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New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

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  • [2e IC] New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

    • NVEA #1: Vienna Game - New students arrive at the school and participate in the Sophomore Blitz.
    • NVEA #2: Windmill - When Captain Ronald Nelson takes hostages in Kaiserslautern, and the New Vindicators discover that things are not as they seem.
    • NVEA #3: Skittles - Enter Vicente DeGallow, one of the New Vindicators' older brother, who keeps some very dangerous company...
    • NVEA #4: Zwischenzug - As the art class field trip is interrupted by Iconoclast, Therianthrope and Tantivy move to liberate Basilisk from the school, and a life is lost.
    • NVEA #5: Kibitz - Reeling from the death of one of their own, a therapist is brought in to talk to the New Vindicators.
    • NVEA #6: Patzer's Game - While a handful of students are sent to Australia to recruit a new Neo-Sapien, one of their classmates does the unthinkable, and pulls the trigger.
    • NVAE #7: X-Ray - The school has suffered another death, and one of the New Vindicators is determined to solve the mystery of her murder. Meanwhile, Therianthrope goes after one of the students, and her parents...
    • NVAE #8: Zugzwang - While several students testify in the trial of Captain Nelson, their classmates crisscross the globe, recruiting several new students.
    • NVAE #9: Check - The school dance is interrupted when the students journey into the psyche of one of their classmates.
    • NVAE #10: Checkmate - When Laputa attacks Vienna, the Vindicators and the New Vindicators rally to bring the terrorists' machinations to an end.

    • NVAE #11: Grieve - In the aftermath of Laputa's attack, the New Vindicators struggle to put the pieces of their lives back together.
    • NVAE #12: Sing - En route to London, the New Vindicators meet Elemenoh P. Quarez, and their lives turn into a musical.
    • NVAE #13: Explode - Five months after Laputa's attack, Ironside strikes Vienna. While their classmates put him down, one group of New Vindicators is whisked away to another dimension.
    • NVAE #14: Fly - As the New Vindicators work to rescue a girl who can't land, their dimension-hopping classmates tussle with a familiar foe high above Hofburg Palace.
    • NVAE #15: Deport - As Lex and Violet run into the Albanian mafia, the exiled New Vindicators' time in Oubliette-1127 comes to an end.
    • NVAE #16: Live - Following Rembrandt's disappearance, the Faustian Society believes that Martin has double-crossed them and decide to take matters into their own hands. When they make a wild grab to capture Tallemaja, the desperate enchantress makes a daring move, and one hero will be forced to make a decision whose effects will be felt forever.
    • NVAE #17: Distract - Nine mercenaries. Seven simultaneous attacks. One major distraction. As the Vindicators, the New Vindicators, and the Volunteers scramble to save Vienna, one life hangs in the balance, and help comes from some unexpected sources...
    • NVAE #18: Decompress - Following the attacks on Vienna, the New Vindicators take stock of where they now stand.

    • NVAE #19: The $64,000 Question - While Lex, Martin, and the others settle into their new lives at the Tokyo school, their friends at the NVAE investigate a missing plane and leave to recruit a new school physician...
      NVAE #20: Love Connection - When the Drifter returns, needing the New Vindicators to save another world from the mysterious Armada, Jack's friendship with Ellen changes, while Astrid comes to terms with how Kas sees her. Meanwhile, back at home, Kas fights off the advances of Ji-won and Agnes while Lex and Martin head to China...
      NVAE #21: Double Dare - For weeks, someone has been waging war with a multinational petroleum conglomerate. When cameras capture his face, one of the New Vindicators' allegiance will be called into question...
    • NVAE #22: You Bet Your Life - As Greystone infiltrates Pandora, the New Vindicators uncover an alliance that threatens the existence of one of their classmates...
    • NVAE #23: I've Got a Secret - In London, a vigilante moves to fill the void left in the wake of Paladin's disappearance. Acting as judge, jury, and executioner, the New Vindicators uncover a connection between this new hero, MI18, and one of their own...
    • NVAE #24: Press Your Luck - As the Armada arrives, the New Vindicators gain some unexpected allies...
    • NVAE #25: Jeopardy! - Things go from bad to worse as the New Vindicators work to stop the Armada and save the multiverse from certain destruction.

    • NVAE #26: The Persistence of Memory - As a new year begins at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe, our heroes must deal with their most dangerous opponents yet: new students.

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    Nvae #15


    Friday, March 20, 2009

    WRECK ROOM: ISOLATION (Otso; NPCs: Juozas)
    "You're right though, I don't get it because you won't tell me what this thing you've been struggling with is."

    Juozas looked panicked. "It's... just... nevermind, okay?" Whatever Tallemaja was helping him to surprise was a much more guarded secret than his involvement with a member of Laputa.

    "I can't claim to speak for Kas, but I'd assume he'd think you and Ellen being mind-controlled would be a bigger problem when it comes to your work in the Volunteer, rather than your relationship. Police, doctors and emergency personnel all have families and loved ones, sometimes within their own jobs."

    "We're not being controlled, just... she makes us happy! If we were on anti-depressants or something, you wouldn't care! What's the big deal?"

    "As for Tallemaja not making you do anything, the word you're missing is yet. What do we know of her before she so helpfully messed with the minds of you and some of the other students? She mind-controlled a woman, assumedly her own mother, to get sent here; she threatened to pull Kiln's living heart out of his chest; and she brought a mind-controlled Kirstie here to blow up the school. I don't know about you, but none of these are actions that particularly endear a person to me."

    "Yeah, and do you know what else she did? She helped your dad, Otso! How many months has he been trying to get the UN to send the Vindicators to Africa, huh? How many months has he been fighting for help to save that country you went to? How far has he gotten?

    "Tallemaja went there, and she mind-controlled that guy to come up here and make a scene! Now, it looks like the Vindicators are going to be mobilized! If she could do that, and was really such a bad person, would we have ever actually stood a chance? If she really wanted to hurt us, why didn't she just mind-control Kiln and turn him on the students he was with? Why didn't she come back here, and mind-control Doctor Fisher into blowing up the school?

    "She was a double-agent, Otso. She told me all about it. She only wants to help, so she planted herself in Laputa, and worked to sabotage them from within."

    Something clicked then: as ludicrous as the notion of Tallemaja being a double-agent, working to bring Laputa down from the inside was, Juozas had a point... They perceived Tallemaja is terrifyingly strong. Her Neo-Sapien power to completely alter her physiology, coupled with her magical command over the mind itself made her a nightmarish opponent. Why then did she leave the fight with Kiln? Furthermore, why did she leave a Lacuna-controlled Kirstie to destroy the school? With her powers, she could have protected herself from the explosion, and surely her presence might have ensured victory.

    If Tallemaja was so powerful, why didn't she follow through?

    NVAE: NEWTON'S OFFICE (Martin; NPCs: Newton)
    The bird strained in his grip. It tried to break free. It acted just like any bird would. It was a normal bird... but a bird who acted suspiciously...

    Immediately, he was reminded of his trip to London so many months ago: Lex and Kirstie's visit to the London Eye had been interrupted by suicidal birds. No arrests were made, but Quintessence seemed to think that a Neo-Sapien capable of controlling birds had sent them after his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

    Was it possible that the man who had attacked the capsule Lex and Kirstie had rode in had come to Vienna, and was looking for an opportune moment to strike?

    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    LUX (Lex; NPCs: Beatrice, Doug, Kirstie)
    "Yeeeeeeesssss?" Lex asked slowly, as if expecting this to be a trick question.

    She smiled strangely. Her smile was too wide, and showed too much teeth. Her eyes were almost bulged out. Something was definitely up. "Nothing!" she said through her teeth.

    Lex blinked, suddenly feeling like a mouse staring down a lion. "Nothing? But I didn't ask you anything..."

    "You did, though," Kirstie said. "You asked 'Yeeeeeeesssss?' all creepily."

    Lex looked around again, searching for anything to change the subject--or at least draw Kirstie's attention off of him a little. "Uh, right... so, uh... want to dance?"

    LUX (Violet; NPCs: Eve, Jakob, Mattias)
    "Implying that I'm not fun?" Jakob played at pouting. "She thinks I'm not fun, Matt!"

    Violet laughed again. "You don't have to cry about it. I mean, you're almost as fun as Matthias. Right Mat?" She grabbed Mat's arm and pulled him towards the dance floor. "Come on, you get to be my first tonight!"

    As they ran off, Matt looked back at Eve--who he'd have much preferred to be with--while Jakob looked to Violet--who he'd have much preferred to be with. Eve, meanwhile, bit her bottom lip in anticipation. "Well, shall we-"

    "Well, let's go," Jakob said, following after Violet and Matt.

    The Other Dimension

    HOFBURG PALACE: NORTH TOWER (Blue Knight; NPCs: Astrid, Guards)
    As he flew, Astrid vomited down his arm.

    It was a short flight around the palace. Once he was in the north tower, Blue Knight had no trouble finding the stairs. Descending down them, he soon arrived in the underbelly of the fortress. From the clanking, he suspected a small battalion of guards stood between him and the dungeon.

    HOFBURG PALACE: THE DUNGEON (Kas and Jack; NPCs: Bulwark, Drifter, Gabriel, Gabrielle)
    Launching himself into the air, Kas yelled back at Drifter. "He translated my not wishing to hug him as a desire for him to become violent and abusive! That's like saying I don't like pizza and translating it as all italians should die!"

    Pointing at the stone gargantua, he snarled; "He is unarguably insane and conceding to the demands of his psychoses only heightens the risk further on! Best to confront the threat now."

    "I'm not disputing his sanity," the Drifter screamed as Kas formed a net of gravity wells around the warden to try to restrain him. "I'm just saying we could have avoided this had you just hugged him!"

    Originally posted by Michuru81
    Bulwark's Reflex save (DC 18) (1d20=15) Entangled.

    Before Bulwark makes a move, I'm waiting on TM to see if he's jumping in on this. I know he commented on feeling like there isn't much he'd contribute, but you never know.
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      Alex "Current" Murphy
      HP: 2 CND: Normal

      "I'm not creepy. I'm confused," He gave her a suspicious look, "And you're up to something."

      "Unfortunately you're far to cute and distracting at this point for me to really care,"
      He gave a very fake 'woe is me' sigh before winking at her.

      "So, you didn't answer me, you wanna dance or should we find somewhere to sit?"


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        The Blue Knight

        The Welsh boy closed his mouth, stuffing down the urge to be sick himself. Instead he settled for cursing rapidly under his breath.

        Still, they were at the dungeons. One soiled and one sloshed, but they were there. And so were a lot of guards.

        Gwyn shook Astrid gently by the shoulder. Had an idea, he did. "Astrid, come on, I need your help. Can you use your powers, like keep me proper fighting shape no matter how tired I might get, ya?"
        [I]Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart![/I]


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          Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

          Kasimir Flaegler
          Condition: I.don't.hug!
          HP 6 LP 2

          Kas really, really was tired of this debate. Why was it such a crime to not desire physical contact with a walking, talking, psychotic statue?

          "I will not be bullied! Not by him! Not by anyone!"


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            Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

            LUX (Lex; NPCs: Beatrice, Doug, Kirstie)
            "I'm not creepy. I'm confused." He gave her a suspicious look. "And you're up to something."

            Kirstie's eyes widened with terror.

            "Unfortunately, you're far too cute and distracting at this point for me to really care."

            At Lex's wink, Kirstie breathed a sigh of relief.

            "So, you didn't answer me: you wanna dance, or should we find somewhere to sit?"

            "Dance!" Kirstie voted. She smiled and hugged her boyfriend's arm. "Always dance!"

            Leading her only to floor, Lex and Kirstie began to dance to the music played over the club's speakers.

            Partway through the song, Beatrice came over and interrupted them. "Sorry for breaking zis up," she said, "but zere is a situation..." She gestured across the floor, towards Mike and Rose. Then she pointed--no doubt following the trail only her eyes could see--to a crying Doug, who was headed for the door.

            HOFBURG PALACE: NORTH TOWER (Blue Knight; NPCs: Astrid, Guards)
            At Blue Knight's shaking, Astrid looked to be about to vomit again. She covered her mouth, and swallowed the sick back down. "I'll do what I can," she said weakly.

            Originally posted by Michuru81
            Just for clarification, Astrid's ability can't actually remove the fatigue caused by extra effort, just like an Immunity to fatigue won't combat it. She can really only remove fatigue brought on by other effects. She shuts Juozas down, sure, but she's pretty useless otherwise.
            HOFBURG PALACE: THE DUNGEON (Kas and Jack; NPCs: Bulwark, Drifter, Gabriel, Gabrielle)
            Originally posted by Michuru81
            Gonna hold for TM.
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              Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

              Alex "Current" Murphy
              HP: 2 CND: Normal

              Lex was just starting to relax. Dancing wasn't exactly something he'd done before, but it got easier when he realized that nobody was looking at him. Even the girls were checking out Kirstie rather than him, which was an easier pill to swallow than everybody laughing at his "dancing skills".

              He was actually starting to enjoy himself in spite of everything else.

              Then Beatrice interrupted them.

              His eyes tracked to Rose and Mike, then to Doug, then snapped back to Rose with a murderous snarl.

              His eyes flashed as he growled, "What did that bitch do this time?"

              He took a deep breath to try to calm down, then looked to Kirstie as he said, "I got to get Doug, he's... he's not doing good. I'm sorry, I'll be right back."

              He mumbled a "Thank you" to Beatrice as he turned to try to catch up to Doug.


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                Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                [Jack Rexroth]
                HP: 3

                Jack had kept quiet in the hopes that Kas and the warden would work things out on their own, but then the normally level headed Kas went the hell off on (not that he blamed him honestly) and things went to hell in about .03 seconds.

                "Hang on you two." He yelled, again confronting the warden face to face. "Look if you've got a problem with me or my friend here that's one thing but we'll both be damned if we're gonna let you beat the hell outta defenseless guy. You wanna kick someone's ass? Try mine first."

                Originally posted by OOC
                Initiative: _: 1D20+4 = [13]+4 = 17.

                Not bad for my 1st official game post in the new forum...still need to figure out things for my Roll Call but still, not bad.


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                  Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                  LUX (Lex; NPCs: Beatrice, Doug, Kirstie)
                  "Thank you," Lex mumbled to Beatrice.

                  "Yeah," Kirstie grumbled, watching her boyfriend run off after his friend, "thanks a bunch."

                  Outside the club, Lex caught up to Doug. "Leave it alone, Lex," Doug said, before his countryman could say anything. "Why don't you go back and be with your girlfriend." There was something in his tone--a seething anger that wasn't just reserved for Rose or this situation, but Lex himself.

                  HOFBURG PALACE: THE DUNGEON (Kas and Jack; NPCs: Bulwark, Drifter, Gabriel, Gabrielle)
                  "He is unarguably insane and conceding to the demands of his psychoses only heightens the risk further on! Best to confront the threat now."

                  "I'm not disputing his sanity," the Drifter screamed as Kas formed a net of gravity wells around the warden to try to restrain him. "I'm just saying we could have avoided this had you just hugged him!"

                  "I will not be bullied! Not by him! Not by anyone!"

                  Originally posted by Michuru81
                  Also: Drifter's Initiative (1d20+5=25) Boom, baby.

                  The Order
                  • Drifter (25)
                  • Magnitude (23)
                  • Greystone (17)
                  • Bulwark (13)

                  Any action from Kas after that? If not, we'll let Jack move before Bulwark takes an action.
                  LUX (Violet; NPCs: Eve, Jakob, Mattias)
                  Violet knew her plan hadn't made the boys happy but she was determined to give Eve a chance with Jakob. She'd dance with Matthias until Mat had enough or they were interrupted. She danced close but not too close since Mat got uncomfortable with too much physical contact. "The music's pretty good isn't it?"

                  Mat danced lazily. "You're trying to put Jakob and Eve together," Mat said. For someone who had little in the way of social skills, he was certainly perceptive. "Eve likes Jakob." He frowned at that. "Jakob likes you, though."
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                    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                    Alex "Current" Murphy
                    HP: 2 CND: Normal

                    "Because I'm worried about my friend," Lex says then flashes a glare back at the club, "And because if I walk back in there right now I'm going to punch Rose in the eye."

                    "I'm seriously done with that bitch's $*#@."
                    He growled, clinching a fist.


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                      Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                      LUX (Lex; NPCs: Doug)
                      "Just leave it!" Doug railed. He rounded on Lex with nostrils flared and tears on his cheeks. "Go back in there and hold hands with your beautiful girlfriend, and then go home to your living parents, and look at your arm that no one ever burned numbers into, because your powers aren't TURNING INTO A STUPID BIRD!"

                      LUX (Violet; NPCs: Eve, Jakob, Mattias)
                      Violet nodded. "And you like Eve. I know. But she likes Jakob a lot. She's my best friend and I want to give her a chance with him." She paused. This was an awkward conversation to have with Mat. She danced closer and hugged him. "I'm sorry."

                      "It's okay," Mat stammered. "I n-nuh-never th-thought I had a sh-shot. I'm nuh-not c-c-cool like Jakob or W-Wolf, and I'm n-not cute. I know s-she wuh-would-wouldn't th-think of me th-that way. B-but just l-like it w-would be unf-fair of me to eh-expect her t-to return th-those feelings, it's uh-unfair to e-expect Jakob t-to re-return hers."
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                        Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                        Alex "Current" Murphy
                        HP: 2 CND: Normal

                        Lex stands there quietly, not saying anything.

                        He just stuffs his hands in his pockets and waits.


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                          Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                          LUX (Lex; NPCs: Doug)
                          Doug sighed heavily before turning, and walking away from the club.

                          LUX (Violet; NPCs: Eve, Jakob, Mattias)
                          Violet shook her head. "Any relationship worth having is worth fighting for. Do you think she should just give up and get over it? Is that what you'd want?"

                          "D-do you th-think I sh-should give up on h-her? Sho-should Jakob guh-give up on y-you?"
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                            Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                            Alex "Current" Murphy
                            HP: 2 CND: Normal

                            Lex follows along, making no effort to hide it.


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                              Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                              Violet Lear
                              HP: 1

                              Violet shook her head again. "No. You shouldn't give up. Not everyone can get what they want, but if you give up, you definitely won't."