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  • [3e OOC] The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Recruitment (CLOSED)

    Corrupt and venal, the mobs of New Bay City are formed under the five families – Caleesi, Donano, Bertrallo, Atzerro, and Oressi. Each older than most of the city, they divide it up like a Risk map, each of the families ruling in one sort of criminal activity.
    The Don of New Bay City, Severus “Cash” Oressi has been hospitalized for lung cancer – the cigars caught up with him after a lifetime of abusing both his own body and those of his victims. This, combined with his reluctance to allow his eldest child and only son into the “family business,” means that the other family heads are setting up for a full on conflict that has already started its slow burn.
    The NBCPD is hopelessly in the pocket of the mobs, though the incipient gang war sees the police splitting their attentions and playing all sides against one another, while the sole honest DA works in an attempt to bring the dirty cops and their paymasters down.
    New Bay City is a city of technology, where criminals steal super-serums and other powerful drugs, and the gangs brandish both mundane and cutting edge weaponry.
    New Bay City is in need of heroes – those who will strike back against the gangs and those who offer them support, which will tear down the false justice of the NBCPD.
    Greetings, all and sundry! I'm endwaar, and I'm looking for 3-5 players for a 3e game set in my home-brewed setting of New Bay City. It's in the 2020s, and New Bay City needs heroes. The crime families and the corrupt government officials have been experimenting with human enhancement for decades now, and the city's become a hotbed for superpowered individuals, most of whom are hidden away at the Roman Atzerro School for Talented Students... but the exceptions to the rule tend to wreak havoc upon the innocents of New Bay City.

    The tone will be dark to begin with - New Bay City's something of a cross between Gotham, Metropolis, and New York City during the prohibition era. However, as the PCs do battle to save the city time and time again, they will be hailed as heroes, and the intention is for the PCs to literally be the best things that have ever happened to the city. If I had to put an era to the sort of comics that would be written about this group, it would be in the modern age, as opposed to the Iron or Bronze Age.

    Character Creation
    For character creation, this game will most likely start out at PL 9/135 PP. You all are either relatively new heroes or relatively new to the area. The police certainly won't have any positive feelings towards your characters initially, though that will likely change depending on your heroes' actions. I request at least two to three paragraphs of background info for each of your submissions (mind, just one submission per player). You may also wish to budget a PP for your Headquarters, if that's your interest.
    Your heroes will be a team recruited by the nearly-70 year old billionaire William Hugo, a native of New Bay City who's spent most of his adult life living in other places - in fact, he was once the hero Silver Knight, Steel Monarch, and Dark Angel. He will want to train your heroes and forge them into the ones who will overthrow the mobs and bring justice to New Bay City.

    Public Figures
    • Mayor Gordon Freys - A mustachioed and cheerful seeming man, Mayor Freys is thoroughly in Severus Oressi’s pocket. He got elected thanks to the corrupt electioneering of the mobs of New Bay City, and serves them loyally since.
    • Police Commissioner Alicia Walker - Initially pulled into the labyrinthine world of corruption by being blackmailed by one of the Bertrallo family, by this point in her career, Alicia Walker has all but gotten into bed with the criminal syndicates that rule New Bay City.
    • District Attorney Ning Zhi - Not a native to New Bay City, the DA has essentially proven incorruptible by the Five Families, unswayed by money and threats and with a record seemingly so spotless as to render blackmail virtually impossible, Ning Zhi is on a one-person crusade to cleanse the city of its corruption.

    The Five Families
    The Five Families are each older than most of New Bay City, and each family owns collectively more than a dozen legitimate business fronts. Together, they make up the vast majority of the wealthy families of New Bay City.
    • Don Severus “Cash” Oressi – In charge of the whole city’s criminal affairs, the Ortessi family also focuses on high-end finance rackets. Cash himself is lying in his sickbed, his life hanging on by a mere thread and "his" city is about to descend into the chaos of a gang war between at least four of the five families, thanks to his own refusal to train his sole son in the family business.
    • Anthony Oressi – Kept out of family business, Anthony, or Tony, is a graduate of the best universities money can buy. He has only the Oressi name and is famously untrained in his father's business decisions, despite his attempts to try to learn about them.
    • Mario “Storm” Caleesi – In charge of interfacing with the gangs and more violent and lowbrow crimes, Storm has served the Oressi loyally for decades, and seems content to continue doing so. Thought to be something of a blunt instrument, he remains the head of one of the Five Families, a position that does not reward foolishness well.
    • Stephanie “Aria” Donano – After an unsuccessful power struggle left her four brothers alternately dead, imprisoned, or in one case fled from the city for fear of his life, Aria stepped up and took on her ageing father’s role as head of the Donano family and controller of both brothels and casinos in the city. This has seen a marked improvement in the treatment of the whores under her, and her gender remains a sticking point for the more traditionalist heads, which is to say most of them - even those that do not care are willing to use the matter to weaken her position.
    • Bennie “BB” Bertrallo – In charge of middle-of-the-road crimes such as hijacking, blackmail, and abduction, BB is a flexible and ambitious sort. Keeping his hands nominally clean is something he takes pride in, and he has subtly begun influencing the dons of other cities to acknowledge him as Cash’s successor. The Bertrallo family likes to pose as the most reasonable and civilized of the Five, but they are just as cold-hearted and cruel as the rest.
    • The Atzerro – A mysterious and distant patriarch, no one outside of the Atzerro family is quite sure who is in charge of the family. Indeed, the office may well be passed around with astonishing regularity. The Atzerro family is heavily invested in superhuman research, and has a number of cutting edge technologies to back their plots.

    New Bay City's Most Wanted
    A somewhat biased list of various superhuman and not-so-superhuman threats - due to the criminal element's influence over the law's interests.
    • Golden Saint – A self-proclaimed purifier of the corruption of the venal city of New Bay, Golden Saint wields a sword in lethal combat with the criminals of New Bay City, and often has collateral damage in her fights.
    • Razor Wind - An unofficial name for an unofficial threat, Razor Wind is the title that has been a serial killer that haunts the wealthiest districts of New Bay City, hunting down the wealthy with no apparent concern for who they are, only that they are in the area. Its name comes from the fact that no one has ever seen this mysterious murderer, but the victims have all been lacerated beyond belief, as though blown by a wind full of razors.
    • Conflagration - A mad arsonist for hire that torched one of the Oressi's safe-houses, the self-proclaimed Conflagration is hunted by both police and members of the Oressi family.

    Atzerro Projects
    While the Atzerro are not behind all of these projects, they do have their fingers in each of them. Each project attempts to enhance humans beyond their normal capabilities. These are all potential origin fodder for your characters, so just keep 'em in mind if they interest you.
    Project Warlock delves into the occult spheres, attempting to divine how to unlock magical lore and potential in all of their subjects. Among the least successful of the projects, Warlock is nonetheless one that receives a lot of support. Thus far, only a few cantrips and the like have escaped the labs, but there are others whose magical potential is yet to be unlocked, the researchers are certain of it.
    Project Techgnosis is at the forefront of the rapidly developing field of cybernetics, and focuses on human enhancement as much as it does on helping humans who need prosthetics. That said, this is one of the more legitimate fronts, as prostheses have become increasingly advanced themselves in the past few years.
    Project Patriot is designed to recreate the process whereby the World War II era superhero Patriot became the ultimate soldier. Thus far, failure after failure has plagued Project Patriot, but the Atzerro family receives funding from the highest ranks of the government to continue the experiments.
    Project M – or Project Mutate, or Mutant, or Mutation – is a study of genetics and genetic manipulation that focuses on mutations that are either inborn or created through various medicines. Operating out of the Midwife’s Hospital for Childbirth, Project M is a long-term project, the first fruits of which are only now beginning to achieve their adulthood. Great advancements have been made in the process, and fully adult subjects have a nearly 40% survival rate with 50% of those having significant superhuman abilities, while the success rate is much higher in younger subjects.
    Project Rebirth, a cloning project designed to create the ultimate soldier by manipulating genetics of clones. Thus far, they have had little success in cloning actual metahumans, but have had significantly more in creating clones of normal humans and giving them metahuman abilities.

    Historical Figures
    As this is a "Modern" era game, there's a fairly rich history of heroes in the world, though not in New Bay City. Here are some of the highlights.

    Golden Age - 1930s-40s
    • Patriot is a Captain America analogue, except he was never revived in the Silver Age. Instead, his children, Brother Stars and Sister Stripes, were experimented upon using Übermensch’s DNA and became the first of the Protectors. He himself vanished after defeating his nemesis, Übermensch, for the final time. To this day, Patriot is considered the ultimate soldier, and the US government has not given up on recreating him and making others like him en masse.
    • Quoth the Raven was a literary professor whose students were killed by an anonymous gunman, prompting him to research forbidden topics and make a magical pact with a dark corvid entity. Think Batman with magic and you’re not far off. He later passed the magical mantle to Crow, his apprentice, who turned it over in turn to his apprentice, Magpie.
    • The Blur I - A humble soldier that was struck by lightning and was granted its speed, the Blur I is probably best understood as a Flash analogue.
    • Rosie the Riveter, who later became better known as Lady Atom, was an early feminist who embraced the moniker of the famed icon. A technopathic mutant, she used devices to fight hate crimes and other local issues, before the War ended and she was caught and convicted of being a Soviet spy by McCarthy. She escaped the chair and when the ban on superheroics ended in the 1960s, she adopted the title of Lady Atom, with an upgraded arsenal. She wed Lord Silverhawk, a mage, and they had a child, who took the name Scion.
    • Übermensch is a question of what if Kal-El were a wanted war criminal who landed in 1930s Germany rather than a baby in Kansas. He was a thug, not a leader, and swiftly donned the black, red, and white of the Third Reich. He was nominally executed at the end of the war, but his genetics were shared amongst the Allies, and his legacy extends to this day.
    • Hikaru Taiyo is essentially Sunfire if he had served in the Second World War. He died in action against the Red Aces, a famous squadron of skilled fighter pilots.

    The Silver Age - 1960s
    The Silver Age was dominated by the Superheroic team the Protectors, in the USA, and by the Proletarian Defenders, in the USSR. The Protectors included Lady Atom, above, and the following.
    • Lord Silverhawk, a mage and the discoverer of the lost city of Atlantis. He partnered with Lady Atom and eventually wed her, and their child grew up to be known as Scion.
    • Brother Stripes was the elder child of Patriot, who was infused with the genetic data of Übermensch, and was endowed with superhuman strength, durability, and speed. He was eventually diagnosed with HIV, which was one of the two great scandals that shook the Protectors apart.
    • Sister Stars was the younger of Patriot's two children, endowed with flight and laser vision by her implanted DNA. She led the Protectors alongside Brother Stripes until her affair with a much younger man was revealed, which shook the team apart in the late 1970s.
    • Silver Knight, later known as Steel Monarch and later still as Dark Angel, was a wealthy billionaire who took up the good fight in an armor of silvered steel designed to look like the archaic armors of chivalry and knighthood. After the Protectors fell apart, he took on the name Steel Monarch, leading the Five-Metal Band in the Bronze Age, until a catastrophic loss of life saw them all perish save him. He grew darker, though remained a chivalrous and idealistic gentleman, and took on the name of Dark Angel in the Iron Age.
    • Queen Arimea was the Queen of Atlantis. Think a cross between Aquaman and Wonder Woman with more magical abilities, and you'd be about spot on. She came to join the Protectors to serve as a representative of her people.
    • Crow, the second holder of Quoth the Raven's magical cowl and feathered cloak, was not the mage his predecessor was, and focused more on magical artifacts and doodads to help him accompish his goals.
    • The Blur II was an alien officer hunting down Übermensch, whose life was saved by the first Blur's heroic sacrifice. In honor of him, she adopted his name and powers. After learning that the two leaders of the Protectors had Übermensch's DNA in them, she abandoned the Protectors and became known as Grey Blur, alienated from society and working to protect those who suffered the most from the superheroic clashes.

    The Proletarian Defenders wore identical suits of power armor to allow them to fully emblematize the fact that all of them were simply humans who were as equals to the rest of the Proletariat.

    The Bronze Age - 1970s-80s
    The Bronze Age began with the collapse of the Protectors, as each hero either retired or went their own way. However, new heroes arose to continue the battle against the forces of injustice and crime.
    • The Shade, an African-American hero with shadow-related powers, and a whole lot of skill and guts, along with his Shadows Three - Umbra, Penumbra, and Eclipse, young apprentices whom he rescued from a government-sponsored superhuman research facility - focused his efforts on crime in the poorer urban areas where most of the African-American populace lived and suffered under racism and oppression from both law and crime. His apprentices are still active, primarily on the West Coast.
    • Scion, as he was known early in his career, combined the magic of his father with the technological skills of his mother to create magi technical wonders with which he fought crime. He also worked closely with Steel Monarch and the Five-Metal Band, even falling in love with one of the members of the Band. This turned tragic when the Band was killed, and he adopted the name Thaumaturge, rebelling against the technology that had failed his love and best friends.
    • The Five-Metal Band, made up of Steel Monarch, Titanium Titan, Iron Maiden, Golden Boy, and Platinum Planner was a short-lived and ill-fated attempt by Steel Monarch to recapture the lost Protectors' popularity and power. All of them were armed with unique powersuits, and they clashed with crime lords and all sorts of costumed villains. A poorly planned assault on a base in the Pacific saw all of the inexperienced young heroes die and only Steel Monarch survive.
    • Fang, a rebellious daywalking vampire, Fang became a super heroic hunter of her own kind during the later period of the Bronze Age. Think Blade, but with full vampiric abilities and less of a chip on his shoulder. Also female, but that's beside the point. Fang fought against vampires in particular, but also worked alongside Magpie and Crow to fight other supernatural threats to the world.
    • Magpie, Crow's apprentice and eventual successor, was the first woman to wear the magically endowed cloak and cowl. Much more of a skilled mage than her father and teacher, she focused less on artifacts and magical gizmos and more on evoking the corvid-spirit that was the patron of her crimefighting lineage. On her own, she established the mystic lodge known as the Flock, which served as her support group well into the nineties.

    The Iron Age - 1980s-90s
    The Iron Age saw the fall of many superheroes into what can only be described as madness, or apathy. Though heroes like the aging Dark Angel, once Silver Knigh and Steel Monarch, Magpie and her Flock, and the Shadows Three tried to hold back the insanity, other "heroes" arose from the increasingly grim outlook of the time. Government sponsored programs designed to recapture the lost secrets of Patriot finally began bearing fruit, and the government formed it's own task force - the Gravestalkers - to combat threats to the establishment.
    • Blood Storm was a crazed hematokinetic - able to control the blood of others and herself - created by genetic engineering to do battle against the foes of the USA. Unfortunately for her handlers, Blood Storm went rogue, trying to live its own life, but found that her programming restricted her to a life of violence. She spent the rest of her short life hunting criminals alongside her loosely affiliated partner, Slaughtershot.
    • Slaughtershot - Think Deadshot with slightly more morals and an obsession with killing criminals, and you have a one-man crusade against the forces of crime. Less than concerned with civilian casualties, he had a toxic relationship with Blood Storm until the latter died fighting the Titan, one of the many villains of the time.

    The Gravestalkers included Fang, who had been recruited by the government after an incident where she killed a magically corrupted official on national television, and the others below.
    • The Bloody Bat was a member of the Flock that heard and heeded the whispers of the hungry bat god Camazotz, and fled to the Yucatan to make a sinister pact with him. Think of him as Batman, but with all the powers that he wants criminals to think he has. That is, the Bloody Bat could fly, was virtually immune to bullets, was willing to torture and kill his targets, and could use shadows to teleport.
    • Deathknell was a psychic whose talents were those of a medium. Followed by ghosts and able to channel their talents into her own, Deathknell was the primary investigator of the Gravestalkers, pushed to membership by the ghost of a black ops American agent.
    • Coil - A super soldier with mental stability issues and authority troubles, Coil was essentially a ninja with superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability... but with a towering ego that made him think he was the only worthy inheritor of the mantle of Patriot. He was kept in the dark about the other super soldiers that the government was working on and used by the government to hunt down threats until he was used up.

    The Modern (Silicon? Platinum? Whatever?) Age 2000s-2020s
    The Modern Age began with the fall of the government-sponsored "superhero" teams of the Iron Age and a renewal of passion for such figures as Dark Angel, Magpie, and Thaumaturge, as well as the Shadows Three. New Superhero teams have grown up across the country, and the PCs shall be one such group. Below is an example of one of the new heroic teams. The Twin Lamps are a Massachusetts-based team that are much like the X-Men, attached school and all.
    • Surge – Andrea Verdeja, the teenaged clone of the famous athlete and model Marco Rosewater, was designed as a son and heir to Dr. Verdeja. Surge is an electrokinetic who loves the superheroic gig.
    • Psion is a potent telepath that also serves as the locater of most of the superpowered students. He's the leader of the team, nominally.
    • Empress has superhuman strength, durability, and total control over her own body. She is the heavy hitter of the Twin Lamps.
    • Tempest is a potent telekinetic whose ongoing feud with the mysterious organization N.O.O.N.E has embroiled the Twin Lamps in as many fights as his telekinesis gets them out of.
    • Mr. & Mrs. Amazing are a pair of technological genii, who use power armor to keep up with the younger, superhuman, members of Twin Lamps.

    More history will come as more interest is shown.



    Accepted Submissions

    Initiative Order
    Bio-Freak: 23
    ???: 22
    Exemplar: 19
    Killjoy: 14
    ???: 12
    Eliza: 4
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    Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

    Super interested, would love to learn more of the setting.

    Are there any powers that are limited, ie power rings, alien backgrounds, etc
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      Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

      There are not limitations at the moment, but if I see something that I think doesn't belong, I'll let people know.
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        Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

        My plate game wise might be fully loaded depending on if I get into some games, but it's right up my alley with the tone and ability of PC's to effect things.
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          Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

          That other "take on the mob" game failed. Maybe I'll recycle for this game.


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            Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

            I shall hope for your presence, mrdent, and shall strive to avoid failure on my part for the game itself.
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              Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

              Are the heroes part of a city initiative plan or they an independent group?


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                Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

                Ooh. That gives me an idea, but the heroes - the PCs - are an independent group. The city itself is deeply in the pockets of the Five Families at the moment.
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                  Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

                  A sponsored independent group, an independent group, or individuals?


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                    Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

                    Most likely, they'll initially be individuals, and become an independent group. On the other hand, it's entirely possible that I'll feel the need to put a sponsor on for the team - it could well be that, say, after decades of neglecting the homefront, the retired Silver Knight/Steel Monarch/Dark Angel wants to clean up the city he was born in, but he can't because he's nearly eighty by the time the game starts.

                    Huh. You know, I kind of like that... but as things stand right now, the group would be an independent group/individuals.
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                      Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

                      Hydro (PL 9, 135 Power Points)

                      Real Name: David Fletcher
                      Age: 30
                      Hgt: 5'9"
                      Wgt: 163 lbs.
                      Hair: Brown.
                      Eyes: Hazel.
                      Ethnicity: Caucasian.
                      Place of birth: New Bay City.
                      Occupation: Police Detective (Sergeant rank).
                      Relatives: Miranda Blakes-Fletcher (wife), a doctor at a major hospital in the city.

                      STR 2, STA 2, AGL 1, DEX 1, FGT 3, INT 0, AWE 1, PRE 1

                      Skills: Athletics 4 (+6), Expertise: Current Events 4 (+4), Expertise: Popular Culture 4 (+4), Expertise: Demolitions 6 (+6), Expertise: Streetwise 6 (+6), Expertise: Police Officer 6 (+6), Insight 4 (+5), Intimidation 4 (+5), Investigation 6 (+6), Perception 4 (+5), Ranged Combat: Pistols 4 (+5), Treatment 4 (+4), Vehicles 4 (+5) - (30 pp)


                      Features: Produce clean, drinkable water at will, at rank –5 volume per round (increasing volume with rank).

                      • Anything that he wears or carry never gets wet or suffers water damage if he doesn’t wish it to, even if completely immersed.

                      • Make contaminated water pure and drinkable instantly at a rate of rank –5 volume per round. (3 pp)

                      Water Form: Concealment 4 (Visual, Limited to Underwater), Immunity 3 (Environmental conditions: can breathe underwater, cold and high pressure), Elongation 1, Insubstantial 1, Movement 3 (Environment Adaptation (underwater), Slithering, Sure-footed), Protection 10; Impervious, Swimming 6 (30 MPH). - (45 pp).

                      Water Control: Array (20 points) Base power - Water Blast: Ranged Damage 10 (20 pp)

                      Alternate Effects -

                      1. Dousing: Nullify 6 Water-Soluble Effects, Broad, Simultaneous. (1 pp)

                      2. Drowning: Progressive Affliction 6 (Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated). (1 pp)

                      3. Hydrokinesis: Perception Ranged Move Object 10, Limited to Water. (1 pp)

                      4. Watery Snare: Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Strength; Hindered and Vulnerable, Immobile and Defenseless), Extra Condition, Limited to Two Degrees. (1 pp)

                      Advantages: Connected, Favored Environment (Aquatic), Equipment 2 - (light pistol, smart phone, handcuffs), Evasion 1, Interpose. (6 pp)

                      Offense: Init +1, Unarmed +3 (Damage 2), Pistol +5 (Ranged Damage 3). Defense: Dodge 2, Parry 4, Fort 4, Tou 6/2, Will 2.


                      Sense of duty: David is committed to solve the problems plaguing the city though he is somewhat loyal to the NBC police force despite the rampant corruption within the department.

                      Relationship: His wife, Miranda. Despite both being workaholics and argue constantly, they care about each other.

                      History: David Fletcher was a police officer involved in an arson investigation. While out on a routine inspection in several buildings and testing the effectiveness of fire alarms, an explosion from a car bomb caused a nearby apartment building to catch on fire and without a moment's hesitation, David rushed into the building. His quick action saved nearly a dozen people but suddenly a gas main exploded and David was hurled back into the hallway and found himself covered in flames. In his panic to put out the flames, he watched in amazement as his body turned into water before his very eyes!

                      After dousing the fires (though some of his clothing was ruined, much to his embarrassment.), David proceeded to put out the building fire. Knowing that the event would draw notoriety from the media if he lingered for much longer, he quickly fled the scene after making sure the people was safe. David spent the following several weeks secretly practicing his powers and wondering what to do with them. Granted New Bay City needed heroes and he had no love for organized crime that ran much of the city but at the same time he wasn’t entirely certain that he should become a vigilante. The few superhumans that he did heard of and read about such as the infamous Slaughtershot didn’t inspire him enough to act above the law much less operate outside it. Not to mention how to keep this away from his wife, Miranda who as a émigré from the UK was quite unhappy about living in the United States especially in New Bay City and often hinting to him that they might be better off living in England.

                      Still David felt he had to do something, anything with these new abilities rather going than through the motions of everyday life and pretend New Bay wasn’t going down into ruins. Using his water creation powers along his skills as a police detective and connections on both sides of the law, he sometimes wander the streets of New Bay City as Hydro.

                      Totals: Abilities 22 + Powers 72 + Advantages 6 + Skills 30 + Defenses 5 = 135 pp.
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                        Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

                        Since I've got a submission, might as well make this into a recruitment thread, huh? :P

                        EDIT: At least, I would change the name of the topic, if I could figure out how to do so.
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                          Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

                          This looks fun. Posting interest for a gadgeteer/battle suit type.


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                            Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check

                            Welcome to the thread!
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                              Re: The Fall of Five Houses - M&M 3e Interest Check


                              I have a pre-existing character that named Nightjar (a bird in the "nighthawk" family) who fits into the whole Raven -> Crow -> Magpie -> Flock family tradition. He is originally a detective midway up the bureaucracy of the Metropolitan police dept; and a "normal" human crimefighter somewhat in the mold of Batman. He is a little more adept at investigating/detective work than combat, but he can still hold his own against virtually any normal human. He is currently a PL 8 (150pp) hero, but could be modified. I'm willing to work with you on changes that will make him more palatable. Should I modifiy him to a PL 9 (135) or leave him "as is" for now?
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