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  • [3e OOC] Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - In session

    "This is Charlotte Black of XYZ news, bringing the citizens of Galaxis City the facts that matter. Our top story tonight: Are they among us? Last Thursday the world was shocked by the impact of what was initially thought to be a large meteor, which experts are now referring to as a 'colony ship'. It crashed down just several miles outside the city limits in the forests near Arrowhead village. Casualties have included three campers hiking nearby, but the death toll among extraterrestrials is so far over three hundred and rising every hour. With the bodies currently recovered from the wreckage, it seems that the alien vessel was populated by a union of at least thirty different species however more discoveries are being made every day. Reports indicate that so far we have yet to encounter a single survivor from this tragic yet enlightening disaster. More at eleven..."

    On the 50th day of the Regression season during the year 88,354, the criminal transport vessel Redemption operating under The Authority was brought down. It all took place during a violent uprising among it's prison populace en route to its final destination of a penal colony in a neighboring system. Extremist groups sabotaged it's engines, forcing the ship to drop out of hyperspace within the primitive isolation zone around Sol 3. This unscheduled stop ended in catastrophe as Redemption's gravity snag failed to account for Sol 3's specific gravity well in time.

    In short, the ship was sent into an unstoppable tailspin straight into the planet's surface, miraculously landing on one of it's larger landmasses and giving it's population a small chance of survival. Of that population which contained exactly 21,613 inmates, 2,844 guards, and 879 civilian crewman, those survivors are few and far between. Whatever order the ship had left has now broken down completely.

    Criminals and other survivors have already begun to flee into the surrounding wilderness while anything going on inside the ship itself has been left a mystery. Those few that escaped now find themselves lost on a seemingly hostile world with little to no hope of getting off planet once again. Food is scarce and only the most desperate have braved eating the native flora and fauna to mixed effect.

    Most have so far succeeded in avoiding the native populace, wary of the danger they could pose to their safety. But it's only a matter of time before things change, for better or for worse.

    Can the people of Earth, Galaxis city in particular, handle this unplanned invasion of far flung convicts originating from the depths of space? What has become of those deeper inside the ship? Will these escaped prisoners suceed in solidifying their freedom, or will galactic authority finally muster the resources to quell this incident once and for all? Only time will tell...


    Hey there folks! I've been thinking about trying to run a game on this site for a while, and have finally decided to give it a shot. I'm currently just looking to see if this concept draws any interest so submissions will not yet be accepted at this time. You are however free to discuss and think about what you'd like to do if you so choose. Edit: Aplications will now be accepted!

    I'm aiming this to be something of a heroic science fiction tale where criminals and members of the law are forced to work together out of necessity, both for survival and to fend off against threats bigger then themselves. And I suppose to learn a few life lessons along the way.

    Power level will be at 8, illustrating that while your unique biologies, technology, and skills put you above normal humanity you're not quite at the superheroic level just yet. In that same line of thought I'll ask that people try not to make overly gamey aliens, such as a do anything shapeshifter. I'm sure I can trust you folk in general to know what would and would not be acceptable, but you're free to ask if you're still not sure on something.

    The first chapter of this story will mainly be about survival and coming together, and at the start you'll mostly be going up against more hostile alien survivors.

    My main inspiration is the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and perhaps a smattering of other things that are unknowingly influencing me. So, a somewhat serious story but there will be room for a comedic tone to it.

    Oh, and before anyone asks, we'll be using the classic trope of aliens speaking a miraculously similar language to English called Galactic Basic. Essentially, just assume you all have a free rank in Languages.

    Now then; thoughts, questions, concerns, etc.?

    The Cast

    All the way from the north on Beta Ssemelex 4 within the heavily fortified Authority core worlds, this once no-name hacker now awaits to take Earth's computer network by storm, allow me to introduce Xarvalis!

    A member of a fledgling empire shattered before it even began, he had risen through the ranks to prove that nobody could escape the eyes of the law, it's our very own overseer, Griklik!

    Born and raised on the streets of Melusia 5, her species having helped transform what was once Paradise into Torment, she rises up to strike and the people scream her name in fear, it's Ashani!

    But what's this?! It appears we have new players on the scene!

    The Quozl bounty hunter, with his sights set upon victory and a glorious payday, here he is hopping into action, Whitetail!

    Rising from the Qu’rax Fighting Pits, he's the dragon man with the mysterious clan, watch him roar, it's Gaar'o!
    Retired Characters:

    A man born not planet-side but within the bowels of a ship, he was taught by only the brightest and most moralistic of the galaxies criminal underbelly, hold onto your wallets as he pops in with a flash of light, Cher'Shar!

    Risen from the ashes of an empire that lay broken and defeated after a millennia of bloodshed, she inspires both fear and love in the hearts of men and woman everywhere, hear the masses cry out with joy, Diona!
    Chapter Index

    Chapter 0: Welcome to Earth.
    Chapter 1: Rude Awakening.
    Chapter 2: Meeting the Neighbors.
    Chapter 3: Apprehensive Reunions
    Chapter 4: Invasive Species

    Current Headquarters
    Mountainside Caves
    Size: Large
    Toughness: 10
    Features: Isolated, Living Space, Secret 1, Workshop
    • 8 points.

    {Prisoner/Crew/Guard/Native} Name (Species) Status

    {P} Vira (Saurian) Unknown
    {P} Ikkilo Sax (Unknown) Deceased
    {P} Orranaria Sin-Toni (Cybermered-Ven) Unknown
    {G} Ixxia Fo-T'tress (Vesh-l'trunal) Allied
    {P} Quen (Quon) Unkown
    {P} Prisoner 2589 (Lorg) Imprisoned
    {G} Qeisa (Unknown) unknown
    {P} Roirare (Bri-Shreen) Unknown
    {N} Tamantha Peterson (Human) Neutral
    {N} lieutenant Arimus Black (Human) Friendly
    {G} Acting Overseer Portex (Ilithid) Unfriendly
    {G} Sprog (Unknown) Neutral
    {C} Dirt (Unknown) Friendly

    In-Depth information

    The Galactic Authority

    -The Bean Forrest Region Massacre
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    Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

    Hey Doc! I like the setting, really evocative. Definitely piqued my interest! Are you looking for a mix of Galaxis city citizens and Prison-ship crew/detainees for your party? Are we looking at a modern tech level for Galaxis City/Earth?


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      Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

      Originally posted by CitizenStalwart View Post
      Hey Doc! I like the setting, really evocative. Definitely piqued my interest! Are you looking for a mix of Galaxis city citizens and Prison-ship crew/detainees for your party? Are we looking at a modern tech level for Galaxis City/Earth?
      Good questions!

      While I was back and forth on it for awhile, I think I'd prefer an all alien group. Though I might consider a human (or at least partially human) member if I find them intriguing enough. No promises.

      The setting on Earth is near future, I think. 2030ish. Close enough to our level to recognize, but enough time passing to allow for some interesting technology on the side of Earth.
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        Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

        Sounds interesting. Depending on how the human response is, I could see this having a lot of potential.

        If it starts up, I'd like to submit my alien diplomat-prince from the defunct Cosmic DC Adventure game on the forum. I'd tweak him to fit this setting, of course.

        I do have one question: how do you see the campaign ending? Or at least, do you have one or more possible specific endings in mind?
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          Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

          Glad to have your interest! I have a couple ideas for how it could end, but it largely depends on the actions of the heroes.
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            Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

            Is sounds like it could be interesting. I'll add my interest into the pool. The idea of a convinced criminal trying to make good in a bad situation could be fun.


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              Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

              An interesting idea. Mind if I made my own version of an already-existing character?


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                Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

                Happy to see there's more interest still!

                @RMD48: Who were you thinking?
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                  Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

                  Sixsix from Ben 10. Also, what do you think about having a mutant human in the game? I have multiple characters in mind and would like to know which would you prefer - a pretty mutant human sniper or an ugly alien assassin?


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                    Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

                    Interesting! I don't think I would mind so long as you made him your own. And again, I do think I'd prefer an at least mostly alien cast. Show me what you've got come 'round the time I open up for applications.
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                      Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

                      When will that be?


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                        Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

                        Tomorrow perhaps, we'll see.

                        Also, seems there's an eclipse today! How oddly fitting.
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                          Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Interest

                          Definitely interested. I have some fun bits and pieces lying around that should work for this. I reckon I'll be putting together a tech type.
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                            Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Recruting

                            Okay, I feel like I've garnered enough interest by now. Everyone is now free to start submitting entries! If you still have questions, feel free to present them and I'll answer to the best of my ability.
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                              Re: Xenoforce: Earth's Strangest Heroes - Recruiting

                              Goddamit, RoninArmy ate my character sheet. I'll have it up tomorrow, I've now got to redo everything.

                              In brief summary, Jevoc is an Elovan ("Greys" - they've visited Earth before, in passing) specialising in engineering & technology, though (against the not-quite-laws-but-effectively-laws of his people regarding the compartmentalisation of information from different Canons of Data [i.e. fields of research]) having also dabbled in anthropology, sociology and psychology during his time on survey teams for primitive worlds. He's done a lot of useful stuff over the years and is valuable enough, in his ability to think around an issue, that his radical views on things like 'being able to discuss findings and share data with other specialists directly' haven't got him exiled or branded a traitor - but he's on a short leash even so.

                              He wields an Effector, vaguely inspired by what I know of Iain M. Banks' Culture (no spoilers please), which can do stuff like molecular transmutation, signal transmission, complex/detailed scanning, and energy projection, serving as both his weapon and his universal toolbox. It's a common device (or, rather, Device) among Elovans, almost every adult possesses one of some quality. Jevoc's is better than most, though, mostly because he's tinkered with it a lot.

                              Elovans are weak and frail, universally undergoing invasive cybernetic enhancement - skeletal reinforcement, nanoweave dermal substitution and organ sheathing - that leaves them unfortunately vulnerable to magneto- or metallokines and EMP effects, but are naturally highly intelligent (6 is unimpressive, 7-8 is the norm, Jevoc at 10 is above average but nothing too special, the Scientarchs are ballparking at 14ish) and surprisingly hardy even if not resilient; they don't age, can subsist on less than five hundred calories and two earth hours of sleep in an earth day, and resist sickness and toxins exceptionally well given their general fragility. They don't actually have genders, reproducing by some sort of mitosis-reminiscent process that involves genetic exchange via touch, I haven't gone that far in depth honestly. Jevoc uses 'he' presumably because Galactic Basic, like English, lacks proper neuter pronouns, and his personality falls within 'masculine' bounds by a statistically significant degree for a statistically significant majority of Authority member races.

                              His role on the Redemption is most likely some sort of 'engineering services in exchange for passage' deal, maybe in order to gather data for some sort of study on mechanical wear and tear in correlation with the psychological profiles of the users, though that wouldn't be an official assignment from the Great Archive - rather, he'd be doing it on the side while in passage to his next actual posting.

                              Originally posted by Jevoc
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