lifted a bit of burden from him.

    The Apex treatments explain why he is high-strength, high-stamina, high-intellect, regenerative, and can teleport. The normal Apex detection protocols can detect his teleportation. The regeneration can be seen experimentally. The rest he hides. From an early age, it has been drilled into his head that he must not let them find out what he can do. His father has not told him who his real mother is. He knows the cover story is a falsehood and someday, he plans to dig into the mystery.

    Most of his vigilante activity is sparked by his investigations firm. He will refuse to take a case to the client's face and then solve the case as Blink because he does not want a link to appear between the agency and the activities of Blink. Blink wears a simple black catsuit with what appears to be a domino mask. The mask is actually his HUD device. The crystal eye sockets are actually capable of projecting a HUD enhanced reality image which gives him all kinds of information about what he is seeing and the ability zoom in far away and micro applications.

    Motivation: Justice
    Relationship: James has been dating Laura Ellen Marx for the last six years.
    Responsibility: He runs a detective agency. He has employees.
    Secret: His Apex registry is incomplete. It lists his Teleportation but not his high Intellect and technological abilities. These Apex abilities are not detectable normally.

    Underground Lair
    Size: Small; Toughness: 6
    Features: Communications, Laboratory, Living Space, Power System, Sealed, Secret 5

    Located maybe 100 feet below the current city road surface, this space can only be reached by teleport or similar means. The location is not on any maps of the city. He has an apartment in the building above the lair and can easily reach the lair with his teleportation ability. James discovered the lair entirely by accident when he was trying to avoid being hit by a car and teleported blindly away. It's taken him several years to get the lair into the shape it is now. It took James some time to discover the area was an old bank vault built in the 1920s by a corporation that was financially wiped out in the 1929 stock market crash.

    Totals: Abilities: 0 + Powers: 0 + Advantages: 0 + Features: 10 + Skills: 0 + Defenses: 0 + Equipment: 0 -> 10

    TOTALS: Abilities: 52 + Powers: 68 + Advantages: 9 + Skills: 23 + Defenses: 13 -> 165
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      Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)


      Concept: Light-based Paragon.
      Occupation: Student
      Real Name: Claire / Sarah Sanders
      Legal Status: Adult; Dual citizen (Canada, United States)
      Identity: Secret
      Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada
      Place of Residence: Seattle, United States
      Marital Status: Single
      Living Relatives: None
      Age: 18
      Height: 5'6”
      Weight: 132 lbs.
      Eyes: Violet
      Hair: Blonde

      PL: 9 (135 pts) - OPL: 9; DPL: 9; HP: 1 ; LP: 1


      Acrobatics 1 (+5), Athletics (+3/11), Close Combat [Unarmed] 3 (+7), Deception 2 (+5/10) [Attractive], Expertise [Student] 6 (+8), Insight (+2), Intimidation (+3), Investigation (+2), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 2 (+5/10)[Attractive], Ranged Combat [Star Blast] 5 (+8), Sleight of Hand (+3), Stealth (+4), Technology 2 (+4), Treatment (+2), Vehicles (+3)

      ADVANTAGES: All-out Attack, Attractive (2), Beginner's Luck, Benefit (Alternate Identity), Jack-o-all-Trades, Leadership. Luck (1), Power Attack, Untapped Potential

      Energized Physiology: Immunity 10 (Life Support, Flaw: Limited [Requires sunlight]); 5 pts
      Photonic Array: 21 pt Array; 25 pts
      Photonic Blast: Ranged Solar Energy Damage 10 (Extra: Precise); 21 pts
      Photonic Beam: Line Area Solar Energy Damage 9 (Extra: Line Area x2 [60 ft line], Flaw: Unreliable [5 uses]); 1 pt
      Photonic Burst: Burst Area Affliction 7 (Light; Resisted by Fortitude; 1st: Vision Impaired, 2nd: Vision Disabled, 3rd: Vision Debilitated, (Extra: Burst Area [30 ft radius], Duration [Concentration]); 1 pt
      Solar Powered: Enhanced Strength 8, Power-lifting 1 (100 tons), Enhanced Fortitude 4; 1 pt
      Photonic Shift: Burst Area Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses, Extra: Burst Area 1 [30 ft radius], Affects Others, Attack, Precise, Selective); 1 pts

      Flight Array: 20pts; 21 pts
      Hyper-flight: Flight 10 (2,000 mph/4 mpr); 20 pts
      Combat-flight: Flight 5 (60 mph/900 fpr), Enhanced Trait 10 (Dodge 5, Parry 5 [Flaw: Sustained]); 1 pt


      Initiative 4
      Close Attack +4 (Unarmed +7 [DC26])
      Ranged Attack +4 (Photonic Blast +8 [DC25])
      Special Attack (Photonic Beam [DC24 Line Area 2], Photonic Burst [DC22 Burst Area])

      Dodge +7/12 [DC24] Parry +7/12 [DC24]
      Toughness +6, Fortitude +6/10, Will +8

      Power Loss: Prolonged periods without exposure to sunlight results in the loss of Starlight's powers.
      Prejudice: Apex Gene
      Registered: Claire was born in Canada. She is registered as low level meta under her sister's name.
      Relationships: While her powers shine bright, Claire is shy never comfortable with the attention given to her because of her looks. She is searching to discover who she is really suppose to be.

      Abilities 54 + Skills 11 (29 ranks) + Advantages 7 + Powers 51 + Defenses 12 = 135 / 135

      Presence Interaction Skills are in Italics.

      Build Comments: Claire is an average student with average hobbies with a very un-average appeal to those around her. While never excelling at anything, she seems to pick up new ideas and skills fairly easy. All her teachers feel Claire is just skating through and if she was as passionate about her studies as she is her friends she could amount to something someday.

      Background: Carla Sanders gave birth to two beautiful twin girls, Sarah and Claire, in Vancouver Canada. Their father, Thomas, worked all around the world but showed the children all the affection any father would when he was home. When Sarah was six she took on a severe fever, the hospital informed her mother that she had tested positive for the Apex gene. That evening, Carla contacted Thomas letting him know the news. The next day he had flown home insisting the family go on vacation. On the way to Calgary, there was an accident. The car slid on a patch of ice and hit a tree ... in October. The world doesn't know, but Claire Sanders died that evening.

      Thomas insisted they had to keep moving but Carla refused ... at first. Grief stricken, she refused to leave her daughter. Thomas, in his own tears, confessed to Carla that he had been working for an organization determined to wipe out the Apex gene from the human evolutionary process. As a Paladin he had killed dozens ... and now they were after their daughter. Thomas got the family safely across the Montana border. Too young to understand all that was happening, Sarah became Claire and after a while even she was convinced it was Sarah who had died that night.

      For the next few years they spent time travelling from one small town to the next. Each time moving on in time to avoid an Apex scan. From Mexicali to St. John's, from Birmingham to Seattle her senior year in high school. The day of Claire’s graduation her parents were driving home. Similar to twelve years earlier the car hit a patch of ice and swerved, spinning out of control crashing into Portage Bay. After the funeral, Claire received a package through the mail. A DVD from her parents that explained why they had forced get to move every year. It explained the reason for her dual identities and citizenship and how important it was to avoid the Suits both in the light and the shadows.

      Starlight is fast, can hit like a truck and can be subtle when needed. Claire on the other hand understands there are powers out there that want to take advantage/weaponize her. The loss of her family has caused her to have trust issues but she deeply needs to feel a connection to something or someone. At first Claire thought she went out at night just to relieve her grief. Later she realized it was more than that. That for the first time in her life she understood who and what she was suppose to be, and that part of that was atoning for her father's actions as Starlight.

      Deciding she was tired of running, tired of starting a new life every year, Claire enrolled in U-Dub (University of Washington) adopting the university’s motto as her own ....

      “Let there be light.”

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        Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

        Should note, anyone whose character is not registered with the government should have that as a complication. Didn't really mention it before, but yeah.

        (Also, of course when I say intellect-based apexes are rare, the firs two submissions fall into that category, if noted to be on the low end of it :P)

        Please also remember, I am open to considering houserules if people want to suggest them.
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          Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

          Ey, rarity for an adventurer basically juat means slightly uncommon.
          I'm obviously a doctor of literature.


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            Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

            This looks cool and I have been hankering for some superheroic gaming. So I have a couple concepts I might throw your way. This first story is just off the cuff, so if it doesn't fit your setting (looks like there's room for a spirit world), let me know, I can easily change it. Originally she was a genetic experiment in creating super-soldiers:

            Lara Lovell - Mantis
            Like her namesake, young Lara was always quick and had a knack for sensing the unseen. As a child she could even talk to spirits of nature, though the adults in her life took it as a sign of a fanciful imagination and nothing more. When a particularly vicious battle occurred between a shaman vigilante and a monster from the depths of the spirit world outside her home, the magical forces unleashed tore open a rift between worlds. Young Lara fled inside, chased by the hungry creature, and found herself wandering the strange wilds of ancient and mystical significance. The rift soon closed behind her. She was ill-prepared, unable to eat the food that grew there, often a target of predation or harassment by resentful spirits, until she wandered into the spiritual reflection of her home garden. Often she would get praying mantises from the pet store with her mother, using them as a natural pest control, and always fascinated by their incredible abilities. Desperate, alone, and wasting away in a world not her own, the child sat down in the garden to weep and, perhaps, to lie there forever.

            Soon she found she was not alone, for Mantis, the very totemic spirit of Mantis, watched her within the garden. She thought it strange that this child, whom had fed her children and respected their ways, had found her way to this place. And so Mantis spoke to little Lara.

            "Young one, you weep. From what seed blooms your grief?"

            Lara wiped at her eyes and looked up at Mantis, who seemed at once small and yet frightfully huge and powerful. The sun reflected in her eyes, like twin golden orbs of refracting a thousand dazzling rays. "I'm alone. I don't know how to get home. Mommy will be scared without me. I'm...scared. I want her. And I don't want that thing to come back and hurt her!"

            Mantis cocked her head to the side and peered at the young girl with that keen way of her kind. "Child, you are not alone, for I am here, am I not? You who have long admired my children from the other side are now come to my land. What shall I do with you?"

            Lara looked hopefully at the great spirit, tears stinging her big blue eyes. "Can you tell me how to get home? I'm so hungry...."

            Mantis swayed in the breeze. "Child, I will teach you to feed yourself so that you are strong enough to return home. Will you learn from me?"

            The girl nodded, frightened but encouraged by the prospect of food. Mantis bid her climb up onto the long grass stalks with her, and Lara found that either she had shrank, or the garden had swelled to unimaginable size, so that she was no bigger than an ordinary praying mantis. Perhaps both, or neither, applied—the spirit world rarely obeyed the same laws as its mortal counterpart. So Lara imitated Mantis' swaying movements in the breeze, and she heard the wind spirits cavorting above. But Mantis instructed her to ignore those. "They are not our prey. Long ago our ancestors bargained with them for a blessing upon our wings. Then they tried to catch the windlings and devour them, and in retaliation the wind took some but not all of its blessing away. Now we may fly, but never high enough or fast enough to catch Wind's children. Let that be a lesson. We may soar at times, but always remember your place here with your feet upon the pulsing earth."

            Many spirits flew, hopped, and slithered through the garden. Mantis looked at many of them as prey, but she told young Lara to wait. One would come whom the girl could seize in her grasp. Poor Lara was dismayed, for she did not want to hurt any living thing, but Mantis chided her. "This is the way of the world, child. Predator and prey, all are equally noble. If the predator is cruel, or too greedy, she will find herself without prey, and she will fade away even after the prey returns. If the prey is weak, or seeks to upset the balance, it will find its place has vanished, and the world will not lament its passing. You yourself were prey for the creature who chased you here, yes? You must learn this balance if you wish to return to the world and keep your mother and yourself safe."

            Lara, not fully understanding but accepting an instinctive wisdom in Mantis' words, waited. And waited. And waited. Like leaves swaying in an endless breeze they were, and it seemed the sun never sank. At last there came a spirit, a butterfly with radiant prisms shining in its wings. It flew too close to the perch and Mantis urged Lara onward. "Strike now, my child, and seize this moment!" Lara hesitated. She did not want to hurt the butterfly, but she did not want to disappoint Mantis, who had taught her many things, and kept her safe for so long. So Lara lunged, her movements like lighning, and she caught the butterfly in her hands. Its wings beat a spectrum of colors throughout the garden, and Lara, out of pity, let the spirit go.

            Mantis then struck, seizing the butterfly in her claws and devouring all but a few motes of multicolored light. Lara almost wept, but Mantis again scolded her. "Look, child, how the wing dust falls to earth. There it nourishes the soil, the spirits that grow in the soil, and the green world that grows upward from the soil. In time, that butterfly lives again, transformed from dust to wing once more. Its life gives me strength so that I may hunt the greater threats in this garden. Do you understand?"

            Even as she spoke, Mantis grew larger, and it seemed she towered over the tall grass, and that Lara was but the size of an insect to her. "I understand." She nodded. "It's like a circle, right?"

            Mantis was pleased. "Yes, my child. A cycle it is, of endless life. Never forget that, or your place in it. Predator or prey. Both are needed. You were once prey. Now you have seen our ways for yourself." Mantis lifted one claw and sliced a ribbon out of the very air, through which peeked a blue sky that seemed very familiar. "You are now strong enough to withstand this journey. Go, with my blessing upon you. Things will have changed, but so too have you changed. Remember well these lessons. As long as you pay your respects to my children, you shall have my blessing. Farewell!"

            Lara stepped through the rift, which true to Mantis' words would have torn apart the fragile little girl who first came to the garden. Yet she was no longer fragile—nor was she little. An endless day in the spirit world had been ten years in the mortal realm, and Lara was presumed a casualty of the conflict that landed her in the spirit world. She found herself in a world that thought her long since perished, and she was so different she could hardly return to her old life. Her mother had never stopped grieving, but Lara found that she could only watch from afar. She couldn't bear to reopen those wounds, nor did she know how to adjust. Taking on her own life, now bearing the powers Mantis had given her, Lara took on the mantle of predator—battling the wicked and the monstrous, like those who had once threatened her.

            Unbeknownst to her, Lara's mother Maya had also become a vigilante in the years since her daughter's disappearance, fighting to prevent that from happening to other families. Maybe, also, to one day find her daughter, for whom she never stopped looking....

            Powers: Think Spider-Man, only with Mantis powers instead. Wall-crawling, leaping/low-level flight, super-strength, super-reflexes, heightened senses (including some ability to sense magic). Maybe eventually develops an affinity for life magic. PL 8/150, most likely, should work. Glass cannon type, can strike very hard but relies on lightning-fast defenses.
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              Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

              RE: Spirit World

              I did say Dimensional Travel was not a thing, but didn't say other dimensions were not a thing. However, while other dimensions do in theory exist, I picture spirits more of the co-existing variety. They don't exist within their own world in a literal sense, rather they exist within the normal world, just unseen or felt to all but a handful of people who either know the right life magic or have certain tech or an apex gene.

              So most of the story you presented is fine, except the actual "rift" bit, since there are no known means for dimensional travel, including accidental, and again, I don't really picture the "spirit world" as its own dimension or place you can go, so much as something you can interact with that exists within and alongside the natural world. Kind of like an astral plane. Awakening to an apex gene or something where she can suddenly see and interact with spirits is just fine though.


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                Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                Yeah, the intention was definitely not to flout the dimensional travel bit, which is why it was (and remained) out of her hands. I can adjust the backstory as needed, I just get writing and stuff develops in the moment. Fun that way sometimes.

                I also have another concept or two which I will throw by you.

                Re: Adjustments

                Really, just changing it so that she didn't go to another realm, but was attacked and then blessed by Mantis to survive and strike back against some kind of spiritual threat would work, yeah?
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                  Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                  Julien and his family were in fact registered mages ever since the Suots came for his father, and they likely already have on record he has the Apex-gene. Right now he merely lives 'off the grid'. Would that still need a complication?
                  I'm obviously a doctor of literature.


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                    Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                    Re: Adjustments

                    Really, just changing it so that she didn't go to another realm, but was attacked and then blessed by Mantis to survive and strike back against some kind of spiritual threat would work, yeah?
                    Yup! A spirit stepping in for whatever reason to bless her would be fine. Would be kind of unique as well. I think that would make her a Norm with empowerment that isn't really magical or apex or tech, which is pretty unique. one of those weird offshoot things that's so rare there's no real classification for it.

                    Julien and his family were in fact registered mages ever since the Suots came for his father, and they likely already have on record he has the Apex-gene. Right now he merely lives 'off the grid'. Would that still need a complication?
                    If he's registered as an intellect-based apex, there would be considerably more drama involved in him being present at large (given that being registered as an Apex at all means it's mandatory that he attend the apex schools since they involve ability training for "responsible use", and that puts him in the crosshairs of Suit recruiters. If he is only registered as a mage, that's a different story. Mages and techs don't attend these schools because mages already get training by virtue of the learning magic in the first place, and techs really just need a owner's manual. Mages and techs are almost on an honor system to register themselves, so by actually registereing demonstrates a certain sense of responsibility (And gives the Suits a means to keep tabs on them, which is the far more important angle for them)


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                      Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                      I suppose it's more they highly suspect he's what he is, and that's a large part if why he was so careful when he drifts around to not attract too much attention. Registering as a mage is likely the only official paperwork he even has, likely never managed to finish high school before the suits barged through his door a second time.
                      I'm obviously a doctor of literature.


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                        Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                        Is there a place where this is going to place? I assume it's the USA. But any particular city where we're starting?


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                          Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                          I'm Canadian, so, I'm actually not all THAT familiar with any American cities ^^;

                          Maybe like, Seattle since it's similar in overall size and such to Vancouver, where I am from.


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                            Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                            The intro sounded very US-ish. Okay. I'll remove mention of "subway" from my background as I don't think there's a subway in Seattle.


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                              Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                              Could also always make it a generic city in whichever country you'd prefer.
                              I'm obviously a doctor of literature.


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                                Re: Vigilantes (Recruiting)

                                That's probably what my subconscious had intended, lol.