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New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

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  • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

    ARAD (Jack; NPCs: Adam, Domingo, Herta, Ilena, Iosef, Radu, Simon, Vlad)
    "Herta! Don't listen to him! He's a liar! He'll always be a liar!"

    "You have to believe me!" Radu cried. "Your mother gave her life to warn us about the coming of the Armada-"

    "Shut your pie hole!" Candyman's elastic punch connected with his father's jaw and dropped the man into unconsciousness.

    "Father?" Tantivy stumbled forward, groping the air to reach him.

    Originally posted by Michuru81
    Radu - Toughness DC 23: 1D20-1 = [9]-1 = 8
    Radu's out.

    Simon! I'm just now realizing I neglected to roll his save against Jack's attack: Simon - Reflex - DC 18: 1D20 = [18] = 18
    Huh. Okay... He'll fire another jet of hellfire for Jack: Simon - Attack: 1D20 = [7] = 7
    ...and miss!

    The Order: Round Eight
    • Tantivy (39): Blinded (Greystone, R6), Bruised, Disabled, Injured, Shaken (-2 attack, saves, and skills)
    • Domingo (23): Blinded (Greystone, R7), Bruised
    • Greystone (21)
    • Ilena (16): Blinded (Greystone, R6), Light Weakness (-2 checks, attack, & defense)
    • Iosef (11): Bruised x2, Staggered, Unconscious (R4)
    • Adam (9): Bruised x3, Entangled (-2 attack/defense, -4 Dexterity), Staggered, Stunned (Tantivy, R6), Unconscious (R6)
    • Radu (8 [+2]): Blinded (Greystone, R6), Bound (cover), Bruised x3, Helpless (Defense = 5, +4 to hit), Injured)
    • Candyman (8 [+1])
    • Simon (4): Bruised, Staggered

    Disabled, Herta can't move and attack, so will stumble around, looking for Radu or Vlad.

    Domingo isn't doing crap now that he's blind and has no hope of knowing that Ilena's in the room.

    Jack's up.
    PARIS (Current, Fluxx; NPCs: Durendal, Lluvia, Mezzanine, Quintessence, Sprite, Sublime)
    Current strode up to Lluvia. "Uh, I think I missed... pretty much everything. What's going on?"

    The Spaniard opened his mouth to explain, only to be cut off by Fluxx: "Lluvia. Some rain might clear ze casual bystanders and maybe cool off Sprite's powers a bit. Ze fewer people around if she insists on a fight would be a good zing."

    Lluvia flashed Current an apologetic look. "That's my cue," he said. "One thunderstorm comin' up."

    Clouds began to gather high above them and thunder rolled in the distance. The sky grew dark and soon it began to sprinkle.

    Sprinkling turned into drizzling which then turned into raining. Lightning danced along the sky, as Lluvia tried to intimidate the entire city of Paris into seeking shelter from the storm.

    As he did, Fluxx continued to wait for someone to take a phone to Viktor. Sealed away in the Wreck Room, there was no telling who was near. Kirstie was a safe bet: following her fight with Skew's swords, she was laid up in the infirmary. Her mother refused to let her up and instead hailed Doctor Talley, who took the girl's phone and grudgingly carried it to Viktor's cell.

    "Impasse, Sprite is 'ere in France and seems to be spoiling for a fight wiz Voleur. Zough I understand 'ow difficult zis must be for you boz I fear zis will likely accomplish little and complicate much."

    "May I talk to her?" asked Viktor. "I'm not sure if I can do much, but... I'll try."

    As Fluxx began to float up, Sprite shouted out a warning. "Don't come any closer! Don't think I don't know that as soon as you're within arm's reach you don't transmute my uniform to some sort of metal, or... or chloroform me, or whatever!"

    Fluxx looked at Sprite with a raised eyebrow. "I could 'ave reached you from ze ground if I wanted to do somezing to you." As he illustrates his point by elongating his legs to the earth Sprite glared at him.

    "Zis is Impasse on ze phone. 'Ere." He hit the button to put his phone on speaker and began to extend his arm. As soon as he did, she flew back several feet.

    "Don't you dare," she snapped. "I thought I made it bloody well clear that I don't want you within reach of me." As she spoke, her aura seemed to intensify. "Right now, I only trust you a fraction more than I'd trust Voleur. You need to turn around and head back to the school right now."

    "Please, Impasse, 'er frustration is making 'er paranoid." His arm transformed into a cone, moving to try and amplify the sound. "See if she can 'ear you."

    "Well, gee," Viktor muttered, "that's not condescending at all." The Spaniard cleared his throat. "Mira? Sweetie? I love you, and I love you for doing this for me, but love... I'm worried about you ending up like me. If Voleur shows up there, and if he gets ahold of you..."

    "Energy aura," Sprite called. "He can't touch me."

    "...I would be beside myself." Though she could now hear him, he obviously could not hear her. Not from this distance, and not with a storm brewing. "Mira, please come home."

    Before anything could be said, the crowd below began to cheer. Sprite looked down in confusion, then began to search the sky as realization struck her: sure enough, she found him: Durendal was hovering in the air, fists on his hips, cape fluttering wildly behind him. "I was told zere was a situation zat demanded my attention," he growled. "I am not sure what you children zink you are doing... You are from ze school, yes? Your city is in ruin. I 'ave lent myself to-"

    "Give everyone back their powers RIGHT BLOODY NOW, or I'll kill you."

    Durendal sized Sprite up. "No."

    The moment Fluxx heard the word, he predicted the worst possible reaction from the senior. "Spryte, no!" He shifted in the air, firmly planting himself between her and Durendal. "Violence iz not ze way to resolve zis! Let us talk wiz 'im. If nozing else, zink of Pandora."

    "Stay out of this!" she shouted, one hand on her wrist, steadying her aim.

    "Durendal does not seem mentally imbalanced! Maybe 'e just doesn't know ze depths of ze consequences of 'is actions. Maybe 'e didn't realize ze lengzs to which we'd go to 'ound, 'unt, and 'arass 'im causing scenes like zis until 'e releases ze powers 'e 'as 'ostage. OR Maybe, just maybe, 'is situation was just so dire 'e felt like 'e 'ad no choice. Somezing so terrible an ozerwise good man would act no different from ze criminals 'e fights, stealing, lying, 'urting children - a situation we Young Vindicators could assist wiz on condition of ze return of ze powers 'e 'as appropriated. Maybe zis can 'appen."

    "God, Martin! You... Okay, no. No, let's talk to him. Just tell me: is it going to be like the last time you talked to a terrorist and I ended up stuck in someone else's body? Or is this more like the time you stuck your giant nose where it didn't belong and got your girlfriend taken hostage? Maybe this is like the time you waited until you were alone with the guy who hurt someone you love and decided to show him what it feels like? Because it seemed like you felt violence was the answer then, and you sure as hell weren't thinking about Pandora."

    "I tell you what, Martin: I'll start listening to your advice when you do."

    "It's Fluxx when we're in uniform."

    "We're meters above the ground where hundreds of people are nannering while a storm brews: NOBODY CAN BLOODY HEAR US!"

    Fluxx took a few deep, calming breaths before trying once more to rationalize with the irrational girl. "Zis is a problem unlike anyzing we have faced. You compared it to our ozer conflicts, but... it is so unique... It is nozing like a mindscape where you flew off on your own--wiz good reason I understand--or zat an active investigation for ze safety of ze School--where my 'big nose' belonged--or a deranged man 'oo knew ze consequences and gleefully chose 'is own fate zrough 'is actions."

    "No, you're right..." Sprite hissed. "You were pursuing a criminal for the safety of the school... and so am I. Alina's sisters. Viktor. Otso. Mouloud. I heard Kirstie can't control her powers now, too--sounds like Voleur to me! So, let's say I stop this right now, and let's say tomorrow... Mario can't stop being an elephant, or Violet can't turn off the cold. Are you ready to look at them and say, 'I'm sorry. We had the chance to stop him yesterday, but I talked Mira out of it because of how it might look, but hey, I'm going to try to talk to him again, and maybe if I ask nicely...'" She shook her head. "No, of course not. You don't care about them. So, imagine that he goes after Elle or Tatjana next. Would you care then?" Sprite rolled her eyes. "Oh, then there wouldn't be any holding you back. Then there wouldn't be any place he could hide.

    "You're a hypocrite, Martin. You justify things however you want. You push people around. You do whatever you damn well please. You look down your nose at whoever doesn't live up to a code of conduct you yourself refuse to follow!

    "You're just like your parents."

    Current's voice rose up from the ground, aided by a megaphone. "Hey, you! Question time: you know what happens when to the people you steal powers from?"

    With a heavy sigh, Durendal dropped out of the sky, landing among the thicket of Parisians. <<"If you told me a few months ago,">> he said in French, <<"that I would be fighting crime while wearing a costume... I would have called you crazy. I never envisioned this sort of life for me. I was married. I had a mortgage. I was planning to start a family.

    Lluvia leaned closer to Sublime. "Uh, what's he saying?" he whispered.

    The American gave him a helpless look.

    "You don't speak French?" His face reflected his astonishment.

    "Neither do you," she said defensively.

    "He is telling the press how his partner was killed by a Neo-Sapien on the Miliea's payroll," Mezzanine said for the benefit of the trio of sophomores left in the dark. "The Vindicators had been petitioned to help, but were unable to make it."

    The android continued to give them a play-by-play of Durendal's speech. <<"I am a Neo-Sapien whose power lets him cause another Neo-Sapien to lose control over their powers,">> he said. <<"So long as they cannot control those abilities, I am able to use them.">> Durendal gestured to the New Vindicators. <<"These young people will tell you all about the powers I have taken. I have taken the ability to fly, super-strength, invincibility... I have taken the powers of their friends. One aspect of my powers lets me understand their powers, and I've made sure to not take control of a power that could be harmful to public. Yesterday, I met Magnitude, who leads the Volunteers. I made no move to take his powers, as if he lost control over his abilities, the results would be catastrophic.">>

    Fluxx had heard enough. <<"And while zat restraint is admirable,">> he declared, <<"zere are four girls, the youngest of which is six--SIX!--'oo cannot touch ze ground, attend school, go outside for fear of floating out into space... Zey are now traumatized of zeir powers when zey could 'ave grown up to be Vindicators zemselves. Zey 'ad just lost zeir eldest sister to recent terrorist activity a few months back, and now to be treated so cruelly. Not to mention ze man oo cannot touch anyzing for fear of 'is uncontrolled strength smashing it. 'E cannot eat, cannot 'old anozer's 'and for comfort. And zen zere's ze young man 'oo cannot move for fear 'e will smash zrough walls, uncontrollably, 'oo can only be stopped wiz great difficulty and after much damage 'as been done.">>

    Durendal nodded in agreement. <<"Regrettably, I have likely compromised the quality of life of these people... but in return, I have made France--and Europe--a safer place. In one week, I've done more for you than the Vindicators or the New Vindicators Academy ever has. Criminals are behind bars. Drugs and assault weapons are off the streets. Even now, Vienna is struggling to recover from yesterday's attacks. When these children came to Paris, demanding I show myself and threatening me when I did, I was in their city, lending the powers I possess to restoring a city.">>

    <<"Zis man came upon zem as a theif. As noble as 'is motives were, as good as 'is subsequent actions, and as much as 'e 'as dedicated himself to a life of service to France is, I could not set foot on my native soil knowing zat it's level of peace came from ze suffering of children. Read 'The Ones Who Walked Away From Omelas' by Ursula Le Guin and see if we should not rename zis land zat Durendal would 'ave us live in.">>

    <<"You now have all of the information,">> Durendal said to the crowd--to the cameras. <<"If the people of the world want me to stop, I will stop. I will give back the powers I took. Otherwise, I will continue to devote my life to serving you--the people. I will continue to wage war on those who flagrantly transgress the law. I will do everything I can to keep more cops from being buried--to keep families from mourning. I will do what the Vindicators and the New Vindicators cannot do...

    <<"I will protect you.">>

    When he had finished, Durendal turned to the New Vindicators, and returned to speaking in English. "Did I leave anyzing out?" he asked them.

    Current had listened to Mezzanine's translation. When the native French speakers had finished, he raised the megaphone once more. "I guess we're just telling the crowd the 'truth'."

    Lluvia's pinkie finger was in his right ear; his face wore a pained expression. "¡Amigo! No enfriar!"

    "Okay," continued Current. "Cool. I can dig that. Let me tell you the story of a man who knows what he's doing is wrong. How do I know that, you're probably wondering? How could I possible know that? Because he never asks." The young man shook his head and flashed the crowd an incredulous look. "He never asks. He knows that people wouldn't agree to it, so he steals their powers and leaves them to suffer.

    "His first victims--sorry: the first victims we know about... important difference there.... The first victims we know about? Little girls. Little. Girls. This is your hero, folks." Current waved to Durendal. "Lets give him a hand, folks! A man who preys on little girls! Good job, man!

    "So he takes their powers. What do they do? They fly. High speeds. When he stole their power the floated uncontrollably. First girl was in a building. Second girl? She was out by a god damned lake. Floating off into the sky, unable to stop, unable to control herself. This little girl was going to fly off into space. Forever." Again, he waved to Durendal.

    The power-thief watched Current impassively.

    "Our hero, folks!

    "So, when this crap started they called in somebody to try to help. These people approached the person they believed to be responsible for assaulting these girls and tried to take him in... but, no, no: he wasn't having any of that. Instead he started stealing their powers as well. He gained the ability to turn into super strong bear, at the cost of that young man being unable to be anything but a bear. Then he stole the powers of Impasse: invulnerability and unstoppable."

    Lluvia made a face at Current's grammar. "Unstoppability?" he suggested. Then he seemed lost. "Is that a real word?" he asked, turning to Sublime.

    "He turned Impasse into a ballistic missile, and then he ran! It was all the people could do to stop him from launching into space, or crashing into innocents, and you know where he is right now? He's locked in a little room, unable to do anything but run. This man was a hero. He saved Vienna when an island would have crashed to the ground and killed thousands. He was out there trying to save a pair of helpless girls from a predator. Now Impasse is in a living hell, putting everybody around him at risk, while some jackass runs around with his powers pretending to be a hero." Current laughed incredulously. "But you know what? That's still not enough for him. You see, he didn't like having to turn into a bear. Doesn't mesh with that trim and tidy heroic image he wants."

    That was enough to cause the facade of composure Durendal had erected to slip: the corner's of his mouth twitched with a grin that he quickly dispelled.

    "So, when Vienna was attacked? He comes on by to go shopping... and what does he find but a young man with super strength who's helping rescue people from under the wreckage." Current paused and looked out over the throng. "I don't know how to say this any more plain. This young man was out there trying to save people with his power." He turned back towards Durendal, face contorting into a sneer. "And then this guy comes walking over to shake his hand. 'Good work there son.'

    "And suddenly the guy who was trapped as a bear? He can change back.

    "But the kid with super strength? He's now unable to do anything without using full strength. The lightest touch is now deadly dangerous." Current gave the press a dumbfounded look. "And... I... I don't even know what's the worst part: the fact that he was in the middle of trying to rescue people when he was attacked, putting all those people in danger, or the fact that this kid was a pacifist. He folds up and cries at the thought of people being hurt, and now he's so dangerous he can't be around people. He's terrified of himself!

    "That's what the victims get to live with: they've gone from being able to live a constructive life to living in torture. Little girls stuck floating forever, unable to control themselves. A hero who's unable to do anything but run, run, run, RUN. A young man who loves and values life who is unable to touch anything without destroying it--all so he can play at being a hero! A guy who preys on little kids! Emergency first responders! Volunteers! Who abuses the public's good will to attack people and steal their abilities as suits his fancy..." Current spit. Durendal's eyes went to spittle on the ground. "...And who will not let them go because he likes the powers.

    "Let me guess, you want to say it's for the greater good?" Current glared at Durandel in disgust. "That's what I find people say when they know something is wrong but need an excuse to do it anyways."

    Current raised his arms displaying the torn and bloody tatters of his sleeves. "Look at me. Look at this. You know what this is? This is what happens when a hundred flying swords decide they want to kill everybody in hospital. I ran in and nearly got killed trying to save people, and while I was struggling to do what I could to help people those swords were killing people. You know who could have done more? Impasse. He could have crashed through the swords laughing while they broke against his invulnerable hide and fell in shards at his feet, saving hundreds of people in seconds. You know where Impasse was? He's locked in a little room, in a living hell, unable to help even himself.

    "How is that the greater good? How is making these people a threat to those around them so you can be a little more powerful for the greater good? How is crippling people who'd be out there saving people the greater good? It's not! I asked you, do you know what your powers are doing to people. I didn't ask because I wanted to know, I asked because I'm trying to figure out how much of a piece of crap you are! You stand there in a fancy costume, with a fancy name, standing there like you think you're Superman. You're acting like you think you're a hero.

    "If you were really a hero you'd let those kids you're holding hostage go free. You know what you did was wrong, and hiding behind a mask isn't going to help. So you got a chance to prove you're the hero you're claiming to be: you let them go and you start asking for volunteers, people who could share in an emergency, or you can continue stealing their powers and their lives. You continue to be the thief."

    "'E is right," Durendal said once Current had finished. "I was in Romania." He gestured to Fluxx and Sprite. "Zese two were zere." He nodded to the Vindicator. "So was Quintessence. Ze bear boy and Impasse? Zey were also zere. I recognized several of zem. Everyone knows Quintessence. Ze man is a 'ero. Ze bear? He appeared on ze news a while back, pleading for 'is fazer to contact 'im. Prefect Fluxx and Impasse... zey are not just recognizable--they are infamous.

    "Zis boy called Impasse a 'ero. 'E kept using zat word, but I do not zink it means what 'e zinks it to mean. Could Impasse 'ave made a difference against zese swords zis uncouth child spoke of? Yes, 'e could 'ave. Would 'e? I sincerely doubt it, given 'is track record. If memory serves, Impasse was ze student who attacked a man for filming 'is escapades. Impasse was ze man who zreatened to kill a criminal 'e 'ad apprehended. Impasse..." He looked to the New Vindicators. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but 'e was partially responsible for your 'eadmaster resigning in disgrace, yes no? No need to answer: I don't zink I care to 'ear anyzing a disrespectful American who spits on French soil 'as to say.

    "My powers allow me to understand ze powers of zose around me. Zis boy is fast--fast enough to be almost anywhere in Europe in a moment." He looked to Sprite. "You can fly incredibly fast. Will you two protect zis city? Will you step up as Magnitude and ze Volunteers 'ave for Vienna? Will you devote yourselves to doing what I 'ave done and protect zese people? Zis city? Zis country?

    "As I said: I am willing to surrender your friends' powers if zat is what ze global community wishes, but what about zis... I offer you a deal: I will give your friends zeir powers back, and if you fail to be ze 'eroes you pretend to be--if zey ever use zeir abilities abusively--zen I get your powers wizout protest."

    MARRAKESH (Blue Knight, Shiver, Ursa; NPCs: Felsic, Fiore, Ogre, Prodigy, Skew)
    Skew held the door open for Adela. The young woman entered and Skew followed her in. The door closed behind them. The Blue Knight conjured his claymore and swung it down, evoking little more than a disappointed look from the man in the bowler hat.

    Using that as his cue, Prodigy summoned his sword and pounced from the bar to Skew. He was too zealous though, and his swing easily missed the man.

    Originally posted by Michuru81
    Skew - Will - DC 25: 1D20+10 = [15]+10 = 25

    Prodigy - Charge Attack: 1D20+9 = [1]+9 = 10
    CoyoteCode hands Prodigy a botched roll.

    The Order: Surprise Round
    • Blue Knight (11)
    • Prodigy (14 - Delayed)
    • Shiver (9)
    • Ursa (3)

    Shiver and Ursa are up!
    Armada Status


    • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

      Violet Lear
      HP: 2

      As Skew entered the building behind Ogre, Violet rushed forward radiating waves of cold and sent a flurry of thrusts at his back with her icy sword. He needed to go down fast or the whole thing could turn into a debacle.

      Initiative roll: 1D20 + 6 = [3]+6 = 9 Forgot this before

      Turning on Environment(Cold) and attacking Skew with her Ice Sword
      Ice sword attack: 1D20 + 9 = [8]+9 = 17 Hoping that's a hit. Toughness DC22
      And I'll HP to Surge and do it again
      Ice sword attack 2: 1D20 + 9 = [14]+9 = 23 Another Toughness DC22


      • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

        HP: 1

        Otso hauled back his fist and threw a punch at Skew, growing to ursine proportions mid-swing.

        Attack: 1D20+6 = [11]+6 = 17, DC 25 Toughness if that hits.
        Otso Karell, codenamed Ursa, on New Vindicators Academy of Europe.


        • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

          Alex "Current" Murphy
          HP: 1 CND: Normal

          smiles, "Use their powers abusively.... like, say, torturing little girls? How about teenage boys?"

          "Robbing them of their lives? Holding them prisoner?"

          "Because the only person here who's doing that is..."
          He looks around then stops, looking 'shocked' when he gets to Durandel, "Oh. It's you."

          "And what did Impasse do? He splashed somebody. Dear lord, no!" Lex looks around in mock horror mimicking Nickolas Cage, "Not the water! Not the water!"

          "Was he right to do it?"
          Lex shakes his head, "No, he made a mistake. Was anybody really hurt. Not remotely. Should he replace any electronics he damaged? Yeah. But compaired to you? #$*@, man, he's starting to look a damn saint."

          "Oh, and Fluxx threatened to do terrible things,"
          Lex nods, "And did he?"

          He looks at Fluxx, "Hrmmm... lets see, instrumental in saving hundreds of people, healed innocents, helped people without ever seeking anything in return... Why no, he didn't do any of those terrible things."

          "So what, he told some bad people some scary things. You know what it's called when a person threatens violence in an attempt to resolve a situation?"
          Lex says it slowly as if talking to a child, "It's called 'Diplomacy'."

          "You think France hasn't done just as bad? 'Course they have, all governments have. It ain't talking nasty that's a problem. Following through on those threats, now that's some serious trouble that's got to be dealt with,"
          He pauses, "So, again, a splashier and a guy who talks mean to scum."

          "Versus a guy who attacks kids for personal gain."

          Lex snorts, "And lets get one thing clear. I ain't no hero. Never claimed to be. I'm just one of those damn filthy Samaritans."

          "You need help? Call me, beep me, night or day I'll help who I can. 'Cause it's the right thing to do,"
          Lex crosses his arms, "I've been doing that since I got to Europe. France wants a hand, go ahead, call. I'll do what I can."

          "But you? You're scum. You seem to think you're here to make some kind of deal. Me? I'm here to help some little girls,"
          Lex sticks out his chin, "You want to try stealing my power? Go for it, thief."

          "I've got plenty of power for you,"
          His eyes glow momentarily, "But you won't much like it."


          • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

            Fluxx nodded at Current's words.

            He considers Durendal a moment.
            Expertise: Law: 1D20+3 = [14]+3 = 17

            Just to justify my message.

            "Durendal, 'Let ze global community decide' you say? No, simply no. Zat would make zem all accomplices - complicit in your crime of theft. You freely confessed to committing ze crime in front of many score witnesses and recording devices."

            "You are 'olding several lives for ransom, right now, ze children you've taken powers from are 'ostage to your whims, and any promise you extract from us would be under duress. As ze crimes we know about took place in ozer countries ze law-abiding zing would be to release ze stolen powers and remand yourself over to ze custody of ze Vindicators as represented by Quintessence," Fluxx gestures to their teacher, "for extradition to ze countries where ze crimes were committed. To do ozerwise would brand you as a fugitive from ze Justice you claim to serve and we shall be forced to act accordingly. And you know my powers - zere is no where you can 'ide from me, you would not see me coming, and ze powers you 'ave offer no defense from me. Please Sir." Fluxx says, looking up at the Eiffel tower, "we don't want any collateral damage."


            • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

              MARRAKESH (Blue Knight, Shiver, Ursa; NPCs: Felsic, Fiore, Ogre, Prodigy, Skew)
              The moment Shiver announced Skew and Ogre's arrival, Fiore started to move. He threw open the back door and sprinted through the bar. As he shattered into the room, he watched as Skew dodged a thrust from Shiver's ice sword; the girl was ardent, however: she pivoted on the spot and swung the length of her blade into his ribs. That was just the opening Ursa needed.

              They were cocky, Fiore thought. They thought Ogre dealt with simply because they've turned down the temperature. The report said she'd been a capable martial artist on her own. If left alone, she could disable a few of them.

              Someone needed to deal with her...

              Fiore unleashed a savage scream as he pushed himself past his limits. He normally only worked with live plants, but plants were plants, and he should have dominion over all of them... including the mu'assel the hookah bar peddled.

              The tobacco sprang to life and grabbed Adela. As he continued to push himself, he pulled Adela away from Skew. Even if he decided to rabbit, he would not have her.

              Originally posted by Michuru81
              Violet's first attack misses Skew, but the second will hit. Skew - Toughness - DC 23: 1D20+10 = [6]+10 = 16
              Skew is Bruised and stunned. Stunned causes him to lose his dodge bonus, letting Ursa hit him too: Skew - Toughness - DC 25: 1D20+9 = [10]+9 = 19

              Skew - Initiative: 1D20+8 = [9]+8 = 17

              Adela - Initiative: 1D20 = [4] = 4

              Fiore - Initiative: 1D20+12 = [15]+12 = 27

              Felsic - Initiative: 1D20 = [11] = 11

              The Order: Round One
              • Fiore (27)
              • Skew (17): Bruised x2, Stunned (Shiver, R0)
              • Blue Knight (11)
              • Prodigy (14 - Delayed)
              • Felsic (11)
              • Shiver (9)
              • Adela (4): Bound, Helpless
              • Ursa (3)

              Fiore - Attack: 1D20+6 = [19]+6 = 25
              - Adela - Reflex - DC 20: 1D20+2 = [1]+2 = 3

              Skew will leave.
              PARIS (Current, Fluxx; NPCs: Durendal, Lluvia, Mezzanine, Quintessence, Sprite, Sublime)
              Durendal listened impassively, until Fluxx finished talking. The man's eyes grew wide with fear. It looked as though he'd bought it.

              <<"Everyone needs to get to safety!">> he shouted. <<"Don't breathe the air! Prefect Fluxx has possibly turned it to mustard gas!">>

              As the people gathered around them began to flee in terror, Durendal reached for Sprite. "No one zreatens my city and gets away wiz it!" The moment he touched her, the stolen invulnerability failed him, evoking a pained cry from the man as Sprite's plasma aura burned him.

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              Armada Status


              • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress


                init: 1D20+7 = [5]+7 = 12

                uhg, luckily still going before Durendal.
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                  Alex "Current" Murphy
                  HP: 1 CND: Normal

                  was ready for a lot of things.

                  He was ready for yelling, screaming, insults, long drawn out boring conversations, running, or even an attack.

                  He just wasn't ready for the guy to scream in French and then attack Mira of all people. He'd figured he'd be first on the chopping block, not the remarkably restrained Mira, to the point he stood their slack jawed in surprise.


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                    PARIS (Current, Fluxx; NPCs: Durendal, Lluvia, Mezzanine, Quintessence, Sprite, Sublime)
                    Everything happened so fast: Current and Fluxx were yelling; Durendal looked scared; he shouted something in French and then made a grab for Sprite. "No one zreatens my city and gets away wiz it!"

                    Durendal cried out as Sprite's energy burned him. Beside him, Lluvia watched as Mezzanine's arm opened up. As she raised her arm to train the weapon on him, someone tackled her from behind. It wasn't enough to take her to the ground--not given her metal frame--but enough to knock her off target.

                    "Laisse-le tranquille!" someone shouted.

                    Lluvia turned around and took in the scene. While most of the crowd had begun to flee from the scene, a few had stayed. Their faces were contorted with disgust and rage. "Get back!" Sublime shouted. She moved to help the man who had slammed into Mezzanine get back up, only for him to kick at her.

                    "Get back!" Sublime shouted, grabbing a man who hurled a bottle towards Lluvia.

                    "Sortez de la France!" someone cried while another chanted, "Rentrez chez vous, Vindicators!"

                    Lluvia's hands had balled into fists--fists that were shaking now. He could feel himself losing control over the storm he'd summoned--he could feel it turning as violent as the crowd. Putting his hands over his ears, Lluvia closed his eyes and tried to drown it all out--tried to contain it before it got worse.

                    He could not even hope to drown out Sprite's voice. "You want my power!?!" she snarled. "Here you go!"

                    As the sound of energy crackling reached his ears, he heard the squeak of the megaphone. Quintessence's voice cut across it then: "Tout le monde, s'il vous plaît de rester calme! Je vous assure, l'air est sûr de respirer! S'il vous plaît passer par le portail d'une manière ordonnée, et il vous amène à la sécurité!"

                    Originally posted by Michuru81
                    PARISIAN #1: Leave him alone!

                    PARISIAN #2: Get out of France!

                    PARISIAN #3: Go home, Vindicators!

                    QUINTESSENCE: Everyone, please stay calm! I assure you, the air is safe to breathe! Please go through the portal in an orderly fashion, and it will take you to safety!

                    The Order: Round One
                    • Mezzanine (24)
                    • Sublime (22)
                    • Lluvia (21)
                    • Sprite (18)
                    • Quintessence (16)
                    • Current (15)
                    • Fluxx (12)
                    • Durendal (3): Bruised, Staggered

                    Mezzanine - Attack: 1D20+8 = [1]+8 = 9

                    Lluvia - Concentration - DC 15: 1D20+5 = [18]+5 = 23

                    Sprite - Attack: 1D20+8 = [4]+8 = 12
                    Stunned, that will miss Durendal. Hero points to Fluxx and Current as I let her reroll: Sprite - Attack: 1D20+8 = [13]+8 = 21
                    There we go. Durendal - Toughness - DC 23: 1D20+11 = [19]+11 = 30

                    Quintessence - Diplomacy: 1D20+5 = [9]+5 = 14

                    Current is up.
                    Armada Status


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                      Alex "Current" Murphy
                      HP: 2 CND: Normal

                      rilliant plasma burst from Lex like a horrible halo of rage as he charged forward.

                      Lex roars, his voice crackling with static, "Eat this you piece of-!"

                      The rest is drowned out as he hurls a massive bolt of energy from his arm at Durendal. A second later he followers it up with a second one from the other arm, snaking the beam at the French predator.


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                        PARIS (Current, Fluxx; NPCs: Durendal, Lluvia, Mezzanine, Quintessence, Sprite, Sublime)
                        Durendal braced against the force blast, but the second made him take a knee.

                        Originally posted by Michuru81
                        The Order: Round One
                        • Mezzanine (24)
                        • Sublime (22)
                        • Lluvia (21)
                        • Sprite (18)
                        • Quintessence (16)
                        • Current (15)
                        • Fluxx (12)
                        • Durendal (3): Bruised x2, Staggered, Stunned (Current, R1)

                        Durendal - Toughness - DC 25: 1D20+11 = [20]+11 = 31
                        - Durendal - Toughness - DC 25: 1D20+11 = [9]+11 = 20

                        Edit: I'm neglecting the Concentration rolls for Durendal to maintain a sustained power when stunned. Rather than roll for the one from Mira's aura, I'll fiat it and hand a hero point to Fluxx and Current. Here's the one from Current: Durendal - Concentration - DC 15: 1D20+6 = [9]+6 = 15
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                          Fluxx's eyes go wide when he understands how Durendal interpreted his honest concern for his native soil.

                          He steps forward and extends a hand to help Durendal rise.

                          "Stop zis, please, Durendal. Come wiz us, peacefully. Tell ze people we are all going to sort it out. Assure zem you will be back as soon as you can for zat is ze outcome *I* would most like to see. Please, I don't want anyone to get 'urt 'ere." He glances over to where Sublime is trying wrestle a French citizen and back.

                          Spending HP on Beginner's luck, then another to get 5 ranks in Diplomacy.
                          First was a 8 total, HP to reroll...
                          Diplomacy [1d20+5] = 25
                          best I can do.

                          However, IANAI [1d20+3] = 18+3 = 21
                          So, Surge to ready a grapple action if Durendal does anything offensive or tries to flee.

                          and last HP to Power stunt Immovable 12, subtle 2. Fluxx binds himself to the ground, even the molecules of the air, shooting invisible tendrils deep and holding on tightly to resist externally forced movement.


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                            PARIS (Current, Fluxx; NPCs: Durendal, Lluvia, Mezzanine, Quintessence, Sprite, Sublime)
                            "Please..." There were tears in Durendal's eyes. "Don't kill anyone. I'll do whatever you tell me."

                            Durendal suddenly shrank in size. His hair grew and spilled over his shoulders. The circumference of his limbs diminished as his bust grew.

                            A woman now knelt in front of them. "I 'ave released everyone's powers," she said. "Just don't kill zem."

                            The crowd had mostly dispersed now. Only a few remained. Some were angrily sneering at the New Vindicators; others were armed with microphones and cameras. "We should be going," Quintessence said quietly. "If these people find the courage to make a move... we're going to end up on the news defending ourselves against civilians..."
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                              The Blue Knight

                              "Nice one, innit??' Gwyn said to Shiver. With Ogre restrained and unable to transform, and Skew off balance, they could wrap this up proper fast.

                              Concentrating, Gwyn's eyes pulsed with even larger than normal blue fires that surged forth and washed against Skew's chest.

                              Blast at Skew, Accurate for +3/-3 1d20+8=19 Given he's Stunned, that should hit, so DC 23 Toughness for Damage.
                              [I]Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart![/I]


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                                Fluxx's eyes widened. Certainly a face change ability was a possibility to explain the lack of mask, but he hadn't considered a whole body metamorphasis. He's a little annoyed that Durendal said nothing to the crowd and even releasing powers, though a desired outcome, was not among Fluxx's requests.

                                "Keep your 'ead down, face 'idden from ze cameras. Your family will be safer zat way. Mr.... ah... Quintessence, a portal back to school grounds, if you please."

                                On the assumption Durendal needed skin-to-skin contact, Fluxx gathered the extra material from Durendal's sleeves and pulled them over the woman's hands closing them off and pinching them together, changing them to contiguous hard plastic as containment and restraints.

                                He'll ask Anne lead her through the portal back to school.