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New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

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  • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

    The Blue Knight

    Gwyn spat on the ground, his anger rising. "I hate this flippin thing." He said, before slashing through it again.

    "Look, ya've got to get clear. Maybe back down to the school! I'll keep it down, but we need something else ta make it stay down!" He shouted to the others. There wasn't much they could do here, not against the big red unkillable machine.

    Not that there was all that much he could do.

    Claymore attack 1d20+5=7
    Hero Point to re-roll (I'm not sure how many I have left, but its at least enough for this) 1d20+5=10 Adjusted 20, DC 26 Will again.
    [I]Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart![/I]


    • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

      Originally posted by Michuru81
      I normally order scenes based on your replies. Shock was first in, followed by McGuffin, then flynnarrel, ect. This would mean I'd go Violet, Otso, Martin/Lex, as so on. However, this time around, I'm going to have them in a narrative order, so that the flow seems to make some sense. I just wanted to make sure no one thought they were left out in case my typical ordering system is something you've gotten used to.
      NVAE: WRECK ROOM (Ursa; NPCs: Catalyst, Niloticus, Pachyderm, Sprite, Sublime)
      "It was for her own good?!" Ursa nearly choked on the words. "You gutted her! You tried to kill the girl I love and your excuse is 'it was for her own good'?" He visibly shook with fury, but he was holding back his ineffectual attack for now. "At least have the common decency not to treat me like a gullible idiot and go instead with the traditional Laputa excuse, 'it's for the greater good'."

      "You're wrong," Tallemaja said. "I had no intention of killing her--I just needed to put her life in danger. I had every intention of using Martin's powers to heal her... unlike your American friend. You heard me back there, Otso: I begged him to let me heal her, but he refused. He refused... right after he ate the apple that could have easily saved her. I'm not sure if he truly knew what he was doing or not, Otso... but that apple? Whoever eats it-"

      "B!&%." He spat the word at her. "If they're dumb enough to listen to you, go ahead, I can't stop you. If they'd take my advice they'd bury you in whatever hole is deep and dark enough to hold you. If you need me for anything else," he said to the others, "I'll be with Beatrice." Before parting, he flashed the enchantress one final, hate-filled glare. "And you, stay the hell away from me. The less I have to do with you, the better." With that, the barely contained ball of ursine rage stalked out of the room to find his girlfriend.

      Ursa exploded through the doors, only to find a curious sight set before him: Warder and Fraction--Martin's sister--were calmly staring down the man they'd all seen in Martin's memories: Siegfried, the man responsible for the crisis they now faced. The man looked agitated, but he didn't make a move.

      "Ursa," Warder said, evoking the Finn's codename. He didn't look back. He didn't need to. "This... is not a place you want to be right now..."

      Before Ursa could react, Gae'bolg hurried down the stairs, helping along a coughing Kiln.

      NVAE: WRECK ROOM (NPCs: Catalyst [KO], Niloticus [KO], Pachyderm, Prodigy, Sprite, Sublime, Tallemaja)
      "And you," Ursa said, shooting a glare at Tallemaja, "stay the hell away from me. The less I have to do with you, the better."

      When Ursa left the room, Prodigy glared at Tallemaja. "I'd been wondering why your mother's eyes looked so strange, ever since that day in Sweden," the boy intoned. "That was an effect of your charms, correct?"

      "There's no time for that," Tallemaja said. "Lacuna had Siegfried neutralized, and I was able to coerce some information from him--information you must relay to the teams currently fighting his lackeys.

      "First and foremost, Ogre. Ogre is a mercenary named Adele, whose Neo-Sapien power lets her transform into a hulking brute. She's a master of destruction... and not leaving any witnesses. Most disturbing, she has the ability to quickly recover from almost any injury she's given... but she has a major weakness: ice. Ogre's body burns. Drop her temperature and she's forced to revert to her natural form. You need to get either Diamond Dust or Shiver to that site immediately.

      "Next, extract whoever you've sent Schönbrunn Palace. That place is a red herring. Skew's there, but he's not meant to be there for long. He's just supposed to draw some of us there, then make it appear as if he's laying in wait. In actuality, he'll be moving from site to site, offering assistance to the others.

      "Robor is not where you think he is. He's acting remotely, from inside the-"

      "Hold up," Prodigy said. "One solution at a time. I need to relay this..." He crossed his index and middle finger. It seemed to have that there were many inherent flaws with the communicators. In order to avoid perpetually broadcasting himself across them, his helmet's microphone was typically muted unless he activated it. It would be inconvenient to need to activate it with a touch: if his hands were bound, for instance, how would he hail anyone? With his system, it would take binding his fingers to silence him. "Patch me into Shiver," he said.

      Like that, he was glad that he insisted one member of each team take a communicator, even if they didn't have time to change into their full uniform.

      SCHÖNBRUNN PALACE (Shiver; NPCs: Diamond Dust, Larrikin, Quintessence)
      "There's something else. Someone's after Headmaster Newton. We need your help."

      Nothing took his head in his hands and screamed in pain. As he started to curl into the fetal position, his body began to unravel. "No!" he shouted. "You're weak, Corey! You can't do this! You can't do this without me!"

      As Nothing's body tore itself apart, it simultaneously reconstructed itself as Quintessence. Whole once more, the Vindicator collapsed to the ground, just as Prodigy's voice cut through Shiver's communicator.

      "Shiver," the boy she'd only met a few minutes ago said, "this is Prodigy. We've received new information. Your group is needed at a different location. Mezzanine's group is facing an opponent they can't put down, but she has a vulnerability to ice. Diamond Dust is the most mobile of your group. It may take him a while, but you need to relay to him that he needs to head for-"

      The girl cut him off when she explained that they were with Quintessence, and that the Vindicator could easily transport them all there.

      "Perfect," Prodigy said. "Just a moment. Dispatch, I need you to patch Quintessence into our channel--Mezzanine, too."

      A moment later, he continued: "Mister Ander, this is Prodigy." The Vindicator's flash showed his surprise at the youth's involvement in all this--surprise Prodigy didn't bother to address. "I need you to open a portal to Wurstelprater. Another group is dealing with a woman codenamed Ogre. Her ability apparently lets her turn into a monster who could be a problem for us, however, if her body temperature is lowered, she'll be forced to change back to a form we're better equipped to deal with. I need Shiver and Diamond Dust to neutralize her."

      "On it," Quintessence said, opening a portal to the amusement park.

      PRATER (Blue Knight; NPCs: Catargi, Felsic, Mezzanine, Ogre)
      Mezzanine watched as Ogre collapsed to the ground following another thrust of Blue Knight's soul-weapon. The girl's arm unfolded once more, and the concealed cannon was carefully trained on her target's head. "Understood," she said suddenly. "I have just received a message from Prodigy," she said. "Quintessence is about to open a portal to our location, bringing Diamond Dust and Shiver. Our enemy's power lets her transform into this beast, but if her body temperature drops, she is forced to revert to her natural shape."

      Originally posted by Michuru81
      The Order: Round Seven/Eight
      • Mezzanine (22)
      • Felsic (20): Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Disabled
      • Ogre (17): Prone (-4 Defense); Bruised x2, Stunned (BK, R7)
      • Catargi (9)
      • Blue Knight (7)

      Ogre's Will save (DC 26) (1d20+1=8) - A bunch of conditions.

      Mezzanine will give exposition.

      Ogre will heal.

      BK is up. Everyone from the palace will arrive on the next round (9). Initiative from Violet, Shock.

      Quintessence's Initiative (1d20+7=24)
      Diamond Dust's Initiative (1d20+1=7)
      Larrikin's Initiative (1d20+5=24)
      ALLGEMEINES KRANKENHAUS (Current and Fluxx; NPCs: Bystanders x13, Cleave, Doctor x3, Nurses x8, Sword)
      Lightning flew from Current's fingertips and struck the sword. Sure enough, the weapon vanished from sight just as Cleave's body went limp.

      Originally posted by Michuru81
      The Order: Round One
      • Fluxx (23)
      • Current (20)
      • Cleave (9): Grappled, Suffocating (Fluxx, R1)

      From the surprise round: Cleave's Fortitude (DC 20) (1d20+6=10) and Cleave's Constitution check (DC 10) (1d20+3=15)

      Round One
      Sword's Toughness (DC 25) (1d20+10=17)

      Cleave will try to escape the grapple: Cleave's Grapple (1d20+12=20) Slim chance of that succeeding, so I'll also roll another Con check: Cleave's Constitution check (DC 11) (1d20+3=10)
      STEPHANSPLATZ (Magnitude; NPCs: Durendal, Francois, Thorn)
      "You are correct, I am a seeker of justice, but I am also a servant of civilized law. Even if your claims of a secret prison where SPB's are held without due process is true, some of these criminals... you for example... are guilty not only of crimes, but terrorism and terrorism has always been treated differently. To be sure, if you had wreaked this havoc in Israel, they would already be turning the full force of the Mossad toward your assassination as they did after the Munich Olympics."

      "As I said, I don't dispute that my grandfather was guilty. He deserves to be in prison... however, there is a difference between burglary and terrorism. My grandfather? My brothers and I? No one has ever died because of our actions."

      "You're not killers," Thorn hissed. "So, you're not about to start now."

      Francois shook his head at the young girl. "Do you wish to test that?" he asked. "No, I would not like to hurt anyone... but we will, if we have to. If it comes down to killing someone or being thrown into this hellhole? I don't dispute that I am a criminal, and I understand that given my abilities, it would be difficult to keep me restrained anywhere... but does that warrant treating me as something sub-human?"

      "Ze needs of ze many outweigh ze needs of ze few," Durendal said stoically. "If one must endure 'ardship so zat countless are spared, is zat not for ze better?"

      "Truly violent criminals should be put down," Francois explained. "There are criminals currently in this city... Ogre, for instance. I've never heard of the girl before this, and yet she is apparently responsible for the destruction of several villages in Central Asia. When organizations like Al-Akhwan meet resistance from locals? Perhaps a man who dares to translate for the Americans, or the British? They pay Ogre to go to that town, and make it disappear. She has slaughtered hundreds. She should be put down. She should be given due process, and put down for her crimes.

      "Someone like my grandfather? Yes, he should be in prison for what he's done... but shouldn't his wife have been able to send him pictures of their son with her letters? Shouldn't she be allowed to visit him? Call him? My grandmother doesn't even know if her husband is alive or dead..."

      "I will investigate this prison," Magnitude said, "but I will not save you from it. While I am no killer, I will not countenance acts of terror against a civilian populace. For this..." He gestured to the ruination around them. "...I will see you thrown into the deepest pit possible and locked therein, never to see the light of day again. Is that response anything like what you hoped to accomplish here?"

      Francois smirked at Magnitude's words. "Perhaps you'll think me drunk on my own hubris, but... catch me if you can." He held up a hand then. "We're here. I'll burrow into the ground and create an egress for you all to freely move through. I will immediately depart. As I said, we have other cells. My brother and I will be watching the news. Make the United Nations announce the existence of Pandora. Make them report on the conditions there. I understand that things will not change overnight, but I believe that will be a step in the right direction. Do this, and we will free the hostages.

      "Are there any questions before I do this?"

      KUNSTISTORISCHES MUSEUM (Greystone; NPCs: Blackguard, Candyman, Caballero, Maze, Pict)
      "You fly the fastest, Greystone--care to escort him to the Wreck Room's brig?"

      "What about his sidekick?" Greystone asked as hoisted Blackguard over his shoulder.

      "I've got his sidekick!" Candyman shouted. "Go!"

      And like that, Greystone was off and flying back towards the school.

      Originally posted by Michuru81
      The Order: Round Five/Six
      • Blackguard (16 [+6]): Bruised x2, Disabled, Dying, Injured, Staggered, Stunned (Pict, R5), Unconscious
      • Greystone (16 [+4])
      • Pict (14)
      • Maze (9)
      • Caballero (8): Bruised x2, Pinned (-4 Defense, No Dodge), Suffocating (Candyman, R1)
      • Candyman (3): Bruised, Injured

      Caballero's Grapple (1d20+2=9) and Caballero's Fortitude save (DC 12) (1d20+9=17)
      HUNDERTWASSER HOUSE (NPCs: Boson, Fiore, Robor)
      This wasn't the real Robor. The real Robor was miles away, protected by Haboob's sandstorm. Stopping Robor here didn't matter--he could just create a situation somewhere else. The only reason he hadn't yet was because Fiore was still here. Robor was after Gae'bolg--after his own son--and the boy's uncle. Randy's uncle had avoided detection so far, and this was the first lead the madman had had. He likely saw Fiore as a tool he could use to coax information out of Randy: "Tell me where your uncle is, or I'll torture your classmate."

      Fiore couldn't retreat, either. There was no telling how many hostages Robor had here. So long as anyone was in Robor's clutches, Fiore couldn't turn his back on them. "I'm going to try and free the people he's taken," Fiore said. "Once they're clear, can you protect them?"

      "I can try," Boson said. "It's taxing to keep multiple barriers up, but... I'll do what I can."

      "What if I can make the plants bring them to us?" Fiore asked. "If I take control of them, I could make them carry the people over and let them go by the barrier. Can you bring them in without dropping our protection?"

      "I can try," she reiterated. "No guarantees. My powers take a lot of concentration..."

      Fiore nodded. He strained with all his might and watched as the plants began to stir: vines began to carry the people towards the invisible bubble. As they touched the force field, Boson made the dome open to let them pass through. As people began sliding down the walls of the prison, Robor snarled madly. The vines beneath the bubble began to coil and reach for the sky, carrying the heroes and the rescued hostages with them.

      <<"What's happening!?!">> asked a panicked woman.

      <<"He's taking us up,">> Fiore said, stating the obvious. What he did not tell her was that he feared what Robor would do next: while Boson's shields might save them from the impact, should he throw them, everyone inside would still be tossed about. Further, if Boson needed to maintain her concentration to keep the barrier up... plummeting from a fall of fifty meters might be enough to do it...

      Originally posted by Michuru81
      The Order: Round Eight
      • Fiore (21): Bruised, Injured
      • Boson (15)
      • Robor (14)

      Fiore will try to take control of the plants from Robor, and will stunt to boost his power 2 ranks: Fiore's Power Check (1d20+12=30) vs. Robor's Power Check (1d20+16=35)

      This should be Fiore's moment of awesome, and it would have been nice for IC to agree, so... I'm going to fiat to say Robor loses this. Hope no one minds.

      Boson will stunt to give her selective constructs for the turn. Boson's Concentration check (1d20+7=15)

      Robor will spend the action using create object to move the bubble into the air.
      Armada Status


      • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

        NVAE: BRIG (NPCs: Chuck, Dante, Gwen, Mikayla)
        Dante snarled before throwing another wild punch--so wild the Welsh girl easily dodged it. Again, she moved to cast: as she finished her incantation, she pointed at him and emitted a pale blue beam from her fingertip. Dante dodged the beam, only to glare at her. "Give it up, Gwen," he hissed. "Your spells won't do anything to me."

        Originally posted by Michuru81
        The Order: Round Five
        • Dante (12)
        • Gwen (7): Bruised x2, Staggered

        Dante's Attack (-4 Power) (1d20+6=7) ... Seriously? Okay...

        Gwen's Attack (1d20=5)
        Armada Status


        • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

          Alex "Current" Murphy
          HP: 1 CND: Fatigued

          Lex paused after what was left of the sword crashed to the ground, then ducked back to the door to check the hallway for more swords.

          (assuming he sees none)

          With the badguy currently looking unconscious and wrapped up by Fluxx it looked like it was time to make their way out. Lex walked back over to the people and offered one of the Doctor's a hand to her feet with a grin.

          <<Alright, ladies and gentlemen we are leaving the hospital and getting you all to safety. Alright? It is extremely important that you follow me and not wander off on your own,>> He gave the crowd what he hoped was a reassuring smile.

          He just hoped the blood all over his clothes didn't ruin the effect. It was everything he could do to avoid simply stating "Come with me if you want to live."

          He glanced over at Martin, "You think you can carry him down, or should we send somebody back up to you to collect his ass?"


          • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

            Kasimir Flaegler
            HP 1 LP 1-1=0

            Kas clenched his fist in impotent fury as the Frenchman taunted him. It was true, he'd have to locate the speedster, then wait for him to be unsuspecting before he could do anything to him. It was beyond frustrating. Worse, he couldn't even have Durendal make Francois' powers go out of control for fear Antoine would then retaliate against the hostages.

            And this idiocy about revealing this... Pandora? This prison? Not likely under the threat of terrorist action. In fact, Francois and his brother just made taking the prison out of the equation and moving straight to an automatic death sentence more probable. Still, until at least some of the hostages were safe, what could he do?

            He could activate his commlink and have the brothers' grandmother taken into custody at an undisclosed location as a bargaining chip, but that would be as wrong as what they were doing. What he could do, was lie about it.

            "You're correct Francois, I cannot catch you. Here's where you have made a mistake. Much like your brother Antoine, my people have also been listening through an open communicator link. As we speak, your own grandmother is being freed of the anguish of having to imagine what it is like for her husband is prison, since Interpol is on their way to pick her up. I have no idea where they're planning to take her, but since she's provided material support to terrorists...yourselves... I imagine she won't be seeing the light of day again soon herself."

            Kas shrugged and sighed. "Personally, I have no doubt she's an innocent woman, who merely loves her family and cannot turn them away, but the law is unlikely to view it that way, nor are the families of your hostages. With that operation underway, tell your own mother alive? Has she seen you since you've embarked on your life of crime? I truly hope none of you has any known girlfriends. Enough arrests and at least somebody is going to end up in a Turkish or eastern european prison...or in America. Neo-Sapien terrorists and their sympathizers don't fare well in america."

            "So I'm going to ask you, while I still have a chance to affect the outcome for your friends and family; are you certain this is the path you wish to take?"

            BLUFF!!! 1d20+12=14. of course. Spend last LP and re-roll 1d20+12=23. the minimum result I can get, but it's better than a 14.


            • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

              Violet Lear
              HP: 2

              Violet stared in horror at the transformation. Whoever it was they were looking at, there was something very wrong with him. She'd never look at Mr Ander the same again.

              Still, there wasn't time to worry about it. She ran through the portal, ready to do what was necessary to help against Ogre. As soon as she was through, waves of cold emanated from her body and she pointed a hand at the fallen beast, ready to cover it in layers of ice if cold air wasn't sufficient.

              Initiative (1d20 + 6=24)
              Activate Environment Control for Intense Cold. For now I'll use 3 ranks to get everyone within 25 feet.


              • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract


                [One final point, was he tricked into redirecting the swords to come after Martin? He still had a move action available to do so. (I only ask because it may save Kirstie's life).

                Martin's suffocation has Sedation, so Martin can keep him unconscious.]
                As Cleave goes limp Fluxx allows gravity to lay the man down. He withdraws from the man's lungs, leaving Chloroform in his wake but allowing the man oxygen, but he doesn't relinquish his liquid coating of the man's body.

                Fluxx's voice turns serious and low, directing them at Lex, though others may hear. "Current, zis is what will 'appen to zis man. I will take 'im to ze Emergency room of zis 'ospital. I am going to cause fractures in every one of ze digits on zis man's 'ands, as I 'ad sworn to do to ze man 'oo callously broke ze finger of Tatjana, an injury repaid ten-fold. I will leave ze medical professionals of zis 'ospital to splint ze man's broken fingers, or not as zeir conscience dictates. Let ze fate of ze man 'oo chose to terrorize a place of 'ealing be in ze 'ands of zose 'e brutalized."

                "Please tell ze auzorities where zey can retrieve zis man after ze 'ostages are evacuated. I will need to keep mobile as every sword in zis place may 'ave abandoned their previous orders to come after me. If such a command was not issued zen I will 'elp dispatch ze swords. Go check on ze ozers, save lives."

                The whole mass of golden-coated villain blurs and begins phasing through the floor....

                [while travelling, Fluxx will isolate each of the man's fingers in turn and break them manually. It doesn't take much pressure to snap a finger. Cleave will remain unconscious the entire time, Fluxx isn't sadistic, (though he thinks the man is getting off easy since Tatjana was awake for her finger snapping).

                Fluxx will turn Cleave's clothes into steel before bringing him into the ER.]
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                • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

                  Alex "Current" Murphy
                  HP: 1 CND: Fatigued

                  "Whoa, hey, wait, wait, wait" Lex blurts, trying to get Fluxx to hold up before disappearing, "We're probably going to need your healing touch so if you see that they ain't chasing you when you dump him off, well, don't go disappearing on us just yet. Please?"

                  Martin, the poster boy for taking everything in stride was pissed. And going to a dark place. That was new, and it didn't fill him with confidence. But his chances of stopping Martin from doing anything he wanted to do was pretty much nil, and he suspected Martin wasn't going to wait around to let him ask all the important questions.

                  Like how this guy had broken Tat's fingers.

                  And if he could help by breaking Cleave's nose.


                  • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

                    HP: 0

                    Warder's words evoked a humorless chuckle from Otso. "I've heard a couple of times in the last twentyfour hours. What makes this any different." Part of him wanted to just say to hell with it and charge the man before them, to just drop all the talking and questions and planning. But he reigned in that feeling none the less, barely.

                    Randy arriving with an injured Mister Bradley caused him to divide his attention. "Warder, what's this situation I don't want to be involved in about? Do you need help with Sigfried and if not, is he going to interfere with us helping our injured?" It felt bizarre, talking about a man who was literally a living legend like this. Casual would be the wrong word. Either way, having Sir Newton as headmaster of the school probably had something to do with his perspective.
                    Otso Karell, codenamed Ursa, on New Vindicators Academy of Europe.


                    • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

                      "Understood." came Fluxx's parting reply.


                      • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

                        [Jack Rexroth]
                        HP: 1

                        Greystone flew through the air as fast as his draconic wings would carry him and his unconscious passenger, even though Jack would have rather dropped the man and let him suffer for the pain and troubles he'd caused so many people needlessly. The American couldn't help but wonder how the other teams were doing, the problem was that he couldn't activate his communicator as he was carrying a full grown man who was out cold and was nothing but dead weight.


                        • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

                          The Blue Knight

                          Gwyn whistled. A way to stop this beast, and Ander was back on the scene. He considered the beast, plunging his blade back into its chest.

                          "Bout time we had some good flippin news."

                          regular will strike 1d20+5=14 DC 26 will again.
                          [I]Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart![/I]


                          • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

                            ALLGEMEINES KRANKENHAUS (Current and Fluxx; NPCs: Bystanders x11, Cleave, Doctor x1, Nurses x6)
                            As Cleave crumbled, Current peeked out into the hall. With no sign of the swords in sight, he turned back towards the madman's hostages: <<"Alright, ladies and gentlemen,">> he shouted in the language of the land, <<"we are leaving the hospital and getting you all to safety. Alright? It is extremely important that you follow me and not wander off on your own.">>

                            Some used the wall to climb to their feet. Others scrambled to rise and broke into a run. A few moved to help the others to stand. A nurse continued to weep over the bloody body of her coworker; another began to check the injured for signs of life; two went back to work--tending to the patients still in their beds.

                            The American looked to his classmate. "You think you can carry him down, or should we send somebody back up to you to collect his ass?"

                            "Current, zis is what will 'appen to zis man: I will take 'im to ze Emergency room of zis 'ospital. I am going to cause fractures in-"

                            He was cut off as a scream rose up from the hall, followed by another. Before either boy could react, the doors the hostages had fled through exploded open. A panic-stricken man covered in more blood than he'd walked out of the room with burst in and tried to barricade the doors. It was futile: those he had left with pushed the doors, bowled him over, and trampled him to get into the room.

                            <<"More swords!">> a man shouted. <<"More swords are coming here! They... they just killed the doctor...">>

                            Fluxx understood what it meant: he had succeeded in convincing Cleave to call his swords back. Now, every sword he'd left to guard the hostages was on its way here...

                            STEPHANSPLATZ (Magnitude; NPCs: Durendal, Francois, Thorn)
                            Francois sneered petulantly. "I thought you..." His fists were shaking as he tried to keep his anger from exploding. "Just remember: you did this to yourself."

                            And like that, he was gone. A moment later, Durendal was pointing at something in the distance. "Zere goes ze... ozer... one..." he cried. His waning excitement communicated to Magnitude that as soon as Antoine had been spotted, he had likewise vanished. Still, if Durendal had seen where his countryman had appeared, he might be able to lead them to another pocket of hostages.

                            Originally posted by Michuru81
                            PRATER (Blue Knight and Shiver; NPCs: Catargi, Diamond Dust, Felsic, Larrikin, Mezzanine, Ogre, Quintessence)
                            Blue Knight whistled before stabbing his soul-weapon down into Ogre once more. "'Bout time we had some good flippin' news," he growled.

                            No sooner had the words left his lips than Quintessence shot overhead. "Over here!" he called.

                            Shiver was the next one on the scene. At the sight of the fight, the girl let waves of cold explode from her. As the frost started to creep over Ogre's grotesque body, the muscle and bulk began to wane. Blonde hair began to grow from the creature's skull. In seconds, a svelte, attractive young woman barely much older than the New Vindicators was lying on the ground beneath Blue Knight.

                            Mezzanine trained her weapon on her. "Don't move," she said. "It is readily apparent that in this form, you lack the impenetrable defenses you previously relied on. I do not assess-"

                            Adela's legs kicked up. Mezzanine fired, only for the blast to vanished through a silvery disc that suddenly formed between the New Vindicator and her target. The beam of light shout out of another disc and struck Larrikin from behind, just as Adela kicked herself from the ground to her feet.

                            The blonde wasted no time in thrusting her palm for Catargi's throat. The teacher stumbled back a step, but recovered quickly. With a snarl, she flexed her fingers--now tipped with sharp claws. She swiped for the girl, only for the mercenary to easily dodge the wild blow.

                            Originally posted by Michuru81
                            The Order: Round Eight/Nine
                            • Quintessence (24 [+7])
                            • Shiver (24 [+6])
                            • Larrikin (24 [+5]): Bruised
                            • Skew (22)
                            • Mezzanine (22)
                            • Felsic (20): Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Disabled
                            • Adela (17)
                            • Catargi (9)
                            • Blue Knight (7 [+6])
                            • Diamond Dust (7 [+1])

                            Ogre's Will save (DC 26) (1d20+1=17)

                            Ogre's Fortitude save exceeds the base DC for the intense cold, but for story purposes, we're fiating to make her fail, causing her to revert to Adela. Everyone else needs to make a DC 10 Fortitude save to avoid suffering 1 point of temporary Constitution damage. Anyone damaged in such a way is fatigued.

                            Quintessence started the last session wearing his uniform, so he's immune. DD and Mezzanine's powers make them immune. Felsic is always wearing her uniform to avoid being naked after using her powers. Larrikin and Catargi, however, began this in their civies:

                            Larrikin's Fortitude save (DC 10) (1d20+4=17)
                            Catargi's Fortidue save (DC 10) (1d20+4=19)

                            Both are fine.

                            Skew will deflect.

                            Mezzanine will hold her action, then use it when Adela moves. Mezzanine's Attack (1d20+8=9) vs. Skew's Deflect (1d20+10=14) Skew's gonna send that at Larrikin: Skew's Attack (1d20+10=29) - Larrikin's Toughness save (DC 23) (1d20+4=22) Violet's seen this trick before, and could realize Skew's here. DC 10 Notice check to see that Larrikin took a hit and tie it all together?

                            Adela stands as a free action and will go for an attack roll on Catargi: Adela's Attack (-2 Power Attack) (1d20+10=14) Hits. Adela will go for a stunning attack: Catargi's Fortitude save (DC 12) (1d20+4=22) Catargi's fine.

                            Catargi's Attack (1d20+4=17) Miss.

                            Blue Knight is up.
                            NVAE (Greystone; NPCs: Blackguard [KO])
                            Greystone landed on the school grounds, carrying the unconscious man. The Wreck Room could be turned into a makeshift brig--he could secure the man there, and then move on to the next situation. Quickly adapting his legs to match those of some of the fastest land animals, the boy hurried through the halls and dashed down the stairs, only to find a strange stand off...

                            Originally posted by Michuru81
                            Your scene will continue in the next, TM.
                            NVAE: SUBLEVEL HALL (Greystone, Ursa; NPCs: Blackguard [KO], Fraction, Gae'bolg, Kiln, Siegfried, Warder)
                            Ursa exploded through the doors, only to find a curious sight set before him: Warder and Fraction--Martin's sister--were calmly staring down the man they'd all seen in Martin's memories: Siegfried, the man responsible for the crisis they now faced. The man looked agitated, but he didn't make a move.

                            "Ursa," Warder said, evoking the Finn's codename. He didn't look back. He didn't need to. "This... is not a place you want to be right now..."

                            "I've heard a couple of times in the last twenty-four hours," Ursa said, "what makes this any different?"

                            Warder looked intense. He opened his mouth to explain, only for Gae'bolg to come crashing down the stairs, helping along a coughing Kiln.

                            "Warder," Ursa urged, "what's this situation I don't want to be involved in about? Do you need help with Siegfried, and if not, is he going to interfere with us helping our injured?"

                            Even more people came spilling into the sublevel. This time, Greystone came down, carrying an unconscious man.

                            Warder sighed. "My girlfriend and our old friend Lacuna have effectively disabled Siegfried," he said. "He's been seeded. As I understand it, him fighting will result in the seed taking hold, which would be a big win for Laputa, and a crippling blow for him. Basically, he can't attack us, and we can't attack him. Mary created a stalemate, and used it to coerce information from him regarding how to effectively beat the mercenaries he's hired. She's in the Wreck Room, telling Prodigy how to maneuver our forces."

                            HUNDERTWASSER HOUSE (NPCs: Boson, Fiore, Robor)
                            "Er nimmt uns," Fiore said.

                            "What?" asked Boson.

                            "I said he's taking us up."

                            Boson looked out the bubble and saw the skyline of Vienna. "No kidding?"

                            Fiore tried to shut out her sarcasm and focus instead on taking control of the plants. He might just be able to lower them down, if he could only overpower Robor's considerable power.

                            Though he tried, Robor still released the invisible orb. As it fell forward, it began to spiral down around the stalk, speeding towards the ground. The boy didn't have to ask how--he knew: Boson had saved them.

                            In no time, the dome was back on the ground. Everyone inside had been tossed around, but Boson had managed to keep her focus and keep their protection up. Still, Fiore knew they were doing nothing but stalling. Unless they took a proactive approach to beating him, Robor was bound to get lucky and catch her off-guard.

                            Originally posted by Michuru81
                            The Order: Round Nine
                            • Fiore (21): Bruised, Injured
                            • Boson (15)
                            • Robor (14)

                            Fiore's power check (1d20+10=24) vs. Robor's power check (1d20+16=35)

                            Boson will hold her action until Robor makes a move. Robor will move to drop them. Boson will create a tube to spiral them down to street. As it's a violent motion riding it down... Boson's Concentration check (DC 20) (1d20+7=24) She's good.
                            NVAE: BRIG (NPCs: Chuck, Dante, Gwen, Mikayla)
                            Dante swung his fist into Gwen's face and the Welsh girl collapsed to the ground. "About time," Mikayla growled. "I thought you were a black belt."

                            "I am," Dante growled.

                            "I didn't think Gwen was too."

                            Dante shot her a glare. "You want me to get you two out of here or not?"

                            Originally posted by Michuru81
                            The Order: Round Six
                            • Dante (12)
                            • Gwen (7): Bruised x3, Staggered, Unconscious

                            Dante's Attack (-4 Power Attack) (1d20+6=23) - Gwen's Toughness save (DC 21) (1d20-2=11) Staggered a second time, so unconscious. Finally.
                            ALLGEMEINES KRANKENHAUS (NPCs: Parabola, Sword x2)
                            As she took a defensive stance, Kirstie prayed that Lex and Martin found this madman quickly. She prayed that they were able to put him down, and that the swords would follow suit...

                            She dodged the swing of the first one, but it's partner swung low, cutting into her thigh and causing her to stumble. Her hand went to the wound on reflex; too late, she realized she'd given the swords an opening.

                            As steel slashed at her ribs, the girl screamed. Just as she thought she'd never been made to hurt like this before, the other sword stabbed her from behind. "God, no," she whimpered, feeling blood rising up in her throat. "Don't let it..."

                            She felt weak. She felt as though she was about to collapse. She needed a miracle. "Lex..." she said as she watched the sword swing for her neck. "I love you, Sexy Lexy."

                            The sword collided with nothingness. The air around the blade shimmered azure and the sword was reflected back. Parabola's eyes snapped open in surprise. She turned and looked at the other sword thrusting for her. The same aura flashed where it hit the air, and the sword vanished into nothingness. "What... What just...? How...?"

                            The lone surviving blade began to fly away, and the British girl came to her senses. "Oh, no you don't," she spat. "You're not getting away that easily."

                            Parabola sprang to her feet and lunged for the blade. Her hand grabbed the hilt--intending to stop it before it decided to find weaker prey--only for the blood on her hands to cause her grip to slip. The sword was freed... and rounding back on her.

                            The sword swung again, and again, it hit the same glimmering aura that now surrounded her. Parabola smirked, knowing what it was. It was something she had puzzled over for sometime: there was no doubt that her powers were very similar to Mister Noble's powers. They were both English. She'd suspected that they might have been distantly related, but this proved it...

                            She was commanding the same reflection field Backlash possessed.

                            "Come on, you bloody muppet!" she roared, holding her side where she'd been stabbed. "Is that the best you've got!?!"

                            Originally posted by Michuru81
                            Originally posted by Michuru81 View Post
                            We'll fast-forward a couple of rounds, and have you two come onto him. If you finish him off quick, I'll hold you back a few rounds before you can move to another scene.
                            So, Kirstie is a couple of rounds behind you. Lemme catch her up.

                            The Order: Round Four, Five, Six, Seven, & Eight
                            • Sword A (23 [+4])
                            • Sword B (23 [+4])
                            • Parabola (17 [+6]): Bruised x4, Injured x4, Stunned (Sword B, R4)

                            Round Four
                            Sword A's Attack (1d20+11=14) Miss

                            Sword B's Attack (1d20+11=29) Hits - Parabola's Toughness save (DC 18) (1d20+2=12) Bruised, injured, and stunned.

                            Round Five
                            Sword A's Attack (1d20+11=25) - Parabola's Toughness save (DC 18) (1d20-1=1) That's the opposite of what I want, so... I'm rerolling for her. Parabola's Toughness save (DC 18) - Take Two! (1d20-1=7) 8 becomes 18, -1 is 17--bruised and injured again.

                            Sword B's Attack (1d20+11=13) - Parabola's Toughness save (DC 18) (1d20-2=-1) Dammit, IC! I have a plan! Work with me: Parabola's Toughness save (DC 18) - Take Two! (1d20-2=3) 5 becomes 15, -2 = 13. She fails by 5.

                            Round Six
                            Sword A's Attack (1d20+11=15) vs. Parabola's Reflection Field check (1d20+8=21) - Sword A's Toughness save (DC 18) (1d20+10=19)

                            Sword B's Attack (1d20+11=15) vs. Parabola's Reflection Field check (1d20+8=26) - Sword B's Toughness save (DC 18) (1d20+10=12) Sword B shatters.

                            Kirstie will freeze.

                            Round Seven
                            The remaining sword gets its orders from Cleave and moves to leave.

                            Kirstie's attack (1d20+6=18) Hits. Parabola's Grapple (1d20+7=14) vs. Sword's Grapple (1d20-3=17) She does not hold it.

                            Round Eight
                            Sword's Attack (1d20+11=22) vs. Parabola's Reflection Field check (1d20+8=25) - Sword's Toughness save (DC 18) (1d20+10=29)

                            Kirstie will stand down.
                            CHUR, SWITZERLAND (Francois Vitesse)
                            Francois ran. He'd only just tipped his hand--mentioning his grandmother. Interpol was fast, but they weren't faster than him. "Antoine," he said, putting a hand over his ear. <<"You heard?">>

                            <<"I heard,">> came his brother's reply.

                            <<"I'm going to grab grandma; go get mother and father.">>

                            <<"Where are we headed?">>

                            <<"I was thinking Leuven.">>

                            "Okay, okay... hold up... One, you guys sound too much alike to tell your voices apart. Two, I don't speak French."

                            "My apologies, Dean," Francois said as he crossed the border into France. "My brother and I are going to fetch our family and take them to the Leuven safehouse. Did you get it?"

                            He could already sense Dean rolling his eyes. "No, Francois: I don't know how to do my job." His sigh was heard even over the comms. "I can play with it and leak it through the station."

                            "No," Francois said, "I want to hurt him. If we release it now, the story would be buried by all of Siegfried's attacks. We'll sit on it for a while, and then send it to our friend in the Netherlands."
                            Armada Status


                            • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

                              Kasimir Flaegler
                              HP 1 LP 0

                              Kas immediately turned to Rose, when Francois took off. "Get those people out of that hole!"

                              Turning to Durendal, he spoke; "You said the other one was leaving. Can you determine from where? He could very well have been guarding a second group of hostages. If he was, you should go free them. I will stay here and guard Thorn in case our enemies return. You should be powerful enough given your powers to protect yourself."

                              Sighing, Kas continued. "I know this isn't how you wanted this to end. You wanted to capture the terrorists and so did I, but the lives of the innocent always take precedence. Saving the people our powers were meant to protect takes precedence over capturing the villains or our own pride and even our own lives."

                              "And Durendal...danke."

                              Not for the first time, Kas was glad he wore a helmet. He could feel the blood drain from his face as the misery over what he'd done came crashing down on him. In order to simply manage a stalemate, he'd had to lie. To threaten the safety and freedom of people who may have committed no crimes at all. The Vitesse brothers had beaten him as surely as if they'd broken his body and he had been reduced to the most craven of strategems to force their retreat. He only hoped the other students, who had put faith in his leadership had fared better.

                              Keying up his communicator, he called in. "This is Magnitude. I need search and rescue teams to the area of Stephensplatz immediately. The terrorist threat is rebuffed, but we have civilians trapped in unknown locations. Search and rescue dogs...and maybe cadaver dogs are required on scene."

                              Cadaver dogs. Could he have failed any worse?


                              • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17: Distract

                                Alex "Current" Murphy
                                HP: 1 CND: Fatigued

                                "God #$*(ing dammit," Lex swore, "Fluxx, I need you to get these people out of here. Burn the walls, turn it into an airplane slide, parachute, trampoline... what ever it takes. Just get them out."

                                He took a deep breath and lit up some electricity on his hands for a brief moment, "And then... And then come save my stupid ass, ya know?"

                                He shot Fluxx a pained smile then ran for the door, <<Out of the way! I'll stop the swords, follow my friend!>>