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  • The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

    So, it's time to hang out the recruiting shingle again. We've lost a bunch of players, and the kids were seemingly just placed in the past- in a battlefield in World War 2. What this means is that new characters can either be students that were swept up in the transport from the physics classroom, or they can be teen heroes from the 1940's who just happened to be in Poland at the time. I'd prefer the former to the later, but if you have a really boffo story for a past-teen (who doesn't mind a little time displacement if the heroes get back to the present), then we can certainly discuss it.

    To re-quote the original post from this thread:

    Generally what it says on the tin. I'm considering running a 4-5 player game in which the PC's are the students at a school for supers in Freedom City (think Claremont Academy, but a lot smaller and run by Daedalus). I'd be shooting for PL 8, and I have some pretty not-flexible restrictions:

    1) No healing, no transmutation powers of the anything-to-anything variety.
    2) I like characters that are focused in their powers- no 'I have magic so I can do everything'. (Ditto 'I have nannites so I can do everything). The more focused your power-set, the more likely I am to accept the character build
    3) Make sure your character has a backstory, including a family (yeah, I'll accept orphans, but even the strangest ones have people they interact with!), friends, enemies, and the like.
    4) Assumedly none of the PC's would be heroes yet. They may have done some patrolling, or stopped a crime or two, but none are 'names' in the public yet (I will spoil by saying that will change soon enough...)

    And not so much a restriction as a note: The game, while having action and combat, will also be a lot about RP, and a whole lot about investigation and problem-solving, while maintaining what it's like to be a teen-ager.
    Current 'staying' characters are an ice transform / manipulator and a telekinetic with powers that make people like him.
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    Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

    some NPC's central to the game:

    Beyond the members of the Freedom League, who come in for guest lecturing, the Labyrinth hosts many non metahumans in teaching positions. Here are a few:

    Cathy Rasmussen - English teacher. Cathy is one of Johnnie Rocket's friends from College. He thought she'd make a great teacher for the Labarynth and got her in touch with Deadalus who gave her the job. Cathy, who is in her early twenties is perky and upbeat and not so far from her own highschool days to forget what it's like.

    Sergeant Major 'Sarge' Arthur Browning - History teacher. Sarge has long since retired from the military He was a lifer spec forces and intelligence and it was hard for him to adjust to life as a civilian. He never married and has no family. How Deadalus found him and convinced him to teach at the school is a mystery but though he's a strict disciplinarian in his classroom, his love of history, especially military history comes across in his classroom and he's one of the more popular teachers. He substitutes in gym class when the gym teacher is out. Also doubles teaching modern politics, even though the classes often decay into rather loud arguments.

    Dr. Ivan Petrov - science/physics. Dr. Petrov defected to the US during the worst of the cold war. Deadalus and the Freedom League were instrumental in getting him his freedom and sanctuary. He is an atomic physicist and defected when he was forced to use his talents in the arms race. He is a pacifist and is horrified by the fact that anything he does would be used as a weapon. He was only too pleased for the opportunity to teach at the Labarynth and it's rumored that he and Deadalus are working on some sort of project together.

    Kell Ephrams- Kell was a pioneer in the jazz and ragtime bars in the 1930's. Considered a musical prodigy, he has gone on to learn over 17 different insturments, and was declared a 'national treasure' by President Kennedy. Since the 1970's, 'Professor' Ephrams has lead six of the nation's greatest orchestras, as well as two high-school orchestras. His lack of job longevity he attributes to an insatiable wanderlust which has only begin to slow as he has entered his 80's. Siren and Captain Metropolis saved Kell's life in 2002, and this year convinced Daedalus to invite him to teach at the school.

    Christopher 'Kristoph' DelMorio (Art teacher)

    Christopher made a name for himself in Spain with his incredible artistic eye. His paintings of the landscapes and people of Madrid were characterized by strong colors and controlled strokes. It was said that his use of light, combined with touches from Chagall's works, maried early impressionism with later surrealism in a very appealing way.
    His art career ended in 2008 when he was arrested for forgery.
    In 2009, he was released on a plea bargain, and moved to the United States. He doesn't discuss why or how he came to work at the Labyrinth, but is very open and friendly on all matter of other subjects.

    Evelyn Wolfe - biology/social studies. Daughter of an eco-terrorist, Evelyn is one of the only non Freedom League paranormal teachers. Her affinity with plants is the result of an accident caused by one of her father's raids. Though she is an environmental activist, she is not the radical fanatic her father was and has learned from his mistakes. She often takes students on field trips out into the woods around the school for lessons.

    Lance Manning (formerly Twilight Defender, "Last Hero of Alternate Earth"), Combat Trainer: Lance's current role as combat trainer for the School comes as a result of an adventure of the Freedom League that took place in an alternate reality. The Twilight Defender was the ultimate hero of that alternate Earth and was that world's equivelant of Superman (and perhaps even more powerful). When Lance began his carreer as a hero, he was little stronger than the typical "super solider", but as he grew in age and experience, his power level multiplied. A group of that world's most promenant scientists came to the realization that, as the relative power of super"heroes" increased in their dimension, so too did the power of super"villains." This group, fearing what could ultimately happen to the world, organized a massive crusade of assassination of heroes and villains alike until the Defender was the only superbeing left in a dimension that now demanded an equal and opposing being exist. The Freedom League helped the Twilight Defender defeat the assassination squad and gave him a new home in our dimension, relieving his own world of its last great heroic figure, and consequently, preventing the creation of new supervillains.

    Lance Manning is now in his 90s, though he looks like a 50 year old bodybuilder. He essentially has the strength and skills now of a Captain America. While he misses his own world, he knows his leaving probably saved his planet. He enjoys sharing his experiences as part of his training exercises.


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      Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

      Here's a list of the other students currently in the Labyrinth.

      Bruce 'Beetle' Miller- Self-proclaimed cybernetics expert, Bruce is an adrenalin junkie with a cybernetic right arm that holds various gadgets. When not tearing about on his motorcycle, Bruce puts himself in 'deep space', which apparently means websurfing endlessly.

      Linda Cole- A 12-year-old amnesiac who has shown slight mental powers in the past, mainly in the causing-great-headaches variety. She is far from in control of this ability, and is rather insecure about it, as she tends to hurt people indiscriminately when stressed.

      Adam 'Stutter' Willis- Stutter has an odd problem. His stammer seems to be indicative of a 'hiccough' in time-space. When stressed, Adam's stammer becomes much more pronounced, and as he stammers, more and more duplicates of him appear. The duplicates vanish only when Adam's stress goes down, and they are usually as stressed as he is.

      Hector 'Agua' Ruiz- Hector was born a thalidomide baby- he had no arms or legs. He made up for this by having an odd telekinetic control over water that touched him. Since then, he has learned to make 'arms' and 'legs' out of water. He's a jovial young man, and occasionally allows the school's fish to swim around in his limbs.

      Pietor (No last name known)- Pietor was a foundling after the Freedom League fought a number of villains in the Soviet Union. It's joked that Pietor has the metahuman ability of invisibility, but it's really that he's just very quiet and barely socializes at all. He has a strange, haunted look about him, and pretty much refuses to make eye contact with anyone. Pietor has one metahuman ability that has surfaced: He's good at everything. Anything that a person can be skilled at, he's skilled at. He knows he hasn't trained in these things, and he's not good at them until he tries to do them (for instance, he's never tried to speak Japanese, so he can't, but should he try to, he'd be completely fluent in it.)

      Brittany Lance- Brittany is often taken as a 'poster child' for the school. She's pretty and has an excellent command of language, as well as being very physically skilled; she's not an Olympic-level athlete, but it's obvious it's only a matter of time before she is. She seems to excel at everything she puts her mind to.

      Fer Deery- A young girl from Ireland, Fer claims to be at least part 'seelie'. She excels in the magical studies that Siren offers, and has mastered certain elemental spells. She's a practical joker of the highest order, and it's rumored that she actually is physically unable of taking anything truly seriously. Beyond this, she gets tragically homesick every few weeks. Storms usually follow until Siren stops them.

      Mel Soul- Mel's not human. Mel is a robot, and an alien to boot. He was abandoned in Freedom City after an abortive invasion back in 1999. Mel is a weapons platform of sorts, but most, if not all, of his hardware is burnt out. There's a rumor he has a 'doomsday bomb' in him that could destroy the planet, but he doesn't like to talk about it. Mel has an awful sense of humor and timing, and it's pretty apparent he wants to be more human, but isn't sure quite how to go about it.

      Louette "Light fingers" Le Beau- Louette is a telekinetic. She has had the ability to pick things up literally since the day she was born. Rumor has it she was rescued as an infant from some southern religious 'exorcism' in an attempt to cleanse her of the demons that possessed her. She now has control of her powers. Louette is from Louisiana and has a Cajun accent. Has a thing for spicy food, and often challenges people to hot-food-eating challenges. No one has beaten her jalapeno record except Mel.

      Jeffrey "inferno" Martingale- Jeffrey was a normal spoiled rich kid until a tantrum caused a fireball in a counselor's office. He adamantly denied having anything to do with it and refused to admit he was some sort of freak. He hates his powers and hates even more the fact that they make him different and took him from a very prestigious private school to this backwater hole where he has to deal with freaks on a regular basis. He is rude and unpleasant to any of the other students who look anything but normal. Most of the other students avoid him when possible because when he blows up, he blows up. He's gotten into Minotaur's face before, and doesn't seem to realize it's only Minotaur's preternatural level of restraint that has saved him.

      "Bruce" Lee Carter- Lee's father was a famous thrill thief named Fox. Fox fell in love with and eventually married the female detective who had made catching him her focus. (Well, married after he was paroled.) Fox is rather ashamed of all the dumb things he did and didn't want his son taking after him so enrolled him in martial arts to make sure he had a good sense of honor and discipline. Lee inherited his father's unnatural quickness and dexterity and excelled in martial arts. After the first time his mother caught him researching security systems and locks, he was sent to Deadalus' academy in the hope that he would not follow his father's youthful footsteps. Lee is a clever and skillful young man with an aptitude for locks and great skill in martial arts. He's also a big fan of Tony Jaa, Bruce Lee, and bad martial arts movies. He's been known to try to pull off some of the more outlandish movie stunts.


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        Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

        And to top it off, some portraits from a run of this game some eight years ago:


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          Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

          Jill Frost

          Appearance: Gillian is usually found with a serious look on her face. She wears glasses she doesn't 'need' in order to look smarter. With dark hair and hazel eyes she doesn't dress to do her natural beauty justice. Likewise her make-up is sparse. She's a trim 5foot6 but carries herself tall and her fierce eyes can make her seem imposing.

          Gillian Deckers
          Power Level: 8 (120pp)

          8 [16; Ice Form] (-1/+3)
          DEX: 10 (+0) [2pp]
          CON: 14(+2) [6pp]
          INT: 12 (+1) [4pp]
          WIS: 14 (+2) [2pp]
          CHA: 10 (+0)[2pp]

          Skills [7pp]: Bluff 8 (+8/+12), Knowledge [Business] 4 (+5), Knowledge [Law] 2 (+3), Notice 8 (+10), Insight 4(+6), Swimming 1(0/+2), Investigate 1(+2)

          Feats [5pp]: Accurate Attack, Attractive, Improved Initiative, Move by Action, Dodge 1,

          Immunity: Cold Effects [10pp]
          Immunity: Suffocation [2pp]

          Alternate Form 4 “Ice”
          Density 4 (+8 Str, +2 Tough.Imperv, Sup Str 1, [12pp]
          Protection 7, Drawback: Noticeable (Solid Ice) [6pp]
          immunity: Critical Hits [2pp]

          Cold Control 12 (24pp)
          Base: Blizzard, Environmental Control 12 (Mix-and-Match Environments, up to 6/rank to pr4; Distraction [DC 10], Hamper Movement [one-quarter speed], Extreme Cold)
          AP: Icicle, Blast 10 (Blast, Accurate 2, Precise, Variable Physical)(1pp)
          AP: Intense Cold, Damage 8 [Area-Line, Alt Save: Fort] (1pp)
          AP: Cone of Ice, 8 (Damage [Physical], Area [Cone], Penetrating)(1pp)
          AP: Freeze, Weaken 12 (Toughness Drain, Ex: Range, Flaw: Objects Only, Accurate, Subtle, quirk: cannot freeze objects separate from liquids they are connected with)(1pp)
          AP: Glacial Sculpture, Create Object 8 (Ice Shapes; Continuous/Permanent[0], Impervious on 5 Ranks; Power Feat: Precise, innate, Subtle {DC20 to see she caused it}; 1pp)
          AP: Creeping Frost, Snare 8 (Ice Bonds; Area-Shapeable)( 1pp)

          Ice Ramp, Flight 4 (100 MPH; Flaw: Platform [-1]; 4pp)

          Super-Senses 1 (Infravision; 1pp)

          Attack +2 (4pp); Damage -1/+3 (Unarmed) /
          Icicle, +6 to hit; pr 10 Damage,(Blast)
          Freeze, +4 to Hit; pr 12 Weaken

          Defense +4 (8pp)+1 Dodge = 15 (12 flat-footed)
          Initiative +4

          Saves: Toughness +2 // +11 (+2 Impervious; Ice Form),
          Fortitude +7 [5pp], Reflex +4 [4pp], Will +8 [6pp]

          Drawbacks: (Fire Descriptor, Minor {+1DC}, Common) [-2]
          {if more or less frequent,or if you want a higher level Vulnerability, let me know}

          Abilities 16 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 5 + Powers 67 + Combat 12 + Saves 15 – Drawbacks 2 = 120


          Gillian Deckers was a driven and serious young lady. A part of both the debate team and the Junior Business Leaders of America Gillian was rarely found smiling but she does seem to enjoy swimming, though not competitively or in a team situation. Her good looks and sharp, shrewd manners would carry her far in the world.

          Gillian also discovered that she has the ability to Manipulate, Create, and Control cold. Near as she can tell, she was just born this way with her power manifesting when a failed dive into her family's pool resulted in her bleeding from a head wound, face down in the water. She woke up suspended in ice, her body metamorphesized.

          Control – Occasionally when under stress the room around her will drop a few degrees.
          Cautious – Gillian would rather observe a situation instead of rushing into it headlong
          Reputation – She has a reputation around school as being uncaring when really it’s just her distancing herself from others by force of habit.
          Secret from the world at large – Powers.
          Competitive - Jill wants to be first... at everything. She pushes herself hard.


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            Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

            Adam Park

            Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 120/120

            Background Details: For Adam Park, life wasn't just easy. It was cake.

            But that's what tends to happen when you're the only child of the CEO of an international consulting and technology firm. From a young age, he was blessed with athleticism, good looks, and an indulgent father who ensured that every interest, from gymnastics to computer programming, was fulfilled sparing no expense. Even with such a lenient parent, Adam's kindly butler always took it upon himself to ensure that the boy grew up to be straight as an arrow and humble to boot, resulting in a boy who knew that what he had wasn't meant to be taken for granted. But at the same time, there was a sense of adventure and want for something more than just private tutors and excelling above and beyond the other students in his academy.

            While his father was always a lofty role model to aspire towards, and his butler a more down to earth father figure, Adam didn't realize his true ambitions until a fateful encounter with Freedom City's own superheroes: the Freedom League. Seeing regular men and women like Bowman and Raven stand back-to-back with metahumans like Captain Thunder and Lady Liberty elicited a reaction from the young, impressionable teenager. With training, conviction, and a decent looking suit, even an unpowered, run-of-the-mill young man like himself could achieve greater things than just becoming the head of a Fortune 500 company.

            He could become a hero.

            With his father's approval, Adam enrolled into Daedalus' academy armed with his natural intelligence, well trained body and abilities, and conviction towards the greater good and other such lofty ideals.

            Complications: Fame - Being the son of a highly successful CEO has its perks. Awesome house, state of the art toys, and holidays full of over the top gifts. The not-so-cool part? Paparazzi watching your every move. It's bad enough worrying about the kids at school watching your every move, but having to worry about the entire world? Give a guy a break...

            Obsession - What kid doesn't dream of being a superhero when they grow up? Adam's just like any other kid his age with lofty aspirations of becoming a beacon of heroism and justice for others...except he might actually achieve it.

            Secret - Ray Gardener is Captain Thunder. Callie Summers is Raven. And Adam Park is a 16 year old boy who probably shouldn't let his well known, public-oriented father know that his only son is harboring aspirations of becoming a costumed hero rather than take the reins of his true legacy: his father's company.

            STR: +2 (14), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +3 (16), INT: +4 (18), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +1 (12)

            Tough: +3/+5, Fort: +5, Ref: +8, Will: +5

            Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+12), Bluff 6 (+7), Computers 4 (+8), Craft (electronic) 5 (+9), Craft (mechanical) 5 (+9), Disable Device 5 (+9), Drive 2 (+6), Escape Artist 6 (+10), Investigate 5 (+9), Knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+8), Knowledge (technology) 4 (+8), Language 3 (+3), Notice 6 (+8), Search 3 (+7), Sense Motive 8 (+10), Stealth 10 (+14)

            Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Assessment, Attack Focus (melee) 4, Beginner's Luck, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 5, Eidetic Memory, Elusive Target, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Initiative, Inventor, Jack-of-All-Trades, Luck 4, Master Plan, Set-Up, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Computers, Disable Device, Stealth), Sneak Attack (+2), Takedown Attack 2, Teamwork, Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

            Attack Bonus: +7 (Ranged: +7, Melee: +11, Grapple: +13)

            Attacks: Unarmed Attack, +11 (DC 17)

            Defense: +11 (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -2

            Initiative: +8

            Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English (Native), Japanese, Korean

            Totals: Abilities 32 + Skills 21 (84 ranks) + Feats 32 + Powers 0 + Combat 26 + Saves 9 + Drawbacks 0 = 120

            Tradeoffs: +3 Attack Bonus/-3 Save DC, +3 Defense Bonus/-3 Toughness


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              Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

              Okay... Any way we could get a roll call here? I'm beginning to think the game might be dying, and I'm trying to figure out options - Either I try to recruit more, we go on with who we have but perhaps request a minimum posts-per-week, or we stick a fork in it...


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                Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)


                Jace Irdu - PL 8 (120 pp)

                Abilities: 8pp
                STR 10 (+0)
                DEX 10 (+0)
                CON 12 (+1)
                INT 12 (+1)
                WIS 10 (+0)
                CHA 14 (+2)

                Defense 16 (+6 Enhanced)
                Incoming!: +10 ranged (60'): Toughness DC 21 (Indirect:Towards self, Subtle, Side effect: attack self if miss)
                Emotional Attraction: *Irdu makes save too*
                -40': Will DC 14 vs Emotion Control: Love
                -5': Will DC 18 vs Emotion Control: Love
                -touch +0 : Will DC 18 vs Emotion Control: Love (Min. effect = Friendly)

                Saves: 20pp
                Toughness +10 (9 Protection +1 con), Fort +9 (8 base +1 con), Reflex +10 (+10 Enhanced), Will +12 (12 base)

                Skills: (100 ranks=25pp)
                Acrobatics(+10/10), Bluff(+10/8), Diplomacy(+15/13), Disable Device(+5/4), Gather Information(+11/9), Investigate(+5/4), Knowledge: Streetwise (+5/4), Notice(+10/10), Perform: Magic tricks(+5/3), Search(+10/9), Sense Motive(+6/6), Sleight of Hand(+10/10), Stealth(+5/5), Survival(+5/5)

                Feats: 8
                Attractive 2, Defensive Attack, Fascinate: Diplomacy, Luck 2, Second Chance: Emotion Control, Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Sleight of Hand, Bluff, Acrobatics)

                Powers: 69pp
                Exponential Emotional Attraction: 20pp
                -Pheromones 4 (Permanent, Side Effect 2: Affects both -2/rank) *2/rank*: 8p
                -Enhanced Pheromones 4 (Permanent, Reduced Range -1/rank, Side Effect 2: Affects both -2/rank) *1/rank*: 4p
                -Enhanced Pheromones *Applied to 8 existing ranks* (No save +2/rank, Reduced Range: Touch -1/rank) *1/rank*: 8p
                **OK this seems a bit complicated, so here's how it works: Anybody starting their round within 40' is in range of the initial attraction power and make a save vs emotion control: Love (Will DC 14).
                If they get within 5 feet they are affected by the full ranks (Will DC 18). Anybody touching him with direct skin contact (Or if he touches them) makes Will DC 18 but is automatically affected by at least the minimum result (Friendly) even if they succeed.
                In any case, he is also affected towards them in the same way.

                Physical Attraction: 12pp +3 ap = 15pp
                -Telekinesis 10 (Perception +1/rank, Limited: Only towards self -2/rank, Subtle, Precise) *1/rank+2*: 12p
                -AP: Incoming! - Blast 6 (Side Effect: attack self if miss -1/rank, Indirect 1*Only towards*, Accurate 5, Subtle) *1/rank+6*: 12pp
                -AP: Hunker Down - Immovable 10, Immunity: Crits: 12pp
                -AP: TO ME! :11pp
                --Environmental Control 5 (Hamper movement 1/rank, Reduced Range: Close -1/rank, Selective Attack +1/rank): 5p
                --Linked Speed 4 (Affects Only Others, Area:Explosion +1/rank, Progression 2, Selective, Limited: Towards him -1/rank): 7p
                **To Me!: Everyone within 100' has their movement decreased by half (fort save dc 15) or increased to 100mph if moving towards Jace. (Selective)**

                Super senses: Direction & Distance, Blindsight(Tactile): 6pp
                **Jace can sense the pull of gravity from everything around him no matter how slight, being able to tell how far and in what direction things are, and navigate without sight.

                Saw that coming: Enhanced Reflex 10(Sustained -1/rank): 5pp
                Enhanced Dodge 6: 6pp
                Speed 4 : 4pp
                Super Movement: Wall Cling: Wall crawling (Limtied: Cant move), Swinging: 3pp
                *He can pull himself towards objects which essentially works out like swinging, and can cling to walls but can't climb up them, instead having to swing or drop off*

                Feature: Bullet Magnet - This works like Interpose with regards to physical projectiles, but is always in effect: whenever someone/something in an adjacent square is targeted with a physical projectile, it attacks Jace instead: 1pp
                Feature: Pull - Jace gains a +4 circumstance bonus to checks when his 'attraction' could help (Such as a dexterity check to catch something, Sleight of hand checks to steal, search checks for certain loose objects, etc.) *Similar to attractive feat*: 1pp

                Device 2: Personal Flak Jacket: 8pp
                -Enhanced Protection 9, Subtle: 10p

                Bullet Magnet - Jace's attraction powers draw physical projectiles towards him, as well as negating his dodge bonus against them. (Moderate, Very Common: 4pp)
                Fast Fall - Jace accelerates towards the ground very rapidly, taking increased damage. Vulnerable: Falling (Common, Moderate: 3pp)
                Power Loss: Blast - Jace's blast relies on having something behind the opponent to pull INTO the opponent. (Common, Minor: 2pp)
                Full Power: Pheromones (1pp)

                COST: 8 Abilities + 20 Saves + 25 Skills + 8 Feats + 69 Powers - 10 drawbacks = 120/122
                Tradeoffs: +2 attack/-2 damage, -2 def/+2 tough

                Motivation: Responsibility&Guilt - Jace is responsible for the death of his mother and others during the gang war he started, and has vowed to try to learn to control his abilities and use them for good.
                Troubled *- Jace is still dealing with the fall-out from his actions last summer. Though he tries to act nonchalant and 'all better', he is still troubled by what he caused and saw.

                Jace has powers of Attraction - people and objects are naturally drawn towards him.
                His powers manifested at an early age, but he's always had trouble controlling them. Things and people have always gravitated towards him both physically and emotionally, without him being able to stop it.

                Throughout school he was always fawned over by all the other students and teachers, and tended to form deep bonds with people very quickly. When he entered his teens he began to realize there was something different about him as his powers intensified.

                As he went through his teen years, Jace began to use his advantages selfishly, becoming quite the con artist and thief. By the time he was 14, Jace was taking advantage of everybody around him, having subverted the entire neighbourhood into his lackeys over the years. At this point, he thought that maybe he could try getting into the 'big pool', and started trying to work his way into a local gang. Over the next year he managed to work his way into the good graces of the gang, and after a while decided that wasn't enough either.
                He set out to another gang, meaning to pull the two together and get them both working for HIM.

                Unfortunately, his approach was too blunt, relying far too much on the assumption that everybody would just 'like him' and want to help, and he ended up pissing off the gang's leader. Retreating to his home, the teen was able to enlist his Friendly Neighbours to back him up and the gang seemed to retreat.. for a time. A week later, his Mother was killed in a drive-by shooting while he was out at a girls house. The first gang he'd started working into retaliated - he was one of theirs, after all, and they didn't know he'd been trying to work his way into the second gang - and the war started.
                By the end of the summer, half a dozen of his neighbours had been killed or seriously injured, and Jace knew he was in too deep.

                His powers kept getting stronger, and he began to use them to fight the gang, eventually starting to think of himself as a super-hero. And so, of course, did his 'friends' in the neighbourhood - cheering him on and supporting him. Unfortunately, he got so caught up in it that he forgot once more the serious consequences, and when he was caught in a shoot-out, he found that, like everything else, the bullets seemed attracted to him - he was a bullet magnet!

                When he finally awoke a month after the surgery, he found nobody waiting for him. His father and neighbours blamed him, and the effects of his 'attraction' seemed to have slowly worn off while he was out. He stayed in the hospital for another week without visitors - even his girlfriend had left him.

                Finally, one day, he awoke with an old man by his bedside.
                "You've learnt the hard way what can come of misusing your gifts. There is a place you can go. A place for people like us. A school where you can learn control"
                Jace wasn't exactly a genius, but he knew what 'people like us' meant. The man hadn't opened his mouth, the words had just appeared in Jace's head. Jace looked away for a few moments, and when he turned back, he simply nodded.

                Several weeks later, after he was finished recovering, the man re-appeared to sign him out of the hospital. Nobody seemed to question him, and only then did Jace wonder why no police had been to see him.. he'd been shot by a Gang, you'd think they'd want to know about that. Shaking his head, he got into the car.


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                  Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

                  I'm here, I didn't think to expand upon Gillian's mention of her powers, but I guess I could.


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                    Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

                    I'm gonna have to drop out. Just got engaged

                    She said 'yes' last night and we now have the lovely journey of planning a wedding in front of us. That and a new project at work will pretty much kill all my me-time, so...sorry


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                      Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

                      Congrats Griever!


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                        Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

                        Grats Griever!

                        Sadly, this leaves us with two -active- PC's. I'm not sure what to do with that at this point. I could do a quick recruit, and say they were swept up with you, or I could ask for teen heroes from WW2, although that seems weird.
                        To be honest, I'm kinda at a loss for what to do with this now.


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                          Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

                          How about both? People could propose either teens from the school who got swept up with us, OR young heroes from this time that we team up with?

                          Would make for a bigger variety of interest.


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                            Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

                            so it's been 2 weeks..

                            You could try posting a new thread stating "recruitment" and link to here, since we don't seem able to change title's yet?


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                              Re: The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)

                              I would love to throw my hat in the ring for this one if recruiting will start up.
                              I have to brush up a bit on my freedom city knowledge though.