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    Frustration nagged at Prism as her search turned up nothing use. For there had ever been a trail to follow it was long cold. She was a warrior, not a tracker and it seemed she would get no where just wandering the tunnels. There was little more to do in that regards then just keeping one's ear to the ground.

    In the meantime, she might as will check on Gretchen to see how her friend had endured in the tremors. His lair, which from her understanding was originally build by some kind of discordance group, seemed to have weathered quite well. This was encouraging.

    "Gretchen?" she called out as she entered his domain, "Quite the upheaval. How have you fared little one?"


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      Just as Thomas was about to enter the cave, a great shadow passed over the area,drawing his gaze upward. "Hm. A dragon.", he whispered to himself. "Majax mentioned a dragon...but damned if I can remember what he said." As he watched, the dragon began to wheel back around toward the cave mouth. "Well, good, bad, or indifferent, he saw the cave and will be here shortly." Taking two quick steps into the cave, out of the dragon's line of sight, Thomas conjures an obsidian plaque, reading "Anubis", onto the cave floor. He then pushes himself into the left-hand wall. Let's see if he'll tell which side he's on....

      I enter the cave, switch to Conjuration to make the plaque, then back to Ephermal Form to phase into the wall. I'll leave enough of my head "out" to see and hear & Stealth to hide it. Stealth 1d20+11=26.
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        Jealous of Kirk's ability to keep his armor (and thus costume) on hand, Chris raced up to his room and was changed in seconds. He got on the comm to get the location of the nearest police station from Elena and rushed over. There wasn't much he could do on his own for disaster relief but he wanted to authorities to know the Protectors were in the area and already moving. That took a few minutes. Then he was on the move again, back to the shore, to get a look at how the eruption was progressing.