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OOC - New to M&M, experience in online RP, seeking a game.

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  • OOC - New to M&M, experience in online RP, seeking a game.

    Hi, guys. I do have experience playing Play by Email games in the Rifts gaming system, though I usually had rifted-in superheroes from the Heroes Unlimited timeline *hehehe* I am an Army veteran on full disability, so, I have plenty of time on my hands. I don't know much about the settings used in this game, so sure, I'd need to do some research on those, but I'm currently in a tabletop game and I'm having a blast

    I do like how OOC posts and IC posts are handled in separate threads. It makes sense to keep those things separate, so as to keep the actual game moving along. So, how do I go about finding a game to play in?

    Robert, aka I'chi'go'no

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    The OOC thread titles are edited to say RECRUITING (or there's a now post that says RECRUITING or INTEREST CHECK). You then post in those threads your pitch for you PC. If accepted, you join the game. If not, you don't.

    While there is a history of pbp play here at roninarmy, many of the players have moved to due to stability problems with roninarmy's forum software. (Stability issues that have gone away but the people haven't really come back. Notice that the last new post before yours was in August of 2019.)

    Whether here or at echoes, at the moment there aren't open recruitment threads that I'm aware of. Sorry.


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      There is a games list maintained in the thread at Just look at the latest list posted. I try to keep it up to date. Currently, there are no new games recruiting, but there are two already running ones that are taking people.
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