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The Silver City Storm

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  • [3e OOC] The Silver City Storm

    Selected PCs
    Aurora, by Evolution -- Magic Armor Ice Controller
    Phantom Jenny, by JDRook -- Flying Brick in a Phantom Airplane
    Zzzzt, by Fuzzyboots -- Guy made of insects
    Photon, by kenseido -- Former Con Light Controller
    The Tech Master, by PauloDeWalshio -- Dying Battlesuit Former Villain
    Stick, by Mettaur2 -- Martial Artist with a Dark Past

    IC thread.

    This would be a 3e game.

    I want to try GMing again, and so that I don't overcommit myself like several times in the past I'm going to try running a short one-shot. 3 fights. Clear direction as to what the PCs need to do next. Lite on plot. It's basically a very stripped-down version of Emerald City Knights, so your characters can gain their powers at the start of the adventure.

    Four-color. Lightly-serious (I like making cracks about how superhero settings are a little silly, and sometimes doing something unexpected to try and make people laugh, but I don't tend to go in for straight gag settings).

    Set in the Freedom City setting in a place in California called Silver City (which is not an expy of Emerald City: that exists in its canon form, complete with the Silver Storm having already happened). Here's my document of FC setting changes/additions (it's very short: mostly just some small things that annoy me and two things I keep carrying over to each setting of mine).

    4-5 PCs, PL 10, 160 pp (not a typo).

    Only houseules: Impervious provides full 1 pp per 1 Impervious, but is capped at PL. Flight starts at rank -2 speed.

    One reason to put this up at all is because I famously forget to say necessary things, so I could use some perceptive people asking me questions on things I may not have already answered.

    Spectre, by Saturno -- Dark, Brooding Crime-Fighting Vigilante
    Solaris, by Jemal -- Living Sunbeam
    Doctor Gigabyte, by rainbowdragon -- Tech Controller
    (unnamed Snake Eyes expy), by Apostlyte -- Ninja
    Mnemonic, by hero4hire -- Skill-Adsorbing Perfect Specimen
    The Ref, by uncanny1 -- Guy With Magic Referee Equipment
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    Re: [Interest Check, 3e] The Silver City Storm

    Lets check: Setting... check
    version of rules... check
    PL and PP... check
    Game mood... check.

    Nothing missing in my book. I'll dig this if you eventually get to recruitment.
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      Re: [Interest Check, 3e] The Silver City Storm

      Mark me as interested
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        Re: [Interest Check, 3e] The Silver City Storm

        I'm interested as well!


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          Re: [Interest Check, 3e] The Silver City Storm

          I'm interested.
          Can I play an anime schoolgirl with super-speed, tentacles, and an ability that turns all clothing within 100 feet invisible whenever she sneezes.

          .. j/k.. :P


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            Re: [Interest Check, 3e] The Silver City Storm

            Sounds fun to me
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              Re: [Interest Check, 3e] The Silver City Storm

              Summer's on at school so my job just got a lot easier. I'd certainly like to get in on this.
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                Re: [Interest Check, 3e] The Silver City Storm

                I'm up for this as well. Had an idea for a character that I really like but wouldn't want to play for a long time, so they should be perfect for this.


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                  Re: [Interest Check, 3e] The Silver City Storm

                  I guess that's enough to turn this into recruitment. This isn't first-come-first-served: I'll leave this open till next Friday at 7 PM, then make selections.


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                    Name: Aurora Height 1.6 mts
                    Skin: white Weight 50 kg
                    Hair: white Nationality Iceland
                    Eyes: white blue Age: 20

                    Aurora was born in Iceland daughter of Ormack Arnanson. Arnanson family is considered to be the first settlers of Iceland, and Aurora's family was a direct descendent of these brave vikings. They lived isolated up north, where there is only ice and snow.
                    Ormack was considered a wise man, many people travelled to his remote house to consult him of things both new and old, and about things to come. His omens almost always came true. He spent endless nights in the freezing cold, staring blankly at the Aurora borealis, when a question was made to him. Only after this he came up with an answer. One night, however, he came to the house with a revelation. That his daughter would inherit a great power, hidden by their ancestors in the eternal ice far to the north. This power, he said, would protect their homeland from the chaos that is to come in the future.
                    Both father and daughter followed the trail Ormack saw in his visions. Would they not be used to the biting cold of Iceland, they would have succumbed to the blizzards and icy winds. As they reach their destination, the blizzards started to get worst. Like diamond dust, the small ice in the wind cut the few exposed skin, making advancing very hard.
                    Finally they reached their destiny, a frozen viking longship, trapped in a giant iceberg. From outside, the ship glowed with pure white light, shining through the thick ice. In awe, both Ormack and Aurora neared the extraordinary visage, placing their hands on the ice. At the contact with Aurora's hand, the iceberg started to resonate and vibrate! The ice began to melt, even though it was incredibly cold.
                    "You have finally arrived." spoke a voice from within the newly freed ship. A viking emerged, but on closer inspection, he was merely a ghostly visage of one. "I have been waiting for more than a thousand years, guarding this relic. This is the armor of Eternal Ice, the greatest relic of our clan." he said, and an armour, made of ice, floated up from beloow deck. The source of the light was this gleaming icy armour, as if it were an ornamented viking chainmail, but made completely out of ice. "My soul only lingers here, I am Tarlak Arnanson, brother of Ingólfur Arnarson, your ancestor. He sent me here to guard the relic, trapping me into this frozen coffin. I sent you the location of the ship using your visions, Ormack. And now you have brought me a suitable receptacle for my soul; your daughter Aurora! With her blood I will be able to don the armour of eternal Ice and exert my vengeance on the world!" he laughed, before turning into an orb of light, and flying straight to Aurora. Aurora was frozen in place by fear, but his father intercepted the ghost, absorbing it into his body. "Run Aurora, grab the armour, quick! I can't hold him much longer!" Fearing the worst, Aurora rushed to the armour. As she touched it, the armour flashed in white, releasing a powerful blast. In the aftermatch, Aurora was clad in the Armour of Eternal Ice. Her skin and hair had turned white. She felt the power of the armour coursing through her body. But her self discovery was interrupted. "Curse you! Curse you Ormack son of Ingólfur! Twice I've been trapped! But no more! I will use your own body to destroy your daughter, and I will make you watch!" It was her father body speaking, but not her father's soul. He contorted, as the internal fight between both souls was taking place. "You must destroy Tarlak even if it destroys me!" he said, but couldn't wrestle control of Tarlak any longer. Both Aurora and Tarlak fought, but Ormack was also fighting inside his own body, and eventually forced Tarlak to flee.
                    Aurora was left desolated, faced with the duty to destroy her father. She looked up at the Aurora Borealis that was dancing in the sky. Her tears froze as they rolled through her now snow white cheeks. And then she saw them. The visions. the lights of the aurora shifting shapes, and telling her things, just as the told her father before her. They told her to look for others, for allies. They told her that she could still save his father's soul.
                    With newfound hope, Aurora searched for this city. She was determined, next time Tarlak showed up, she will cast him out of his father's body. But she needed to control her newfound powers if she was ever to be a match for the viking ice master Tarlak.

                    Reclusive : Aurora is a silent and observing person. She doesn't say much, and is happy to just watch. When she does speak she uses as few words as possible. This might come as a drawback in some situations where communication is essential.
                    Enemy : Tarlak, the corrupted guardian of the Armour of Eternal Ice, is after Aurora. He wields powers similar to hers, and knows how to shut hers down. He is also possessing her father's body.
                    Relationship: Tarlak is possessing her father's body and she has bowed to save him.
                    Vulnerability: Extremely hot weather or fire is particularly harmful to Aurora's biology.

                    Abilities ( 28 pp)
                    Strength 0 , Stamina 10 , Agility 10 , Dexterity 0 , Fighting 10 , Intellect 0 , Awareness 8 , Presence 0 .

                    Powers ( 115 pp)
                    - Armor of the Eternal Ice ( Device : Enhanced traits: STA +8 AGI +8 FIG +8 ) · 42 point/s

                    - Master of the Eternal Ice ( Linked effects) · 52 point/s
                    - Absolute 0 ( Affliction 8 : Vulnerable, Defenceless, Paralyzed. Fortitude resisted. Line area. Subtle. Insidious ) · 18 point/s
                    - Winds of the Artic ( AP- Environment : Impaired movement 2, Visibility -5, Extreme Cold ) · 1 point/s
                    - Aurora Straumur ( Cold control 10 : Line area attack. Linked with Absolute 0 ) · 30 point/s
                    - Kalt Tornado ( AP- Cold control 10 : Burst area attack. Linked with Winds of the Artic ) · 1 point/s
                    - Hreinsistig ( AP- Damage 10 : Multiattack, Secondary effect ) · 1 point/s
                    - Ice sculptures ( Create 9 : Continuous duration, Stationary, innate. Volume 500cft ) · 1 point/s

                    - Ice gliding ( Super speed : Speed 4, Imp. Initiative 6 ) · 10 point/s
                    - Blizzard propulsion ( AP- Leaping 6 ) · 1 point/s

                    - Endured by the Artic ( immunity 10 : Cold damage ) · 10 point/s

                    Advantages ( 6 pp)
                    All out attack 1 , Evasion 1 , Move by action 1 , Power attack 1 , Improved initaitve 6 (From powers) , Favoured environment Cold 1 , Interpose 1

                    Skills ( 9 pp)
                    Acrobatics 0 (+ 10 ), Deception 0 (+ 0 ), Athletics 4 (+ 4 ), Expertise( Science ) 0 (+ 0 ), Insight 8 (+ 16 ), Treatment 0 (+ 0 ), Persuacion 0 (+ 0 ), Technology 0 (+ 0 ), Close (unarmed) 0 (+ 10 ), Sleight of Hand 0 (+ 0 ), Ranged combat (Blast) 0 (+ 0 ), Perception 4 (+ 12 ), Intimidation 0 (+ 0 ), Investigation 0 (+ 0 ), Stealth 2 (+ 12 ).

                    Initiative: 16
                    Aurora Straumur Line area attack for toughness DC: 25. Linked to Absolute 0
                    Kalt Tornado Burst Area Attack for toughness DC: 25 Linked to Winds of the Artic
                    Hreinsistig Melee + 10 Attack for toughness DC: 25. Multiattack and Secondary effect
                    Absolute 0 Line Area Attack for Fortitude DC: 18. Vulnerable, Defenceless, Paralyzed. Subtle and insidious

                    Defence ( 2 pp)
                    Parry: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
                    Dodge: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
                    Toughness: Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
                    Fortitude: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
                    Will: Rank ( 2 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10

                    Power points
                    Abilities 28 + Defences 2 + Skills 9 + Advantages 6 + Powers 115 = 160
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                      Re: Aurora

                      Would it be possible for you to rewrite things to better-resemble the way they write out stat blocks in the M&M book? As it is I find some parts hard to fathom, and apparently it messes with the quote function.


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                        Re: Aurora

                        Originally posted by SilvercatMoonpaw View Post
                        Would it be possible for you to rewrite things to better-resemble the way they write out stat blocks in the M&M book? As it is I find some parts hard to fathom, and apparently it messes with the quote function.
                        Hm I don't actually own the book so I don't really know what you mean. Could you give me an example?
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                          Re: Aurora

                          You can see some examples my recent build thread (ignore the skill part, I was/am doing something different).

                          Here's an example:
                          Technomagic: Array (24 points, AE 7)
                          ----Laser: Ranged Damage 12
                          ----Magic Jamming: Nullify 8 (Broad [Magic], Simultaneous)
                          ----Life Sapping: Ranged Weaken 8 (Broad [physical abilities one at a time])
                          ----Exoskeleton: Enhanced Strength 9; Enhanced Trait 6 (Close Attack 6)
                          ----Webbing Spray: Ranged Affliction 12 (Entangled, Helpless, Paralyzed)
                          ----Hard Light Holograms: Create 7 (Continuous, Precise)
                          ----Protective Bubble: Immunity 7 (Environmental Cold, Environmental Heat, Pressure, Environmental Radiation, Vacuum, All Suffocation)(Affects Others and Self, Sustained)
                          ----Radio Link: Communication 4 (radio); Comprehend 2 (machines)
                          Astral Projection: Remote Sensing 8 (Visual, Auditory, Mental, Limited—Physical body is defenseless, Subtle 2)
                          ----AE: Super-"Jump" and Forcefield Movement 3 (Flight); Leaping 4 [120 ft]; Sustained Protection 12
                          Technomagic Scanning: Senses 3 (Analytical Radius Awareness [magic; sight-based])

                          Initiative +5
                          Laser, ranged +8 -- damage 27 Tgh
                          Life Sapping, ranged +8 -- Fort 18 vs -8 one score
                          Exoskeleton Punch, close +10 -- damage 25 Tgh
                          Webbing Spray, ranged +8 -- Dodge 22 vs Entangled, Helpless, Paralyzed
                          Originally posted by Evolución View Post
                          Hm I don't actually own the book so I don't really know what you mean. Could you give me an example?
                          Then how are you getting your formatting? When I quote it everything has lots of spaces between various words and things.

                          (If you don't know what I'm walking about quote your post, then click on the upper-right-most button of the editor.)


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                            Re: Aurora

                            Originally posted by SilvercatMoonpaw View Post
                            Would it be possible for you to rewrite things to better-resemble the way they write out stat blocks in the M&M book? As it is I find some parts hard to fathom, and apparently it messes with the quote function.
                            More importantly, how do you like the concept? Ice controller, inspired in Raven, but not so dark, also with father issues =P.
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                              Re: Aurora

                              Originally posted by Evolución View Post
                              More importantly, how do you like the concept? Ice controller, inspired in Raven, but not so dark, also with father issues =P.
                              Oh that part's fine: I would have mentioned it if there was anything wrong. I just tend to focus in one things I have problems with and forget.