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New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

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  • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

    Violet Lear
    HP: 1

    "But what about the accident he said was going to happen? We could-" Violet got halfway into the thought when Rose was off something completely unrelated.

    "Mark? You mean Mat?
    The one you called a retard?" Violet scowled. Her retort was dripping with sarcasm. "I don't think you'd like him."


    • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

      Alex "Current" Murphy
      HP: 0 (1-1 HP Reroll) CND: Fatigued

      Lex gives Kirstie a hurt gasp, "What? I can't just want to spend time with my lovely girlfriend seeing how badass she can be? I have to be up to something?"

      "I'm shocked. I'm hurt,"
      He places a hand against his heart melodramatically, then deadpans, "I'm getting predictable."

      His phone goes off and he makes a face, "Ah crap, I forgot to let Gaspar know we took off. One second."

      He pulls out his phone and, at an alarming speed, texts Gaspar <<Had to go back to The School. Everything's cool. Back soon.>>

      Then he looks at Martin's message. He honestly had no interest in leaving the school, and even if he was he would have made up an excuse to keep Martin around Tat for a little while. Martin was still pretty broken up about what had happened. The guy was a frighteningly powerful neo, but he was caring.

      Lex wasn't sure Martin was willing to accept that the fake Jack would have died regardless of who had attacked him first.

      Having somebody around who Martin felt a connection with could only be a good thing.

      <<Sorry. I'm wiped. Not safe to go back until I can get some sleep. Few hours at least.>>

      "Okay," He says slipping his phone back into his pocket, "Shall we?"

      He lead the way to the combat chamber and quickly logged into an old scenario he had built for testing purposes.

      "I give you... the H
      yneman," He hit a button an revealed a wall of small plastic looking pipes, "What you've got here is a hundred barrels all firing a 40 millimeter polymer sabot with an O2 payload."

      He pulls out a ping pong ball, "

      Sensing he's quickly losing his audience's patience he quickly continues,
      "It basically shoots ping pongs at high speed. Even at really high speeds it's not really going to hurt, but it works great for trying to learn how to catch, block, or dodge multiple attacks without getting somebody hurt."

      "I want to do a couple little tests. First I want to shoot about six of these at you at the same time and see if you can block all of them, then see if you can try to block only one. Maybe it'll bounce further than the others. I donno, but I think I'm onto something here."

      He smiles,
      "Just concentrate."

      He set up the program to randomly fire a few of the balls at a moderate speed with a good ten seconds between volleys.

      Then he stood back behind Kirstie and waited. And on the fourth volley, just as the balls fired, he pounced.

      OOC: Extra Effort off Lex's Muscle Control to switch his Dexterity over to Melee Focus to give him a +12 to melee attacks. Then... Hug attack on Kirstie.
      Hug Attack vs Distracted Kirstie: 1D20+12 = [13]+12 = 25
      HP Reroll on Hug Attack: 1D20+12 = [9]+12 = 21 And +10 for rolling below 10, so 31.
      Not really going to bother rolling for "grapple" unless the GM requests it ;~)


      • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

        [Jack Rexroth]
        HP: 2

        After leaving Oates and Newton, Jack made his way to his room where he quickly changed into street clothes and made good use of body spray before heading to meet Ellen.

        As "their spot" came into view, a large tree set in the middle of the "land lab" the school had set up for outdoor classes that was complete with a short stone wall that was just tall enough a person could sit upon it comfortably, Jack could see her waiting on him. He couldn't help but smile at the sight and once he was close enough he took her in his arms and hugged her. "So .... about magic apples." He says after breaking up their embrace. "This is gonna take a bit to explain, so you might want to get comfortable." He said as he pulled a blanket from the canvas satchel he had slung across his chest then proceeded to lay out so the two of them could sit close to one another on the ground. Once the two of them were settled in the American started trying to explain. "In Norse mythology there's a legend about how the Norse Gods got their immortality, it was a fruit they called ambrosia. It was also known as the Golden Apples. And the truth of the matter is that they actually exist, well they're like really rare nowadays but they can be found."

        "Now this matters because a couple months ago when Tallemaja finally showed herself hiding here in the school. See she'd gotten a hold of one but couldn't get it out of the magically locked container it was in, something about it having to be "needed" to open or something like that. Well that's why she gutted Beatrice, Tallemaja had given it to her saying how it could help Otso 'cause this was back when he'd had control of his powers taken away and had locked himself up away from everyone, and once Beatrice had agreed to help Tallemaja that witch disemboweled her to open the magic lock. The problem was that I'd shown up looking for her, saw the apple and grabbed it up before she could."

        "I already knew about the apples thanks to that first trip to another dimension with Kas, Harry, Astrid and Gaspar when the Drifter first showed up. While I was there I met that dimension’s Bulwark, you remember the one we met on this last other dimension trip right, and he told me how he’d gotten his powers, which include the way he looks, from eating a Golden Apple."
        Jack paused for a moment, more to ready himself to tell the next part of the story because he was fairly certain that Ellen wouldn’t like it. "Now Beatrice has had a hard way to go here lately since coming to the school my dad killed her folks and nearly did her too, plus Oto’s problems with his powers and how everyone at the school keeps using her to help hunt down trouble because of her powers. But I didn’t think she’d be able to handle getting a new set of powers that could leave her looking inhuman like Bulwark on top of supposedly making her immortal. I mean she’s only fifteen or so, that’d suck for the rest of her very long life. I mean look at how Bulwark acted, I’m pretty sure it’s because of his being immortal."

        "So I ate the Golden Apple before Tallemaja could even think to try and take it from me. I figured with the powers I already had I could at least make myself look "normal" if I had to. Plus it put a serious crimp in Tallemaja’s plan. The thing is now though, if I die I’m supposed to come back to life within a week or so but I’ll be stuck at whatever age I died at. At least that’s what Newton has told me, he had a one-on-one with me a couple days after I ate the apple to give me the rundown on what it supposedly did. I mean I did get a new power, it kinda sucks because I’m still figuring it out but I got one."

        "Least it didn’t change my looks any. Guess I got lucky"
        Jack looked down at Ellen for a moment, feeling that he was overwhelming her with information. "Does any of that make sense to you? Does it help explain why Martin was asking me if I could tell if OJ had eaten an apple like I had?"
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        • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

          Martin looked at the return text from Lex and just numbly nodded at nothing in particular.

          He waited until Tatjana returned, explained what Doctor Talley had said in a monotone, flat voice then pauses to look at his girlfriend.

          "Could we... go to your dorm room, please? I... I really need you to be ze Big Spoon right now. Would zat be all right?" he asked, emotion cracking through every syllable.


          • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

            NVAE (Martin; NPCs: Tatjana)
            "That sounds lovely," Tatjana said, leading the way back to her dorm.

            Originally posted by Michuru81
            We can wrap up there, flynn.
            NVAE (Otso; NPCs: Beatrice)
            She hugged her boyfriend tight before excusing herself to get changed. "Meet topside in thirty?" she asked. "We should go out--take our minds off all of this."

            Otso headed off to get changed, trying to put the events of the day behind him.

            Originally posted by Michuru81
            We can wrap on Otso there if you're good, McGuffin.
            NVAE (Dennis)
            Originally posted by Michuru81
            I plugged Dennis into Jack's scene, EO. With that, I think we're good to wrap.
            NVAE (Violet; NPCs: Rose)
            Rose made a face. "You're probably right," she said, dejectedly. "I just want someone nice, you know! Not some dark, brooding boy or some deranged lunatic! Just someone who treats me the way Jakob treats you...

            "Well, I've still got a day to find a date for tomorrow night. Shouldn't be too hard. You're still sure about Otto and the girl who doesn't speak English coming with?" The Italian girl rolled her eyes. "Sometimes, I don't get you, Violet..."

            Originally posted by Michuru81
            We can wrap whenever you're ready, Shock.
            NVAE (Lex; NPCs: Kirstie)
            One-by-one, the ping balls slammed against Kirstie's field and ricocheted away. Lex waited for his moment and pounced, hoping the distraction would do the trick...

            There was a glint of blue and Lex was sent flying back.

            "Lex!" she screamed, seeing him hit the floor. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" She ran to his side, only to stop. She'd realized there was nothing she could do. "I'm sorry," she said, backing away from him. "I shouldn't have done this..."

            Originally posted by Michuru81
            I figure that with the decreases to the attack roll, on the fourth, she's just rolling a single d20 with no mods, so I'll nix rolling against each ball and go for broke. Parabola - Reflection Field: 1D20 = [20] = 20
            Wow... I'm going to have that work for her, actually, because... just wow...

            Unless there's anything else, we can wrap here, sir.
            NVAE (Jack)
            Leaving Newton, he had some time before he was supposed to meet Ellen. That was when he ran into an exasperated Dennis.

            The Esper told him about slipping between dimensions in the manner Napoleon apparently had. He didn't know what dimension it was--only that the Armada had arrived there, and upon leaving, broke time.

            He told Jack about the loop the Survivors found themselves in--how they had made several trips to the ship that had appeared in the sky over New York. He told Jack about the invasion plan: ground forces were launched to set up equipment while aerial units protected them from attack. Others waited in reserve on the ship.

            He told him what he'd learned about some of the Armada: how Older Otso had told him about Kas, Violet, and Gaspar's doppelgangers. From the description of Kas' partner's powers, Jack was reminded of Count Oscar...

            "She's right," Princess Sophie said, "there is the chance my father would support my brother's coup, to ensure the whoever takes the throne doesn't need a booster seat for it. Never the less, I refuse to sink to their level. There has to be another alternative."

            The Drifter bit her bottom lip. "How would you feel about exiling them?" she timidly asked.

            "Her father would never let-"

            The Drifter silenced Gabrielle with a look. "Her father wouldn't know," she said darkly. "In my travels, I found a dimension... I didn't stay their long, but it... It's... It's a penal colony. I met this person--Chen Lei. He was like a chieftain. He told me that he had been exiled for trying to bring down an oppressive government. They used magic to banish him to this backwater world. According to him, there were people from other worlds. I've tried to find out more about it--how all of these unrelated dimensions all know about the same penal dimension.

            "In any case, we could banish Oscar and the herzog--Gwyn and Xun, too. They'd never again be able to come here. They could live out the rest of their lives there. They could build a shelter, grow their own food... If they wanted, they could join a tribe like the one Chen Lei led. Point is... it's humane, and no one outside of us would have to know about it."

            All eyes went to the crown princess. "I'll consider it," she said. "For now let's just focus on thwarting my brother's plot."

            There it was. Not only did the Drifter know about Pandora, but she'd put the idea into Princess Sophie's head to exile Herzog Kasamir, Count Oscar--likely Ritter Gwyn and Xun, too--to Pandora. Chen Lei had been banished by magic, and Ritter Christian Fries was a magus. Had he found a way to do it? If magic could send someone to another dimension, could magic bring them back as well?

            Jack couldn't afford to consider that chance just yet. Dennis continued with his story, telling the American about the Survivors wearing cameras as they headed to the ship. He told Jack about the violet deaths they met--about Montana taking Otso to the bridge, where they witnessed a conversation between Argus and Admiral Chen Lei.

            He told Jack what this was all about: the Armada served Argus. They went from world to world, massacring the Vindicators out of some bizarre scheme of vengeance.

            Dennis told Jack and everything... and Jack's mind went to Newton and Oates' plan to infiltrate the Armada.

            He made his way to Ellen and told her about the apples. "Does any of that make sense to you? Does it help explain why Martin was asking me if I could tell if OJ had eaten an apple like I had?"

            "Because if he had eaten one, he'd come back to life." She nodded slowly, taking in all he'd told her. "So, what's your power?"

            Jack explained how his sight worked--what he had thus far discerned about it.

            Originally posted by Michuru81
            So, how does Jack handle Newton's plan?
            Armada Status


            • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

              [Jack Rexroth]
              HP: 2

              Once Ellen understood the workings of his new power, at least as much as he did that is, Jack shared with her what Newton and Oates had talked to him about - his sending a duplicate to Pandora to learn what it could about the Armada. "I'm going to do it." He says quietly.


              • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

                Alex "Current" Murphy
                HP: 0 (1-1 HP Reroll) CND: Fatigued

                Lex bursts out laughing from his position on the floor before thrusting a fist up in the air and shouting in a defiant tone, "Never give up! Never surrender!"

                He makes a quick attempt at a kip-up, proceeds in getting nowhere, stares down at his stomach and mutters like Edna Mode,
                "My god I've gotten fat."

                A second later he's back on his feet, his second attempt a success,
                "See? If at first you don't succeed, try try again."

                "Besides, you didn't do anything, I did. Don't steal my agency. I chose to try and I regret nothing,"
                He shakes his left arm making his bracelet jingle and slide into his hand so he can hold it up for her to see, "You think getting hurt's ever stopped me? Getting bumped by your field? That's nothing."

                "The look on your face right now? That hurts,"
                he cricks his head to the left then to the right, "So, if Ellen can get past that shield, then I can get past that shield. And you need a hug. And it might be only for a few seconds, but I'm going to give you one hell of a hug."

                "So, those are your options, hug or be hugged!"
                He declares, then smiles evily, tossing the bracelet up towards Kirstie's face hoping to distract her, "Catch!"

                And then he charges in again, arms wide open.

                Acrobatics check: 1D20+12 = [1]+12 = 13Acrobatics check 2: 1D20+12 = [19]+12 = 31
                Second hug attack: 1D20+12 = [12]+12 = 24
                You can probably end this whenever you want, but Lex is going to keep trying until he succeeds, until Kirstie laughs, or she finally decides she's had enough of his shenanigans.

                Failure with this attempt will be met with a "Tis but a flesh wound".
                Success? "Don't look at me like I'm fricken' Frankenstein, give your boyfriend a hug!"
                ... I need professional help.


                • New Vindicators Academy of Europe #22: You Bet Your Life

                  NEW VINDICATORS ACADEMY OF EUROPE #22: You Bet Your Life

                  PANDORA (Jack)
                  “Jack Rexroth, a.k.a. Chimera, you have been found guilty of terrorism tactics, including improved explosive devices and murder.

                  “You are hereby sentenced to life in Pandora, with your sentence to be carried out immediately. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

                  A moment later, the door in Jack’s sell opened, revealing nothing but a curtain of cascading energy. “You will step through the portal,” said the voice cutting across the monitor. Since surrendering himself, he had not seen anyone. He had been drugged before being transported to the Hague—he assumed he was in the Hague—and woke up to find himself alone and in a small cell. There was no window—no door—just a narrow cot, a chair, and a sink built into the tank of her toilet.

                  A few minutes after he awoke, the monitor turned on, and his trial began in another room. They had asked him if she wanted a defender. He waived the right to be represented. It was all part of Newton’s plan to spy on those condemned to Pandora—those who found themselves conscripted into the Armada. He pled guilty, waiting to simply be sentenced…

                  Walking through the portal, Jack could feel the sun on his skin. He felt a breeze. He heard birds chirping. There were no stone walls or iron bars. There no men in drab uniforms, patrolling catwalks while holding clubs or guns. As a prison, Pandora was just a field in the middle of nowhere.


                  His father’s voice brought him around. Turning, he found the field littered with hundreds of people—many of which looked perplexed. They didn’t have the advantage he did: they did not know the nature of Pandora before being sentenced here.

                  He watched as his father laughed delightedly—the first time he could recall having heard happiness in the man’s voice in a long time. He watched as the man scooped Jason’s mother into his arms. “It’s you!” he laughed as he spun around with her. “It’s really you!”

                  “Where in ze ‘ell are we?” asked a man close by. “I was sentenced to life in prison and-”


                  The boy came out of nowhere and wrapped his arms around the man. The man quickly bounced back from the shock and shoved the youth away. “I am no one’s grand-”

                  “Why do you look so young?” the young man asked. Jack knew him. It was one of the Vitesse brothers. “You look just like you did in the photos nana has hanging on the walls.”

                  “You’re confused,” the man hissed. “I’m not-”

                  “You’re Maurice Vitesse, yes? I am your grandson, Tristan—Ligier’s son!”

                  “Ligier! That… That’s not…”

                  The sound of steel on steel rang out across the field. Jack turned and took in the sight of Cleave and Cleave swinging swords at each other. As they each let go of their swords—swords that continued to float in the air—a third Cleave charged at them, also holding a sword.

                  He watched as Vlad’s mother charged forward and opened her mouth. Caramel erupted from her maw and sprayed over the three men, binding them and stopping their assault. “Everyone stop!” she roared. “This isn’t solving anything!”

                  “She’s right!” snarled a muscular Asian man. “We’re all confused! We all want answers, but this isn’t the way to go about getting them! Everyone, just sit down, and we’ll figure-”

                  “Why the hell should I listen to you?” snarled the man Jack knew as Paragon. “Who the hell put you in charge, old man?”

                  “Yeah!” It was Tefvik Rauf—Zehrili—who had chimed in.

                  “No one,” the Asian man said calmly, “but I know the people who put me here, and I know that they wouldn’t have put me here if they thought I could get back easily. That means we’re stuck here—we’re stuck here with each other… We might as well play nice-”

                  Jets of crimson flames streamed from Paragon’s eyes and burned the space the Asian man had just been occupying. “You had your shot,” he growled. Suddenly, a black spike exploded from the ground, shooting through the attacker’s stomach, and out his back.

                  Dennis had told him about that. It was how Montana Monroe had been killed in the dimension he’d briefly visited.

                  “My name is Chen Lei!” the man roared. “Admiral Chen Lei, of the People’s Liberation Army Navy! I am a Special, and this…” Another spike erupted from the ground, stopping just inches from the youth’s throat. “…is my power!

                  “Many of you seem to be Specials. Am I correct in assuming that everyone here is?” When no one said anything to shoot down his theory, he nodded. “Good. Now, does anyone have anything resembling a healing ability?”

                  A man stepped forward. “I can cast a spell to knit flesh and mend bones.” Jack recognized him, too. He’d written a report about him in the eighth grade. He was Wight, the Aurelius’ brother. He had been brought down in the nineties. “What do you need?”

                  Chen Lei nodded to Paragon. “Heal him.” Before the magus went to work, the Admiral knelt before the boy. “I’m willing to excuse your impudence on the stressful predicament we currently find ourselves in, but if you cannot control yourself, I will end you.”

                  Gesturing to two men, Chen Lei asked them their names. Jack knew one as Ironside—the man who had attacked Vienna University when Otso’s father held a rally there. The other introduced himself as Womack. “You both look strong. Can you help get the boy off the spike?”

                  Chen Lei watched impassively as the magus healed the boy. Once he was finished, Chen Lei examined the wound. “Impressive work. Might I ask your name, sir?”

                  “Wight,” the magus said.

                  “I loathe homonyms,” Chen Lei said, smirking at him. “As in the spirit or the color?”

                  “Both,” Wight explained. “My name is Peter White, as in the color. Back home, I took the identity Wight, as in the spirit.” He looked confused for a moment. “Have… have you not heard of me?”

                  “I have,” Confectionery said. “You were the Aurelius’ brother, right?”

                  “I still am,” Wight said.

                  “You were beaten by the Vindicators years ago.”

                  Wight looked even more perplexed. “My brother and his little friends bested me yesterday.”

                  Confectionery raised an eyebrow at that. “What year do you think it is?”

                  “1991,” Wight said.

                  Maurice laughed. “Fool, it’s 1987.”

                  “It’s 2008,” Confectionery said.

                  “2007,” grumbled the boy Chen Lei had run through.

                  “2018,” said an older Violet Lear, garbed only in black lingerie.

                  “This doesn’t make any sense,” Confectionery said.

                  “It makes too much sense,” Wight said. “The Vindicators… Crusader’s team returned from a parallel world. There are three of that man who summons swords. Perhaps we are all from different universes?”

                  Confectionery looked to Maurice. “You were sentenced to Pandora, yes?”

                  Maurice nodded. “For larceny across Europe…”

                  Confectionery looked at everyone gathered around them. “Is there anyone here who wasn’t sentenced to life in prison?”

                  No one said anything.

                  “Okay, so… we have a bunch of different parallel worlds who decided to make some backwater dimension into their own personal Australia… only the portal used to send people here is set to a fixed point in time, so that no matter when you were sentenced, you all arrive at the same time?”

                  Maurice looked to Tristan. “Then… you are my grandson?”

                  Tristan wiped away a tear. “You were apprehended before my brothers and I were born,” he explained. “Nana told me about a man who came to your house once… He told her that you had been apprehended and sentenced to life in Pandora. We were told that we could not see you—not contact you… She was told that there was no chance for parole…”

                  “What… what year was it?” Maurice’s voice was shaking. He was terrified of what the answer might be. “What year do you come from?”


                  Maurice choked. “Twenty… No, twenty-one… I’ve missed twenty-one years?” Golden flames blazed in his eyes. “My wife had to spend twenty-one years not knowing if I was dead or… I missed watching my son grow up? I missed my grandson’s birth!”

                  “Grandsons,” corrected a boy who looked identical to Tristan.

                  “Great,” Wight grumbled, “more doubles.”

                  “Twins,” Tristan corrected.

                  “Quadruplets,” corrected Confectionery. “I know you two… Stendhal and Tristan Vitesse. The world I come from, you were both brought down robbing a bank-”

                  “We were looking for information on Pandora,” Stendhal explained. “We were looking to free you.”

                  “Did Francois or Antoinne…?”

                  “No.” It was another figure Jack knew. It was Viktor DeGallow—Caballero. One of the speedsters sneered at him and Jack knew why: Impasse had been with the group who had apprehended two of the brothers. “My partner and I did a job for this man—Siegfried? Your brothers were part of that group. I don’t believe they were caught, though…”

                  “This is getting out of hand,” Chen Lei said. “We need to sit down and figure this out—figure out who came from what dimension… Maybe formulate a timeline… If only we had something to write with, we could…” A heavy sigh escaped from him. “This… this is going to take a while…”

                  Originally posted by Michuru81
                  Those of you with Pandora PCs, jump in.

                  Monday, May 11, 2009 – First Period

                  NVAE (Jack)
                  It had been over a week since Jack fabricated a clone to send on a one-way trip to Pandora. Thanks to Martin’s help, he didn’t need to sustain it—thus avoiding the strain that Chimera had succumbed to. Instead, Martin supplemented some mass of his own, allowing Jack to make an independent duplicate.

                  Unfortunately, he had no way of knowing how that duplicate was doing. Even Martin, who had been able to simultaneously observe both his and Ursa’s pursuit of Chimera, was incapable of knowing the status of his donated mass. Now, Jack feared, if his clone learned anything, he would be unable to relay that information until it was too late.

                  Still, Newton asserted that that was their intention. His duplicate’s role was not to act as a saboteur, but as a spy. If, as Vlad’s father believed, the Armada arrived in this dimension, Jack’s double might be able to tell them how stop them.

                  That was another thing that bothered Jack: it had been over nine weeks since he’d last seen Vlad. Together, with Herta, they had gone to Romania and taken down Vlad’s father. Herta had ran back to the school; Jack had returned and reabsorbed the double he left to give himself an alibi. The Romanian government placed the four children under Radu Radikovich’s roof with the New Vindicators Academy of Europe… but Vlad had not returned. Despite the headmistress’ best efforts, the Romanian government was not disclosing his friend’s fate.

                  Still, Newton believed that there was a potential way of retrieving Jack’s double prior to the Armada arriving in their dimension. After telling Newton about what he had learned from Dennis—that magic had banished Herzog Kasamir, Graf Oscar, and their ritter to Pandora—the man pledged to use every available resource into finding a magical way of locating Jack’s duplicate and bringing him home.

                  All Jack could do was wait—which wasn’t so hard with Ellen on his arm. With less than a month left in the semester, she was still holding out hope that he could spend the summer—her last summer—with her at her home in England… that was, unless MI18’s storming the school looking to arrest him for Chimera’s actions didn’t sour him on her motherland.

                  Mister Carmichael’s entrance snapped him from his reverie. “I hope everyone had a good weekend,” his fellow inmate from Peoria intoned. “Now, if you’ll all open your textbooks to page two-fifty-four, we’ll start our section on genetics—specifically how they factor into people like us.

                  “As you all hopefully know, Neo-Sapiens inherit their abilities from one or more of their parents. I take after my father, for instance.”

                  That brought a grimace from Jack’s Irish classmate: Randy O’Shae had inherited his powers from his father, Robor, who had worked with Siegfried to attack the school.

                  It was just one more thought to put aside—one more thing he was powerless to do anything about—and focused on Carmichael’s lesson.

                  After that, it was second period class: painting, followed by P.E. From there, it was just one more hour until he could see Ellen again.

                  Standing in the hall, Jack could see her through the glass of Ashworth’s door. The man was going on about something and she was looking extremely impatient. As he stood there waiting, Randy bumped into him, dropping his books to the floor as he tumbled back onto his bum.

                  OUBLIETTE-333 (Dennis; NPCs: Derryl, Gregaro, Haley, Jessica, John, Montana, Otso)
                  Dennis opened the door to his classroom and found himself in Haley’s office once more. “Dennis?” asked a perplexed Haley. She rushed to his side, accompanied by Montana and Otso. “It is you!” she exclaimed. “We were so afraid you’d been killed when Infinity was reset!”

                  LIBRARY (Harry, Violet; NPCs: Lexus, Rose)
                  Once upon a time, in days of yore, educators gathered to discuss how best to torture their students. Ultimately, they created the group project—a tactic akin to human trafficking on the list of crimes against humanity. There was no crueler thing a teacher could do to their students, and Ashworth, it seemed, had been wronged by his: the final exam for his modern western civilization class was a group project.

                  Four groups were going to have to give a multimedia presentation on a topic assigned by the man. Harry, Violet, Rose, and Lexus found themselves planning how best to handle the Napoleonic Wars.

                  While it seemed as though they had dodged a bullet in not being paired with someone as brooding as Mike or as volatile as Steven, or insufferable as Napoleon (“Can you imagine having to present the Napoleonic Wars with Napoleon in your group?” Lexus had growled. “He tried to defend Napoleon’s invasion of Russia as a brilliant military tactic.”). Ultimately, it seemed that they were still doomed to suffer, as Rose felt there was no better use of her time than hitting on Harry.

                  “Everyone always thinks the French make the best lovers, but there’s no one more romantic than the Italians. Wouldn’t you agree, Harry?”

                  “Blue is one of my favorite colors. It really compliments me.”

                  “Is there a sexier accent than Welsh? I bet with all those trilled ‘R’s you really know how to use your tongue.”

                  Today, sitting across the table from him, she said nothing: she just brushed her leg against his.


                  While looking at him knowingly.

                  Wearing a roguish grin.

                  VIENNA (Otso; NPCs: Kowalski)
                  Otso’s father had invited him out for coffee after his last class let out. Sitting across from him, the teen could tell something was troubling the man. He’d never seen his father look more nervous. “Okay, I know… I know I haven’t exactly been in the picture, and maybe you think I don’t really have the right, but… I need… I just want you to… You and Beatrice have been dating for a while, and I wondered—not that I… not that I think about that, but I just…

                  “If you two are sexually active, I just want you to be safe. That’s all.”

                  TOKYO, CAFETERIA (Lex and Martin; NPCs: Gaspar)
                  “I’m going to cut right to it,” Gaspar said, sitting down with his friends, “I think Martin should do that thing you guys were talking about—where he put an eye on Otso or whatever?—only he needs to put it on Xun to see what he’s up to.”

                  Gaspar’s paranoia about the Chinese teen had not diminished in the weeks they’d been enrolled at the New Vindicators Academy of Asia. According to Gaspar, Xun was a villain in the dimension he’d gone to with Jack, Kas, Harry, and Astrid. That Xun mysteriously disappeared each night, and always seemed to shake Gaspar, only raised the Spaniard’s suspicions all the more. “I’m telling you, he’s up to something. I don’t know what, but he’s bad news. I mean, for all we know, he’s a spy for Laputa!”
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                    Martin looked skeptically at Gaspar. "Ze King and Queen of Laputa were captured, zier court killed or imprisoned. Wizout ze genius of a Lamperouge and ze construction potential of a Curie zey could not still be active. And before you ask, no, I've not 'eard back from Elle but she and Talley seemed to genuinely 'ave ozer goals."

                    He checked his phone again, accessing his e-mail. Still no response from London Electric. He was working his way up the management chain slowly in order to get someone to take his prophetic knowledge seriously. At least he was out of the level of scripted responses like 'London Electric conducts vigorous safety inspections' and 'Environmental Protection is one of our primary concerns'. He would go mad listening to another one of those.


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                      VP: 1

                      Whatever Locus had been expecting of the mysterious Pandora, well, this obviously wasn't it. Neither it seemed, were anyone else of the convoluted assembly. At least the certainty of Interpol and the authorities made sense now. Locus had worked out over time that his teleportation ranged extended to pretty much anywhere on Earth.

                      Another Earth/world, though? Somehow he doubted he could pull that off. And now he was stuck with a horde of other super-criminals from other worlds also feeling antsy. So when the Chinese admiral began to institute order, Carlos decided it would be a very good idea to aid him.

                      "Perhaps someone among the senors or senoras has a way to with some chalk?"

                      HP: 3

                      "No, I wound up back home when that happened." Dennis explained to her. On one hand, this was not something he was anxious to repeat. On the other hand, no Steven Murphy - which more than made up in emotional relief. "Apparently, this is happening again for me."

                      An awkward pause. "Look... thanks for going out with the cameras. I know it's fucking awful to do this again and again. I've passed everything on to my people. We've identified some more of them." Another thing occurred to him to check. "This may sound strange, but have you suddenly started seeing a Jack Rexroth among the Armada?"
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                        Jeanette made her way to the center of the group, toward the current leader. Though being on the outskirts, her ability to sense even minute molecular vibrational changes allowed her to track the entire goings ons. She annoyedly stepped around a gawker then paused in surprise, "Screamer?" the Laputa knight she knew as Captain Nelson was a vegetable where she came from, a victim of some mental witch's manipulations. She shrugged off the familiarity and continued forward, scooping up a few stones as she did so. They turned white in her hand and she was disgusted by the increased effort it took her. She'd lost so much power when her other have, Deiter, had died at the hands of those meddling students.
                        Approaching, she offered them out toward the admiral. "Calcium Carbonate..., chalk." she says, her brusk German accent thick. She gave the briefest glance at the Spaniard who first spoke. "Mien povers allow me to synzesize compounds unt chemicals. I am Ganze. Zough zat name is more ironic now zan anyzink else." Her words seem tinged by deep loss, and anger because of it.
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                          The Adversary

                          The thin man with the pock-marked arms laughed and laughed-he actually reared his head back. It was abrasive and loud.

                          "'re serious." He trailed off.

                          "It matters pretty much not at all about a timeline of when we were sent here. All that matters is what we do now. Besides, if you're really concerned rattle it all off-I'll remember and be able to tell you whenever you ask. My memory is...perfect."
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                            The Blue Knight

                            Gwyn had always considered himself good at hiding his emotions and inner thoughts from others. As a superhero (Robert rarely actually used that term, which Gwyn thought was lame) it was necessary-he'd gotten skilled at keeping his expression neutral when people around him discussed him The Blue Knight or Paladin, not that it happened that often, or any of the various criminals they encountered. He'd even been able to make his dimensional double entertain the possibility of his, and thus their, having a twin.

                            But this time, he was very sure both Lexus and Violet were no doubt able to read his expressions like a bold-faced book. Expressions was honestly giving them too much credit, they were simply 'faces.' Undignified and obvious.

                            He was afraid his mouth moved for longer than was normal before sounds actually come out. " Napoleon? He weren't so bad, ya? If he hadn't hadda fight nearly all of Europe so many times, he might'a won. We could mention how the various Coalitions were motivated" His voice was embarrassingly high-pitched.
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                              [Jack Rexroth]
                              HP: 1
                              Location: NVE Campus

                              Standing in the hall, Jack could see her through the glass of Ashworth’s door. The man was going on about something and she was looking extremely impatient. As he stood there waiting, Randy bumped into him, dropping his books to the floor as he tumbled back onto his bum.
                              "What the hell!?" Jack exclaimed when Randy ran into him, but upon turning and seeing who it was the American relaxed. "Damn Randy, you gotta watch out." He said as he offered his classmate a hand up, then he helped pick up the other teen’s dropped books. "Something on your mind?" Jack asked.


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                                [Jack Rexroth]
                                HP: 1
                                Location: Pandora

                                Jack listened as the various inmates of Pandora talked, already noting who was likely going to be in charge, while he kept quiet. He had to admit that it was a shock to see a number of people he "recognized", let alone the rush of emotions he experienced upon seeing Dale.

                                For now he decided to keep quiet unless someone spoke to him.