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Cosmic Privateers: Cartegena

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    Re: Cosmic Privateers: Cartegena

    Ka doesn't seem fazed int he slightest at the attack on him or his minions as Juto figured out. In fact, he had a small grin cross his face and a smug aura of satisfaction. From his throne, he looked like a Roman emperor watching gladiators fight it out for his amusement. All that he needed now was the ability to call who lived or died. That isn't to say he needed all the gladiators fighting at once though. "Time is an illusion. You and your kind are too blind to see through it. I am always glad to help people on that front. My way of giving back for all the fun I have with time and how you mortals see it.", says Ka with a laugh as he shots a ray of black cackling energy at Juto that goes wide. Ka shrugs it off though.

    As Ophrys flies around the room for the cover, he feels the space time vibrations messing with his internal circuity. While at one point he is small enough to fly around, his size shrinks to the size of a penny then grows to the size of a small house at random internals knocking all the pillars over and scraping against the walls. What used to be ornate is now more of just rubble that is falling quickly on the living ship. Once the dust settles, every except for Ka is cover in dust and small pieces of stone.

    While Ka might have been ignoring Symbiont, the minions hair their gaze dead set on him. The ship was just clumsy, the talker was wrapped up in a conversation with Ka, and the transportation was just that except for the two elite guards left standing who didn't want Ka's conversation interrupted. While the Wildcat guards pounce on Symbiont with all except one missing with a powerful claw swipe, the elite guards drop a shimmering blade from their red robes and slash at Diamond with blades that vibrate.

    Ka: Dodge 16, Fortitude 13, Parry 16, Toughness 14, Will 16, Regens once every three rounds
    Elite Guard: Dodge 10, Fortitude 12, Parry 10, Toughness 14, Will 12,
    Wildcat Guard: Dodge 10, Fortitude 12, Parry 10, Toughness 18, Will 16, toughness impervious

    Accelerated Aging: 1D20+12 = [5]+12 = 17
    vs Juto and it misses.

    Ophrys gets a HP for the accident and random changes in size. Mechanically, its a DC 25 area damage for the walls and rocks falling him. Also, cover is now removed.

    claw attacks: 1D20+10 = [6]+10 = 16
    1D20+10 = [17]+10 = 27
    1D20+10 = [2]+10 = 12
    1D20+10 = [8]+10 = 18
    1 hit, DC 33 toughness save for Symbiont

    Quantum blade: 1D20+14 = [19]+14 = 33
    1D20+14 = [12]+14 = 26
    Both hit in sequence each attack is a Damage 10 linked to Weaken toughness 10 with weaken kicking in first. So DC 20 fort vs the weaken than DC 25 toughness after.

    NPC's(Ka, 2x Elite Guard, 4x Wildcat Guards)
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      Re: Cosmic Privateers: Cartegena

      HP: 2→3, Condition: Spacial Compression equipment malfunction
      Located in ??? above the battle

      Ophrys spun rapidly as her wing snapped to full size and through the stone ceiling, the ornate structure crumbling around her. She slammed her way down, along the flow of debris, powering through the unexpected shower of rubble before climbing back into the open air above the battle.
      As the diagnostic came in she immediately broadcast a standardized packet with error information, before belatedly realizing no-one on the field had equipment to receive such. "Equipment error, cause unknown" she repeated more comprehensibly, "weapons report unaffected, continuing engagement." Yoyoing violently, she unleashed another series of lasers at Ka's guards before settling into a tight circle above the combat raging below. "Lead, 042 ready to switch to interference with primary target."

      OOC: Turn's actions
      Dodge for half against Area: Dice continue being spiteful, failed.
      DC 25 TOU check against Damage: Dice stop being spiteful, success.
      Move Action: Flight 18 to open air above battle, staying clear of further possible obstructions.
      Standard Action: Fire, PA 2, all 6 minions. Routine attacks, all hit. TOU rolls against DC 23:
      Wildcats: All save. Elites: One fails.
      Current size rank is 0, STR is 6.


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        Re: Cosmic Privateers: Cartegena

        HP: 2, Status: Fatigued -> Fatigued, Dazed, 1 Bruise, Location: Inside... a temporal temple?

        Eddie turned, bobbed, weaved, and parried in the air, deftly avoiding and blocking each slash from the cat-like creatures as they leapt at him.

        Except, of course, for the one that he didn't see. It slipped out of his field of vision and landed a heavy blow right on his back--not enough to draw blood, but it nearly punctured Eddie's symbiote covering, and left him dazed for a moment.

        He struggled to refocus.


        Toughness Save: 1d20 + 15 = [9] + 15 = 24; two degrees of failure: Symbiont receives a Bruise and is Dazed for one round.
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          Re: Cosmic Privateers: Cartegena

          Blake "Diamond" Ashlyn
          HP: 1->0
          Status: 0-> 1 Injury
          Absorbed Energy: 0

          Diamond made the quality of her superheroine name proud as she takes both attacks of her two elite guards with the solidity of diamond. The shimmering elite guard blades couldn't damage the integrity of Diamond's hardened flesh, though the impact of the second guard did at least a little damage, though as Blake turned to retaliate, the guard folded after a flash of light from Ophrys's beams.

          For the moment it felt best to deal with the last elite guard before that funky blade got lucky. She held together, but she definiately felt that the blades had more to them, trying to sheer through her tough exterior and weaken it's integrity.

          Turning to the last elite guard, Blake hauled back and slammed a carefully aimed punch into the guard's center of mass, sending the guard sailing back unconscious.

          "Juto, do you need my help with Ka or should I go help deal with those big cat things?"

          If Juto sends her to help, Diamond will leap back over to the nearest cat guard, otherwise she'll move to flank Ka.

          This attack has made me realize there is something I need to add to Diamond's build. Second Chance. I think this advantage gets highly underlined for how situational it seems to be, but there are concept a where it makes a lot more sense than some other things that generally get done instead (usually immunities with half effect and impervious)

          Why am I mentioning this? Because the dice want to screw with me. I need a 6, the roll a 1. So I am spending my Hero Point for Heroic feat to grab Second Chance (weaken toughness effects); because if damage vs fire effects is a viable example for the advantage, attempts to weaken a specific trait seems just as viable. I would power stunt it which would last the scene rather than just the end of my next turn, but I have nothing I can viable stunt it off of.

          Fort vs weaken effect: 1D20+14 = [19]+14 = 33
          1D20+14 = [1]+14 = 15
          The original roll
          Fort vs weaken effect (Second Chance reroll): 1D20+14 = [15]+14 = 29
          The reroll. So she saves against both of those.

          Toughness vs "quantum" blades: 1D20+16 = [12]+16 = 28
          1D20+16 = [8]+16 = 24
          First fully shrugged off, second fails by a single degree.

          (If I kept that 15 result, her toughness would have been 5 lower and that would have been 2 wounds and dazed..)

          She'll attack the last elite guard, accurate attack 2 to make her bonus +10, making a routine attack hit with a damage 14, DC29.

          Toughness vs Diamond fist: 1D20+14 = [6]+14 = 20
          Not even close really.
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            Re: Cosmic Privateers: Cartegena

            The Commander
            HP: 2 | LP:1
            Status: Normal

            He could feel the air grow stale as the lighting passed him by, and instinctively he knew just how dangerous such an attack may've been. Flicking his wrist, a thick threaded needle several inches in length dislodged from his glove. Grabbing the string he began to swing it by his side in preparation, judging his target and running through the maneuver at speed. "No, those two can handle the others for now. But they'll be back before long unless we deal with him first. Go for those orbs behind him, see if you can do something about that... While I deal with Ka!"

            At his call, he flings needle causing it to soar over Ka's head in an arc, embedding it in the stone above him. With a sharp tug Juto feels himself being pulled upward as the strong weaves itself back his gloves, dislodging the zipline at the height of his movement. Ka would get a surprise as the Commander's leg comes down on his shoulder, which while not enough to hurt him knocks him off balance well enough for Juto to try and bring his leg in from the other side, in an attempt to establish a hold. If unsuccessful, he flips backward half a foot, staring the powerful villain down even with his failed maneuver.

            Move action: Zipling over to Ka.
            Standard: Unarmed attack, Accurate +3/-3 = 27, Just enough to land a hit!
            -Ka's Toughness: 33 A very much success, but I believe my Fast Grab can still go off.
            -Ka's Dodge to resist Fast Grab: 22, Sadly I think that Ka can avoid it.
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              Re: Cosmic Privateers: Cartegena

              Blake "Diamond" Ashlyn
              HP: 0
              Status: 1 Injury
              Absorbed Energy: 0

              "Got it! Ophrys! Hit me with some energy!" Blake calls out to the space ship, seeing if it understands her intention this time.

              Free action talky talks.