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(3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 6 - The Invasion Begins

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  • [3e IC] (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 6 - The Invasion Begins


    They are powerful things, shaping who we are by telling us where we came from and where we want to go. It's where we find our motivations and the ability to conquer what challenges come our way. It's where we find our joy and light when dark times come. But memories are relentless - unable to be tossed aside, reminding us daily of what we want, what we had and what we desire. Our heroes know all about those. How one second, everything is just fine and dandy. The next, it's the worst day of your life. We've all had those days, where all hope seems lost. Where dreams see too far for anyone to reach. Some come out ahead...some linger in the darkness, letting it fuel themselves and course through their veins. Letting the darkness overwhelm their senses until all light has been consumed. Where no amount of laughter and sun can reach them. These are the most dangerous of men. These are men and woman who have lost all since light in their lives and only seek to bring the same darkness to those they deem too happy.

    March 13th, 2014
    Unknown Military Base

    The battle had started 20 minutes prior, but the man blazing yellow and red had been attacking long before that. The clouds of smoke from fires had drowned out what would be a perfect afternoon. Black flowing miles and miles from the base. And as we follow it back towards the ground we see nothing but debris. Well not true. One building still stands on the eastern side of the base, a shimmering gold flickers around it. The man blazing yellow and red beating continuously on it. Behind him stand 2 men, 2 women, and 1 hulking beast. They barely stand, their clothes torn and ripped, their breath quick and shallow. A long thin line of red screams out on on them. A white outfit ruined by blood. Next to her a man in a ragged suit, tie and what would have been considered nice dress pants. A large gash of exposed flesh showing from the shoulder. He is hunched over, clutching his injury. Angry. But not as angry as the beast. Black smoke mixes with dark green and gray skin as he leaps and closes the distance, smoke bellowing from his crushed nose and lips. Straight towards the man

    A woman in an outfit so tattered it is nearly unrecognizable, but what looks like a corset with body armor rises into the air. Light beaming out of her hands. Where she stood a broken wooden bow lays, as she brings light towards down onto the man blazing yellow and red, her bow shining as bright as her hands. A loud shriek from the woman in white, louder than any normal human should be able to make bellows forward aimed straight towards the man. As the blast hits the Beast strikes, timed to perfection he catches the Blazing man off guard and a swift and loud crunch goes across the mans face and for just a second the Blazing man's color seems to dim. A smile comes across all 5 of their faces. The Beast leaps into the air - seemingly attempting to smash him from the sky. As he does this swift arrows made of light seem to volley at the man, exploding around him so fast and so quickly that one would have a hard time seeing the yellow and red blaze and only see pure white. Again the Blazing man is caught off guard. This leaves an opening for the man in the tattered nice clothes to throw large pieces of debris, defying gravity itself. Straight towards the blazing man, large chunks of rock, steel, re-barb. Anything he can get his hands on.

    A few hit, but most do not and the Blazing man seems to gain his composure, but not before another resounding scream pierces his ears and he clutches his head. His mouth screaming in silent agony. He faces towards the two injured on the ground, his hands raised, a heat hotter than flame boiling at his tips. One can tell that he is gathering whatever energy he contains into a large blast. But before he can release it the Beast pounces. Fist slamming without mercy. Fists unrelenting the red and yellow color of his skin flicker and soon, extinguish completely. The once Blazing Man unconscious. A man dressed in mostly black appears, putting a syringe to man's neck. He injects him with a dark blue liquid. All breathe a sigh of relief, and the Golden shimmer from the building ceases as 2 men and a woman in lab coats come out. Let's check on the others, make sure they're still alive. The woman of light says. Each of the 5 rush to nearest man or woman they could find. Each of them dressed in a different uniform, or maybe a costume. All seem fine, but they're injuries vary and must be looked after.

    Helicopters come in filled with Military soldiers. 4 of them in total. They've come for the Blazing Man. Words are exchanged to and from the heroes of the base and the soldiers. Hands are shook and a jet is landed in the base. The 5 heroes, the beast now a man, enter with their 5 unconscious allies. They enter air space and leave, glad of the hard work they've done. Unaware of the large explosion that took the base and 3 cities 20 minutes after they had left.

    September 17, 2014
    Gasherbrum Mountains, People's Republic of China


    23 lives lost, all because of an error that was promised would never happen. The battle happened nearly as quick as it started. First the train derailed, killing 2 of the heroes that were stationed. Shade's body was crushed by one of the very cell's that he was supposed to be guarding. The explosion happened next, that made it obvious they had help on the inside. The good Dr. leaped out of the plan and grew into the monster that was always inside him. Growling and roaring at the prisoner's to go back to there cage. But one wasn't having it - and absorbed the energy that allowed the Doctor to change. Reversing the effects and leaving the helpless doctor alone with 3 powerful Supers. They would have taken their time with him. But they knew other heroes would be able to find them soon. Before the Doctor could utter a word, one of the Chinese men transformed his hand into a metal blade and sunk it deep into his chest. Sonnet was the first on the scene, she was beyond mortified - and by the power of her voice alone. The three liquefied.

    In another part of the forest, a man that controlled wind was giving several hero's a hard time. They couldn't get close to him without entering his tornado, and anything they tried to do was unlikely to reach him. However Luminescent saw an opening, she dove into the tornado, flying as fast as she could getting an arrow knocked. Before she could release it however a large branch hit her head, knocking her unconscious falling into the forest. She was found impaled in the branches. The battle was over nearly as quickly as it started. But to those dealing with the aftermath, it was the longest night of their lives.
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    Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

    The straw that broke the camel's back however did not come from a mission. Pillar and Sonnet had both separately contemplated leaving the team for awhile. When a new government liaison came in to join the team they couldn't handle it and decided now would be a good time. All the members were close to their 30's, it was time for younger heroes, to be guided by this new team, to fill the ranks.

    And so the team that stayed continued on - working on recruiting and trying out younger heroes. While Sonnet and Pillar went and created a new identity. Sonnet moved to San Francisco, Pillar decided to move to a small town in Idaho. Pillar already had a 3 year old daughter and was married. So he decided to join the Police Force under an adopted guise of a detective from Boston. Sonnet used her hero contacts to put her on a path to become a performer. Penny, Harrier's assistant, was the one that caught the hack - it was sloppy but quick. The hackers entered through a forced back door. Staying long enough to download non-critical files. Most of the files were details on training exercises, nothing incredibly critical. Cameron and Penny worked to track the hacker and managed to locate them at a college in New Hampshire. This was a great training opportunity for the new members. So a half dozen potential recruits went out with Reckoner and Harrier. Harrier tracked down the Hacker to a group of 3 wanna-be Hacktivists. Reckoner, putting the fear of God into them, made sure that they wouldn't try something like what they did again, Harrier even created a program linked to their computers that would prevent them from hacking important infrastructure systems without him being warned. 2 years later, nothing has come of them.

    But Darker Days were still to come.

    It wouldn't be found for close to a year and a half from Harrier - but a trojan horse had been planted the same day that the hack occurred. Someone had piggy-backed on the college students and planted a program to download all the information it could. Harrier's encryption was strong though, and either out of frustration or it being destroyed it did not have time to download everything. The files it downloaded though were the newest. More importantly the ones containing Pillar and Sonnet's new identities.

    No recordings were ever found during showing Sonnet's death, but getting an accurate break-down of events from witnesses, the team was able to compile a "Mind-Recording." This showed Sonnet, or rather her new identity of Rachel Mance, to approach the small cafe stage, it showed her standing as the music started up. Before she could belt out a note however the bright backdrop turned dark. The light seemed to have either been cast out - or absorbed by the darkness, as she turned to face it, black tendrils seemed to have lurched out towards her neck. One of the tendrils formed into some sort of blade and swiftly cut her throat. Those that had the stomach to watch either in fear or horror saw that she did not die right away but rather fell onto the ground, and bled out in agony clutching her throat.

    However these images were not seen for a month or so after it had occurred. Whoever had did this had certainly disappeared since.

    Pillar was lucky however managing to escape death. He had taken his family out for a day in the park. He had to race back to the car - or rather fly back as he was terrible about concealing his powers. When the park erupted in an explosion. Forensics showed that the park had hundreds of miniature bombs placed in it, activated by a remote trigger. Either someone had messed up horribly in trying to kill him, or he was never the target. Either way his grief has taken him down a path that he had never thought he would go. Currently he is in on the run, wanted for various charges across numerous countries.

    September 23rd, 2016
    United States of America

    Old Headquarters
    The Reckoner

    Over 2 years of investigating, interrogating, traveling and research and the only thing you have to show for it is nothing. No one - not Kingpins, super villains, low level thugs, snitches, drug lords, etc. Had heard of or seen the shadowy creature that had attacked and killed Sonnet. However a potential lead had come up. Before you were finished terrorizing the gang of Los Perros Diablos in Brazil, they mentioned something about how Shadows had been seen traveling, taking men, women and children. Not many - but enough to wear they believed the Devil himself was walking among them. One man had been able to escape and he spoke of while he was running the light from the Sun seemed to have faded the closer the Shadows approached him. This is your first solid lead in over a year. You have come back to your old HQ - hoping to use it's equipment to try and see if you can track whatever was in Brazil on the night the man spoke of. Another important fact you learned, which puzzles you - the man jumped in a river and floated away, but the shadow did not follow. Maybe you can search the "Super-Villain Database" and find who they might be with this information.

    Samantha Truth

    Experiments calmed you, or rather anything other than being outside with people seemed to calm you. It's been about six months since you set up this shop. It was off the beaten path, next to a gun-store and a cigarette shop. The rent was to expensive, but you had ways of making sure it was always paid. A radio was playing in the background. You were in the back, when for the first time in about a month the bell on the door rang, someone had entered your store.


    Today was your first day back from a week long vacation with Silvia, the two of you had taken a cruise ship from Florida to Mexico, and it was wonderful. Superheroes don't take Vacations, but after 2 years off routine work on the force, well let's just say it was more than time for one. You could probably do it again fairly quickly and not complain. It had been a slow day, so you and your partner Brian had been cruising around. But it wasn't to last, you receive a call that a robbery was in progress at a local gas station. Lights Blaring, Brian speeds up and traffic divides to allow you through. You were already close, not taking more than 2 minutes to get there. From the street you see 4 cars, abandoned, still at the pumps. 2 cars are parked in front of the building, and 1 is parked right in front of the entrance.

    Brian pulls up behind the building, you think you've already been spotted, but that doesn't stop you from going in as stealthy as you can. Peaking in from the window you see 3 men and the cashier. The man closest to the cashier has a pistol, one of the 2 men carries a large blade, you think it resembles a machete, the other a baseball bat. Also, you see a young boy and her mother crouched in a corner, trying to make themselves as small as possible.

    You may approach however you see fit, you can charge in, speed in and disarm, approach slowly and try a diplomatic solution, your choice. I will have you roll Stealth...I already rolled their perception so if you beat a 16 (highest roll) you pass. I also rolled for Brian, he barely passed with a 17.
    United Nations - Private Room

    Harrier & N.E.X.U.S.

    The only way they brought you down here was by threatening to shoot you out of the atmosphere, you calculated that your shields would have held. But a threat was still implied, you decided rather than refusing, for the first time in a long time you would leave your orbital station and see what the nations of the world wanted. You had received messages every now and then - usually to adjust orbit. But this was different. As you entered into the U.N. you thought became agitated, what would the nations of the world want with one man. It didn't take long for you to figure it out.

    It seems your former friend and now ruler Borovia has allied themselves with another dictator, Argonthran. A small nation - but equally devastating in power has Borovia, as well as enemy to several countries and heroes. Your former teammate N.E.X.U.S. was there as well, he had been the one to bring this information, and now they wanted you two to create another team of heroes, just like you did last time. And hold back the two armies that seeked to conquer the nations around them.

    But they wouldn't share any details, not army size, not technology limitations. They wanted you to go in blind.

    N.E.X.U.S however had a different Idea of what was going on, he had assumed the projects that created him had been destroyed and forgotten. But he had caught a glimpse of a thought that perhaps this wasn't the case. N.E.X.U.S. wasn't sure and could not speak honestly of whether this was true or not, but he felt the two countries were able or at least close to replicating the same experiment's and technology that had created him. He also knew that the reason they would not tell his ally anything was because they did not know. They were scared of what might be happening.

    Go ahead and bring your character in - the setting is you've been going back and forth with these representatives for almost an hour, Cameron you want assurances of knowledge, N.E.X.U.S. has been known to work with U.N. as such you are under there command, but that only goes so far, react and speak as you see fit.



    College has been good to you, your sophomore year you've excelled and now have the opportunity to present your project to the community. Several Colleges from North America are there. Presenting topics ranging in all manner of scientific fields. You also know that your short term teammate Dr. Geobotany or rather Dr. Robinson as he was going by now. The two of you had stayed in contact, both being from Canada you were surprised to come across each other. You have bonded through learning (whether you have decided to study the fields the Dr. teaches is up to you), you have a few hours before you are set to present your research with your team, as such feel free to move around and talk with those around you or go and find your friend.

    Dr. Geobotany

    You hadn't wanted to come, but as one of the leader's in your field, you were more or less forced to go. Large crowds all looking at you. Wanting to touch you or ask questions, a much more enjoyable day was spent in the lab. But you had friends to look forward to. You had contacted Jaguar, it had been too long and the two of you had promised that you would catch up as soon as possible. Of course you took the right precautions, sending it encrypted in case anyone had been watching you, waiting to see if you would contact your teammates, waiting to do to them what they did to Sonnet and Pillar. But nothing beats seeing a good friend. That didn't stop the memories of there deaths from returning, the night before you slept terribly.


    Dr. Geobatony had contacted you - asking to see you and catch up. The two of you were more connected to nature then the rest of the group. As of late you had missed them, solitude was a difficult thing sometimes especially after encountering them so many times over the years. So you two had planned a lunch. A quiet place to catch up, you were going to bring your wife with you, but she had other matters to attend too. A quick nap and you were ready to go. You dressed to hide yourself just in case someone might recognize you. You knew it might be dangerous, but old friends are worth it. Besides - strength in numbers. You weren't going to be alone like Sonnet and Pillar were. Still the memories flooded back. Haunting dreams, you push those out of your mind though.

    You all have a little time before you planned to meet up, go ahead and do whatever you want. Explore, converse, etc.
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      Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

      The Reckoner
      Hero Points= 1

      Condition: Investigating

      A firey streak flew across the countryside, approaching the large building seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The streak stopped at the gates of the Legion of Law's old headquarters, revealing itself to be a monstrous looking jet black horse with a mane of fire. It reared back, making a sound like a cross between a horse neigh and a demonic screech. "Woah girl! Said the skeletal gunslinger atop the horse, leaping off the saddle after the demon horse calmed down. He reached into the pocket of his duster, feeding the Nightmare a sugar cube before approaching the entrance.

      Clint stalked through the halls like a ghost, the only sound being the "clink" of his spurs hitting the ground. It was obviously the same place, but so much had changed. The small things that made Legion of Law's headquarters a home for him for eight years were gone, changed with the new team that had moved in since the Legion's disbanding. Eventually, the Reckoner made his way into the Research Room, which still looked very much the same as it did two years ago. "Guess there's only so much you can change about a room like this." He quickly approached the large screen that served as the Research Room's main computer, fishing in his pockets for a matchbook and a hand rolled cigarillo. Enough reminiscing, he had work to do.

      "Shadow creatures that can't cross water...." The Reckoner muttered as he struck a match, lighting the cigarillo clenched between his teeth. "That could be anythin' from vampires to some kinda spacemen...." He flipped on the computer, hoping he still remembered how to use the damned thing. Tapping a few buttons as the screen lights up, Clint started to skim through the Villain Database.
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        Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices


        No rest for the wicked, hm?

        Mariacalmly observed the scene for a moment before ducking and hurrying from car to car. She knew she could rely on Brian to cover her and he knew that while she was not bulletproof, she was tougher than most ordinary people, which was why, in situations like this, she would be the one to go in.

        Despite the fact that none of these men were any threat to her, she felt her heartbeat quicken. That rush of fear had never truly left her, had been with her ever since her first days on the job. But after years on the force, on the Legion and then on the force again, she welcomed it. It reminded her that, for all her powers, she was still mortal. And so were the civilians trapped in the station.

        Of course, she would do her best not to resort to her powers. Not if there was any other way. After the Legion had disbanded, Juan had asked her why she refused to let her powers make her life or her job easier. He could not understand that powers...tended to make things escalate. You started off with super-strength and throwing bad guys around and you quickly ran into bad guys with rocket launchers or particle disruptors...or had your friend murdered by shadow knives.

        No, this was a mundane situation and it would be solved in a mundane way, if possible.

        Quickly, she made her way to the entrance and stepped in, the sound of the electronic doorbell drawing everyone's attention. Holding up her gun but not actually aiming at anybody yet, she stated, " __PD. Drop your weapons and step back!"

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          Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

          Jaguar. Hp:1

          Kara was home alone. Sarah had left early for an important meeting with a big client. It still felt strange to her. After years of casual relationships and one night stands she suddenly found herself falling in love with a woman she had rescued. Her parents had not taken the news well. Her father was angrier than her mother had been. Since then her mother had accepted and even became comfortable with Kara and Sarah's relationship and eventual marriage. Her father had at least accepted it to the point where he never talked about it.

          Kara thought about her upcoming meeting with Dr. Geobotany. It had been about 4 years since she had last seen him. She fondly recalled the first time they met down in the rainforests of South America. She had felt an urge to go there that she hadn't understood at the time. It wasn't until she was at the airport waiting to board the plane that she heard the news about the earthquake and subsequent fires that she began to understand her connection to the area. The Dr. had been there with other members of Legion to help out during the aftermath of the disaster.

          There was something about him that made her trust him instantly. Of course she had already met some of the others. That had been so very long ago. She had been so young then, still in her twenties. Now here she was close to forty. Granted she still looked like she was thirty.

          She wondered what the Dr. wanted to see her about. She had lost touch with everyone after the death of Luminescent. Dr. Botany had tried to contact her a few times but Kara had not returned his calls, emails, or texts. Perhaps he wanted to discuss the death of his former teammates years ago. Maybe there was a new threat that he required her help with.

          Stealing a quick glance at the clock she noted she had plenty of time for a quick nap. She stretched, yawned, and made her way to the couch where she curled up.


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            Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

            Hero Points: One.
            Status: Bloody well pissed off mate!

            With a whir of servo motors he produced a battered pack of Lambert & Butlers, withdrew a cigarette and lit it with a small plasma stream from his gauntleted palm. He inhaled sharply, paused, and as he spoke a curl of smoke lingered around his unshaven face. He stared right at the UN Delegates he'd been arguing with and exploded.

            "Are you blokes takin' the bloody piss? You pull me and my mate in here after you scape goat the Legion in front of the world following the containment crisis in China two years ago! You locate my sanctuary with technology and search algorithms Nexxie and I developed after the Killex invasion, threaten to knock the sanctuary out of geo-synch with weapons provided by member nations who we've saved countless times from threats both internal and external." He paused, seemed to notice the cigarette in his hand, flicked the ash on to the carpet heedless of the no smoking signs posted through the Assembly building.

            "Then you bloody ponce's work up the nerve to ask us for help, without giving us a shred of pertinent information! Bollocks mate! If you want our help you bloody wankers will have your Security Council vote, and they will provide the Legion with a liaison to the Security Council where we will act in an advisory role on global meta-human affairs. Member nations will issue a full apology to the Legion, absolving them of the ^*&&$#!# charges the media accused us of to tank public perception, and then both the United States and the People's Republic will release, into our possession, the de-classified documents pertaining to the Super Soldier Program, and the Containment failure. And I want full access to General Westgarth-Taylor, and Dr. Ulyana Khorsikhov to corroborate their involvement. Then and ONLY then will we help with your burgeoning international crisis! We," he paused a nod of his head indicating Nexus standing impassively beside him, "will select a team based on the surveillance dossiers your so-called intelligence agencies will forward to us of our support staff, reserve, retired and active members, and do not even dispute you have been keeping tabs on anyone connected with the Legion. We will then select a roster and we will convene at the Citadel, which I expect to be staffed as per our selections, and fully supported, financed and backed by the United Nations."

            He dropped the baccy to the carpet, and ground it into the fibre with his armoured boot, even as he showed the delegates his contempt his faceplate slid home, his voice become pitched and mechanical as he uttered his final statement.

            "Or you will witness the firepower of my fully armed and operational battle station."

            He smirked inside his helmet and sent a coded communique to Nexus, -Bet these wankers have never even seen Star Wars, bloody loss.-
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              Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

              Dr. Geobotany
              HP = 1
              Condition = Normal

              Dr. Ridley Robinson had come to one of his favorite cities, Boston, to weigh in on the research into the impact of mining and other human activities on heavy metal loading in wetlands but also to meet up with his good friend Kara, also known as Jaguar. They haven’t spoken much over the last few years but Ridley always felt close to Kara and since he was coming out east he wanted to meet up with her and see how she was doing. Dr. Robinson was also hoping to see his friend from the Great White North: Beast.

              After the first day on the panel and dealing with both fans and critics of him, Dr. Robinson searched for a nice place to go for lunch with Kara where they could have some privacy, which was rare for Ridley when he was out in public, hard to disguise yourself when you’re made of stone and fauna. A few calls later and with assurances from the restaurant manager regarding privacy, Dr. Robinson selected a great place that was right on the water for him and Kara to meet up at. He sent her a text and as he made his way to the restaurant he sent off a text to Beast hoping that his studies were going well and that if he’d like to meet up while he was in town, he’d find the time.


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                Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

                Jaguar HP:1

                After about 45 minutes, Kara woke up, stretched, and rose from the couch. She checked her phone and noted a text from the Doctor. He had reservations at Temarzcal. She was a bit surprised but it was a nice place and they made excellent margaritas. She looked at the time and decided she had better get going soon. After fixing her makeup, throwing on a blond wig, and changing into a nice business dress, she called down to the valet to have them bring her car around. After a short elevator ride, she walked out through the lobby to her waiting Lexus. She slipped the valet a tip before sliding behind the wheel.

                It wasn't a very long drive to the restaurant. After parking her car, it was a short walk down to the restaurant. She decided to wait outside since she wasn't sure what name he had put the reservation under. Of course, he might not recognize her but she would definitely recognize him. She didn't normally wear a disguise when going out but she felt it was a reasonable precaution since she was meeting with a very recognizable former member of Legion. After the events of a few years ago, it was best to be cautious for now. Especially since she had a somewhat normal life now.


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                  Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

                  With no real face on it's triangular head, it was often unnerving interacting with the placid Nexus. It turned its head to face Harrier. The the council. Then Harrier again. When it spoke it spoke telepathically, in the minds of all present who heard it's "speech" in their native tongue.

                  *It was I who informed the council of this volatile situation Harrier. I recommended bringing you onboard due to your expertise. There is no need for such bellicosity.*

                  It send back a coded text message that flashed on Harrier's HUD.

                  >>I thought you said that everyone on planet Earth had seen Star Wars?<<

                  Cameron had made the psionic synthoid watch the original trilogy at least a dozen times over the years, explaining at length how it was the most influential piece of entertainment in human history.
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                    Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

                    Harrier and N.E.X.U.S.

                    3 of the 5 representatives show obvious signs of stress. They had thought this would have been a simple request, but they're assumed unwillingness to share information has made this more difficult then they thought it should have been. However NEXUS' words seem to spark something in one of them.

                    Mr. Chase, please believe me that we are sharing all the knowledge we can - he says with a distinct Turkish accent - If we knew more we would tell you, of course. As soon as we know more we will tell you, we are but 5 small countries, we wish nothing but to preserve the livelihood of our peoples. We have just learned of this threat and yet we have come together in Unity. If what you require is information, then I promise my country shall devote all available resources to seek it as I'm sure the men here with me will as well, at which the other 4 representatives shake their heads in agreement. But please, help us. You were not the first hero we have called upon, without you - we are surely destroyed.

                    Insight check results: You believe they are being honest. Or as honest as they are currently allowed to be.
                    Jaguar and Dr. Geobotany

                    With a phone call and promises of discretion assured, Dr. Geobotany makes a discreet entrance into the building, it seems his powers of Earth have grown stronger as he senses the disguised woman whom he knows as Jaguar outside. Sending a waiter to collect her, she is taken to the back - behind closed curtains, it seems when Dr. Geobotany asked for discretion, the best this Greek restaurant could do was hide them completely. As she walks past - her innate senses pick up 2 waitresses in the back discussing in silent excitement that Dr. Geobotany is here, they wonder if they should try and get a picture with him, but are quickly and not so silently silenced by what could be assumed to be there boss.

                    Walking through - the customers only give a slight glance as they are curious why a waiter would go retrieve someone from the outside, but this is only a quick glance of curiosity. The paint smells new, and the decorations clean - either this restaurant just opened recently or they underwent a remodel. The air smells of different oils and meats, of freshly baked bread and - well it appears this place used to be a Mongolian Grill.

                    Walking back a thin curtain separates the last 2 booths of the building, thin enough that you can already make out the shape of Dr. Geobotany

                    The Reckoner

                    With such a broad list of features, the computer started to organize the known villains by most to least likely. Unfortunately with such little to go off of, it's going to take awhile.

                    Waiting for the computer to do it's work you take another look around, a few computers were also on, it seems the building wasn't as empty as you thought. The computer showed that another registered hero was here, Pillar.

                    It showed his exact position too. The Generator room. Why would he be there. You had 10 minutes before the computer would be finished, more than enough time to check in on Pillar.

                    You can access camera's to see what he's up to. You can go down to the Basement and see in Person, or you can ignore it. Or anything else that seems reasonable. Forgot to inform you that he was there in the first post so I'm making up for it now.

                    As you bust through the door the man with the Machete seems scared and drops it, while the man with the baseball bat gets closer to the two civilians in the back. The man with the gun points it angrily at the man behind the counter, You stupid turbin head, you shouldn't of called the cops! He jumps behind the counter, behind the man (who is clearly white, so it confuses you why he would insinuate he was of Indian orgin) and points the gun at his back.

                    Back out the way you came lady, and I won't hurt no one. Just go away, act like you didn't see nothing, ok?

                    Come here! You hear from the back.

                    A small scared scream rings out from the back of the store, as you see the woman and her son being grabbed by the man with the baseball bat. One man is trying to be peaceful, but two of them don't seem to want to leave without what they came for.

                    2 nat 1's, you got the jump on them, so they won't try and attack you, but they're taking hostages, place your partner where you'd like the next post. You're in charge.
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                      Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

                      HP: 1 (LP: 2) Condition: Normal

                      College has been good to you, your sophomore year you've excelled and now have the opportunity to present your project to the community. Several Colleges from North America are there. Presenting topics ranging in all manner of scientific fields. You also know that your short term teammate Dr. Geobotany or rather Dr. Robinson as he was going by now. The two of you had stayed in contact, both being from Canada you were surprised to come across each other. You have bonded through learning (whether you have decided to study the fields the Dr. teaches is up to you), you have a few hours before you are set to present your research with your team, as such feel free to move around and talk with those around you or go and find your friend.
                      Unlike the Doctor or some of the others, the Beast never had the opportunity to adopt a civilian identity. His two choices were return North to the Inuit, or find a way to fit into society. Weighing close to a ton, nine feet of furry dark orange goodness had been a teen favorite when he had been part of the Titans and though the Legion had diminished the Beast public popularity had not. Harvard had a history of dealing with celebrity students and Beast felt more comfortable there than on the MIT campus. He still recieved calls from Princeton, but Beast had often felt like a mascot with the Legion, he certainly wasn't going to college looking like one.

                      Beside him was Anaaya, his friend from the North. Long black hair and almond eyes, Anaaya was a little over five foot and an intellectual dynamo in her own right. Much of today's presentation had been ideas she had brought with her. Corporations were intruding farther and farther north each year and there was no end in sight. This was a plan to create enviromentally friendly mining techniques in wilderness areas that were home to some of the world's most unique and endangered species, some of which were still thought of only as myths until recently. "Tupi are you sure we are ready? Joey says he needs more time researching the international legal ramifications."

                      Smiling easily, Beast looked down at his childhood friend, one of the few people who knew him before the transformation, "Joey is never going to want to stop researching that because they change everyday. We are okay .... and don't call me Tupi, it's Beast Anaa, just Beast." Anaaya, looked up smiling mischievously. The ex-Titan, ex-Legionnaire growled playfully. The two had bantered back and forth like this for years. She was the one true bright spot in his life since the Legion had disbanded. He was happy she had found someone like Joseph to fall in love with, even if her father would never had approved. Seriously a lawyer?


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                        Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices


                        As Anaaya follows you through the crowd you see several marvelous presentations, some in their Alpha stages, others in there Beta stages. The ideas and possibilities behind them making it seem as though the world could change overnight in so many areas of science and technology. You notice a few rip-offs of various technologies. Some publicly known, others more secretive, and one you could have sworn you saw in the form of alien technology. Or at least the same idea, not equipment. The Aisles and rows were filled with reporters, businessmen, and students. A few reporters notice you (how could they not) and approach recorders in hand.

                        Beast, do you have anything to comment on the rumors of Titan leaving his position as Leader of the Titans?

                        Is it true you were the result of a government lab experiment for Canada?

                        Are you planning on starting your own Super Team?

                        Were you responsible for the destruction of De-Forestation Crews in the Amazon? If not who do you think is?

                        The questions were all biased, just trying to receive some kind of answer so they could gossip about it for weeks in there paper, but one reporter stands out. A familiar one from the days of the League, David Bafus. Investigative reporter, usually focusing on Humanitarian needs or Corporate corruption. The Kind of reporter that usually didn't last long if he dug up the wrong story. He approaches you, no recorder or camera and brings up a hand in greeting. Some take this opportunity to take photographs, others keep up with their questions.

                        But David acts as if they are not there.

                        Good to see you Beast, it's been a few years. I'll be honest I saw you and your team were presenting today, I made sure to put a note in to watch it. It makes me excited to see the younger generation stand up and work to make this a better place, without the need for corporate backing. At the last part he looked away, towards a particular Businessman talking with another group of Science majors the University of California. A brief glance showed they had come up with a way to grow food at an exponentially faster rate than normal.

                        You can choose to ignore or answer the questions however you wish. David is an established friend and ally of the League, working with them and writing about corporations that were linked to super powered peoples the league fought. Anaaya seems to be ignored entirely by the reporters.
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                          Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices


                          Knowing that Brian was at the back entrance or at least on his way there, Maria turned her weapon around and slowly placed it on the floor. In the end, this was meant purely for show. Without the weapon, she was a hundred times more dangerous than with it. And, while she was still reluctant to use her powers, if push came to shove, she would not hesitate.

                          " Look...I want this to end on a bright spot as much as you do. Without dead bodies. Right now, this is just a robbery. Bad enough as that is, it doesn't have to get worse. I didn't come alone. You know that."

                          She hesitated for a moment, eyeing them closely, especially the man with the gun. If he so much as moved a muscle, she would have to get to him quickly. Banishing that little lurch of nausea that always rose within her, she forced her metabolism to speed up, her heart beginning to race at a pace that would kill an elephant.
                          By now, Brian would be at the back. She just hoped the owner had forgotten to lock it.

                          " Please, be reasonable and think. Have you ever heard of a situation like this ending well for the robbers? You take hostages and it's a lose-lose situation for you. I don't want anyone to end up hurt...including you."

                          The last words she said with absolute certainty, knowing exactly who would get hurt if they tried to harm the civilians.

                          Intimidation: 1D20+5 = [5]+5 = 10
                          Oh...yeah, definitely spending a hero point here.

                          Intimidation roll 2 with hero point: 1D20+5 = [5]+5 = 10
                          Exactly the same roll...but with a HP, that means the roll turns out a 15...+5 makes 20.
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                            Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

                            Jaguar. Hp:1

                            Kara smiled and thanked the waiter as he escorted her towards the rear of the dining room. She overheard the waitresses talking nearby. She chuckled softly. It seems as though the good Dr. was a bigger celebrity now than he ever had been. She briefly wondered what he thought about that. What he thought about all the attention. The man she remembered would try to avoid attention. The cordoned off area of the dining room reserved for the two of them hinted that perhaps he hadn't changed after all.

                            She slipped easily behind the curtain and saw him sitting calmly.

                            "Nice to see you again. It's been a few years." she greeted him pleasantly.

                            Effortlessly she slid into the chair directly across from him.

                            "I apologize for not meeting you inside. I wasn't certain what name the reservation was under. I hear you're teaching now."


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                              Re: (3e) Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise: Chapter 1 - Players and Peices

                              Dr. Geobotany
                              HP= 1
                              Condition = Normal

                              Dr. Robinson stands up as Kara slips past the curtain and then sits down as she slides into her chair and he marvels at how fluidly she moves. ” Yes Kara, it has been far too long since we last seen each other, I hope all is well with you. No need to apologize my dear, I should have texted you that I was already here. Yes, I’ve returned to teaching and lecturing as well as lending my skills to places that truly need it. I love being back in the lab but I have missed my friends, you especially. How is married life treating you?”
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