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  • [3e IC] Justice League Academy - Beachhead

    The Exploration Vessel Mardicus hurtled through space at a speed a thousand times the speed of light. Its outward appearance gave no hint of danger or threat. Its peaceful appearance however was only a mask for the terror that lurked inside.

    "Give me a damage report Masus." the captain ordered tensely. For all he knew, he and his first mate were the only ones left alive on the ship.

    "Communications are down." Masus said. "Cloak won't shut down. Engines are still operational, but I can't shut them down. Navigation is partially down..."

    "What do you mean partially?"

    "I can find out where we're headed, but I can't change course. It's as if these things were deliberately disabling our key systems, one by one."

    "What about internal sensors?" the captain asked. He was grasping at straws, he knew. But there was nothing else to hold on to. Even hope had become a luxury he could not afford.

    "Sensors are off line." Masus said, frustrated. "But our internal communications are still working." He went through the systems one by one. The only one still working besides internal communications and navigation was life support.
    Internal security systems had been among the first to go. The door to the bridge was welded shut. That should keep anything from getting in, but it also trapped them in. "Sir," a hint of panic beginning to creep into his voice.

    "Please hold together Masus," the captain thought. "Don't fall apart on me now."

    "What's wrong Masus?" he said aloud.

    "Sir, internal communications are still working, but, I can't raise anyone."

    "So," the captain said sadly. "We are the last." His melancholy thoughts were rudely interrupted by a loud bang on the door. Masus' head jerked up.

    "They've found us."

    "Indeed they have. However," he grabbed his gun from its holster. "They will not do to us, what they did to the rest." He took one last look out the view screen. His gasp of horror was drowned out by the increasing volume of the pounding on the outside of the door.

    "Quickly Masus!" A dent appeared in the door. "What is our heading?"

    Masus looked quickly at the console.

    "X’hal preserve us!" Another dent. "We're headed for Earth. That's a heavily populated planet!" Now the dents had grown to bulges.

    "Masus, please tell me the self-destruct still works." Masus appeared about to answer, when with a great screeching of metal, the door gave way. Masus grabbed his gun, only to have it knocked from his hand. He grabbed the creature's arms, and hurled it away from him. He reached desperately for the self-destruct mechanism, but before he could reach it, he felt a stabbing pain in his back and stomach.

    Captain Noras watched as his friend was impaled on the creature's tail. He knew he would never reach the controls in time. There were now five of the creatures in the room, and more were probably on their way. "If there is any justice in this universe, they will be killed in the crash." He raised the gun to his head, and pulled the trigger.

    The ship continued on its course toward earth. It's peaceful appearance not revealing the awful nightmare about to begin.
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    Re: Justice League Academy:

    Monday 9:30 am.

    It's a bright sunny fall day, classes had started for the day. As per the norm, each new their own schedule and probably that of those they considered friends. Some students liked to keep track of the comings and goings of others and of course the faculty were always the most informed.

    Dr Reyes teaches science, Mr Drake has a physical education program where dodge-ball is quite spectacular, Ms Braddock has a course on power usage (with requisite section on ethical use but focusing on applied use). Other faculty members teach other courses, some more mundane and so,e even more fantastic. But the sprawling complex known as the Justice League Academy is, for the most part, exactly that: a school. Sure, some of the extracurricular activities are different - where else can you take monitor duty for the JLA HQ on the moon? - and field trips are often exotic. But students aren't expected to run off and be heroes... yet.

    In at least one class this morning, some of the more martially minded students are going through calisthenics and sparring sessions. Kara In-Ze and Laura Kinney have drawn quite the spectators, as usual. Both are superb unarmed fighters, as do Sharon Smith and Rahne Sinclair but in a different and more feral way.

    Please post a little of what your character's typical Monday morning would be. In the unlikely event you are just being admitted to the Academy, you'd be in Professor X's office where both the Professor and Andre Luthor would most likely be. (Discuss with Enigmatic One before you make that assumption.)
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      Re: Justice League Academy:

      Mack Ryder~The Creeper

      Mack sat on the edge of practice area watching the girls spar, as he ate his yoghurt. He followed both pair, keenly aware he had a report on Geo-politics due to Ms. Frost. A report he was ignoring with all his might, despite the fact Ms. Frost was not particularly shy about letting students know how she felt about slacking off on reports and whatnot. If he was going to be a responsible his parents, or more correctly, like his mother, he was going to have to learn to concentrate and do the necessary background work. Normally he didn't mind background work, but recently Ms. Frost had taken to assigning him work with more and more tenuous connections. Last time, it had been, what effect does Latveria's pursuit of rare metals have on the arms trade in North Africa, specifically Libya and the failed state of Somalia?

      This time it was, How do the dietary preferences of the citizens of Gorilla City affect the prices of imported beverages in Beijing? Literally, she was asking him to answer the age old question; What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

      Looking up at Sharon and Rahne for a moment, he sighed in mild envy.

      Lookie...they're fightin' like cats and dogs. Ha, ha! Echoed in his mind.

      Slapping the side of his head, he muttered. "Shut up! I don't need comments from the peanut gallery."
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        Re: Justice League Academy:

        Mack Ryder~The Creeper

        Startled from his scolding of The Creeper, Mack cranes his neck to look upward and there was Joseph curry kind of hovering there like a god. It took a moment for him to realize Joseph either witnessed him slap himself or head him scold his inescapable frenemy...or both. With a chuckle, slightly higher pitched than his normal speaking voice would hint at he waved off the question.

        "Define okay." Gesturing toward his bookbag, the teen grimaces. "Ms. Frost is torturing me with this latest assignment."

        Then again, she wears butt-floss into battle...which you gotta respect. Creeper crooned in an inappropriate tone of thought.

        "I'm not having a nervous breakdown or anything over it though."

        You are however, koo koo for Coco Puffs reporter-boy. Came the internal rebuttal.

        "How's flying practice...or is it training...going?"

        He asks, changing the subject.
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          Re: Justice League Academy:

          Lance McKnight
          The new guy/Super Boy
          Hp: 0 Condition: Observing

          Lance watched for the sparing for a few minutes with intense concentration. He was following the 2 girl’s movements with his enhanced senses. His eyes glowed red as he watched the Kryptonian and female weapon spar. While in terms of power the native from Krypton has that over the living weapon but in cunning and skill is where the latter had over her opponent is. He shook his head as neither person where giving it all to win it was more or less a friendly sparing match.

          Dressed in his normal attire of dark grey cargo pants, black combat boots, a white long sleeve under a black t shirt with his medium length brown hair to others who did not know all about him, Lance seemed to be slowly trying to rebel from a very strict upbringing from a military family figure. If only most of the students truly knew about him. He was found on a mission where Blue and Gold team being watched by their mentors were doing crowd control on a remote Cadmus facility. Both teams had to fight their way past automated security to find Lance, some vague data on him. When he awoken he was a big help getting past the automated security droids.

          Lance was awaiting clearance from Wolverine and Beast on when he was allowed to train with the other students. Since only recently coming to the academy and how he got there some of the instructors wanted to evaluate his abilities and skill set. He had ran several training sessions created by Wolverine to test his abilities and skill level. Beast was helping running analysis and creating a profile on his abilities and powers and what knowledge he had. This had been going on for several days now and he was tired of avoiding all the questions he was getting from the fellow students on what abilities he had and if he had a codename yet.


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            Re: Justice League Academy:

            [Joseph Curry]
            HP: 0 Condition: Normal

            Originally posted by Horsenhero View Post
            Mack Ryder~The Creeper

            Startled from his scolding of The Creeper, Mack cranes his neck to look upward and there was Joseph curry kind of hovering there like a god. It took a moment for him to realize Joseph either witnessed him slap himself or head him scold his inescapable frenemy...or both. With a chuckle, slightly higher pitched than his normal speaking voice would hint at he waved off the question.

            "Define okay." Gesturing toward his bookbag, the teen grimaces. "Ms. Frost is torturing me with this latest assignment."
            "I'm not having a nervous breakdown or anything over it though."

            "How's flying practice...or is it training...going?"
            He asks, changing the subject.
            Joseph and Sam stand up and jump off the bleachers landing softly beside Mack. "Flight training was just a quick game of tag this morning. Sam mopped up as usual" . . . "I know what you mean about Ms. Frost. She hard as ... well"

            "If you want, Marrina and I are starting a study group in the library in the evenings after dinner. Maybe we can help each other out?"

            Looking across the way Joseph spies the intense glow in the eyes of the dark haired student. "Anyone know who the new kid is?"


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              Re: Justice League Academy:

              Mack Ryder~The Creeper
              HP 1

              "Study group? Yeah, that could work. It certainly beats sloggin' through all this stuff solo."

              Stuff Solo? Is that like Han's idiot brother?

              With other people around, it was way easier to ignore the annoying voice in his head, so when Joseph asked about the new kid, Mack tilted his head to look over. Studying him for a moment, Mack smiled a small, rueful smile.

              "Who is he? I got no idea. What is he? That's a way easier question to answer. Intense, super-hunky, emo kid. Yep, he's gonna cause all kinds of grief on campus."

              Lock up your daughters! Illegitimate-baby-making bad boy is in da house!


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                Re: Justice League Academy:

                GM Post

                Professor X, Headmistresses Braddock and Frost, Logan, Andre Luthor and Dr McCoy were discussing school business around a conference table. Coffee, orange juice and other breakfast staples were in the center of the table. Discussion revolved around day to day matters, including problem students (power use over personality) as well as a rather secretive mission involving Logan, Slade Wilson and a few students.* Jennifer Walters had agreed to guest lecture the ethics and law class later in the month.

                The new recruit/ admission rescued from Cadmus looked to be a challenge but he`d fit in soon enough. Lady Braddock suggested sparring with In-Ze to get an idea of his abilities as the young woman might be a good match based on initial information. Her background would also seem to mesh as well...

                A financial statement was passed around, prompting Logan to excuse himself in preparation for his mission.

                *not the PCs.
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                  Re: Justice League Academy:

                  Andre Luthor
                  HP: 1

                  "Now, I'm not buying that." Andre smirked as Wolverine made his exit, then broke into a singsong voice. "I know when someone's afraid of big nummmmbers!."

                  The moment of teasing helped. After all, Andre had not been pleased with Cadmus. Over the years, the benevolent Luthor scion had done his best to acquire all the traces of grandparental data when it came to Kryptonian physiology.... and destroy all that was not safely in his control.

                  Yet like a bad penny, others seemed to remain leaking out there - or others dared to put their own twos and twos together.

                  "But really, any questions?"
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                    Re: Justice League Academy:


                    Henry entered the gym, ready for some sparring. He had just finished off a science lesson with Dr Reyes, where there had been some disagreement between him and Blob yet again. He really disliked the bully and Blob hated the fact that Henry's powers enabled him to easily stop any of his rubbish. Still, Dr Reyes had insisted that he cool down and he had come to the gym to focus on his martial arts. Noticing the congregating group round Mack, he wandered over, steeling his defenses so he didn't pick up any stray thoughts from Mack. That kid's head was not right.

                    "Whatcha." he announced his presence.


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                      Re: Justice League Academy:

                      Silverstar HP:1

                      Mika was bored. She had only been at the academy for a couple of months. So far all it had been was classes, studying, more classes, and more studying. Sure there had been some training sessions here and there but unlike most of the others, she did not have any powers without her suit. If her mother or uncle had told it the academy would be this boring, she wouldn't have accepted the invitation to attend.

                      As she wondered around the campus, she idly pondered what to do or where to go while she had a bit of free time. She knew some of the other students were in the gym practicing. Rumor was Kara and Laura were going to spar against each other. Based on her observations of men in this time period, the two women would likely draw a large crowd. Most of the males at the academy were typical with at least one being very creepy. He even talked to himself once in awhile. There was the new kid. Young, strong looking, and not a bad looker at that. She had no idea what he could do, if anything, and neither did any of the others.

                      Taking a drink of her orange smoothie, a tasty concoction she had discovered recently, Mika decided to head to the gym just because it would give her a chance to observe the other students and maybe learn more about 21st century culture. SKERTS had been rather unhelpful in that regard. Sure, she had provided some useful information on early 21st century events and culture but some of the information had been incorrect, much to Mikas' surprise.

                      The gym was easy enough to find since she had been there herself many times using the track. It was a way for her to relax and it gave her time to relax. Once inside, she spotted the large group sitting in the viewing area, their eyes fixated on the two women practicing.

                      "So, what's happening? Who's winning?" she asked the group.


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                        Re: Justice League Academy:

                        Mack Ryder~The Creeper
                        HP 1

                        At Henry's...or was it Hank's arrival, Mack gave a little wave. "Whassup."

                        Inside his head though, the Creeper was going nuts. Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

                        Mack was almost sadistic in the satisfaction of hearing his other half in a panic. The Creeper didn't like telepaths, but Mack supposed if you owed your entire existence to being a mental illness, you understandably didn't like people who could think you out of existence.

                        Then Mika walked up. Quickly Mack stuffed another spoonful of yogurt in his mouth in order to look anywhere else but at her. Mack knew occasionally, his internal dialogue spilled into the real world and Mika had witnessed one of those moments, just as he figured Joseph had just done. It didn't take long for things like that to work their way through the student body and then everyone either looked at you with pity or like you were a freak. Mika was on the like a freak side.

                        At least none of them looked at him like the Stepford Cuckoos. Those girls looked at him like a bug they wanted to dissect to see how it worked.

                        Immediately, his mind was filled with the sound of a dentists' drill and the Creeper mimicking a german accent. Tell me. Is it safe?

                        So powerful was the intrusion of the Creeper's fantasies into his conscious thought, he almost missed Mika's question.

                        "Winning? Umm...Rahne...I think." Despite the general consensus of which pair had the most hawtness, Mack was crushing a little on the Scot werewolf.

                        Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Papa likes!

                        And the Creeper would probably throw himself in front of a bus if Sharon asked him to.


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                          Re: Justice League Academy:

                          HP: 1 [LP: 2] Condition: Normal
                          Sam gives his apologies as he has to get ready for his next class. Joseph thanks Sam again for kicking his tail promising a little payback next time. "Hello Mika. Hello Henry. You're both looking well" Seeing the nervous energy in how he is holding himself, "You haven't been picking on Blob again have you Henry? He's not worth the sweat off your brow." The girls sparring sessions are coming toward the end and Rahne is indeed doing well.

                          "Rahne might be winning but Sharon's going to be the winner" ... "We almost always learn more from our defeats than our victories. I bet even money tomorrow it's Rahne with her back on the mat."


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                            Re: Justice League Academy:

                            Faith Farmer, the Blacklight

                            Guy Gardner had only returned her to Earth last week, and her mom hadn't really stopped crying since. First, because she had come home safely.. and then because she wasn't staying. The fight was pretty epic. "Mom! I've been to the far side of the galaxy. I've debated the meaning of life with immortals. A space-amazon taught me how to fight. Can you imagine I can take..." (flipping open the community college catalog) "Retail Meat Packing? It's too late for me to have a normal life. I never wanted that anyways."

                            Currently, she was both unpacking from her trip to Oa, and packing for her residency on campus. Initially, she thought she might live at home... but she was starting to think a clean-break would be best for her parents. Finding a dusty iPod tucked into a drawer, she blew on it and slotted it into her Skull Candy speakers.
                            Track 1

                            With a sigh, she got to work. Most of the clothes she packed were alright. She had sort of shifted out some of the clothes that were getting worn already, she just needed to find some replacement clothes. The hardest work was actually going to be updating all her electronics. The software on her laptop was ancient... or at least, hadn't been updated in over a year, and she couldn't update her e-reader without updating her laptop first... and then she needed to restock it, because she'd read pretty much everything in it three times already. Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble had very little in the way of Graduate level Astronomy or Particle Physics. Not a chance they had even heard of Darkseid's Essays from the Edge of Eternity. That might not be the best reading material anyways...
                            Track 2

                            Taking pains not to disturb her sulking mother, Faith slipped down to the kitchen to acquire a roll of Saran Wrap. Returning to her room, she tore off a couple of strips to make a dust-free surface. There was actually quite a bit of dust lurking in the corners of her long abandoned room. Placing her Black Light Projector on the clear, clean surface she carefully opened the device. She checked the fail-safes, power chain and calibration. Once the BLP had passed daily maintenance, she closed it up and settled it over her shoulders like a backpack. She hadn't worn it in a while, but given her destination, it was only appropriate to wear it today.
                            Track 3

                            ...what would not be appropriate would be flying to the Academy from her Parent's lawn. She hadn't bothered with anything like a Secret Identity, but it wouldn't be fair to draw Super Attention to her parents. She was waiting on the curb for a cab with two duffel-bags when her Mom reappeared. That made things better... her mom understood; she was just afraid for her. More afraid than most parents could reasonably expect to have to be. She took the cab as far as the Hudson, and waited until the cabbie had driven off before taking to the air. She was going to have to hurry if she was going to be at the Academy by first bell.

                            9:28am saw Faith sitting in the Professor's waiting room, her bags stuffed under her chair, and a Holocron from Guy Gardner clenched in her fist.
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                              Re: Justice League Academy:

                              Atom-Smasher II
                              HP: 1
                              Status: Fatigued

                              "Come on, you pussy, just 12 more reps and then I can get the bench," a voice said behind Jeremiah as he strained to raise the bar the requisite last few times. He was benching... what was it, 3500 lbs? He knew it had been nearing 2 tons, but the electromagnetic field they used to simulate more weight always threw him off.
                              "Dukes, if it weren't for your charming personality," he grunted out, "And that we'd never see it again, I'd threaten to shove this bar where the sun doesn't shine."

                              He and Dukes had struck up an odd friendship, sharing a bond with their combination of strength and weight. Plus, something about the titular "Blob" made Jeremiah want to be his friend, not that Dukes managed to keep many friends with his abrasively defensive personality. His mother joked about that being one of the reasons she'd liked his father. He shuddered as he reminded himself that she didn't mean that way. He drew in a deep breath and then exhaled sharply as he started pumping out more reps. Six, eight, ten, almost done. Then, a pair of meaty hands settled on the bar.

                              "Here, let me spot you," Dukes said and the weight suddenly doubled as Dukes exerted his mutant power. Jeremiah drew in another sharp breath and instantly regretted it, as the acrid smell of Blob's physique filled his nose. Way too many folds and crevices to get it all washed out. Jeremiah strained to keep it up, and as the bar started sinking, was forced to start exerting some of his power, his body density increasing as he lifted. Dukes continued to bear down, chuckling.
                              "You know how this is going to end, right, Dukes?" he choked out. Dukes let out a throaty chuckle.
                              "Lemme guess, grease stain?"
                              "Nope. Have a nice fall, Dukes." Then, with a mental twinge, he reversed his flow of mass, letting it shrink to near nothingness as he suddenly ghosted through the weight bench, leaving Dukes to sprawl out on top of it, rolls of fat and skin roiling like an ocean wave. Once under the bench, Jeremiah re-solidifed and rolled to one side as it creaked ominously. He switched the electromagnet off and patted Dukes on the shoulder, chuckling.
                              "Need a little help there, buddy?" he said, "That is, if you're done with the bench already? Careful... I don't think it's on the pill." On the bench, Fred Dukes uttered a pained grunt, then started chuckling himself.
                              "Good work there, numbnuts. Sure." Jeremiah let himself grow heavy again, carefully listening for any creak from the heavily reinforced gym floor, just in case, but it held. He then gave Dukes a heavy shove, causing the rotund mutant to roll off the bench and onto the floor with a resounding boom and squelching sound.
                              "Oops," Jeremiah said, then came around the bench and helped Dukes up. "Lost my grip. All those folds, you know?" Dukes's face colored slightly, but then he snorted in laughter again. He extended one hand and this time, Jeremiah hauled him up to a standing position, although he held himself braced in case Dukes had decided to suddenly exert his mutant power.

                              "Jeremiah Rothstein, another incident like that and both you and Mr. Dukes will be assigned to clean the gym. By yourselves," the voice crackled over the loudspeakers, followed by a long sigh, "But thank you for not wrecking the bench. Again." Jeremiah looked at Dukes and Dukes looked back at him, then the two of them started laughing again.
                              "Right. Well, at least we got credit for that. Now, let's say I spot you this time?"

                              I was originally going to have him distracted by Rahne and Sharon, but people beat me to it. Besides which, this is better character building, right? I don't expect the Fatigued to amount to much, but it seemed like it fit for him straining to lift the weight as Dukes bore down without having to resort to his power, another rank up the chart and all that.

                              I blanked on who would be on "monitor" duty for the gym. I was half tempted to do Ted Grant, but even with nine lives, he's got to be way up there in age.
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