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  • [2e OOC] The Fallen Angels

    It's the year, 2080. Many years ago, the United States fell apart in a brutal civil war. Today, the west coast is ruled by criminal gangs. Southwest United States is under the control of New Texas, a sunny paradise. Or so we've heard, but no one ever goes there. The East Coast is the "official" United States, a technological backwater, but strong and militaristic country bent on reconquering the old United States.

    In 2062, during the height of the Second American Civil War, the Russian Empire unleashed chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons across Europe as a prelude to invasion. The weapons caused devastating carnage. During the short but intense war, there came the emergence of the Sparks. Sparks are by all appearances normal human beings, but they possess abilities from the minute to the immensely powerful. No one knows for sure the origin of the Sparks. Are they the result of radiation mutation? Biological weapons? Aliens? Or special weapons program that went awry?

    Now, back in 2080, North America is a land of constant struggle, violence, and want. Europe is a wasteland. Africa is a mysterious place no one knows much about. Far East Asia is under the iron rule of Imperial China.

    A mysterious individual is gathering a group of people known as the Angels to change the world forever. Are you in?

    If you are interested in playing, submit a character. The power level should be less than or equal to ten. We're looking for between 3-5 more players.

    The game will be heavy of lore and character development. Character interaction will be ongoing and take place on Discord. All approved players will get an invite to the Discord server. In addition to ongoing character interaction and minor encounters, we will meet on for major missions and the like.

    If there are enough interested spectators, I'll additionally post the story on here as it develops.
    If you have questions, comments, or submissions, post them here.