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Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (OOC)

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  • [3e OOC] Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (OOC)

    Veteran Player Version

    Sound and Fury, Emerald City's annual music festival was planned to end with a Native American band, the Longbowz, performing live at the Native American Cultural Center. However, a valuable artifact and the centerpiece of the museum's collection was stolen as the music festival began! After police investigation turned up no leads, the mayor has entrusted our intrepid heroes with finding the artifact and bringing it back before the show is ruined. Little do the heroes realize that their search will lead them into the shadowy realm of an ancient terror, and all of Emerald City is at stake.

    About the game:
    This will be a one-shot run of the Ghost Town scenario for 4 players. I've made some small changes here and there, but it's mostly intact.
    I've decided to run two instances of this, one for experienced players and one for newer players. This is the one for experienced players. I'll trust everyone to appropriately determine which they should apply for, but anyone who applies to both is getting last place priority. If there's not enough submissions for one, I'll pull PCs from the other to fill the gap. If you don't want to be cross-picked this way, please mention it in your application.
    The intended tone of the game is fairly bright: Things are bad at first but everyone gets their happily ever after (except the bad guy). Don't bring The Gunisher, think more Sat-AM Justice League or Spider Man.

    About me:
    I've GMed M&M and I've played M&M in a PBP, but never GMed a PBP. So I figure I might as well throw my hat in the ring and get my feet under me the easy way by running a module I've played through before.
    I'm fairly optimization-friendly and don't expect people to waste PPs on flavor if they don't want to, but that's not a blank ticket to the House of Cheese. I like seeing interesting mechanics come together in innovative ways.
    I expect myself to be able to post at least daily, likely more often if needed. I don't expect players to be quite that fast, but please be able to get posts up within 36-48 hours so we can keep things moving.

    House Rules:
    Removable and Easily Removable are now Complications instead of Flaws. You'll get Hero Points instead of Power Points.
    Immortality, Space Travel, Time Travel, Dimensional Travel, and the Dimensional extra are all strongly discouraged on the grounds they'd be worthless to have.
    This isn't a house rule per-se, but do note that most of the adventure takes place in a pocket-dimension segregated from modern technology. Charging your phone or getting more bullets might be problematic, and powers depending on satelites/power cables/underground pipes/etc will quickly be useless.

    Power Level 10, 160pp. Keep in mind that this will be somewhat on-rails since it's a module, so Complications relating to your character's history are unlikely to occur.
    PCs are part of a super-hero group, the Emerald Tower. You may invent your own reasons and circumstances for having joined, including any relevant background NPCs.
    I would also like to request that everyone run through A Fistful of Nazis with their submission as though they were both player and GM for a PBP game and post a pastebin of it. This is optional, but it'll give me an idea of who your character is, how you'll play them, and what you're like as a player. Think of it as a free chance to wow me.

    Other Notes:
    I intend to run this here on Ronin, but will move to Echoes if a bunch of people feel strongly.
    Recruitment closes on the 24th of June, PDT.
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    Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts

    The Emerald Tower:

    IC thread

    Adventure summary so far:
    The heroes were called to the Native American Cultural Center to investigate a theft that baffled the police.
    After investigating the scene, they found traces of the use of Hekawi magic and a guard stuffed in a vent. The guard described his attacker as a bird-person from Hekawi myth, and the professor was able to suggest that the thieves might be the Sons of the Sky. The Sons of the Sky meet on Angel Island every new moon for a ritual, and had repeatedly requested the stolen artifact for their ritual. That very night was a new moon.
    The heroes arrived at Angel Island as the ritual concluded, the arcane forces ripping open a mystic portal and sucking the statue in. Many of the Hekawi entered the portal while the others stayed behind to fight the heroes. Soon the heroes had defeated their foes, but the portal was closing fast!
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      Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

      Color me interested. What about a monk that can nullify (attempt to at least) powers that are thrown at him?
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        Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

        I'm running two games, and I'm in another, so feel free to consider me low priority on the list but I'm interested in giving Pratfall another try.

        Pratfall - PL 10

        Strength 4, Stamina 8, Agility 3, Dexterity 5, Fighting 10, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 6

        Daze (Clowning), Improved Critical 2: Honking Big Mallet, Improvised Weapon 4, Power Attack, Redirect, Set-up, Teamwork, Skill Mastery: Deception, Skill Mastery (Clowning), Takedown Attack

        Acrobatics 7 (+10), Athletics 1 (+5), Close Combat (Unarmed / Improvised Weapons) 2 (+12), Deception 10 (+16), Expertise (PRE): Clowning 8 (+14), Insight 6 (+8), Intimidation 3 (+9), Perception 6 (+8), Persuade 2 (+8), Sleight of Hand 7 (+12), Stealth 2 (+5)

        Regeneration: Regeneration 5 (Every 2 rounds) [5 pp]
        Slapstick Array [11 pp base cost + 5 AEs = 16 pp]
        . . Banana Peel
        . . . . Affliction: Affliction 9 (Linked; 1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Prone, Resisted by: Acrobatics, DC 19; Triggered 2: 2 uses - Physical Contact; Instant Recovery, Limited Degree)
        . . . . Damage: Damage 4 (Linked; DC 19; Triggered 2: 2 uses - Physical Contact)
        . . Honking Big Mallet: Strength-based Damage 6 (DC 25, Advantages: Improved Critical 2, Takedown Attack; Insidious, Reach (melee): +5 ft.)
        . . Laughing Gas Lapel Flower: Affliction 9 (1st degree: Fatigued, 2nd degree: Exhausted, Resisted by: Will, DC 19; Accurate: +2, Contagious, Insidious; Limited Degree)
        . . Snare Loop: Affliction 10 (1st degree: Hindered and Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless and Immobilized, Resisted by: Dodge, overcome by Damage or Sleight of Hand, DC 20; Extra Condition, Triggered: 1 uses - Physical Contact; Limited Degree)
        . . Stinkbomb Whoopie Cushion: Cloud Area Affliction 10 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Cloud Area: 15 feet radius sphere, DC 20, Triggered: 2 uses - Physical Contact; Limited Degree)
        . . Mimed Object: Create 10 (Flawed: Touch Range, Subtle 2, Quirk: Always Subtle/No Concealment)
        Overcrank: Quickness 2 (Limited to Physical, -2 on Time rank for physical tasks) [1 pp]
        Invisible Stairs: Flight 1 (Flaw: Platform, Subtle) [2 PP]
        . . Comedic Scramble: Speed 2 1 PP
        Slapstick: "Naked" Power 2 (Broad range; Insidious, Subtle: subtle, Notes: Applies to melee weapons) — Essentially, when Pratfall smashes a vase over someone's head, it doesn't seem like an attack. It doesn't feel like it hurts. It does. DC 20 Notice or Detect (?) to figure it out. [4 pp]
        Feature 2 (Props, Dimensional Pocket): Pratfall can produce various props from his pockets at will, noisemakers and sight gags, at GM discretion. He can also store up to Mass Rank 1 in miscellaneous objects in his pockets and retrieve them at will from said pockets or from another location with a successful Sleight of Hand [2 pp]

        Initiative +3
        Banana Peel: Affliction: Affliction 9, +10 (DC Acrobatics 19) / Damage: Damage 4, +10 (DC 19) — Kinetic / Bludgeoning
        Grab, +10 (DC Spec 14)
        Honking Big Mallet: Strength-based Damage 6, +10 (DC 25) — Kinetic / Bludgeoning
        Instant Makeover: Morph Attack 2, +10 (DC Dodge 12) — ? / Transformation
        Laughing Gas Lapel Flower: Affliction 10, +10 (DC Will 20) — ? / Chemical
        Snare Loop: Affliction 10, +10 (DC Dodge 20) — Physical
        Stinkbomb Whoopie Cushion: Cloud Area Affliction 10 (DC Fort 20) — ? / Smelly
        Throw, +5 (DC 19)
        Unarmed, +12 (DC 19)
        Improvised Weapon, +12 (DC 22 (plus any damage bonus for the hardness of the weapon))


        Dodge 5 (+8), Parry +10, Fortitude 4 (+12), Toughness +8, Will 6 (+8)

        Power Points
        Abilities 76 + Powers 31 + Advantages 11 + Skills 27 (54 ranks) + Defenses 15 = 160

        Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
        Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition is ©2010-2014 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.

        Paul Stubbs was a professional clown in Emerald City. Not the best, not the worst, but pretty decent at his craft. He was on his way to a gig when the Silver Storm happened. Now, his makeup and costume seem to be part of him and he's found the ability to pull items out of thin air. Moreover, something about his nature clouds the reactions of others. He can break a chair over a man's head and, unless people are looking closely, they don't even realize an attack was performed. Rather, it looks and feels like a harmless breakaway gag. He hasn't had a great deal of time to experiment with his powers since he stepped in and helped out with a group of ne'er-do-wells who were misusing their new powers, but he's definitely moving faster and is stronger than any normal human being. But oddly enough, only when it's funny...

        • Relationship — Paul has a wife and a son. They're not certain what to make of their father being a clown 24/7 now
        • Prejudice (Clown) — Some people just really don't like clowns, and few people take them seriously. Since Paul can't change back anymore, he has little choice but to deal with how people react to his appearance.
        • Obsession (Clowning) — Whether it's the some aspect of the empowering event, a method of coping, or simply hidden depths, Paul is constantly cracking jokes and attempting gags. It can really wear on a person around him.
        • Power Loss — Paul's powers sometimes desert him, particularly when he performs actions without a punchline. Maybe it's psychological, but he has a hard time using his powers when it isn't funny to do so.
        • Unknown — Paul assumes that his new powers come from the Silver Storm, since that's what was happening to everyone else around that time, but they could turn out to be from some other source entirely.

        I ran a 150 PP version through A Fistful of Nazis before, but I'm glad to do so again.
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          Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

          I would be down for a one shot. There is a luck controller I made for another game that can be easily adapted for this one I've been itching to put through its paces.
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            Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

            Originally posted by Evolución View Post
            Color me interested. What about a monk that can nullify (attempt to at least) powers that are thrown at him?
            That would likely work. Most of the powers in the module are magic or monstrous physiology.

            Originally posted by FuzzyBoots View Post
            Pratfall - PL 10
            Yes. YES.
            This is great. The fistful run is beautiful.


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              Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

              It's been a while, but I'll give it a go with my go-to Freedom City character.
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                Midori Sanzo

                Name: Midori Sanzo Height 1,7mts
                Ethnicity: Japanese Weight 70 kg
                Hair: bald Feature
                Eyes: black Age: 45

                Sanzo has trained all his young adult life in the forgotten temples of the high peaks of Japan. His life as a boy was tragic: His father was a powerful company CEO working on a branch of a japanese company dedicated to medical research in Emerald city. When he was a young boy his parents were kidnapped by an extremist group Black Dragon, alongside himself. The terrorists tortured his father to obtain the details of the companies' latest breakthroughs. Despite the pain, Sanzo's father didn't break. Then they started torturing him. After his first scream of pain, Sanzo's father gave the terrorists what they wanted. The criminals, after getting the intel they needed, proceeded to kill his father and mother, and he would have shared the same fate, if not for the not-so-timely intervention of the police. He would come to blame himself for his lack of discipline and resistance that resulted in the death of his parents. After the incident, he was sent to his grandfather in Japan, who was a temple monk in the mountains of the north. His grandfather told him the stories of the deity Fudo Myoo the immovable, who would not move from his place in the face of injustice, in hopes the young man would follow the teachings of the temple and follow his footsteps to become a monk. Such became his passion for the training and Fudo Myoo, that the deity itself presented to him, and granted him the power to stop the injustice and judge the defilers of truth where he found them.
                He then set out for Emerald city, where he would set straight the injustice and stand for those how couldn't endure them.

                Truthfull : Sanzo does not lie
                Just : Sanzo does not behave unjustly, nor permits such behaviour in his presence.
                Stand for others : Sanzo will attempt to intercept any attacks targeted at allies regardless of his own injuries. Failing to do so would subject him to emotional trauma from his past: Shadows of the past affliction DC 20 will (immunities dont apply): dazed/stunned/paralyzed.

                Abilities ( 100 pp)
                Strength 10 , Stamina 10 , Agility 10 , Dexterity 0 , Fighting 10 , Intellect 0 , Awareness 10 , Presence 0 .

                Powers ( 47 pp)
                - Aspect of divinity ( Immunity : Fortitude effects, Will effects, Half effect. ) · 30 point/s
                - Hooken ( Strength effect : Line area, subtle ) · 11 point/s
                - Ryuseiken ( AP: Strength effect : Multiattack, Affect insubstantial ) · 1 point/s
                - Hayai ( Speed 5 ) · 5 point/s

                Advantages ( 13 pp)
                Accurate attack 1 , Chokehold 1 , Defensive attack 1 , Evasion 2 , Fast grab 1 , Improved aim 1 , Improved critical (unnarmed) 1 , Improved grab 1 , Improved hold 1 , Interpose 1 , Move by action 1 , Power attack 1

                Skills ( 0 pp)

                Acrobatics 0 (+ 10 ), Deception 0 (+ 0 ), Athletics 0 (+ 10 ), Expertise () 0 (+ 0 ), Insight 0 (+ 10 ), Treatment 0 (+ 0 ), Persuacion 0 (+ 0 ), Technology 0 (+ 0 ), Close 0 (+ 10 ), Ranged 0 (+ 0 ), Vehicles 0 (+ 10 ), Sleight of Hand 0 (+ 0 ), Perception 0 (+ 10 ), Intimidation 0 (+ 0 ), Investigation 0 (+ 0 ), Stealth 0 (+ 10 )

                Initiative: 10
                Hooken (unarmed) Area Attack for DC: 25 Range: 30 ftx5ft
                Ryuseiken (unarmed) +10 multiattak Attack for DC: 25 Range: melee
                Grab (applied by unarmed attacks) DC: 20+5 after initial grab

                Defence ( 0 pp)
                Parry: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
                Dodge: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
                Toughness: 0 Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
                Fortitude: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
                Will: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
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                  Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

                  Sanzo looks good!


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                    Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

                    Here is Mack more or less. I am fairly certain the numbers work out, but might need a spot check on it.

                    Mack aka Eight Ball
                    PL 10
                    PP 160

                    *His face is covered in costume, but this is a close approximation


                    Mack, born Michael Wigley, was a fairly normal child with a tragic past. His mother died at birth leaving his father, an oil rig worker, to raise a child with skills only pertaining to working on rigs. In the few months a year Mack got to see his dad, they formed a close bond, but circumstances being what they were meant Mack spent a large amount of his preschool years with relatives that lived the life of luxury. Until he was shipped off to boarding school, all he learned was that you either live big or toil your life away. Despite the solid workman values conveyed by his father, Mack decided he was going to live big. Boarding school passed with just high enough grades to graduate. He was too busy playing pool in the lounge, card games at night, other kinds of games with the female sex at all hours, or smoking joints occasionally. Hedonist would enshrine him as a saint.

                    College was no different for him. He had managed to lie his way in to Princeton on a full scholarship by concocting a story of an abusive family who hated him and made him pay for the death of his mother while birthing him. Whoever read it was brought to tears. Of course, none of it was verifiable and he wasn't about to volunteer to go the cops because he claimed it would put him through too much pain. Besides, emotional abuse isn't a criminal offense. So, he got all the money he needed to get into Princeton and his family was none the wiser. A win-win in his book. During his time at the school he skipped classes like they were jump rope, played Casanova on campus, and partied like it was going out of style. Sure, he did enough to make his dad proud of his ivy league son, but Mack was his own man and set on getting as much blood pumping fun as possible until the fun got amped up after a happy accident.

                    It was after a long holiday weekend of boating with some friends and a group of random girls they ran into on the way to the boat. The who or what is still vague. All Mack recalled was telling everyone he was going to go on land for a few minutes as the toilet had long since been blocked up. Next thing he knew, a truck driving on a road where he was doing his business had a barrel topple over and knock him out for what his friends said had been for days. When they found him, he was covered in some orange goo. Amazingly enough, Mack didn't care. He was feeling all sorts of new things such as the best position to be in so the buxom girl who was partying with him would press her chest against his face "on accident". The sensation was difficult to describe, but he just knew. From that point, it just got more fun such as taking ridiculously stupid dares he had a hunch would work out like zip lining down a thin banner into a fountain blind folded. Every time he won a dare, his reputation grew as a wild man and he got crazier dares. Along with the winning came the adrenaline racing girls, party invites, and free drinks that flowed like the nile. Life was grand and he never gave thought one to putting his abilities to good use.

                    At the height of his sacrifices to the hedonist gods, an email came instead of the weekly letter he was accustomed. Every week his father sent him a hand written letter saying he was good and Mack would write back saying he was having fun at college and learning a lot. The email and follow up phone call were not good. His dads oil rig was attacked by a group of pirates lead by a small group of super criminals that easily dispatched the security forces plus the small contingent of heroes who bothered to show up. The attackers were eventually stopped when the full weight of the bigger time heroes arrived, but it was too late for his dad. That same small contingent of heroes had caught wind of Macks potential powers previously and made several recruitment attempts all rebuffed with one excuse or another. It seems that small group didn't grow too much. From that day, Mack dropped out of school and went to the city where he knew he could be a hero to stand up for people like his dad, Emerald City.

                    At first, his attempts at heroism were abysmal. He couldn't even stop a mugger because he was trying to emulate the other heroes. Standing up and fighting, being all super heroic sounding, or any other number of standard hero ways just wasn't his bag. On top of that, his pool hustling gave him a reputation as a star player so while he made more than enough to live off initially, the earnings dwindled. Of course, his reputation also got him lots of party invites and women like back in college so he wasn't going hungry by any stretch. In addition, he disguised himself well enough most of the time to trick people into misidentifying him. One day, the proverbial light went off. He would use probability and tricks instead of proper fighting and of course don a proper outfit as the new hero in town "Eight Ball". His tactics worked so well that sometimes simply rolling his trade marked black eight ball at a bad guy would get they to surrender when they say him. One man could only do so much though, so when contacted for a team up he didn't hesitate.

                    Character Sheet

                    Abilities 28pp:
                    Strength 0 Stamina 2 Agility 7(2*) Dexterity 4 Fighting 7(2*) Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 0
                    *without powers

                    Skills 21pp:
                    Acrobatics 2(+9), Athletics 4(+4), Deception 12(+12), Insight 4(+8), Perception 3(+7), Persuasion 5(+5), Sleight of Hand 6(+10), Stealth 4(+10), Vehicles 2(+6)

                    Powers 90pp:
                    Enhanced Abilities 10(Agility 5, Fighting 5) 20pp
                    Ease of Movement: Movement 3(Surefooted 2, Safe Fall, Wall Crawling 2) 10pp

                    Catastrophe: Damage 8(Extras: Ranged 1/rank, Indirect 4 4/flat, Variable Descriptors(accidents) 1/flat) 21pp
                    AE: Lucky Hits: Damage 8(Extras: Improved Critial 2 2/flat, Multiattack 1/rank) 1pp(18pp)
                    AE: Bodily Reverberations: Damage 8(Extras: Improved Critical 2 2/flat, Alternate Save Fort 1/rank, Insidious 1/flat) 1pp(18pp)

                    Defensive Movement: Protection 7 7pp
                    See it coming: Enhanced Defenses 8(Dodge 4, Parry 4) 8pp
                    Right Place: Enhanced Advantages 18(Close Attack 5, Evasion 2, Hide in Plain Sight, Ranged Attack 8, Redirect, Uncanny Dodge) 18pp

                    Enhanced Luck: Enhanced Advantages 4(Luck 4) 4pp

                    Advantages 7pp:
                    Equipment 1, Power Attack, Setup, Skill Mastery(Deception, Sleight of Hand), Taunt, Teamwork, Close Attack 5*, Evasion 2*, Hide in plain Sight*, Ranged Attack 7*, Redirect*, Luck 4*, Uncanny Dodge*

                    Initiative +7
                    Ranged +12, Close +12

                    Defense 14pp
                    Dodge 11, Fortitude 8, Parry 11, Toughness 9, Will 12

                    Abilities 28 + Skills 21 + Advantages 7 + Powers 90 + Defenses 14 = 160

                    Collapsible Bow Staff/Pool Cue Damage 4, Feature Collapsible. 5ep

                    Motivation(Thrill Seeking): Eight Ball, as he goes by in the powered community, is Macks outlet for his adrenaline rushes directed towards something good.
                    Motivation(Responsibility): He didn't use his abilities to help his dad on the oil rig, so now he is determined to see everyone gets justice with the weak protected.
                    Secret Identity(Eight Ball): For fighting crime, he goes by a super hero name and disguise as to not compromise his "normal" life.
                    Quirk(Leaves black eight ball): Whenever he helps to apprehend a criminal or stops a crime he leaves an eight ball.
                    Reputation(Risk Taker): He is known as a major risk taker since he can see how it will work out while others can't for the most part.


                    Mack is a big pool player and thrill seeker. To the outside world, he takes chances that don't seem like they will pan out such as running across a spiked floor or free climbing a sky scraper. He uses this to his advantage to trick people a lot into doing stupid things such as getting bad guys to punch each other. He takes the job of being a hero seriously, but at the same time tries to derive the most fun out of it he can because sometimes the probabilities just don't pan out, although they usually do.


                    His powers are based off quickly assessing a situation unconsciously and knowing the best movement or events to set in motion to achieve an immediate goal. If a surface is hand climbable, he can see right where to put his hands. If he is falling, just where to grab if possible. This extends to his subconscious which just moves him instinctively.
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                      Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

                      Hey, would The Cast be viable for this campaign? I'll modify him a bit for this, but I did already run a version of him through A Fistful of Nazis here.

                      He's gotten strangely extreme responses from GMs though, so I figured I'd ask first before taking up the space with a full submission.
                      My builds can be found in the Roll Call forum [url=]here[/url]. And, here's the latest version of [url=]The Cast[/url].
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                        Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

                        Originally posted by mrdent12 View Post
                        Here is Mack more or less. I am fairly certain the numbers work out, but might need a spot check on it.

                        Mack aka Eight Ball
                        Looks good! The idea of a luck-manipulator who really makes their own luck is neat.

                        Originally posted by Rush View Post
                        Hey, would The Cast be viable for this campaign? I'll modify him a bit for this, but I did already run a version of him through A Fistful of Nazis here.

                        He's gotten strangely extreme responses from GMs though, so I figured I'd ask first before taking up the space with a full submission.
                        Looks good to me. It's a far better way to handle a duplicator than just spamming Summon, and the duplication tricks are neat.
                        I'd note that I'd only award a Hero Point for Entangled Feedback once per scene.


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                          Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

                          Sanzo's fist full of nazis test. He didnt fare overly well, but he did roll poorly and I also forgot to make use of most of his advantages until later on. Also his mobility was compromised in round 1. Still pretty solid build.
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                            Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

                            Originally posted by Evolución View Post
                            Sanzo's fist full of nazis test. He didnt fare overly well, but he did roll poorly and I also forgot to make use of most of his advantages until later on. Also his mobility was compromised in round 1. Still pretty solid build.
                            It's always fun to see how characters suddenly struggle with a Fistful of Nazis, the dice gods seem to love screwing with PCs in that scenario. I've seen PL 12s go down, and had one of my PL 8s win on round 2.

                            I do notice you're applying Stunned results from damage, which I believe is a 2e mechanic. Familiar Haunts will be a 3e game and 3e changed the Damage effects, just as a reminder.


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                              Re: Ghost Town: Familiar Haunts (Recruiting)

                              Well, let's give this a shot; I'll even go with his more old-school look:

                              THE CAST
                              Falcon-themed, duplicating crime fighter

                              PL 10, 160pp
                              Real Name: Tim O'Brien
                              Occupation: P.I. Consultant
                              Height: 5ft. 11in. Weight: 185lbs.
                              Hair: Red Eyes: Brown
                              Age: 25 Sex: M
                              Big-5 Personality (1-9): O:7, C:7, E:4, A:4, N:2

                              Strength 2 (+2), Stamina 4 (+4), Agility 2 (+2), Dexterity 0 (+0)
                              Fighting 4 (+12), Intellect 3 (+4), Awareness 2 (+6), Presence 0 (+0)

                              Equipment 4, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Instant Up, Jack-of-all-trades, Move-by Action, Teamwork

                              Falcon Blades (Shuriken - 3ep)
                              Toolkit (Basic)
                              Undercover Shirt - 2ep
                              Motorcycle - 11ep
                              - Speed 5 (60mph, 900ft/rnd)
                              - Feature 1: Alarm 1
                              - Feature 1: Electric (Subtle)
                              - Strength 1, Toughness 8, Size: Medium

                              Acrobatics 0 (+2), Athletics 2 (+4), Deception 5 (+5), Expertise: Streetwise 4 (+8), Insight 4 (+10), Intimidation 6 (+10), Investigation 6 (+14), Perception 4 (+14), Persuasion 3 (+3), Ranged Combat: Throwing 5 (+5), Sleight of Hand 0 (+0), Stealth 10 (+12), Technology 0 (+4), Treatment 0 (+4), Vehicles 1 (+1) - 50 ranks total


                              Duplication Benefits (Container) - 50pp
                              Better Than One (Container) - 21pp
                              Constant Attention (Enhanced Awareness 4)
                              Enhanced Impression (Enhanced Intimidation 4)
                              Extra Eyeballs (Enhanced Perception 4)
                              Group Analysis (Enhanced Investigation 4)
                              Group Counsel (Enhanced Intellect 1)
                              Coordinated Actions (Quickness 4) - Limited: Physical Only
                              Extra Perspectives (Senses 3) - Accurate Hearing, Radius Vision
                              Clone Combat (Container) - 26pp
                              Expendable Targets (Enhanced Dodge 8)
                              Multiple Fighters (Enhanced Fighting 8)
                              Numerous Grips (Enhanced Trait 2) - Improved Grab, Improved Hold
                              Nifty Power Tricks (Container) - 3pp
                              Huddled Warmth (Immunity 1) - Environmental Cold; Sustained
                              Never Really Down (Enhanced Trait 1) - Instant Up
                              Here, There, Everywhere (Enhanced Trait 1) - Move-by Action
                              Duplicate Motion (Array) - 10pp + 2pp for AEs
                              Decoys (Concealment 10)
                              All Senses; Limited: Duplicates are all visible

                              AE: Barrier Crossing (Linked Effects)
                              Remote Sensing 1 - 60 ft.; All Senses (Base Cost 5p/r); Simultaneous, Noticeable
                              Communication 1 - 100 ft.; Normal Speech; Area
                              AE: Duplicate Movement (Container)
                              Appear, Disappear (Teleport 1) - Change Direction, Subtle, Quirk: Only 5 ft.
                              Coordinated Motion (Movement 2) - Safe Fall, Wall-crawling 1
                              Wave of Bodies (Leaping 3) - 60 ft. @ 16mph
                              Duplicate Actions (Array) - 24pp + 1pp for AE
                              Instant Mobs (Move Object 6)
                              Damaging, Burst Area, Selective, Reduced Range (Close), Custom Extra: Parry Check (not Dodge) (+0p/r), Precise, Quirk: Needs physical access to area

                              AE: Gang-Up (Move Object 8)
                              Damaging, Perception Range, Limited: Only within 60 feet, and needs physical access to target

                              Initiative +2
                              Instant Mobs (DC 16 vs Parry) (DC 18/21 vs Tough)
                              Gang-Up (Perception range to 60ft.) (DC 23 vs Tough)
                              Falcon Blades +5 Multiattack (DC 16 vs Tough)
                              Unarmed +12 (DC 17 vs Tough)
                              Throw +5 (DC 17 vs Tough)
                              Grab +12 (DC 12 vs STR/Dodge)

                              Dodge 2 (+12/+4)
                              Parry 0 (+12/+4)
                              Toughness (+6)
                              Fortitude 2 (+6)
                              Will 4 (+10/+6)

                              POWER POINTS
                              Abilities 34 + Advantages 6 + Skills 25 + Powers 87 + Defenses 8 = 160


                              Tim grew up an orphan. His parents died in a traffic accident when he was 3, and having no living relatives, Tim became a ward of the state and bounced around multiple foster homes. As is often the case, many of the environments he found himself in weren't exactly conducive to a healthy upbringing; Tim frequently found himself the target of abuse, or even just bullying by other foster children. As his suffering continued, Tim became more emotionally distant, and a worse-behaved youth.

                              He finally wound up in a halfway-decent foster home right as he hit his teens, one which introduced him to positive influences in school (and church) that helped the troubled, but bright kid come to terms with his situation and choose to not head down the wrong path.

                              Eventually, Tim made it through high school and graduated, taking an interest in becoming a private investigator. With help from a former school mentor, he landed an internship at a PI agency; it was shortly after that when "the incident" occurred in his home city. The glow from the corporate lab that night signaled the decimation of the facility, but also changes across the city. Weird things happened to a number of cars, structures and personal artifacts. And a number of people wound up with strange new abilities.

                              Tim discovered his ability to create multiple quantum instances of himself by accident; when the duplicate wound up uninstantiating, and the remaining Tim acquired the memory of the other's two minutes of divergent lifeline, he immediately understood the gravity of the situation; and quickly learned to make use of it. With his newfound power, he realized he could actually do what had only been a hidden desire in his mind: exact justice on those who continually committed injustice on others. And within the year, he had moved onto a new PI agency in Emerald City, to provide cover as he embraced a new identity: The Cast. He now works alongside the rest of the Emerald Tower in his neverending fight for justice.

                              The Cast is a falcon-themed crime fighter, named after the proper term for a group of falcons. He wears a dark cloak-like cape somewhat reminiscent of wings, and a slightly-"beaked" cowl, with a simple costume that includes little in the way of protection, preferring to rely on his agility (and powers) for defense. And of course, his utility belt provides the few tools he needs. When necessary, his electric motorcycle allows for speedy transport for up to two instances of him.

                              POWER SPECIFICS

                              Tim can, effortlessly, at will and nearly instantly, create practically any number of new quantum instances of himself (duplicates) within a short distance of his original self. Each instance of him, both duplicated and original, is an exact copy, and is equally the "real Tim", having the same memories and abilities, and can also do the same things, including create duplicates. With each being the real Tim, they behave pretty much 100% in accord, and to some degree can each sense the presence and state of the other instances. Any given instance can choose to uninstantiate at will (unconsciousness of an instance also causes it,) and all other instances immediately re-integrate that instance's memories as their own. However, being that the instances are quantum entangled to some degree, there's also the (slight) risk of damage done to one rippling through all of the instances. All of his powers have both the Quantum and Duplication descriptors.

                              All of this all allows for interesting behaviors. Numerous duplicates can all be created within split-seconds of each other, to create a wave of bodies and, say, leave one instance at an elevated ledge, at which point the other instances can safely uninstantiate. A mob of instances can all mobilize to lift a heavy object, or gang up on a thug, or quickly disassemble a construct... or all three at once. And of course, scouring a room in search of a missing object is almost trivial.

                              There is a slight trade-off to having multiple instances of himself around; the more there are, the shorter each instance can remain stable, with each spontaneous disappearance increasing stability. With only 4 instances in existence, each can last until exhaustion overtakes them, for effectively a couple days duration. With 6 instances, it'll be around 24 hours before any one of them spontaneously uninstantiates. With 20, it's roughly 10 minutes. Sixty instances last roughly 30 seconds (5 rounds) each, 100 last 6 seconds (1 round,) and 400 last under a second.

                              In addition, no instance can be further than 60 feet from any other instance; effectively, this means all instances are confined to an area roughly 30 feet in radius. Should two instances suddenly find themselves too far apart, one will randomly uninstantiate. With multiple instances, usually the one that deviates too far from the others will be the one to spontaneously disappear.

                              It should also be noted that The Cast is highly vulnerable to Nullify effects. A successful Nullify targeting any instance ripples through to all of them; this means it bypasses Expendable Targets, Multiple Fighters and Decoys (but not Constant Attention.)


                              Deficiency: Emotionally Stunted
                              Due to his rough childhood, Tim has a hard time relating to others in a positive emotional sense. In fact, he even has difficulty allowing himself to experience positive emotions at all. Not that Tim is unstable--he's as well-adjusted as he can be. He's... just not the guy you want trying to console a citizen who just lost her husband due to a supervillain's attack.

                              Motivation: Justice
                              Having grown up around injustice, Tim has a strong desire to see justice measured out, but also avoids having that desire become mere vengeance and punishment.

                              Quirk: Uncomfortable w/o Duplicates
                              Tim has gotten used to the strange mental effects his power brings about, as well as the benefits that having multiple instances of oneself brings. So much so, that he is actually uncomfortable when he does NOT have multiple instances of himself active. He tries to always have a few instances active even when not superheroing, and usually takes extra security precautions before allowing himself to fall asleep.

                              Quirk: Entangled Feedback
                              Each instance of The Cast is equally the "real him." So even though, in game terms, the mechanics of his powers would normally allow him to sit back and attack in relative safety, instantiating duplicates actually presents some risk. Whenever a duplicate is manifested, it can be targeted, and there's a chance any damage done will ripple through all of them, in a sense actually affecting the "real" Cast. The chance is proportional to the number of instances active (to as low as a 1/20 chance.) For example, if The Cast is using Instant Mobs (say, 10 instances) to attack multiple villains at once, and each villain is swinging at an instance, each time they attack, there would be a 1/10 chance that damage done to the instance will ripple through to all of them. If a particularly hard hit is landed, it could knock out the instance, and cause all the others to instantly uninstantiate. Of course, for dramatic/other purposes, the GM can also dictate that a particular attack will *definitely* strike the "real" Cast. NOTE: No actual HP are expected from this Complication, it's really just a description of how his power works.
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