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The Call To Adventure" [M&M 3E, alternate Freedom City] Closed to Recruitment

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    I have a character idea, but because I edited it twice in a short space of time it's been marked as possible spam and needs moderator approval Any idea how long that might take? Or would it be better to just repost the whole thing? Thanks!


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      In regards to using Discord, I fully support the idea. Often times it's easier to get a quick response from the GM in regards to an OOC clarification before making an IC post. Like Hey, is there a phone booth for me to change in nearby? Sure, it'll take a Stamdard action to do so. So if the GM responds on their phone during a coffee break, you've got your response quicker than making an OOC post, and waiting on them to check the thread and make a post when they've got time.

      It's also easier to keep people invested, ya'll could fire a quick message via Discord, Posted! Zen, you're up!

      All for anything that helps a game keep momentum going!


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        Great activity here! It's been two weeks and we need to get the show started before folks get bored.

        OOC and IC threads open today.
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          This is the character I tried to post the other day; hope there’s still room in the game:

          Ankara Trebizond - PL10, 180pp
          Strength 10, Stamina 10, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 3, Awareness 10, Presence 2

          Attractive - 2 (free from Presence 2), Benefit: Wealth: Millionaire, Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Equipment - 2, Improved Initiative - 1, Improvised Weapons - 1, Jack of All Trades, Takedown - 1, Well Informed

          Close Combat: Unarmed 10 (+10), Expertise: Artist 17 (+20), Perception 10 (+20), Ranged Combat: Thrown 10 (+10), Treatment 1 (+4)

          Perfected Metabolism: Regeneration - 5 (every other round); Immunity: Sleep
          Sense Control: Variable - 1, Free Action - 1 [Senses Powers Only (not including Dimensional, Precognition, Postcognition)]
          Positional Control:
          Teleport - 4 (125 m), Extended - 4 (32 km), Change Direction, Change Velocity, Increased Mass - 6 (3200 lbs),
          Subtle - 1,
          Precise [This extra allows you to precisely choose what does and does not come with you when you teleport. Among other things, it allows you to teleport out of your clothing (or just your outer layer of clothing, leaving a skintight costume on, for example), or out of a grab, bindings like ropes or handcuffs, and so forth. Your teleportation displacement is also precise enough for you to do something like teleport into a set of clothing that is laid out for you, or underneath a blanket or other covering, displacing it enough for your body to materialize there.],
          Teleport Memory - 4 [You can "attune"to one location per rank in this Feature by spending a minute of time there and concentrating, allowing you to treat it as "very well known" with regard to Teleport effects.]
          Feature: Check Destination [You can visualize an area and sense if you are capable of teleporting there before you make the attempt. If there is something preventing you from successfully teleporting, you sense it as a free action and can choose not to make the attempt, applying your action to do something else.]
          Immunity: Teleport Effects
          Feature: Quick Change - 2
          Feature: Hairstyle Control
          Feature: Instant Clean

          Head for Languages (from Eidetic Memory): Comprehend - 3 [Understand, Speak and Read Languages], Quirk (takes at least a Scene to pick up a new language)

          Initiative +4
          Throw, +10 (DC 25)
          Unarmed, +10 (DC 25)

          Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 10, Will 10

          Power Points
          Abilities 70 + Powers 54 + Advantages 12 + Skills 24 (48 ranks) + Defences 20 = 180

          Motivation: Beautify the world; this includes making things better for everyone; as part of this she fights crime, but also works at improving society and so on.
          Fame: Ankara is a world-famous artist whose works go for high prices and which sell around the world. In addition she invests in charitable work helping out the younger generation in Freedom City and beyond. As such she is a well-known public figure.
          Obsession: Art; she is driven to create art, and to protect existing art, and will go to great lengths to do both.
          Hatred: The destructive; she hates those who mindlessly destroy things, especially irreplaceable things and works of art, and will target them over others.

          Languages Known
          If it is spoken in Freedom City, Ankara has probably learned it by now…

          Age: 27
          Sex: Female

          Ankara is one of the most beautiful women in the world, tall, slender and elfin in appearance with black hair and tanned skin. Glittering and fabulous. A renowned artist. Their powers have beautiful bars, bands and rings of sparkling multi-coloured energy when they operate. Wears a glittering morning suit ( its colour and pattern varying from moment to moment as the whim takes her. Her head is orbited by glittering rods and rings of multi-coloured energy; when she uses her sensory powers these concentrate around her eyes; when she uses her teleport powers they sweep over her entire body with her disappearing or having new clothes and so on in their wake,

          Personal Details
          Ankara does not who her biological parents are. She was abandoned on the doorstep of a Turkish orphanage as a new-born baby. This may have been because of her strange eyes; even as a baby her pupils would have multi-coloured bars and rings move through and across them from random (sometimes multiple) directions, changing the colour of her eyes behind them.

          Fortunately, she was not in the orphanage for long before being adopted by a childless middle-aged Kemal and Sheryl Zorlutana, an American couple (he was a Turkish immigrant; she was from Freedom City). They named her Laura Zorlutana. The Zorlutana’s raised Laura in Freedom City as their own daughter.

          Tests on her eyes showed nothing unusual and she exhibited no other signs of strangeness, so she grew up as normal girl. Only her perfect memory made her somewhat out of the ordinary, and how it let her learn languages extremely quickly, as well as pick up at least the basics in any skill she turned her hand to.

          She did show a great talent for art, and as she grew up, began to exhibit her pictures in the city under the name of Ankara Trebizond; she picked this from the names of those Turkish cities in honour of her country of origin. Critics considered her an up and coming talent.

          Then one weekend when she was thirteen, super-powered thieves raided an art show she was a (minor) part of. Fighting ensued, and many works of art were damaged or destroyed. She tried to stop the destructive fighting but instead ended up being struck by a clash of energies from the heroes and villains, and collapsed.

          When she woke up the villains had gone, but something had happened. The multi-coloured bars and rings that had previously moved through her eyes were still there, but now a set of them orbited her head as well, rods of energy perhaps two inches long and a quarter of an inch in diameter, rings two inches or so in diameter. Any chance of a secret identity was lost at this point.
          It did not take long for her to discover that somehow they could grant her new sensory abilities, and allow her to teleport. And that she was now super-strong and tough.

          It was not long after that that she was contacted by Claremont Academy, and offered a place in the school. Although reluctant to leave her parents, she and they considered it for the best that she attend there, and so she left her old high school and began classes there. As part of learning how to fully use her powers she learned how to use her teleportation to clean herself, and change her clothes and hairstyle at will.

          Graduating with flying colours, but obviously headed for artistic fame, she began adult life as an artist with a small apartment in the Riverside area of the city. Some of her early works still adorn the walls of the Academy. She divided her time between her art and trying to make the city a better place, both directly, by fighting crime, and indirectly, by helping others socially. She adopted the name Ankara Trebizond full time from this point.

          Over time her work earned her a great deal of money, and she now owns a large upper-storey apartment, still in Riverside, but sells and exhibits her art around the world. She donates money to fund school art programs, donates works of art to be auctioned for charity, and from time to time will also auction art commissions off for charity.

          Her adoptive parents have retired and moved away to the quiet life in the country, but they stay in regular touch. She loves them deeply, and they support her chosen career(s).

          If she at home, her Senses Variable power will be tuned to:
          Extended Hearing - 3, Radio, Extended Radio - 1

          If she is out and about normally she will tune it to:
          Extended Hearing - 1, Danger Sense (Hearing), Radius Vision, Direction Sense, Radio

          In combat it will default to:
          Radio, Accurate Radio (radar), Danger Sense (Radio), Radius Vision

          Her Teleport Memory usually remembers home, the Freedom Medical Center, FCPD headquarters and the top of one the triple towers of Pyramid Plaza. Unless the GM is happy for her to have spent the time to have already become familiar with these places, in which case they’ll be free for other things…

          She commonly carries a high end smartphone (maybe 5 equipment points), can dress in camouflage clothing and carries restraints, a fire extinguisher, a multi-tool and a first aid kit.