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New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

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  • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

    The Blue Knight

    Gwyn would have waved a hand in dismissal-but he figured the Burned Man wasn't that flippant, least not round his boss.

    "I believe he said something about disposing of Christian's body."

    Where was Jack? Gwyn bet he could get through Oscar's so-called "unbreakable skin", but Kasimir had already surprised him once. He could be as powerful or more so than his other self.
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    • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

      Blue Knight fell against a wall, panting. “And that, as they say... is that.” He adopted a more RP pronunciation, looking to Christian. “Fetch me my armor, squire.”

      The Ritter was too busy concentrating on the arcane energies necessary to cast the containment spell he had previously used on Blue Knight and his doppelganger. The man’s hands wove through the air; his tongue uttered the incantation. Ritter Xun disappeared from sight, and Ritter Christian looked about to collapse.

      Gabrielle moved to take the armor they had removed from Ritter Gwyn from the chest it had been stashed in. “I’ll be back to help you in a moment,” she said, moving to Christian’s side. Her eyes blazed, and the two vanished.

      As promised, a few minutes later, she and Christian returned: the Ritter looked to be in perfect health now. If they had followed the plan, he had deposited the two ritter absorbed into himself in the dungeon. Harry hadn’t been there himself, but he’d heard about the effect it had on Gabrielle and her twin brother.

      The two set about to helping him put on Ritter Gwyn’s armor. According to the Drifter’s plan, Blue Knight would impersonate his otherworldly self, inform Oscar and this world’s Kasamir that their plans had succeeded, and watch them move.

      Once before Oscar, Gwyn kept himself quiet and composed-NotHim seemed a little more reserved than he was normally. It was easy, because Gwyn just focused on how much he wanted to show Oscar how little his “unbreakable” skin was against a weapon made of ephermal fire.

      “It is done,” he intoned. “Christian is dead, our work is complete. My lord.”

      Oscar grinned. His lover frowned. “What of Ritter Xun?” the herzog asked.

      “I believe he said something about disposing of Christian’s body.”

      “And my sister?” Oscar asked, uninterested in the fate of her ritter. “Is she…?”

      As if on cue, the door opened, and a member of the palace guard stepped in. At the sight of the ritter, he crossed his fingers. It was a small thing that Oscar would not notice, nor find suspicious. It was a signal the Drifter had decided on—one that would let Harry and Jack know that they were amongst friends.

      It was a gesture Blue Knight also performed, in order to put his American friend at ease.

      “The prisoners in the dungeon have been executed,” he offered. “The warden was a big help.”

      Oscar breathed a sigh of relief. Kasamir grinned.

      They dismissed the palace guard with orders to have any nobles summoned to the throne room. Jack left them then, and the two men stood alone with Blue Knight. There was no need to hide it now: Kasamir pulled Oscar in close. The two embraced, and then they shared a kiss. “Finally,” the Herzog said, “we can be together.”

      Oscar held his chest and tried to will his heart to stop racing with excitement. “Our other agents have informed me that my parents also met their demise,” he explained. “It appears, Ritter Gwyn, that you are now pledged to the emperor.”

      “We’ll need to announce your ascension to the throne,” Kasamir said. “You should get ready. An emperor must look his best, after all.”

      As Oscar withdrew further into his chambers, his lover crossed the room to shake Blue Knight’s hand. “I know you’ll say you were only doing your duty, but I must thank you. From the bottom of my heart, Gwyn… thank you. I dreamed of a day I could openly be with the one I loved. To have that day here? I’m at a loss for words.

      “For everything you did in helping us get here, thank you. If there is ever anything I can do for you, just say it. I am forever in your debt.”

      Not long after that, Oscar emerged, dressed in a fine suit, and with a sash across his chest announcing his station. His hands were thrust into white gloves and a sabre hung over his hip. He looked regal—missing only a crown. He took a deep breath and met his boyfriend’s gaze. “Are we ready to do this?” he asked.

      Kasamir looked worried. “Ritter Xun has not returned,” he said. “He should be here for this—to see this moment…”

      Oscar looked to his other ritter, as if Blue Knight could explain the other Nephilim’s tardiness. Ultimately, the impersonator had to convince both men that Xun was wrapping up the loose ends—doing what needed to be done to secure Oscar’s ascent to the throne.

      It seemed to placate the usurper: with a nod, he signaled for Blue Knight to lead the way to the throne room.

      Inside, they found the room filled with any nobles remaining in the capitol. Blue Knight stepped forward, stopping at the foot of the dais. Herzog Kasamir climbed the first two steps and stood on them, looking back to his lover.

      Oscar strode forward proudly. He climbed the stairs, ignoring the confused looks from the ruling class, and sat down on the throne reserved for his late father.

      “It is with a heavy heart,” he announced, “that I must tell you of a terrible plot hatched by a band of rogue specials. Tonight, I received word that my parents both met their end. The rumor was that a coup was taking place, and while I feared for my life, I also feared for my sister’s. Unfortunately, I was too late to stop them from claiming her life as well: an imposter gained her trust by looking like her fiancé, Herzog Kasamir, and his companions slew her in her bed.”

      “Oh, did they?”

      Every head in the hall swiveled to take in the diminutive princess. Beside her stood Kasamir, evoking more gasps from the crowd.

      “I remember it happening much differently,” Sophie said. “I remember Ritter Xun stealing into my bedchambers, and plotting to kill me in my sleep.” She gestured to the band of heroes standing all around her: Kas, Jack, Astrid, Gaspar, the Drifter, Gabriel, Gabrielle, Christian, Bulwark—all of them stood with her. “I would be dead, were it not for these people you see before you.”

      “A special has taken the princess’ face!” the Herzog declared. “Just as one has assumed mine!”

      “Oh, give it up!” barked Gabrielle. “You hired my brother and I to help Ritter Xun fake Herzog Kasamir’s death!” She looked to the gathered nobles then. “If the princess were killed, Oscar would immediately be suspected—but if Kasamir died away from Vienna, it would look like someone was targeting his family instead, and the princess was only caught up in it, due to their relationship.”

      “It’s true,” said Gabriel. He looked to the Herzog’s sister then. “You were going to be the next target—you and the rest of your family. Your own brother was planning to sacrifice you, just to shift the blame from his boyfriend.”

      Gaspar, still clad in the armor of the palace guards, thrust an accusing finger at the prince. “Oscar commanded me and the guards to murder these people, to keep them from telling everyone what they’d planned.”

      Oscar looked about to panic, but the Herzog sprang to action: “You have no proof!” he shouted. “This is just hearsay! Americans! Persians! Frenchmen! Three counties banded together to try and bring down the Austrian Empire from within!”

      “What proof do you have?” asked the Drifter.

      The Herzog looked confused. “What do you mean?”

      “You claim that this is an imposter,” she said, gesturing to Sophie. “You said we killed the princess and replaced her with a double, yes? So, where is the princess’ body?”

      “Your group has it!”

      “Then how did you know that the princess was dead?” the Drifter asked. “I mean, it stands to reason that if we were planning to replace her, we would do our damnedest to make sure no one knew we’d moved on her, right? So, how did you know?”

      “I… I was there! I saw you-”

      “You did? Why didn’t you try to stop us, then? Why didn’t you yell out? Call for guards?”

      This world’s Kasamir Flaegler glared at her. “I regret that… that I was too concerned for my own life. I acted cowardly. Against your numbers, I would not-”

      “So, if we were too powerful, what were we doing in the dungeons? Why… after supposedly killing the princess… would we retreat to the dungeon, to wait to be executed for regicide? If our plan was to impersonate the princess, wouldn’t we have been in the clear then and there?”

      A smirk appeared on the Drifter’s face then, as her eyes went to Blue Knight. “What about you, sir knight?” she asked. “As a ritter in the service of Duke Oscar… do you have anything to add to this?”

      Once Blue Knight testified, the Herzog was railing once more: “He’s another imposter!”

      “What about me?” asked the warden, stepping forward. “I suppose anyone who speaks against you two is an imposter?” The rock man raised his left arm and grabbed his wrist. With a mighty twist, he snapped his hand off, only to watch it knit itself back together. “Could an imposter do that?”

      The crown princess came forward. “Where are our mother and father, Oscar?” she asked. “If we reach them quick enough, Gabriel Farouk’s ability could revive them.”

      Oscar looked helpless. He looked to his lover, only for his sister to raise her voice. “It’s over, Oscar! If you don’t surrender their bodies right away, I promise you I will show no mercy in passing judgment! For the love of God, do the right thing!”

      Oscar dropped to his knees atop the dais. “I just wanted to be with the man I love,” he cried. “Kasamir had nothing to do with this. It was all me, sister. All me.”

      NVAE (Martin)
      "If we're going to get zem back," he says to Gwen, "we'll need Tallemaja's assistance and quickly." All expression left him as he asked, "Do you 'ave a problem wiz zat?"

      Gwen showed no hesitation; she began shaking her head. "If it could save Remy, I'd do anything."

      "None of you 'ave convinced me you are any better zan she when it comes to zis power-granting cylinder, might as well try to save a LOT of attacks on zis city and someone in zis school by taking zem out now wiz 'er 'elp. She is not affiliated wiz zis school any more zan you are. It is not a violation of my agreement."

      "And there's the problem," Gwen said. "You need to understand magic. There are... spheres of influence. Some people have a talent for transmutation--magic which lets you alter physical matter. Others have a gift for conjuration--folding time and space to move things to and from a fixed point. My gift is for enchantment--mind-influencing magic. I cannot summon, or evoke energy, or divine information, or..." She threw her arms up in surrender. "The trouble is, Tallemaja is just like me: she's an enchantress. She couldn't cast a spell that I can't.

      "I'm willing to do anything if it means helping Remy, but Tallemaja doesn't have the power you're looking for, Martin. She's just a shapeshifter who can cast the same spells I can. Still, if you think she can help... then go. I'll stay here. If she realizes you're working with me, it won't help you in the slightest. She'll suspect you're working with Chuck, and think it's a trap."
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      • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

        Martin frowned... "Just a shapeshifter? Chuck said she can mimic the powers of anyone she assumes. Was zat a lie?" Martin challenges Gwen.

        "Even if 'e, DID, lie about zat, she was still a shifter of skill to rival Jack - one of ze most dangerous students at zis school."

        Martin gets confirmation of Tallemaja's abilities then phases through floor after floor, room after room, until he can be confident a person looking through plant and/or birds could not have kept track of him. He'll assume the appearance of Tatjana's father, the janitor and make his way to 'Mary's' room, diverting only if he smells a fresh scent of her going to another direction.


        • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

          NVAE (Martin)
          "Just a shapeshifter? Chuck said she can mimic the powers of anyone she assumes. Was zat a lie?"

          "No, if she shapeshifted into someone like you, or one of your classmates, she would be able to simulate your genetic gifts. I just fail to see what good that will do in locating Remy..."

          Martin escaped the boys' dorms and headed for the school. Again, phased through the walls and emerged from another room, now disguised as the housekeeper of the girls' dorms. He made his way to the building, only to find Tallemaja's room empty. Still, he had her scent.

          The sophomore followed the trail as best as he could: her smell abruptly cut off midway across the campus. Still, there was no question where she'd been headed: her trail was like an arrow pointing straight for the boys' dorms.

          It didn't take a genius to understand what was going on: Tallemaja was dating Dag to use his powers as an early warning alarm. She would stick by him at all hours of the day. Given her powers, it would be easy for her to walk into the building unmolested. She need only pose as any other boy and she could sleep in Dag's room.
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          • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

            Kasimir Flaegler
            HP 5 LP 2

            Oscar was falling on his sword, so to speak, to try to save his lover from the just wrath of his betrothed... former betrothed, but it could not be the truth. Kas knew it was his place to say anything, but his jaw clenched and his hands balled into fists at the surge of anger he felt. Herzog Kasimir had convinced Sophie he loved her. Magnitude remembered how deliriously happy she had been when he first arrived. She had been completely unsuspecting and demonstrably affectionate...not the reactions of a woman who was merely marrying for advantage, personal or political.

            Kas couldn't say or do anything to interrupt, but he hoped Sophie was wise enough to see through this ruse. If it was up to him, he would crush his duplicate into paste for his perfidy, however, it was not up to him. As it was, all he could hope for was that the princess would realize that this was yet another lie and act appropriately.

            Of course anyone watching knew how Kas felt about Oscar's declaration, because as so many times happened at times of high emotion, Kas's personal gravity increased enough that small wisps of dust and other miniscule objects had begun to orbit him.


            • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

              Martin didn't even try to explain how potent and versatile and formidable Tellemaja's Neo-Sapian abilities were, nor the fact that she's likely met more people in her extensive life to draw from - power-wise.


              Martin shifted again this time choosing from the students who were off-campus. Jack stood out too much, the blue-armored Harry might be checked up on since he had some connection to the Paladin/Blackguard person, he decided on Gaspar and headed for Dag's dorm room.


              • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                HOFBURG PALACE
                The princess saw how her brother loved her fiancé, and moved to use it against him: "Where are our parents' bodies, Oscar?" she asked. "If it's not too late--if Gabriel can revive them... then perhaps their won't be any need to try the herzog for conspiracy to commit regicide."

                Herzog Kasamir narrowed his eyes on Sophie. He realized what she was doing, even if her brother did not. As Oscar gave up the location of his parents' corpses, Gabrielle disappeared, taking Christian with her. The Drifter looked back then, spotted Kas' display of power, and quietly slid in place beside him.

                Her fingers fit perfectly in the spaces between his, and the dimension-hopping woman gave him a reassuring smile. "It's not the outcome I would have hoped for," she said, "but it's better than the alternative."

                Astrid stood behind the pair: her gaze was on their hands.

                NVAE (Martin)
                Standing outside of Dag's door, Martin could almost smell Tallemaja behind the door. Her scent was masked by the array of aromas in the air: it was pungent and sweet and musky and earthy and sweaty all at the same time. It was like almonds and mushrooms; it was like scallops and an overripe banana. It was bitter and sweet, and it made Martin think of Tatjana.
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                • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                  Any plants in the hallway outside his door or windows that birds could watch through?


                  • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                    Kasimir Flaegler
                    HP 5 LP 2

                    Kas had to admire Sophie's political savvy, manipulating Oscar's feelings for the Herzog. Certainly it wasn't incredibly subtle and it certainly was rather ruthless, but given the circumstances, it was completely warranted.

                    When Beth laced her fingers through his, he gave hers a gentle squeeze. He should have then extricated his hand from her grasp, since at some point in the future, it would not be him, but Gwyn who had her affections, but for this moment the attention was nice. Later he could wrap himself in the cold comfort of his duty, but for this fleeting instant he would allow himself the fantasy of a girlfriend.

                    He was anxious for this to end though. He had Vienna waiting for him on his own earth. Truth be told, he would miss both Sophie and Beth. Beth most of all, but he would content himself with this brief moment in time.

                    And he would even ignore the lurking Astrid...for now. Her jealousy and feelings for him would have to be addressed at some point and while he couldn't be sure she was staring daggers at Beth, given her response to Drifter and Sophie earlier, he could assume that was the case. That, like so much else, was business for another time however.


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                      NVAE (Martin)
                      A potted plant at each end of the hall, as well as windows.
                      HOFBURG PALACE
                      Things began to happen fast: as Oscar allowed himself to be taken into custody, the herzog moved to repair the damage done to his relationship with Sophie. "I'm so glad that you're safe," he said.

                      She eyed him wearily. "Guards," she called, "take this man away as well."

                      The herzog looked shocked. "You heard your brother--I've done nothing wrong!"

                      "Perhaps," said the princess, "but you said it yourself: there are obviously impostors about." She looked to Kas, and nodded. "He is the real Kasamir Flaegler, which means you are no doubt an impostor."

                      "My sister will vouch for me!" the herzog shouted, scanning the crowd for Gitta. "Gitta! Gitta, where are you?"

                      "I've already seen to having Miss Farouk transport your sister home, so that she might tell everyone what has happened here. After all, I'd hate for these events to lead to a war between our countries."

                      As the warden took the herzog away, the Drifter frowned at Sophie. "You realize we can't stay here, yes? It's going to create problems when you can't produce a Kas other than that one."

                      "I'll let my father work that out with the Kaiser," Sophie explained. "Oscar's confession will go a long way in ensuring that the herzog is not punished for what he's done, but I doubt he'll get off completely free and clear."

                      It wasn't much longer before Gabrielle returned with the emperor and his wife. Gabriel worked his magic and revived both, and Sophie moved to try and explain the strange course of events that had led to their resurrection.

                      Once good byes were said, the Astrolabe worked its magic: a brilliant rune appeared on the ground below their feet. The radiance filled their senses as the world shifted around them. When the light faded, they were standing outside of the school... but something was wrong. There was no sound. No traffic from the city; no students rushing to class; no birds in the sky.

                      There was no grass below their feet.

                      Kas could "see" much further out: he saw that this place was so still and dead. Jack's nose and ears brought the same revelation. As far as either boy could tell, there was nothing living here for miles.

                      The Drifter looked at her watch: it was 6:39. "This isn't your home," she said. "The Astrolabe brought us somewhere else... It wanted us to be here."

                      "Why?" asked a timid Astrid. "What is this place?"

                      Gaspar bent down and put his hand to the dry, cracked earth. "Everything here is so dead. Why would it bring us here?"

                      Almost as soon as the question was asked, the runes appeared around them all once more. The light filled everything, and when it receded, the grass had returned. The sounds of life filled their ears. Though to the casual observer, it looked like they were standing on the front lawn of the school, the Drifter checked her watch to ensure they had come home. "1:37," she said. "You're back home."

                      Gaspar removed the helmet of the armor he'd stole and looked at the sky. He seemed to appreciate it--whether because of the journey they'd taken, or the desolation they'd just seen, no one could tell. There, in that moment, looking up at the sky, Gaspar seemed to genuinely be content.

                      Astrid, on the other hand, shot a venomous look at the Drifter.

                      "I... I should go," the Drifter said. "For whatever reason, the Astrolabe wanted me to see that place. That it then brought you all back might be it's way of saying that I needed to drop you all off and get moving--figure out what happened back on that other world."

                      "Yeah," said Astrid coldly. "You'd better go."

                      She looked up at Harry nervously. "Gwyn," she said uneasily. "I need to... You need to know that I'm..." She caught a look from Jack and remembered what he said about making decisions for them. "I'm sorry," she told him.

                      She turned then to Kas and smiled. "I'll be back as soon as I can," she said. "We'll talk then."

                      Suddenly, the runes appeared under her feet. There was a blinding flash of light, and the Drifter was gone.

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                      New post coming as quick as I can.

                      One power point for everyone but Martin. PM coming soon, flynn...
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                      • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #15: Deport (IC)

                        NEW VINDICATORS ACADEMY OF EUROPE #16: Live

                        Saturday, March 21, 2009

                        FRONT LAWN (Harry, Jack, Kas; NPCs: Astrid, Gaspar)
                        There was a flash of light, and the Drifter was gone.

                        Originally posted by Michuru81
                        Though to the five, it's only been a few days, a full week has passed in this world. It's up to you guys to determine if/how you discover that.

                        It is roughly 7am.
                        BOYS' DORMS (Martin)
                        Martin, wearing Gaspar's face, stood outside Dag's door. There was a window at each end of the hall, and while he could see no birds sitting on the window ledge, there were potted plants under both that Robor could certainly see through.

                        On the other side of the door was Dag and Mary. Tallemaja. The shapeshifting enchantress who had once been a part of Chuck's consortium of mages and once been a part of Laputa. Everything Martin knew about her made it sound as though she was driven only by a desire for more power. She had deceived the entire school into thinking she was a harmless girl from Sweden whose only power let her alter her appearance. In truth, she was a dangerous shapeshifter who been a match for Jack. Factor in her training as a wizard gave her an ability to control minds--that she likely had several students under her thumb--and there was telling how deep her control was.

                        She wanted more power, and she was determined to hide until she had it in her grasp. Whatever was in that cylinder was supposed to give her more. It was a gamble: she was already far too strong for the Frenchman's liking, but if that power could help him save Tatjana...

                        How far was he willing to go to save the woman he loved? Was he willing to offer his help in making someone like Tallemaja even stronger than she already was? He had been up all night, debating it with Gwen, and now, in the early morning hours, he was standing outside Dag's door, trying to decide what to do...

                        LEX'S ROOM
                        Sunlight came through Lex's window. The memory of last night was fresh in his mind: how cold Kirstie had been--how hurt she had looked...

                        VIOLET'S ROOM
                        Violet's phone turned on, revealing no new text messages, but one missed call. It wasn't from any number she recognized, though it was apparently a local call.

                        A different sort of person might have tried to figure out where the call had come from before dialing but Violet didn't see what the harm could be. Whoever it was, they already had her number. And she didn't know anyone outside the school aside from the boys. It had to be one of them. She pressed redial on the number and watched the screen to see if any identification would come up.

                        "Landespolizeidirektion Wien Verkehrsamt," said the bored man who answered the phone.

                        Vienna Police.
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                        • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #16: Live

                          Martin pondered the dilemma. Everything he knew of Laputa showed they were idealistic, or maybe that was his justification because his parents were part of it and he wanted to ascribe a positive, if misguided, trait. Martin pushed aside the thoughts of if he were romanticizing terrorism or not. He also knew that Tallemaja liberally spread around mental commends to 'help' people, and Rembrandt confirmed there was no hidden mental commands in Tatjana at least. It could be that Tallemaja was trying to create the psychological dependence that Martin feared. But it could also be that she was just trying to help in her own way. The attack on the U.N. by that Ugandan terrorist (prompted by Tallemaja) that seemed to swing support toward clearing warlords out of Africa... Martin had to admit was a pretty selfless act, she didn't gain directly from that, did she? Was there a reason she cared about Africa? Or maybe the allocation of U.N. resources?

                          Martin-Gaspar grimaced. He *wanted* to think the best of people, it was his nature. He *had* to believe there was some drive to make the world a better place.

                          He knocked on the door in typical brusque Gaspar fashion and spoke in the Spaniard's voice. "Hey guys, you were loud *again*. Oh, and Dag, you got some mail, a thick letter, looks important." Martin tried to sound annoyed as he'd heard the student be so often.

                          While carrying on as he was, 'Gaspar' moved his foot by the lower door crack a some of himself trickled in forming raised by connected letters. He figured Dag would sense a change and look over. 'I NEED HELP. COVER ANY PLANTS. PLAY ALONG.'


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                            The Blue Knight

                            Gwyn could only crinkle his face up in confusion at Lamperouge's words. Sorry for what? And now, after seeing the Astrolabe in action three times, he wasn't sure it was it that had saved him from that little nothingness prison. There hadn't been any of those squiggly symbols or anything.

                            He still had The Burned Man's armor on as well, and was happy to be free of the helmet. "Should make a good souvenir, what?"

                            He fumbled with getting the rest of the armor off, and then grabbed his cellphone-it had been useless the whole time they'd been in the other dimension, but it should still work here, even if his battery was low.

                            "Aw, damn. A whole week has flown by, its the twenty-first!" A whole week's worth of classes he'd missed-maybe he should've gotten a note saying "Harry will be away in another dimension for a few days, please have a school mate pick up any work he may have missed."

                            Probably wouldn't fly, anyway.
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                            • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #16: Live

                              Alex "Current" Murphy
                              HP: 2 CND: Normal

                              Lex grumbled as the sun hit him in the face.

                              He swore he'd closed that damn curtain.

                              He sighed as he considered getting up. After all he had so much to look forward to.
                              Kirstie was mad at him, and after the Viktor incident he'd come to understand that Kirstie would stop being mad when she decided to stop being mad and nothing between that time was going to do any good.

                              Doug was pissed at him too because... reasons.

                              Mike was still palling around with Rose, which made hanging with him as much fun as stabbing himself in the hand (and Lex could test that theory out without much difficulty).

                              And Gaspar was still missing.

                              He groaned, rolled over and buried his face under his pillow trying to go back to sleep. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day.


                              • Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #16: Live

                                Violet Lear
                                HP: 3

                                was disappointed it was just the police. No excitement there. "Uh... no spreche Deutsch. This is Violet Lear. Can someone speak English to me?"