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New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

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  • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

    Greystone .2
    Condition: Bruised

    The young boy finally scored a hit on Jack thanks to his being distracted in dealing with Ilena, luckily the scales he wore took the shot without much problem. Apparently he wasn't as powerful as Blue Knight yet, maybe it was his age, or maybe he hadn't been pushed as much yet. But that wasn't something to think about at this particular moment.

    <"They keep coming out of the woodwork,">>

    The shadow crumbled and a young girl of about 13 collapsed on the floor of the room.
    "Pero este es el último de ellos.*"

    Now, with only Simon left standing, the boy dropped to his knees and started to cry.

    << "The boy is my brother,">> Domingo said. <<"It is... it's more complicated than you can imagine. I came here to collect his tithe, but...">> He shook his head. <<"He's too small.">>

    The Spaniard looked over his shoulder to Greystone. <<"What will you do with the boy?">>
    Jack found himself wondering exactly what the "tithe" could be but the Spaniard's question made it somewhat clear that he wasn't able, for some reason, to take Simon with him.

    "Mis aliados y yo somos de una escuela que puede mantener a salvo, darle una educación y enseñarle a usar sus habilidades únicas para protegerse.*"

    "Le daremos un hogar.*"

    Yeah that hits dead on the nose.
    Toughness: _: 1D20+7 = [19]+7 =26, but he makes the save.

    *Translation: But this is the last of them.

    My allies and I are from a school that can keep him safe, give him an education and teach him how to use his unique abilities to protect himself.

    We'll give him a home.


    • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

      MARRAKESH (Blue Knight, Shiver, Ursa; NPCs: Felsic, Fiore, Ogre, Prodigy, Skew)
      There was no respite for Skew between the Blue Knight and Prodigy's attacks. Before Felsic could evoke another pained grunt from the man, his head dropped forward and his body went limp. "I... I think he's..."

      Prodigy checked him for a pulse. "Fiore, if you'd please?"

      In no time, Fiore had him wrapped in vines.

      "We need to move them--quickly." Prodigy hailed dispatch over his communicator. "Ah, Oberleutnant Wetl," he intoned once he'd verified his identity, "so good to hear your voice again. If you could please contact Quintessence for me and ask him to create a portal to... Uh, we'll send a picture."

      After a few moments, a burn orange disc appeared in the air. Fiore helped to move Skew and Adela through. Prodigy looked to the others. "That's two down. Do we press our luck and try for the other two?"

      "It may be that they noticed our little show," Felsic observed. "Shiver's ice spread outside. Word might have reached Robor and Haboob. They may not return here, now."

      Prodigy nodded. "It's not as if we can keep these people all day anyway." He looked to the Welshman. "Are you up for doing a sweep of the place with me? Maybe find some clue?"

      The two found a back room with some four uncomfortable looking cots. The Blue Knight opened a large sack, only to find it filled with items pilfered from Schönbrunn Palace--the items Skew had stolen yesterday. "Interesting."

      The Blue Knight looked up. Prodigy was rifling through a trunk. He was lifting something out of it--something that had been wrapped in strips of black cloth.

      It was a mask made from bone.

      "This must be Robor's," Prodigy said. He re-wrapped the mask and set it on the floor next to him. "Esoteric books, books about Brythonic deities... A sword..."

      Prodigy took the sword out. The hilt was simple and looked old, but the blade itself barely had a scratch. The surface of the sword shone like polished silver. "Good balance," Prodigy said, testing it out.

      The Blue Knight peered into the trunk and spotted a piece of paper folded over twice. Removing it, he opened it up and looked it over.
      • Autumn Bennett
      • John Bennett
      • Rose Bennett
      • Tiffany Benson
      • Andrew Coggins
      • Hope Coggins
      • Patrick Coggins
      • Clare Covington
      • Evan Dennis
      • Pepper Dennis
      • William Hoffman
      • Michael Jones
      • Emma King
      • Tyler King
      • Brian Maxwell
      • Cooper Maxwell
      • Jennifer Maxwell
      • Scott Maxwell
      • Jessica Montgomery
      • Robert Montgomery

      With more help from Quintessence, the two transported everything back to the school to devote more attention to later. Neither Robor nor Haboob surfaced and, accepting that they never would now, the New Vindicators returned to Vienna.

      Originally posted by Michuru81
      The Order: Round Two
      • Fiore (27)
      • Skew (17): Bruised x6, Grappled, Pinned (No dodge, -4 Defense), Staggered, Stunned (Blue Knight, R2), Unconscious (Prodigy, R2)
      • Blue Knight (11)
      • Prodigy (14 - Delayed)
      • Felsic (11)
      • Shiver (9)
      • Adela (4): Bound, 'Cuffed, Helpless
      • Ursa (3)

      Skew - Toughness - DC 26: 1D20+6=[10]+6=16
      Skew is Bruised, stunned, and staggered.

      Prodigy - Attack: 1D20+7=[8]+7=15
      Hits: Skew - Fortitude - DC 22: 1D20+5=[2]+5=7
      Skew is down, ladies and gentlemen.

      Unless there was anything else, I was planning on wrapping this scene there.
      ARAD (Jack; NPCs: Adam, Domingo, Herta, Ilena, Iosef, Radu, Simon, Vlad)
      Domingo nodded in agreement. <<"Good enough for me,">> he said. <<"Keep him safe. I will return for him when he's grown up some.">>

      Suddenly, Domingo took off at a run. He was fast--not as fast as Herta, but fast.

      Candyman reached down and collected Iosef's knife. "No," Tantivy said.

      "You know what we have to-"

      "He said he knows-"

      "He would say anything to get us to stop! To do what he wants! You can't just-"

      "You can't &$^#ing kill him!" Tantivy snapped.

      Candyman sighed. "If we don't... If we leave him... He'll come for these kids, Herta. He'll take them back! None of this will have mattered if we let him live!"

      Originally posted by Michuru81
      I'm looking to wrap this up, but I wanted to give Jack the opportunity to weigh in on what to do now that the fight is over and Domingo has been on his way.
      Armada Status


      • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

        Originally posted by Michuru81 View Post
        And with that, Eve left the room.

        "For what it's worz, Dr. Fischer, I feel zat Lex was being unfair to you and a bit ungrateful to zis school. I understand it is funded in part by tuition, in part by ze U.N. and in part by ze French and several ozer European governments. Gaspar, Tatjana, and I were taken in by ze school, but ze bulk of ze Murphy clan was all made welcome 'ere. 'E 'as more to be grateful for zan even us."
        Martin says sympathetically.

        He looks toward Gaspar and Anne, then back to the Headmistress.

        "You've 'ad a tough day. 'Ere. 'Ave a butterscotch." he places one of the sweet hard candies on her desk, not knowing if Gwen's magical suggestion was still in effect or not, and walks out, headed for Tatjana's room.


        • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

          Greystone .2
          Condition: Bruised

          Domingo nodded in agreement. <<"Good enough for me,">> he said. <<"Keep him safe. I will return for him when he's grown up some.">>

          Suddenly, Domingo took off at a run. He was fast--not as fast as Herta, but fast.
          Mentally Jack shook his head. That didn't sound promising.

          Candyman reached down and collected Iosef's knife. "No," Tantivy said.

          "You know what we have to-"

          "He said he knows-"

          "He would say anything to get us to stop! To do what he wants! You can't just-"

          "You can't &$^#ing kill him!" Tantivy snapped.

          Candyman sighed. "If we don't... If we leave him... He'll come for these kids, Herta. He'll take them back! None of this will have mattered if we let him live!"
          "We can make him tell you what you want to know." Jack said, even though he had no clue what Radu had offered to reveal to Herta. It had to be something big obviously judging from her current state.


          • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

            Vlad Radikovich
            Condition: -1
            HP 1

            Vlad tossed the blade aside. It was funny, all through the fight he'd been insistant on using non-lethal methods. He wanted to be better. More heroic. When faced with his father though, the urge to slit the man's throat overrode every decent impulse he'd been striving for.

            Maybe he really did belong in prison. He was seriously messed up in the head.

            Turning to Jack, he shrugged. "He was claiming to know where Herta's biological family is. He told her they were still alive and if she'd help him, he would reveal where she could find them."

            He walked over and knelt down beside Ilena to feel her pulse. "It's difficult to tell if he may be telling the truth. He's good at keeping secrets and even better at telling half-truths. It's really too bad the Academy doesn't have Emily around to sift through peoples' heads any longer."

            Satisfied Ilena would live, he plopped backward to sit in the dirt. "Anyway, if we're going to let him live, we'd best call for a pick up. We need to deprive him of his little army and we can't just dump my brothers and sister back into the orphanages. Orphanages for Neo-Sapien children are practically Dickensian. We can get them situated at the school and I can get to my long overdue surrender to the authorities for my part in Laputa's schemes."

            Vlad was glad to see this over, though not happy how everything had turned out. He was certain Sir Newton would do what he could to find Herta's relatives...if...they truly still lived, but bringing charges against Radu Radikovich was going to be difficult. Vlad had been Radu's first adoptee. Obviously his methods of indoctrination had improved since Vlad and Herta were trained. Vlad couldn't believe there was any less stick in his methods, but there could be much more in the way of carrots.

            And even if he'd become less brutal in his methods...he still had children murder other children's parents if that's what it took to gain him powers he wished to use. Unfortunately, the single child who could testify to that was already guilty of worse crimes and lacked any credibility as a witness.

            Picking up the knife, he threw it into the woods and sighed. "Call us a ride Jack. It's time to tidy up."

            Since I'd been running Vlad for the fight, I figure one apres'-fight post couldn't hurt.
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            • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

              Violet Lear
              HP: 2

              "That's not fair!" Eve had just told Violet about the plan to send a half-dozen students to the Asian Academy to keep the heat off the school while they refuted the charges against them. Now, Violet sat on Eve's bed next to the suitcase the sophomore was packing. "You didn't do anything wrong."

              "I know, Vi. But the rest of the world doesn't know that yet. We have to help Doctor Fischer do her job."

              "Why do you have to help? They're sending you away like you were the problem. They're stabbing you in the back."

              "No, they're not. We owe the school the chance to make it right." Eve sighed. "Look at it this way: I'll do anything I can to help them prove that Durendal is a scumbag. If we leave, it's so much easier."

              "You don't owe the school anything." Violet closed the suitcase.

              "Are you kidding? I owe the school my life! Where do you think I'd be if not for this school? Dead. Lex and Jack too. They saved us from Black Box. They're doing this for us." Eve held up a shirt and looked at it. "Besides, I could use the time away. In the last few months, I've been mind-controlled, blown up, dumped, and attacked more times than I care to count. I need a break." She reopened the suitcase and continued to pack.

              "Can I go too?" Violet frowned because she already knew the answer.

              Eve shook her head. "You have to stay here. Lex and Martin are going too. Tat and Kirstie are going to need a friend."

              "They'll be OK. But you're my best friend, Eve. I need you."

              "No you don't. You're one of the strongest people I know." Eve sat down on the bed next to Violet. "Vi, you're my best friend. And I love you. That's why I want you to stay here and watch out for our friends."

              Violet looked up into Eve's eyes. For just a moment, she had the urge to kiss her best friend. Confused, Violet looked away and the feeling passed. Eve put her hand on the younger girl's shoulder. "What is it Violet?"

              "Nothing, Eve. I just... you're right." Violet looked back, now smiling. "Just for a couple months right?"

              Eve nodded. "It'll be like a summer vacation."

              Violet leaned over and hugged her friend. "I'm going to miss you so much."


              • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

                Alex "Current" Murphy
                HP: 2 CND: Normal

                The first move most people would have done would have been to go directly to see their loved one.

                Lex went to his room instead. It wasn't an attempt to be cruel, or that he didn't care. He was just mad, and Kirstie was being hammered again and again with stress and pressure; she didn't need to see him cursing and swearing on top of that.

                He needed time to get his head on straight. So, instead, he went into his room and looked around.

                The room was almost barren. There were no pictures on the wall, no posters. The floor was clean, though the trashcan and hamper had seen better days. The only real sign that the room was lived in was a messy bed, a baseball bat leaning up against the corner of the room beside two guitars, a desk covered in small electronic pieces and tools, and a mirror that had three small pictures tucked into it's frame.

                He went to the guitars first, stuffing one into a hard case and the other into a soft case. He regretted only buying one of each now, if they had to be transported he'd have preferred two hard cases to keep them safe. It was his own fault for being cheap, he noted with a grumble. If he'd simply spent a little more they'd both have hard cases.

                And it wasn't like he hadn't been expecting this day.

                He went to the closet and opened it up. Inside was a beat up dufflebag that had seen better days. In places it had been worn through from use and crudely patched up. The strap had been replaced multiple times. Most people would have thrown it away, but Lex couldn't. At first it was because his Dad had given it to him, one of the only things he had left from his family after running from his home being chased by Black Box.

                Afterwards it was a reminder of the months it had taken him to get across the country on his own, with no help, no money, and an army of law enforcement looking for him. It had been hard. Back then he couldn't move nearly as fast as he could now. He'd been lucky to outrun cars, and a kid running as fast as a car would have just brought Black Box down on him. It'd been a long trip by mostly mundane means.

                The bag was a remember of bad times, but a reminder he'd made it. For the longest time he refused to unpack the bag, figuring it was only a matter of time before he needed to move on. He'd finally unpacked when his parents had moved in.

                And now he was packing it again.

                He hurled the dufflebag onto his bed and started stuffing clothes into it. It didn't take long. The few good clothes he had left went into the bag within five minutes. To that he added a toiletry bag Kirstie had bought for him. She'd laughed at him when she saw him wandering around with plastic grocery bag and had bought him something nicer as a present. It was a little too nice for him, he'd thought, but he couldn't refuse it without offending Kirstie.


                He sat on his bed and buried his face in his hands.

                This was a disaster.

                Kirstie had lost her father, she'd lost her ability to touch anybody, and now she was losing him.

                Doug has lost everything he'd had, and he barely had any friends in the school. Sure Doug was still pissed at him, but he still had him and Gasper. Except now his friends were gone. And there would be nobody around to stick up for him.

                Would Sarah still have somebody she could go to if she had a problem? Was there somebody who'd kick the hell out of people for making fun of her situation?

                Who did Tat have if Martin was gone? She had nobody except for her cousin who’d betrayed her, and Kirstie who was already buried in her own problems.

                Without Lex or Mira around who was going to be a calming presence on Viktor?

                Who was going to be around to keep an eye on the Laptua crowd? The staff and most of the students had pretty much turned a blind eye to them, even after Tellamaja returned and started giving them marching orders.
                And never mind Vlad’s return.

                Who was left to protect the school? The staff couldn't save themselves. Kas was too busy off trying to save the world. Otso was a good guy but he’d never shown an interest in the job. Jack had the power, but the man was a survivor. He could never be sure Jack wouldn't move on if the situation got too bad. After all, what did Jack have holding him to the school?

                The headmasters couldn't be bothered to actually put in the effort to protect their students. Instead when those students finally did their jobs for them they rolled at the first sign of trouble.

                And now he was being sent off to some island in the middle of nowhere.

                He was being torn away from his family and friends. He was being pulled away from the people he’d tried so hard to protect.

                And his reward was that maybe if he was good they’d let him come back.

                Why in the hell would he want to come back?

                He sighed and pushed himself off the bed. There were only a couple of things left to pack, but he had more important things to do.

                It was time to tell Kirstie.

                * ** *** ***
                Lex paused outside the door and ran a hand through his hair.

                This was going to be hard. He was going to have to carefully explain the situation, lead her carefully though it without alarming her and show her how it wasn’t as bad as it sounded. If he could do that there was a chance she wouldn’t panic or feel abandoned or alone.

                And he needed to do that. She’d already gone through too much in the last few days.

                He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could do this.

                He pushed open the door and walked inside.

                Kirstie was sitting on her hospital bed, her legs pulled up to her chest and hugging them fiercely. When she heard him enter she raised her red, tear streaked face lifted from her knees, took one look at him, and started bawling.

                Lex just stood there with his mouth hanging open as he tried to figure out what had happened.

                “One of her friends called,” Her mother said quietly from the side.

                “I’m losing everybody I love,” Kirstie wailed between sobs.

                “Hey!” Lex said, rushing to her side, “Listen to me, you’re not losing anybody.”

                “Daddy is gone and they’re sending you away,” She whimpered.

                Lex gave Kirstie a raised eyebrow, “Seriously? You think I’d listen to anything these jackasses say? Especially if it meant I couldn’t see you anymore?”


                “I’ve lived on the streets, I’ve got talent, and skills. I could walk away from this school right now and still make enough money to live,” Lex said with a grin.

                “But you’re going,” Kirstie said with a sniffle.

                Lex nodded with a sigh, sitting down in a chair, “Two more years and I get a diploma. And I’ve been saving my money since I got here. It’s pretty much the only way I’ll ever get to go to college.”

                “And I won’t get to see y-“

                “Hey,” Lex cuts her off with a big grin, “It’s me. I’m done letting this school telling me what I can and can’t do. So you better get used to me being around, because you’re not getting rid of me that easy. Hell, I’ll even bring Martin along to visit Tat.”

                “But you’ll be in Japan,” Kirstie said with emphasis.

                “Uh, yeah, I kind of got that,” Lex said cautiously.

                “Japan is an island.”

                “Yeah, I know.”

                “In the middle of the ocean!”

                Lex shook his head, “Seriously, you think a puddle is going to stop me?”

                Kirstie pointed to the bracelet on his left hand, “It did before.”

                “Hey, that- That was a while ago, okay? Things have changed,”
                He said quickly then rolled his eyes, “How about you let me worry about that, okay? We got other things to worry about, right?”

                Kirstie nodded, and Lex smiled.

                “Hey, now you’ll have to get a phone!” Kirstie said with sudden enthusiasm.

                “Ah, $#*) me,” Lex muttered.


                • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

                  Martin had little back in his room to pack up.

                  His mementos of a happy childhood with loving parents were tainted by the lies he's learned of. He would still get them. He suspects that future him would regret not having those tokens. And besides the protagonists of some future encounter with an amnesiac blob would need such things to remind him of his 'humanity', such that it was. Yes, he thought along those lines.

                  He went instead to Tatjana's room and knocked softly.

                  "Mon Cher?" he knew she was there, a partially-opened window let the air circulate under the crack of her door and carried her fresh scent to him. It mingled with the salts, prolactin, and adrenocorticol that let him know of her recent tears. He'd sung a song about that as he recalled. Could Tatjana have found out about his exile already? Unlikely, she had way too many other things to cry about this days. He winced at the thought.

                  He knocked again. "Tatjana, please..."

                  There were sounds of her crossing the room and the door flew open. "You took her! I saw you on the news. You took Eve to France! I knew you Liked her."

                  The accusation and hurt in her voice was a slap in Martin's face. He rocked back on his heels, a visible ripple through his skin.

                  "Well you can just..."

                  "Zey're sending me away, Tatjana." he interrupted, his voice low but cutting through the impending tirade.


                  "Ze Administration, zey are exiling everyone involved to ze Tokyo school. Jus' until zings calm down."

                  "But they can't. You didn't..." Her protests die as she realizes the gravity of the situation.

                  The ferocity of her hug surprises him. He squishes a little under it until he reacts quickly enough to cohere his form solid. He hugs back, tears dampening his eyes.

                  "May we go into your room? Ze 'all monitor is approaching from around ze corner." he says, not wanting another of the demerits.

                  After the close the door and sit on her bed he begins. "My Love, I feel nozing romantic for Eve..."

                  "Oh, Gosh, I know I'm sorry I just get so..." She interrupts but then doesn't seem to know how to finish the statement.

                  "You are most passionate, I know. I will talk wiz Dr. Yavorshak. Leave enough of ze medications in case you boz wish to go zat route and I... will put zat enchantress's number into your phone in case you wish to arrange somezing wiz 'er. No one would zink less of you if you do." he says, lying just a little.

                  She doesn't comment one way or another on that. She surprises him though. "What of Mr. Anders?"
                  Martin stops short.... "I... I didn't ask. No one did. I zink we were all dwelling on our own fates. I'd be surprised if 'e was not also temporarily assigned to ze Tokyo school. As ze only adult from ze Acacdemy zere, 'e was likely ultimately blamed. If ze French government wanted us students expelled, ze would 'ave wanted 'im fired, Vindicator or no. Besides, as a Vindicator 'e is just as effective from Tokyo as anywhere else wiz 'is abilities." Martin shrugs. "Tatjana, now I am even more sorry you were not wiz us. At least if you were zere it could be an adventure for us razer zan feeling like a punishment. Now it jus..." he shakes his head.

                  "Hey now." she says, scooting closer to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. she seems to find herself at a loss though. Having been on the receiving end of so much comforting has left her ill-prepared to BE a comforter to another.

                  Martin seems to understand, covering her hand with his. "I'm sure zis will be sorted out quickly and I'll be back before you know it." he smiles trying to reassure her. "'Ow about we go out to picnic. And we shall count every day we are apart, physically anyway as we will talk on ze phone often, and vow to 'ave zat many picnics when we return. And... I'll take a lock of your beautiful 'air, and you can 'old on to a little replica of me." Martin smiles reassuringly and wills a bit of biomass to detach off of his torso, under his shirt to minimize the human 'gross' factor. Shaping it with his mental connection into a decent miniature of him in the black and white of the Vindicators but minus his cowl. "It will stay smooz and warm and I'll even be able to feel zrough it as if you were touching my skin." Martin holds out the simulacrum but then second-guesses himself. "Oh, is zis too... weird?" He asks uncertainly.

                  If it was, the German performer hid it well as she smiles back. "No, it's... it's great. Thank you! And a picnic sounds nice." she says, putting her Martin doll on the pillow. For a moment, her eyes flashed devilishly. "Say, Marteeen..." she says, emphasizing his own accented pronunciation. "What part of your skin will you feel it when I touch the mini-Martin?"

                  It took Martin a moment, but when he finally got her meaning he blushed. "Uh... we'll... talk about zat, later."

                  After the picnic Martin stayed in her room the rest of the evening and night. It was fun and fiery, desperate and sad all at once.

                  [The doll will count as two uses of his detachable variable parts ability.]


                  • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

                    Doug Droll sat under a tree, tuning his banjo. He could feel the bark press through his shirt and against his back. He could feel the strings pressing against his fingertips. He could feel a chill wind run through the quad, joyously celebrating the arrival of spring.

                    He could not bring himself to feel much else, though. In Doug's short time on this planet, Doug had faced unfathomable loss. Doug had seen his family butchered for the crime of being different. He'd been forced to flee his homeland. He'd come to a place where he'd truly believed he would fit in, only to be tormented mercilessly by one of his classmates for not fitting her idea of cool.

                    There were times Rose made him wish he'd died with his family.

                    "There's bound to be a ghost at the back of your closet," he sang as he started to strum idly, "no matter where you live. There'll always be a few things--maybe several things--that you're gonna find really difficult to forgive."

                    He remembered when his father would come home from a bad day. He'd just shrug and say, "Well, you win some, you lose some." That seemed to be the case here: Tallemaja, Siegfried, the mages, Randy's father, Haboob... They had escaped... but Cleave, Blackguard, Caballero, Ogre, Skew, and Durendal were in custody.

                    "There's gonna come a day when you'll feel better. You'll rise up free and easy on that day. And float from branch to branch, lighter than the air. Just when that day is coming, who can say? Who can say?"

                    The media was in a frenzy over what had happened tonight in Paris, but Mouloud, Viktor, Otso, and the Amanar girls could control their powers again.

                    "Our mother has been absent ever since we founded Rome, but there's gonna be a party when the wolf comes home."

                    Six students had been expelled from the school, but six new Neo-Sapiens had been enrolled. They'd lost Lex, Gaspar, Eve, Martin, Anne, and Mira, but they'd gained Gus, Agnes, Iosef, Ilena, Adam, and Simon.

                    "We're gonna commandeer the local airwaves to tell the neighbors what's been going on. And they will shake their heads, and wag their bony fingers... in all the wrong directions, and by daybreak we'll be gone!"

                    They had lost other students, too--lost them to defection. Mary and Elle showed their true colors. They had saved the headmaster and stopped Siegfried, yes, but they revealed themselves as the last remnant of Laputa, and now they were out there, somewhere... plotting. The trail had gone cold, however, and while Emily had elected to return home to Germany, Jason and Vlad had rejoined the New Vindicators Academy of Europe.

                    "I'm gonna get myself in fighting trim! Scope out every angle of unfair advantage... I'm gonna bribe the officials! I'm gonna kill all the judges! It's gonna take you people years to recover from all of the damage!"

                    THE HAGUE
                    "Adela Dumitrscu, a.k.a. Adela Radikovich, a.k.a. Ogre. You have been found guilty of crimes against humanity. You have..."

                    She zoned out as they read her a list of her charges. She couldn't help but be excited. This was it. This was the next step in her father's plan. This was nothing more than her carrying out the purpose she had been born for. Whatever they thought of her now, they would think differently when she returned.

                    "You are hereby sentenced to life in Pandora, with your sentence to be carried out immediately. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

                    Adela grinned. "See you soon," she promised.

                    "Our mother has been absent ever since we founded Rome, but there's gonna be a party when the wolf comes home."

                    Originally posted by Michuru81
                    Everyone have a PP. I'll kick off the next session in just a few moments.
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                    • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #19: The $64,000 Question

                      NEW VINDICATORS ACADEMY OF EUROPE #19: The $64,000 Question

                      8:12 AM, Monday, March 30, 2009

                      NIJMEGEN (Blue Knight and Magnitude; NPCs: Hubris, Prodigy and Vestige)
                      In the week since he’d returned to the New Vindicators Academy, Prodigy found breakfast to be his favorite part of the day.

                      He had left with his father—with Charles Lamperouge—for the Hague. That was where the World Court was. That was where his mother had been tried for the acts she had committed while possessed by his little sister. He had testified on her behalf—tried to explain the unbelievable circumstances that led to her leading a terrorist organization—but even he had to believe that “possessed by a psychotic tween” was as flimsy a defense as temporary insanity.

                      During that time, he and his father had stayed in a hotel. They had room service, yes, but nothing near the selection Siege offered the students of the New Vindicators Academy.

                      After his mother was sentenced to Pandora, he parted ways with his father. Since Black Box rose up in America, Charles Lamperouge had been given asylum in Canada. He’d had a job and an apartment—both of which he doubted would be waiting for him, given the weeks he’d spent as a captive of Laputa. He’d asked his son to come with him, but Jason had told him he liked it at the New Vindicators Academy. He told him that he had friends—a girlfriend—and as much as he wanted them to be a family then, he thought what he was doing was important.

                      It wasn’t a lie: he’d made friends; he had a girlfriend; what he was doing was extremely important: there were reports of a large crocodile man roaming Europe. Niloticus had survived. That meant there was still a piece of his sister’s mind out there. Her psychic plague could continue.

                      Erudite’s pawn—Tallemaja—was out there, too. If she and Niloticus found each other—if those two were left unchecked—they could resurrect Laputa, and this nightmare could start all over. Would his sister blame him for his mother’s life sentence? It was doubtful that she would recognize that it was the result of her machinations. No, this threat could not be allowed to fester any longer…

                      He found that he was not alone in hunting them down: in his travels, he ran into Vlad Radikovich. Vlad had escaped in the chaos and turned to tracking down the two remaining pieces on Erudite’s chess board. Together, they had crisscrossed the continent several times.

                      Some mornings, they had toast with jam. Some mornings, they had fruit. He remembered one morning in Denmark, when they had sampled øllebrød.

                      He discovered that he did not like øllebrød.

                      Things improved drastically when Emily joined the hunt. Loathe though she was to leave her family, she recognized that so long as Laputa was out there, there was a chance her parents might not be entirely safe. While Tallemaja and Niloticus both appeared to resist her telepathic powers, the people they encountered did not. She looked into their minds, mapping out Laputa’s movements from the witnesses they left.

                      More than that, though: she was able to compel people into helping with their travel expenses. She made more than one hotel manager waive the fees for staying overnight; she made a maître d' or two insist that their meals were on the house. Though the food had improved, it still wasn’t Siege’s cooking.

                      Now, enrolled once more at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe, Jason found himself thankful for the Scotsman’s culinary talents. He was grateful for each and every meal he ate there.

                      Perhaps that was why he was so disgruntled this morning. This morning, they had interrupted his breakfast.

                      “At 4:45 UTC, Flight 229 left London Heathrow Airport for Berling Tegel Airport. At 5:50 UTC, the plane disappeared without a trace over the Netherlands.” Each of the group was handed a dossier with a full timeline of the events, a crew and passenger list…

                      The Blue Knight was there, he surmised, because of his investigative skills. The Welsh youth had been the partner to Paladin—whom The Blue Knight vehemently insisted wasn’t “British Batman”, as Prodigy had learned.

                      Vestige likewise made sense: with her eyes, she would see the trail the plane left in the sky. More than once, Prodigy had wished she had been on the hunt for Laputa with them. Beatrice’s powers would have made their mission a short one.

                      Magnitude, he had to presume, was there to keep them all aloft. Only half their unit could fly, and Magnitude was capable of changing that.

                      Still, Prodigy couldn’t fathom what he was doing here. Yes, his powers made him the smartest person in the room, but that was it. Did they expect him to see something no one else had? To come up with a theory no one else had? The authorities wouldn’t be coming to them unless they were desperate—not given the debacle in Paris last week. In the few hours since Flight 220’s disappearance, investigators must have run into something else—something that baffled them beyond reason—and became the catalyst for the New Vindicators being brought in to crack the case…

                      Now, a short trip later, the four New Vindicators and Hubris—their Vindicator chaperone—were high above the Dutch city, standing where—as Vestige claimed—Flight 220 had vanished into thin air. “So, we’re in agreement,” Prodigy said. “This is obviously the work of a grue.”

                      Originally posted by Michuru81
                      Let's try something new: information on Flight 220.
                      NVAE: BIOLOGY (Jack and Violet; NPCs: Carmichael, Randy, and Viktor)
                      “Mister DeGallow?”

                      For the last week, Viktor DeGallow had looked positively languid. When he meandered into class and collapsed behind his desk. Sometimes he gazed off into the distance or became intently focused on the ceiling or the cap of his pen. Other times he folded his arms across the top of his desk and laid his head down.

                      Today, he simply sat staring at his phone, and the picture of Mira Linden displayed on it.

                      “Mister DeGallow!” Carmichael raised his voice to snap the Spaniard from his stupor. “Are you listening?”

                      Viktor waved the man away.

                      Their teacher sighed mournfully. “Would you like to join me in detention?”

                      “Would you like to kiss my ass?”

                      The man gave Viktor a sympathetic look. “Doctor Fisher’s office, Viktor. Now.”

                      Viktor let out an agitated groan. <<“What does it take to get…?”>> He looked to Jack then. <<“Armor up.”>>

                      Viktor stood up, looked at Jack, and slugged him in the face.

                      “Mister DeGallow!” Carmichael screamed. “Fisher’s office! On the double!”

                      As Viktor made his way out, he passed by the empty seat next to Violet—the seat that used to be occupied by Eve.

                      NVAE: HISTORY OF EAST ASIA (Otso; NPCs: Adam, Gus, and Ashworth)
                      Until a week ago, he’d had Physical Education with Lex. Sixth hour wasn’t the same without him. Kirstie was still there, albeit mired in depression. She hardly spoke. She just sort of drifted aimlessly from class to class. Their teacher, Mister Murphy—Lex’s father—was short with everyone. He snapped at anything and everything—usually his other son. Steven couldn’t say anything that the man didn’t round on him.

                      Until a week ago, Martin had been in his Sexuality class. Tatjana was still there… sometimes. The German girl frequently skipped, electing to stay in bed.

                      Until a week ago, Mira had been in his History of East Asia class. It would have been just Otso and Adam—the Polish boy with compound eyes—but when the school had expelled six students, they added some, too.

                      Four of the new children were not high school age. While exceptions had been made for Herta and Elle, given their advanced intellect, these children were placed in the special class reserved for Doctor Talley’s youngest son and Miss Graves’ daughter.

                      Though old enough to be a senior, Gustav Abdelfattah had joined the ranks of the junior class. He had missed a year, thanks to time spent under the control of Lacuna. The Egyptian had the power to transform into an anthropomorphic crocodile. He was Niloticus, another of the Laputa kids, albeit one who had not joined of his own volition.

                      Much like Otso, Gus was a Neo-Sapien whose powers turned him into an animal—and a deadly predator at that.

                      Much like Otso, Gus had been used by a group of villains.

                      Unlike Otso, Gus didn’t seem to have any friends.

                      The bell rang, signaling the end of their first period. Gus slowly gathered his books into his bag. Otso knew where he was headed—they shared second period, too.
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                        3:12 PM, Monday, March 30, 2009

                        NVAA, SOCIAL STUDIES (Lex and Martin; NPCs: Eve, Gaspar, Inoue, Mahdy, Peter, Ryabko, Ryuunosuke, Svetlana, Yuusuke)
                        The seven hour time difference between Tokyo and Vienna was beginning to affect their love lives. Right now, Kirstie and Tatjana were starting their day. By the time they were free, it was almost midnight in Tokyo.

                        That wasn’t the only adjustment that had to be made. The cafeteria functioned much differently here than in Vienna. For starters, it was student-run. They called it toban—essentially chores that rotated amongst the student body. Lex, Martin, and their classmates were responsible for the preparation of everyone’s food, the cleaning of the school, the laundry…

                        This week, their class had pulled laundry duty. In 18 minutes, when their seventh period dismissed, Lex, Martin and Gaspar would join the other boys in sorting the pile of school uniforms: black slacks, black socks, black ties, white dress shirts, white sweater vests, and black blazer jackets. The girls wore black skirts in lieu of slacks, but the girls did their own laundry—but only once their classroom had been cleaned.

                        That was, oddly, the part Gaspar seemed to struggle with the most: between periods, the students didn’t move from room to room. Instead, they stayed in one room while the teachers rotated. They even ate lunch in their classroom. They only left for a laboratory class or physical education.

                        For the bulk of their day, they stayed with their classmates…

                        Yuusuke Takahashi was a Japanese boy whose powers were obvious just by looking at him: a pair of large, feathered wings adorned his back, enabling him to fly. As graceful as he was nice, he was sort of the unofficial leader of Year 10.

                        Everything that he was, Ryuunosuke Akutagawa was not. Ryuu was rude, crude, sarcastic, impolite, invasive, brash, lazy, and disrespectful. None of his countrymen seemed to want anything to do with him. Mahdy had been the one to explain why: “Ryuu is about as un-Japanese as you can get,” the half-Indian boy had explained. In the week they had been there, none of the transplants had found out what his powers were—just that he didn’t like using them.

                        They knew what Mahdy’s powers were, though. Worse, the New Vindicators Academy of Tokyo’s newest students knew the source of them… According to Mahdy, he’d never met his biological father. His mother had met an Englishman on holiday in India. As she didn’t have any powers, Mahdy just assumed this stranger was the source of his ability to create small, silver portals in the air.

                        Mahdy was nice, though. When he heard about the ones his newest classmates had left behind—when he heard about Kirstie, Tatjana, and Viktor—his heart appeared to break. “I wish I was stronger,” he said. “I wish I could take you back whenever you wanted…” The curly-headed boy genuinely seemed bothered by the idea that he couldn’t help everyone he encountered.

                        Rounding out the boys of Year 10 was Peter Dragunsky. Peter hailed from Russia. He was dark and perpetually brooding. He did what was expected of him, and then returned to his self-imposed isolation. “We always thought it might be his powers,” Mahdy explained. “Peter’s ability… He… He generates this wave of energy, you see. This power explodes from him in every direction. The thing is, it only hurts one thing…

                        “A group.”

                        “A group?” Gaspar had asked, slightly confused. “What group?”

                        “Whatever group Peter decides,” Mahdy said. “If Peter decides to hit women, it will only hit women. The energy harmlessly passes through men. If he decides to only harm Japanese people, it will only harm Japanese people. You and I? We would not be affected.

                        “Peter’s father was a police officer. He was working on a case, and thought to make use of Peter’s power. He took him with him—made him target only murderers. He thought it would help to sniff out the real killer… He didn’t consider that he’d once been forced to stop a crazed gunman by putting him down.

                        “The explosive energy Peter discharges? It killed his father.”

                        The other two Russian students in Year 10 were definitely more adjusted than Peter. Svetlana Lebedev’s powers left her body constantly restoring itself, albeit at the cost of her appearance: her skin had a blue tinge to it and there didn’t seem to be a hair on her entire body. Despite this, Svetlana was happy and very friendly—especially where Lex was concerned. Even with the revelation that he had a girlfriend back in Vienna, she still flirted with him. She made over his musical ability—insisting he write a song for her—and took every chance she had to suggestive touch his arm or face. “You have something there,” she would say during lunch, just before she reached over to wipe the corner of Lex’s mouth.

                        Ryabko Zinaida, on the other hand, was much more demure. The mousy young woman radiated modesty from her. She had taken exception to the school uniform, for example, finding the pleated skirt the girls wore to be too short. She had been allowed to wear a longer skirt—one that ended just above the ankles.

                        Ryabko seemed so envious of the newcomers and their “useful” abilities: she lamented that her power only allowed her to summon a copy of herself, albeit a slightly smaller copy. That copy could, in turn, summon an even smaller copy of herself, who could summon a yet still smaller copy, and so on.

                        Since enrolling, Lex, Martin, Eve, and Gaspar hadn’t seen much of Mira and Anne. Given who sequestered each class was, there were few opportunities to see them. When they did manage to steal a few moments, they found that Anne was apathetic to the changes while Mira hardly seemed to be adjusting.

                        The students in Year 12 had spent years forming bonds. To be introduced this late in the year, it seemed no one had anything to do with her.

                        She was isolated and it looked to be messing with her psyche.

                        Anne’s classmates, meanwhile, attempted to induct her into their circles, only to have her deflect their warmth with her trademarked ennui. A few of her classmates had approached the Vienna kids: a Turkish boy named Sedat Baykara had come to Lex, asking what her deal was. Another, Kaede Shindou, had come to Eve asking what the key to cracking Anne’s defenses was.

                        When Eve had told them it was nothing personal, that Anne was a synthetic humanoid, it seemed to prompt Isaac Sekai, to approach Martin…

                        “Is it true that Anne’s a robot?” he asked, strangely excited by the news. “I’d love to get her on my team! How do I go about doing that?”

                        Isaac went on to explain that he lead a group that sounded very similar to the Volunteers. They called themselves the Super Binjuketa Squadron. They wore colored versions of the Vindicators uniform, with matching helmets. Isaac himself was Binjuketa Red.

                        The son of the school’s physician and English teacher, Isaac seemed slightly unhinged.

                        Stranger than Binjuketa Red, however, was the boy in a hazmat suit. He approached Martin one day, to ask about Anne. Like Isaac, he’d heard the rumors than Anne was a robot. “So, does she feel emotions?” he asked. “I mean, like… love? It’s just… my name is Pyotr Bogdanov. My power is that my pheromones… When people smell me, they’re overcome by an urge to kill me. I always thought that I’d never be able to live a normal life, you know? Much less a girlfriend, but… if Anne’s not… if she’s a robot and she doesn’t have a normal physiology, then she…”

                        It was a weird school, even without taking the strange chimera boy walking around. With eagle’s wings on his back, a lion’s head, and a snake’s tail, Gaspar had a hard time not staring at Narendra Kosaraju whenever he walked by.

                        Still, at the end of their first week of classes there, Gaspar saw something that seemed to greatly upset him: a Chinese boy in Year 11. He was short, but muscular. He walked by without the blazer or sweater; his tie was loosened and the sleeves of his shirt were pulled up to expose arms that looked capable of breaking rock.

                        His dark hair was cut short. His eyes were piercing. His mouth was a thin line perpetually twisted into a disapproving scowl.

                        “Lex,” Gaspar said, watching him make his way into the Year 11 classroom, “I know that kid. That world Jack and Harry and the rest of us went to? He was there. We fought him, Lex. We fought him. He was, like, the evil duke’s right hand man.

                        “That’s Ritter Xun,” Lex. “Ritter Xun is a student here.”

                        The weekend had done nothing to curb Gaspar’s suspicions. He had tried his best to stalk the Chinese boy. He had asked Anne if she’d seen anything, then moved on to trying to find out what he could from the rest of Year 11. Gaspar was determined that Xun Wang was evil incarnate and that it was only a matter of time before he revealed his true nature in some sort of insane plot to destroy the school.

                        “Well, class,” intoned Inoue-sensei, their Social Studies teacher, “I know it’s a bit early yet, but I want to give you all some time to work on your final project.”

                        With the end of the year just a few months away, Inoue had revealed the theme for their final exam: a three-page essay theorizing a non-violent method in which their powers could benefit the world.

                        “You can go ahead and start cleaning the classroom now, get a head start on your toban, and use the day to reflect on who it is you are.”

                        As the man left the room, Gaspar rounded on Lex. “I know who Xun is,” he whispered.
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                          The Blue Knight

                          Idly, Gwyn wondered if anyone had ever told Jason he was hilarious. If not, there was a good reason for that.

                          "Could anyone have done 'is, then? Teleported the plane somewhere, ya?" He doubted it. Either way, it was a stupid question-even if they didn't know anyone who could have done this, it didn't mean there wasn't anyone.

                          Nothing jumped out at him, looking over the list of information they had. Well, his surname was Price, that was a coinkydink.

                          "This other airplane that tried to make contact with them...maybe if they recorded the attempted response, we can get something from that."
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                            [Jack Rexroth]
                            HP: 1

                            “Mister DeGallow?”

                            For the last week, Viktor DeGallow had looked positively languid. When he meandered into class and collapsed behind his desk. Sometimes he gazed off into the distance or became intently focused on the ceiling or the cap of his pen. Other times he folded his arms across the top of his desk and laid his head down.

                            Today, he simply sat staring at his phone, and the picture of Mira Linden displayed on it.

                            “Mister DeGallow!” Carmichael raised his voice to snap the Spaniard from his stupor. “Are you listening?”

                            Viktor waved the man away.

                            Their teacher sighed mournfully. “Would you like to join me in detention?”

                            “Would you like to kiss my ass?”

                            The man gave Viktor a sympathetic look. “Doctor Fisher’s office, Viktor. Now.”

                            Viktor let out an agitated groan. <<“What does it take to get…?”>> He looked to Jack then. <<“Armor up.”>>

                            Viktor stood up, looked at Jack, and slugged him in the face.

                            “Mister DeGallow!” Carmichael screamed. “Fisher’s office! On the double!”

                            As Viktor made his way out, he passed by the empty seat next to Violet—the seat that used to be occupied by Eve.
                            Jack had been trying to give Viktor some space, so to speak, so when Carmichael was singling him out the American hadn't turned to look directly at him. Instead he watched his classmate from the corner of his eye.

                            So when Viktor told him to "armor up" in Spanish, Jack was a bit surprised and finally turned to face him just as he stood up.

                            Jack suddenly understood the statement and started to will his body to change. Unfortunately he didn't get the chance to finish the thought, and Jack was knocked from his seat to the floor. By the time Jack had pulled himself up Viktor was already gone.

                            Rubbing his jaw Jack looked at the door for a moment then to Mr. Carmichael, he felt the sting of a forming bruise. "I'm going to the infirmary." He said in a low voice as he moved towards the door.

                            But once he was in the hallway the tattooed teen headed towards Dr. Fisher’s office instead at a quick pace and he easily caught up to the Spaniard and slowed to match his oddly slow step.

                            "Entonces, ¿qué estás tratando de hacer?*" He said in Spanish, figuring that Viktor might talk a little more freely in his native language.

                            *Translation: So what exactly are you trying to do?


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                              NIJMEGEN (Blue Knight and Magnitude; NPCs: Hubris, Prodigy and Vestige)
                              "Could anyone have done 'is, then? Teleported the plane somewhere, ya?"

                              Prodigy shrugged. "Skew," he said, "but..." He didn't need to say anything more. Both young men knew what had happened to the Cockney. They had been called in to testify at the Hague.

                              "This other airplane that tried to make contact with them," postulated the Blue Knight, "maybe if they recorded the attempted response, we can get something from that."

                              "It's a possibility," Prodigy said. He requested for the audio to be sent over their communicators. High above Nijmegen, the New Vindicators listened to the last message of Flight 220:

                              "Flight 220," said one of the men on the ground, "please contact NRN."

                              Silence answered them. A moment later, the air-traffic controller hailed another plane. "Jet Black 270," he said, ground-to-aircraft ACARS data request for British Air 220 was not acknowledged by the aircraft's satellite data unit. Can you attempt a handshake?"

                              "Roger that."

                              The audio skipped ahead then. "Flight 220, this is Jet Black 270. Do you copy?"

                              It was quiet. Jet Black 270's captain began to repeat his request when: "-instru-zzzzz-irty-three mi-zzzzz-orty-six deg-zzzzz!"

                              "Flight 220, do you copy? Flight 220?"

                              The transmission ended there.

                              NVAE: HALLWAY (Jack; NPCs: Viktor)
                              "Entonces, ¿qué estás tratando de hacer?"

                              Viktor fixed the American with a steady gaze. "Cuanto antes me expulsar," he said matter-of-factly, "antes podré estar con Mira."

                              Originally posted by Michuru81
                              "The sooner they expell me, the sooner I can be with Mira."
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                                Violet Lear
                                HP: 1

                                Violet sighed. She knew how Viktor felt. Much of the campus had a pall over it since the six students were sent off to the Asian Academy. Kirstie and Tatjana were as cranky as Viktor and had frustrated Violet's every attempt to cheer them up. This was leaving her in nearly as dark a mood as her friends, so something needed to give. This left Violet contemplating a night out; but with Eve gone she had no one to go with. Tat wouldn't go, Kirstie couldn't, Sarah certainly couldn't and Beatrice wouldn't. Not that Violet could blame Beatrice now that she had Otso back. And Violet just didn't have the energy to entertain trying to convince someone else.

                                For the rest of the class, Violet paid just enough attention to avoid being accosted like Viktor was, difficult since it was only her and Randy remaining with Mr Carmichael. Once out, she decided to suck it up and text Jakob. She hadn't heard from him since the last night at the club and so she was a bundle of nerves when she sent him a simple Hey.