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New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

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  • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

    Violet Lear
    HP: 4
    Location: Team Alpha, H12

    Violet left several blocks of ice of varying sizes for Merle to use as projectiles and then turned back to the wall in front of them. "So, how are we going to get through this?"


    • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

      GAMMA TEAM (Imago and Prehistoric; NPCs: Confectionery, Hemophiliac, Kelpie, Paramour)
      As Paramour forced the Grey Man to be born, the doors behind them opened. Imago put it out of his mind--needing to trust in his illusory veil to protect them and focus on the task at hand. "Chen Lei to Grey Men," said a perfect imitation of the Admiral's voice, "all flight craft return to the Elpis and await further instruction in the hangars."

      Suddenly, Kelpie cried out in pain before dropping to the ground. "Hmph," said the young man coming down the steps. He was flanked by two others--one, a man in his late-thirties; the other, an entity made of water. "I suppose he wasn't the illusionist. You might as well drop the illusion. I'm letting my friends see right th-"

      "Don't listen to him," Confectionery hissed. "He's an illusionist in that he makes one person at a time relive old pain. He may be able to see through this, but the others can't."

      The doors opened again and a fourth entered the room--one that Imago recognized. He may not have met this version of him, but he knew Kasamir Flaegler when he saw him.

      Originally posted by Michuru81

      The Order, Round One
      • Kelpie (25): Unconscious
      • Imago (16)
      • Cascade (15 [+7])
      • Prehistoric (15)
      • Paramour (14)
      • Herzog Kasamir (13 [+3])
      • Hemophiliac (13)
      • Trauma (11 - D9)
      • Confectionery (9)
      • Grey Men (9)
      • Whitaker (7)

      Trauma will go for Kelpie: Kelpie - Will vs. Illusion - DC 18: 1d20+2 12 & Kelpie - Will vs. Pain - DC 18: 1d20+2 8

      Whitaker - Initiative: 1d20 7
      Cascade - Initiative: 1d20+7 15
      Herzog Kasamir - Initiative: 1d20+3 13
      Trauma - Initiative: 1d20 11

      With Kelpie down, it's on you to make the first move, if any, EO.
      DELTA TEAM (Taheka; NPCs: Cacophony, Ogre, Prodigy, Shakes, Tantivy)
      The blast of water hammered Lord Vim in the chest and sent him flying backwards--crashing into the far wall. Shakes turned to give his classmate a thumbs up, only to notice Hijama stumbling on the other side of the saucer. Without wasting another moment, he moved to get into position--dashing between two saucers and bringing his buzzsaw-like hands high up over his head before slashing at the man with them.

      The hit brought the man down, and the teen wiped the perspiration from his brow with a vibrating hand. "Well, that wasn't so tough!" he boasted nervously.

      Originally posted by Michuru81

      The Order, Round Four
      • Tantivy (40 - A8)
      • Prodigy (24 - A7)
      • Ogre (18 - E7)
      • Taheka (14 - D6)
      • Hijama (9 - J13): Bruised x3
      • Lord Vim (7 - I20): Bruised x2, Staggered, Unconscious (R4)
      • Shakes (4 - I12): Bruised
      • Cacophony (4 - A7)
      • Phlegm (2 - B11): Bruised, Staggered, Unconscious (R2)

      You're perfectly fine, Gilliam: Lord Vim - Toughness - DC 29: 1d20+5 13 That'll put Vim down and end his hold on Ogre.

      From where Shakes is, I think there may be a chance he doesn't notice Hijama on the other side of the saucers: Shakes - Notice - DC 20: 1d20+10 22 Nope! He'll move action to get over there and attack: Shakes - Attack: 1d20+8 23 & Hijama - Toughness - DC 23: 1d20+3 5 That'll put him down and end this fight.
      EPSILON TEAM (Fluxx and Cooker; NPCs: Fach, Ion, Lluvia, Oscar)
      As Cooker's blast whizzed past Ugly Amy, Fach stood perfectly still, staring at Oscar's prone body. "Traitor!" Ersatz roared as he frantically fought to end Oscar's life. Not far from Fluxx, Cleave swung his sword through Ion's chest, leaving the youth barely standing.

      A blood-stained sword waltzed from Cleave's hand, floating beside him as he summoned up another one.

      Originally posted by Michuru81

      The Order, Round Three
      • Jones (25 - E14): Bruised x3, Staggered, Unconscious (R1)
      • Fluxx (23 - E4)
      • Cooker (20 - F3)
      • Oscar (19 - D18): Bruised x3, Dead, Staggered
      • Fach (14 - C4): Exhausted (R2)
      • Ugly Amy (13 - E20): Dazed
      • Ersatz (12 - F20)
      • Cleave (9 - D7)
      • Ion (4 - D5): Bruised, Disabled, Injured, Stunned (Cleave, R2), Staggered

      You're right about Cleave, flynn. I don't know why, but I was thinking he had made the Reflex save. Cleave - Toughness - DC 19: 1d20+7 26 Also, I just noticed that I'm still using his flat-footed Toughness, so... that's a bit higher.

      Fach will do nothing.

      Ugly Amy is dazed this round.

      Ersatz will coup de grace: Graf Oscar - Toughness - DC 27: 1d20+10 19 & Graf Oscar - Fortitude - DC 22: 1d20+2 7 Back to dying & Graf Oscar - Fortitude - DC 10: 1d20+2 9 Kaput.

      Cleave will go for Ion: Cleave - Attack - Power Attack 5: 1d20+8 17 & Ion - Toughness - DC 27: 1d20+2 16

      New round, Fluxx is up first!
      Armada Status


      • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

        [Jack Rexroth]
        HP: 3
        Location: Alpha Team (E5)

        "And me?" asked Vespertine.

        "You're with me," Ultra Mauler said as she planted herself beside Key and Sublime.

        "Do you want us to bring down the wall?" Candyman made a face. "The one Shiver doesn't make, I mean."
        Violet left several blocks of ice of varying sizes for Merle to use as projectiles and then turned back to the wall in front of them. "So, how are we going to get through this?"
        "I've got that covered." Jack answered as he willed internal changes to happen while dropping the enhanced senses.

        Mart Fact - the human body produces hydrochloric acid, one of the strongest acids known, in the stomach for digestion of food.

        Jack Fact - thanks to his powers and some tips from Mart while they were with the Armada, Jack knows how to make a highly potent version and project it.

        Which the American does as soon as he is able, aimed at the newly made wall.

        Changing Jack's power set up.

        Shapeshift Set Up [27/35 pts]:
        Acid Spit [14 pts]: Drain Toughness 8 (Extra: Affects Objects); (Feat: Extended Reach 6 [30 ft])
        Dragon Scales [3 pts]: Protection 3
        Increased Muscle Mass [10 pts]: Enhanced Strength 10

        Not sure if you want a dice roll or not Mich (since Jack's just attacking the wall).


        • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

          HP 4->3

          First, HP to Clear the Fatigued condition.

          Of Note: Ugly Amy gets another Fort DC20 stunted Stun's secondary effect.
          The audible crack of Oscar's neck and the slowing pulse Fluxx could feel through the bracelet confirmed them nobleman's demise. But it was Ion's cry of pain that focused Fluxx's fury. He moved over and used the same Jellyfish cell replication of Cleave.
          Fluxx moves to C6 to further impose himself between Cleave and Fach.
          melee touch: 1D20+6 = [13]+6 = 19

          If that Hits, DC20 Fort vs. Stun, w/ Secondary Effect.
          Even as he does so he's already direction Oscar's finger bracelet to change the man's sleeve material into the mushroom spores of the Psilocybin genus. The tiny psycotropics expand out filling that area.

          Surge to use Transmute for an Area Cloud Confusion effect DC 15 Will or Confused, Continuous, Fades, Slow Fade. Should get both Ugly Amy and Erzats (Especially him since he's crouching over the body still).
          Fatigued next turn due to this last surge.
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          • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #23: I've Got a Secret

            HP: 8
            COND: Unharmed

            "I can't keep this up and attack at the same time." Imago hissed. "You're covered though, take him out and the others will have no idea where to look to."

            Not sure where we're supposed to be within the room, say D5. Anyway, Imago is maintaining the Illusion, so our team in a 50 radius, more or less the whole room, is concealed from everyone but Trauma. And he's on Total Defense.
            Impeach the peach!

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            • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #24: Press Your Luck

              HP: 9 -> 8
              Cnd: Fine

              Otso crouched low to the ground when the powerful winds hit them. He looked from left to right, nostrils flaring as he tried to find their unseen assailant.

              Otso Karell, codenamed Ursa, on New Vindicators Academy of Europe.


              • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

                Tamati "Taheka" Stevens
                HP: 0
                Condition: Bruise x1

                Originally posted by Shakes
                The hit brought the man down, and the teen wiped the perspiration from his brow with a vibrating hand. "Well, that wasn't so tough!" he boasted nervously.
                "You're right just a walk in the park." Tamati replies in the same lighthearted manner giving Shakes a nod of thanks, he knew his companion from the Sao Paolo academy wan't the biggest fan of physical combat.

                Turning his head 180 degrees and looking upwards Tamati tried to judge if Ogre was okay or still under the mind controllers control, since she hadn't attacked him again he hoped it was the former

                "We all good shorty?" Tamati asked in the same lighthearted manner.

                Once Ogre responsed or not Tamati turned his attention to the unconscious Armada goons, "I think we need to tie these guys up and blindfold them and if anyone knows where an empty container or closet is, even better. The last thing we need is for these guys to turn up again while we are still here."

                Then as an afterthought Tamati searched through their pockets to see if they had anything of interest on them.