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  • [3e OOC] FORCE Ops

    This is a PL 10 game set (of course) in Freedom City, the group is members of a newly formed team that are from all across the United States and have been recruited (so they are actually paid for the work they're doing) to come to Freedom City to help deal with the criminals since the Freedom League has become more “global” in the last year, the Atom Family are always traveling around the world, other dimensions, lost lands or researching some other odd occurrence that‘s caught their eye, while the Next-Gen and AlterniTeens are kept under the watchful eye of Headmaster Summers.

    The Team:
    Jonathan Spectre

    Former Members:
    Archer II
    La Rana
    Mr. Magnificent

    In Memoriam:



    Issue #1: Families’ Feud:
    Issue #2: A 4-Letter Word:
    Issue #3: Pirate & Ninjas….OHMY!:
    Issue #4: The SHADOW of VIPER:
    Issue #5: In Too Deep
    Issue # 6: The Past You Don't Know
    Issue #7: Hey! This is MY Heist!
    Issue #8: The World of Shadows
    Issue #9: Emerald City Blues
    Interlude #1
    Issue #10: Good Help Is Hard To Summon
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    Re: FORCE Ops

    Rex Mundi
    - PL 10

    Strength 2, Stamina 3, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intellect 0, Awareness 0, Presence 0

    Artificer, Benefit, Status: Lodge Member, Close Attack 4, Contacts, Languages 4, Move-by Action, Perform: Stage Magician based off of Slight of Hand, Ranged Attack 2, Ritualist, Takedown 2

    Expertise: Arcane 14 (+14), Expertise: History 10 (+10), Insight 8 (+8), Investigation 9 (+9), Perception 8 (+8), Sleight of Hand 13 (+13), Stealth 7 (+7)

    Dimensional Pocket: Feature 2
    Magic: Magic 1 (DC 16)
    Wind Avatar (Advantages: Improved Initiative 6)
    . . Air Hammer: Strength-based Strike 8 (DC 25)
    . . Life's Breath: Immunity 2 (Suffocation (All))
    . . Movement:
    Movement 2
    (Wall-crawling 1: -1 speed rank, Water Walking 1: you sink if stopped)
    . . Quick Reflexes: Enhanced Trait 18 (Traits: Parry +6 (+12), Dodge +8 (+12), Advantages: Close Attack 4)
    . . Quickness: Quickness 8 (Perform routine tasks in -8 time ranks)
    . . Speed:
    Speed 14
    (Speed: 32000 miles/hour, 60 miles/round; Subtle: subtle)
    . . Wind Shield: Protection 5 (+5 Toughness)

    Initiative +24
    Air Hammer: Strength-based Strike 8, +10 (DC 25)
    Grab, +10 (DC Spec 12)
    Magic: Magic 1, +2 (DC 16)
    Throw, +2 (DC 17)
    Unarmed, +10 (DC 17)

    English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

    Dodge 12/4, Parry 12/6, Fortitude 10, Toughness 8, Will 10

    Power Points
    Abilities 22 + Powers 70 + Advantages 14 + Skills 23 (69 ranks) + Defenses 21 = 150

    Rex Mundi was not born with that name. His real name is a mystery that has never been revealed. He was found one day on the doorstep of a kindly couple who called child services. He spent the next few years in an orphanage under the name John Doe, which the other kids were quick to point out meant that not only did nobody want him, but nobody bothered to give him a name.
    By the age of six he was adopted by a severe looking, but pleasant man, by the name Gino Alamiceo. Gino told him he held great promise, and told him that they'd go on many adventures while Gino trained him to one day inherit his job.
    John agreed.
    For the next few years life was hectic as he traveled around the world with Gino, investigating all sorts of strange archeological digs. He was trained in a variety of languages, starting with Latin, and the history and story behind all the cities and countries they encountered.
    By the age of eight Gino had run into somewhat of a problem as his adopted son refused to called John anymore, but his chosen nickname changed on a daily basis. As a gift, during their next trip through the US, he gave his son a birthday gift. He allowed him to legally change his name to whatever he wanted, as long as it wasn't rude.
    And so John Doe declared himself "Rex Mundi". Gino wasn't overly impressed with the choice, but he was happy to see that his would be King of the World was in fact paying attention to his Latin lessons.
    Over time Gino brought Rex into his confidence and revealed that he was, in fact, a member of a magical society that protected the world, and that one day Rex would be taking his place in that society.

    Sadly it became apparent after a few years of instruction that while Rex had the drive and the intelligence he, through no fault of his own, lacked any real magical power. While he could empower the smallest of spells he simply lacked enough power to successfully cast anything more powerful.
    Finally, seeing how his Uncle's dreams were crumbling, Rex did the only thing he could think of. He asked Gino to adopt another child to be his apprentice.
    Gino was hesitant at first, but his desire to train his replacement finally won out and Rex soon gained a Sister.
    Jameela Lanchuka joined their little family and proved to be a powerful sorceress in the making.
    She also proved to be a rival for Gino's attentions starting an all out sibling rivalry.
    Jameela was the focus of Gino's training, and happily showed off her magical might at any oppertunity (which admittedly was not as often as she would have liked), leaving Rex scrambling to learn everything he could about their Uncle's job, archeology, and magic in general.
    While Jameela was the magical powerhouse, gifted, inventive and filled with boundless energy Rex became the one with the knowledge, the ability to decipher strange texts, and remember the details Jameela and Gino would need while fighting mystical threats.
    Rex also turned his often frowned upon mastery of picking pocking (a skill he started learning in the orphanage and honed around the world with many new friends) into a more positive thing. If by positive one meant "learning fake magic to annoy the real magician".
    Rex found a certain love of making items disappear and reappear without the help of anything but cunning and fast fingers, and took to stage magic with gusto when he realized it really annoyed Uncle Gino's stuffy old friends from The Lodge.
    In spite of their rivalry Jameela and Rex grew close as, more often than not, the only person their own age who understood what they were going through was each other. The constant moving around prevented them from making any long term friends, and even when they could they could never explain the magic they did, or the strange supernatural adventures they went on.
    In the end, in spite of their rivalries, the arguments, the petty annoyances and the pranks, they were the only family they had.
    Their family life came to an end, one day, during a mission to stop a dark mage's ritual to bind elemental powers into his form. While Jameela and Gino managed to distract the Mage, Rex disrupted the ritual. The result was catastrophic, nearly collapsing the temple they were in on top of them, as well as Rex being struck by the powers of the wind element the dark mage wished to harness.
    It nearly killed him, but after his recovery he discovered he had a unique access to wind magic which had bound to his very core.
    At first he was happy, suddenly being able to pull his weight around his family, but he learned quickly that some people had other plans.

    Gino was a member of the Lodge, a secret organization which did what they could to prevent evil forces from taking over the world. At least when it came to magic.
    But they did so as quietly as they could, never interfering directly unless forced, always keeping a low profile and never allowing the public to know of their existence.

    Their world views clashed with Jameela's desire to help people. She never understood how they could hope to help people if they were unapproachable, nor how they could claim to be helping when they spent more time hiding than actually stopping these dangers.

    And Jameela's use of magic clashed with their views. She was flashy, fond of showy spells and big theatrics. She was also fast to help people with magic.

    So when Rex gained powers enough for him to take on the role of Gino's apprentice and heir they pushed for him to be made Gino's successor.

    That was when Rex knew his days of adventuring with his family were done. He wanted to be Gino's successor but he'd given up on that dream when he was a little kid. That dream was Jameela's, and the look on her face when the Lodge made their decision showed that she was crushed. She'd spent most of her life preparing to take over for Uncle Gino. It was what she worked towards every waking moment just to make him proud.

    So Rex did the only thing he could think of to help his sister, and said no. And then he gave them a reason to accept that no.

    He told the council that he thought their methods were antiquated and backwards. That they could do more good by making themselves more visible in the public eye, and declared that he was going to open a business as a magic consultant to the mundane world.

    The end result was dramatic.
    Rex was out, Jameela was back in, but now Rex was living under the threat of being removed from the public world if he should ever be a threat of revealing their secrets. He was allowed to leave only after promising that he would not betray their secrets and that he'd do his best to hide his magical powers.

    And even then he suspected he was only allowed to leave because they didn't wish to lose Gino and Jameela by pushing the point.

    Gino, disappointed that his "son" would turn against his teachings, said his tearful goodbyes before leaving with Jameela.

    Stuck in the world, by himself, with no real job prospects he decided to do the thing he most wanted and moved back to his hometown of Freedom City. Away from the wild, the savage animals, and the lack of comforts. He decided he wouldn't be stuck, bored out of his mind slowly digging relics from the ground or painstakingly copying runes that'd be locked away from sight once he was done.

    No, he was going to have some fun.

    He started up his business, hiring himself out as a historian, a stage magician, a consultant on all things supernatural and even as a translator on occasion. It not only kept him out of the gutter but the constant moving and daily change of activities eased his soul.

    When he was approached by an agent working for Force Ops to work as a magic consultant he saw a new opportunity. The chance to prove that the use of their magic in the public was viable without betraying the Lodge's secrets.

    While Rex Mundi would help the people as a rough and tumble magic consultant, his new alter ego could use his magic to defend the world at large while pretending to be nothing more than a run of the mill speedster.

    For those who are wondering: Keller knows about Rex's powers and that they're magical in nature. He doesn't know about the Lodge or (so far as Rex knows) the rest of his family's abilities.

    Relationship (Jameela Lanchuka) - Rex's adopted... adopted sister. She's the powerhouse of the family, lacking the magical knowledge of her male family members. She's got a competitive streak a mile wide when it comes to Rex, a stubborn streak when it comes to the Lodge, and a soft spot for Uncle Gino.

    (Gino Alamiceo) -
    Rex's "Uncle". Adopted Rex when he learned he was unable to have children of his own. Not as strong magically as Jameela, and not as knowledgeable as Rex, he was the balance between the two that his children lacked.

    Weakness (Loss of Magic)
    If Rex is put into a field which blocks magic his powers will fade. The magic which bound itself to his body greatly changed it and is the only thing keeping him alive. Should he be unable to regain his powers he will die over the span of a few days.

    Reputation (Hedge Mage, troublemaker) - Amongst the Lodge Rex is well known for his weakness where it comes to normal magic, and his reputation for "making fun" of his elders with his mundane parlor tricks. His most recent actions have not helped matters.

    Responsibility (Rex Mundi) - Nobody's looking out for Rex Mundi anymore except Rex Mundi. This means he's taking on a lot of side jobs just to keep a house over head and food in the fridge.

    Secret (The Lodge) - Like it or nor Rex is a member of the Lodge. And Lodge Club's first rule is: Don't talk about Lodge club. Lodge club's second rule is: Don't talk about Lodge club! Failure to keep the Lodge a secret would be seen as an act which would threaten the lives of all of its members who rely on anonymity to avoid reprisals from powerful enemies.

    Responsibility (The Lodge) - Even though he's somewhat turned his back on them he's still expected to help them from time to time with deciphering texts, creating magical items, or simply giving members a place to stay in times of need.

    Secret (Identity) - If Rex starts using his powers too publicly he might end up on the Lodge's bad side, so he's trying to maintain a secret identity.

    -Boxing (boxes as a hobby)
    -Pulp/Adventure novels
    -Radio Shows (it's like watching TV, except you can keep your eyes on what you're working on)
    -Stage Magic
    -Military Surplus jackets

    -Eating strange bugs. Think "Deepfried tarantula" (He'll do it, he just doesn't like it)
    -His old name. John Doe is a nobody, and he's done being a nobody.

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Average build and height, prefers to remain clean shaven.
    Has a scar on his left eyebrow as a boxing injury. While known to dress to fit the occasions he prefers tough plain clothes that can survive a lot of wear and tear. Has a fondness for old military surplus jackets and hiking boots.
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      Re: FORCE Ops

      Warshade - 170 points - PL10

      Abilities - 30 points
      Str - 0 - 0 points
      Sta - 0 - 0 points
      Agi - 2 - 4 points
      Dex - 4 - 8 points
      Fig - 5 - 10 points
      Int - 3 - 6 points
      Awr - 1 - 2 points
      Pre - 0 - 0 points

      Defenses - 21 points
      Fortitude +7 (+0 Sta +7 bought)
      Will +10 (+1 Awr +9 bought)
      Toughness +7 (+0 Sta +7 Nictus Shield)
      Parry +13 (+5 Fig +1 bought +7 Nictus Shield)
      Dodge +13 (+2 Agi +4 bought +7 Nictus Shield)
      Defenses - Dwarf Form
      Fortitude +12 (+0 Sta +7 bought +5 Enhanced)
      Will +8 (+1 Awr +7 bought)
      Toughness +14 (+0 Sta +14 Protection)
      Parry +6 (+5 Fig +1 bought)
      Dodge +6 (+2 Agi +4 bought)

      Powers - 81 points
      Warshade Host - 9 points
      -Danger Sense (Hearing)
      -Feature(Warshade Knowledge)
      -Intimidate +6
      -Second Chance(memory checks)
      -Second Chance(mental intrusion)
      -Uncanny Dodge

      Data Processor (Hard to remove, Subtle, Restricted overcome by Technology DC25) - 16 points
      -Senses 14 (Detect Energy(Visual, Ranged/Acute), Detect Magic(Visual, Ranged/Acute) Microscopic Vision 2, Analytical(All Visual),
      Infravision, Low-light Vision, Ultravision, Precise)
      -Perception +6
      -Investigation +3
      -Equipment 1 (Computer, Cell phone, Audio recorder, Video Camera)

      Teleport 3 (Change Velocity, Quirk:Must see destination) - 6 points

      Nictus Powers - 48 points
      -Gravity Shield: (Dodge +7, Parry +7, Protection 7) - 21 points
      -Shadow Bolt: Ranged Damage 11 (Precise) - 23 points
      -AP:Gravity Well: Close Damage 10 linked to
      Close Affliction 10 (Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Hindered+Vulnerable/Immobile+Defenseless,
      Resisted by Damage) - 1 point
      -AP:Repulsion: Move Object 11 (Close, Limited: Away from user, Damaging) - 1 point
      -AP:Nebulous Form: Insubstantial 3, Flight 4 - 1 point
      -AP:Singularity: Close Burst Area Move Object 10(Limited:Towards user) + Withstand damage - 1 point
      -AP:Quasar: Close Burst Area Damage 10 (Feature:Knockback) - 1 point

      Dark Dwarf Form (Alternate of Nictus Powers) - 1 point
      -Protection 14 - 14 points
      -Enhanced Fortitude 5 - 5 points
      -close Attack 3 - 3 points
      -Enhanced Strength 6 - 12 points
      -Intimidate +6 - 2 points
      -Strength Based Damage 6 - 6 points

      Skills - 26 points
      Athletics 4(4)
      Deception 3(3)
      Expertise:AEGIS 6(9)
      Expertise:Arcana 1(4)
      Expertise:Computers 8(11)
      Expertise:Electronics 14(17)
      Expertise:Superhumans 9(12)
      Insight 6(7)
      Investigation 2(5/8)
      Perception 7(8/14)
      Persuasion 2(2)
      Stealth 4(6)
      Technology 12(15)

      Combat Skills - 4 points
      Close Combat(Nictus) 4
      Ranged Combat(Nictus) 4

      Advantages - 8 points
      Benefit(AEGIS Contacts)
      Equipment 1 (Multitool, Flash Goggles, Earplugs, Electronics kit)
      Online Research
      Ranged Attack
      Task Focus 2 (Electronics)

      Shadow Bolt - Attack +9 Toughness DC26
      Gravity Well - Attack +9 Toughness DC25 + Damage DC20
      Repulsion - Attack +9 Toughness DC26 + Strength/Dodge vs DC21
      Initiative +2

      -Relationship - Liz still has ties to AEGIS, whether she likes it or not
      -Motivation - Finding out the truth about changes at AEGIS
      -Enemy - Last she knew, AEGIS Agent Mike Green was host to a rogue Peacebringer that has a grudge against Warshades

      Elizabeth Spengler's father is a highly placed engineer working for Aegis. A couple years ago, contact was made with an alien race called the Kheldians. The Kheldians are beings composed of energy that merge with a physical host body. Like any other civilization, the Kheldians have "good guys" and "bad guys". The good guys are called the Peacebringers and the bad guys are the Warshades. To make a long story short, the Peacebringers brought a rogue Warshade to Earth in a deal with Project Valkyrie. This Warshade wanted to defect, but they needed somewhere to hide it. Dr Spengler volunteered his daughter. Liz, who dreamed of being heroic, like a lot of quiet bookish kids, agreed.

      The Warshade, named Ni'Tu, joined with her a week after her 16th birthday. It gave her powers based off the energy called Nictus, which comprises the Warshade's "body" when it doesn't have a host. She can project it as an attack and use it to create a shield to protect herself. She can also temporarily turn herself into energy and teleport short distances. But the most amazing aspect is the ability to turn herself into a Dark Dwarf: a large, heavily armored creature. As the Dark Dwarf, she can smash through walls and ignore many attacks. She isn't fond of the Dark Dwarf form because it makes her feel less human and won't use it voluntarily. However, Ni'Tu will force the form on her if it feels that she is in mortal danger.

      Liz is now 23, has just graduated from FCU (Electrical Engineering) and has done a little work with AEGIS as a special "internship." She's been with FORCE Ops for a while now and actually qualifies as one of the veteran members of the team.
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        Re: FORCE Ops

        Vindicator (Eva Mckenna)

        PL: 10/171pp
        XP: 11pp

        Height: 5' 6"
        Weight: 135lbs
        Hair: Dark Brown
        Eyes: Blue
        Age: 22

        Abilties: 42pp

        Strength: 1/10*, Agility: 1/4*, Fighting: 4, Awareness: 2
        Stamina: 2, Dexterity: 1/4*, Intelligence 10, Presence 0

        Skills: 22pp

        Acrobatics 4 (+5, +8* ), Close Combat 2 (+4 ), Expertise [Computers] 10 (+20 ), Expertise [Engineering] 10 (+20 ), Expertise [Science] 10 (+20 ), Insight 6 (+8 ), Investigation 4 (+14 ), Perception 6 (+8 ), Ranged Combat [Force Projection Array] 2 (+10 ), Technology 10 (+20 )

        Advantages: 12pp

        Attractive, Benefit 2 (Independently Wealthy), Editic memory, Improvised tools, Inventor, Multi-Lingual, Online Research, Power Attack, Skill mastery 2 [Science, Technology], Well Informed

        Powers: 80pp

        Fast Mind (Quickness 6 (Flaws: Mental Tasks only -1) 3pp

        Magneto Knetic Battle Suit: 95pp [Flaws:Removable: -19pp; (Restricted 1[Eva Mckenna DNA] 77pp

        Micromesh Kevlarweave (Protection 4) 4pp
        Therma-Weave Insulation and Sealed Systems (Immunity 6 (Cold, Heat, Pressure, Radiation, Vaccum, Suffocation) 7pp

        Neuro-Muscular Augmentation (Enhanced Agility 3, Dexterity 3 (Enhanced Feats: Improved Initiative) 13pp

        Magnetic Force Field (Force Field 4) 4pp

        Electromagnetic Distortion (Enhanced Will Save +4) 4pp

        Advanced Variable Sensor Suite ( Variable 1 [Any Super Senses](Flaws: Move action -1pp) 6pp

        Integrated Combat Computer Systems (Enhanced Skill Close Combat 2 (+10 ), Enhanced Skill Ranged Combat 4 (+10 ), Enhanced Dodge 2. Enhanced Parry 5, Close Combat 2) 12pp

        AI Database and Interface (Comprehend Machines 2) (Feature: Database) 5pp

        Magnetic Wave Riding (Flight 6) 12pp

        Force Projection (Array 12 + 4 Alternate Effects) 28pp
        @Strength Augmentation (Enhanced Strength 9 and Power Lifitng 2 (Enhanced Feats: All=out attack Improved Critical 3 [Unarmed 17-20])
        AE: Power Blast (Blast 10 (Linked Move Object)
        Move Object 4 [800 lb] (Flaw: Limited Direction: Away); (Linked blast)
        AE: Power Bolts (Blast 8 (Extras: Multifire +1)
        AE: Power Burst (Blast 10 (Extras: Penetrating +1; Flaws: Range [Touch] -1; Power Feats: Extended Reach 4 [+20 feet])
        AE: Explosive Power Blast (Blast 8 (Extras: Explosion +1)

        Combat: (15pp)


        Initiative: +0/+8 (Suit)

        Melee: +10 (+10 Damage)

        Ranged: +10 ( Power Blast +10, Power Burst +10, Explosive Blast +8, Bolts +8)


        Toughness: +2, +6 (Suit), +10 (Suit and Force Field)
        Parry: +5, +10 (Combat Computer + Suit)
        Dodge: +5, +10 (Combat Computer + Suit)
        Fortitude: +6
        Will: +8, +12 (Suit: Electromagnetic Distortion)


        Overly analytical: Eva tends to explain in 24 words what most people can in 6 shes highly inteligent and this can be disconcerting to people not on her intellectual level.

        Fascinating: Eva is drawn to new technology, and is like a kid in a candy store when confronted with it. Consequently she tends to forget that a Fusion blaster attached to a regulan war walker is better studied after its dismantled.

        Responsibility: Doing the right thing with technology. She's a student of Daedelus and like her mentor takes the dangers of technology very seriously. She is driven to remove dangerous technology from criminal hands.

        Wooed by Doc Otaku. The Annoying jerk saw her at a local sci-fi convention she attended with a friend. He hasnt stopped annoying her since then. His attempts at romance include giant robots, grafitting her name with a satelite laser on the city itself and similar i'll conceived attempts which generaly put her in bad spots.

        Clumsy: outside of the lab or combat Eva is suprisngly clutzy almost a walking accident usually caused because her nose is in a book or her head is wrapped around a quantum level equation somewhere. Suprisingly enough in combat she becomes incredibly precise.

        Relationship: Otakuman; during her adventures in outland Eva found herself falling for the Anime avenger. His kindness, compassion love of all things anime,--also his rear end looked great in that suit rawr!--threw off all her calculations about the perfect guy for her and now shes head over heels.

        Abilties 42 + Skills 22 + Feats 12 + Powers 80 + Combat 15 = Total 171pp

        Eva Mckenna might have passed into history as a relative unknown inspite of her advanced intellect and early acceptance to the Mensa project if 2 events had not occured in short order where she would meet 2 people who would change her life.

        The first was that she attended a seminar given by Daedelus on Nanotechnolgy in which she in a somewhat tactless manner pointed out a flaw in Daedelus's design much to the chagrin of the staff, and later the suprise and amusement of the Immortal Inventor himself.

        And a month later she ran into Doc Otaku at a local anime convention where the child genius took a fancy to her and attempted to kidnap her just as Daedelus intervened. While Otaku was able to hold off Daedelus with a pair of giant tentacle monster robots, he made the drastic mistake of letting Eva push a lot of buttons.

        He shouldnt have done that because by the time the tentacle monsters were finished spanking him he couldnt sit down for a week.

        Daedelus invited her to become his apprentice on the spot recalling her earlier spotting of the flaw in the nanotech--which he'd fixed of course--. She accepted and never looked back.

        Merely a year later she found herself once more the object of Doc Otakus ""Affections"" this time when he sent a group of robotic Samurai to bring her to his castle.

        Eva was ready for him when she donned a suit of her own design that had been intended for multi environemental exploration and promptly tore through the robots like paper. Solo wasnt a slouch either though and the two engaged in a massive back and forth duel over her suits computer interface as they attempted to hack and back hack the other. Otaku was more skileld then Eva, but what eve lacked in skill comparions she made up for with a mind that could think and adapt faster then Takahashi could. That mental quickness would prove the deciding factor as she would slip past his defences and take control of the Angels and use them to once again punish the boy genius.

        Feelign thrilled with the suit and her victory Eva took the Name Vindicator and took to the skys after further advancing the suit and making it even more powerful. While Daedelus has never actually approved of his apprentice taking to the heroic lifestyle he cant argue how effective shes been in the short time since her debut.

        Recently she was contacted by an old friend Ethan Keller of Force Ops. Ethan asked her to help out his team with an odd assignment and she said yes in a heartbeat. The assignment would lead to terror and triumph and tragedy as she would run afoul of The Diabolical Doctor Shock, and would lose the heroic K-9 who shed gotten attached to inspite of herself and inspite of only knowing him for a short time.

        Shes not quite sure just how far shes wlling to go but shes all but promised that the next time she sees Doctor Shock she will take him down or out.

        ==>In recent times eva has had a long strange trip. She went through a portal to rescue civilians and ended up in a trans dimensional war with Ancient Lich Takofanes, and her friends in Force Ops and the equally lost Freedom League. During the fighting she held on to her team and did everything she could to protect them. She also fell in love with the Heroic Otakuman. Something she never expected to happen.

        So it was a shock to her when after they had defeated Takofanes and his minions that upon her return they had all lost five years to some dimensional flux. At first blaming herself she was eventually brought around by Otakuman, and Hardcore both pointing out that she couldn't have possibly accounted for every conceivable variable. It still stings but shes become more accepting and is moving forward with a new life in Emerald City.

        **Update for Eva rebalancing her stats and skills a little making her less reliant on the suit
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          Re: FORCE Ops

          ~Thread Necromancy!~

          Just getting this thread ready to go since the Crossover game is almost done.


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            Re: FORCE Ops

            Gimme the good news. Dovetail's gonna be back right?


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              Re: FORCE Ops

              Kind of.....

              There are things in the works for Susan but it's safe to say that CD will be rejoining us.


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                Re: FORCE Ops

                Awesome, that's all I need ;}


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                  Re: FORCE Ops

                  Yeah. I was glad he reached out to me about rejoining too.


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                    Re: FORCE Ops

                    Vortex (PL 10)

                    STR 0, STA 0, AGL 2, DEX 2, FGT 0, INT 0, AWE 2, PRE 1

                    Dodge 12, Fortitude 10, Parry 12, Toughness 8, Will 10

                    Deception 9 (+10), Expertise: Musician 6 (+6), Insight 6 (+8), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 9 (+10), Ranged Combat: Vortex Powers 6 (+8), Stealth 9 (+10)

                    Accurate Attack, Defensive Attack, Durable Lie, Evasion, Improved Feint, Improved Taunt, Improved Trick, Luck 5 [Determination, Edit Scene, Instant Counter, Skillful, Recovery], Power Attack, Redirect, Set Up, Taunt

                    Shunting Field: Sustained Impervious Protection 8
                    Quick Change: Feature 1 (Quick Change)
                    Vortex Platform: Flight 1 [4 MPH]

                    Summoning Vortices
                    - Projection Vortex: Ranged Damage 12 (Variable 2 – Any environmental descriptor)
                    - Wide Angle Vortex: Cone Area Damage 10 (Variable 2 – Any environmental descriptor)

                    Travel Vortices
                    - Personal Vortex: Teleport 7 [ mile] (Accurate, Change Velocity, Increased Mass 2 [200 pounds])
                    - Long Distance Personal Vortex: Teleport 7 [120 miles] (Accurate, Change Velocity, Limited to Extended, Increased Mass 2 [200 pounds])
                    - Dimensional Vortex: Movement 3 (Dimensional Travel – Any dimension, Increased Mass 2 [200 pounds])
                    - Portal Vortex: Teleport 4 [500 feet] (Accurate, Portal)

                    Initiative +2
                    Projection Vortex: +8, Toughness DC 27
                    Wide Angle Vortex: Dodge DC 20, Toughness DC 25/20

                    [Abilities 14 + Defenses 40 + Skills 18 [3p combat, 15p non-combat] + Advantages 16 + Powers 73 = 161 (Banked 1)]

                    Reputation: His initial string of thefts are remembered.
                    Identity: Matthew McDonald, though AEGIS knows, having been the ones to get him off the rap.
                    Enemy: Professor Zed (and Cerberus Rex).
                    Motivation – Thrills: Vortex finds his powers fun.


                    Vortex's background more or less matches that of the Emerald City book - the one change is that, when he finally turned himself in - AEGIS stepped in and protected him from the risk of a trial. However, quid pro quo, they intended for him to join the New Force Ops, transferring over to Emerald City.
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                      Re: FORCE Ops

                      Ex-criminal put on the team by AEGIS? That's going to be interesting ;}


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                        Re: FORCE Ops

                        "EX-CRIMINAL?! Look, I stole just a few things. Because of a trusted member of the faculty telling that my life was at risk and he needed those things to use so that I didn't go KASWAAP. Or IMPLODZ! Do you understand?"
                        Impeach the peach!

                        Completed Games:
                        Crinoverse - Avengers
                        Crinoverse - Young Avengers
                        Crinoverse - Bay City Sentinels
                        Crinoverse - Time After Time
                        Crinoverse - San Antonio Avengers
                        Crinoverse - Honnounji Academy
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                          Re: FORCE Ops

                          He looked directly into the camera and began to speak. “HI I’m Graham Clark, sometimes I go by Rebound, and if you’re wondering if you should believe the hype. Yeah you should. I’m every bit as good as they say I am. Everything you’ve heard is true. And more.”

                          At this point he leapt further away towards the finish line and blinking light. “I’m One in a million.”

                          “Best in the world is just a gimmick.” He continued to speak the intensity in his voice rising, “I’m better than the best. I actually am as good as everybody else pretends to be. It’s scary. Just ask Mufasa back in that pit. Drop a quarter and call the Psions. Oh they know all about it.”

                          After a dramatic pause and shrug, and a landing and new leap, he kept talking. “I’m an indestructible, unstoppable, dominate stretching machine. I’m on a whole other level. Send me your biggest. Send me your baddest. They’ll end up just like the rest. That’s a promise.”

                          He finally makes a landing in the branch of a tree and shook his head with a slight smile. “But nobody wants to sign up to step into the arena with Rebound. Nobody wants a piece. That’s fine.” His smile spread. “But if anybody grows a set I’m still right here.”

                          There was a time when even Graham would’ve described himself as a coward. He would rather run from a confrontation than stand up and defend himself but the Albright Academy changed all that. Graham learned something about himself while fighting. He learned that he wasn’t half bad at it. It was more than fighting though. It was fighting for something. It was being a hero. Staring Piper square in the eyes and then playing dead. Fighting off a Psion invasion on Campus in order to save someone who was practically a stranger. Forcing himself to put on a show while kidnapped to participate in a gladiatorial arena. They all taught him something about himself. He was made of tougher stuff then even he thought.

                          After the video of his race through the Jungle was released by Roulette on YouTube Graham became a minor celebrity overnight. He was even the winner of that years Hero to Look Out For award from the Freedom Ledger. All this attention made Graham decide that he needed to focus up. He started to try harder at all his lessons at Claremont Academy. Putting in the time in the Doom Room to fight his way up the student rankings and eventually earning a spot on Next-Gen during his senior year. Being a part of Next-Gen afforded Graham the opportunity to meet nearly all the heroes in the city. Working alongside the Freedom League and the Atoms, Graham was learning from the best. It couldn’t last forever though.

                          Graham is now 18 years old and a fresh graduate from the Claremont Academy. Out on his own for the first time he’s struggling a little to find his way as an adult and even as a hero. He’s learned that the only thing that sucks more than homework is bills…

                          Rebound - PL 10

                          Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 0, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence 1

                          Agile Feint, Benefit: Minor Celebrity, Contacts, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative, Move-by Action, Set-up 3, Takedown, Teamwork, Uncanny Dodge

                          Acrobatics 14 (+14), Close Combat: Rubbery Attacks 6 (+10), Deception 7 (+8), Expertise: Heroes and Villains 8 (+8), Expertise: Popular Culture 6 (+6), Insight 8 (+9), Investigation 9 (+9), Perception 7 (+8), Persuasion 7 (+8), Sleight of Hand 6 (+8), Stealth 12 (+12)

                          Rubbery Array
                          Egg Beater: Cone Area Damage 10 (DC 25; Cone Area: 60 feet cone, DC 20)
                          [AP]Pin-Ball Attack: Burst Area Damage 10 (DC 25; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 20)
                          [AP]The Wrap Up: Affliction 10 (1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Immobile, DC 20; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Extra Condition; Limited Degree)
                          [AP]Whip-Snap: Damage 10 (DC 25, Advantages: Takedown; Penetrating 4)

                          Rubbery Body Bludgeoning and Entrapments 1/2 Effect: Immunity 25 (Entrapment, Very Common Descriptor: Bludgeoning; Limited - Half Effect)
                          Immunity to Falling: Immunity 5 (Damage Effect: Falling)
                          Insubstantial: Insubstantial 1 (Fluid)
                          Leaping: Leaping 4 (Leap 120 feet at 30 miles/hour)
                          Movement: Movement 2 (Slithering, Swinging)
                          Protection: Protection 8 (+8 Toughness)
                          Stretchy: Elongation 5 (Elongation: 250 feet, +5 to grab)

                          Initiative +4
                          Egg Beater: Cone Area Damage 10 (DC 25)
                          Grab, +9 (DC Spec 15)
                          Pin-Ball Attack: Burst Area Damage 10 (DC 25)
                          The Wrap Up: Affliction 10, +10 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 20)
                          Throw, +2 (DC 15)
                          Unarmed, +4 (DC 15)
                          Whip-Snap: Damage 10, +10 (DC 25)

                          Albright Kid and Former Next-Gen: Graham held membership in two separate but active groups of Teenage Heroes. The kids of the Albright Academy and Claremont Academies premiere group of heroes the Next-Gen. If you don't believe him he has the enemies to back up the claim. Mufasa hates him...

                          I'm just the Stretchy Guy *wink*: Graham has had his powers his entire life. He's never had to learn how to move and carry himself without them. If denied his abilities Graham is mostly useless. Unable to even do something as simple as walk at a quick pace. Too many right angles...

                          Native Language

                          Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 8, Toughness 10, Will 10

                          Power Points
                          Abilities 20 + Powers 67 + Advantages 12 + Skills 30 (90 ranks) + Defenses 31 =160
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                            Alright. That looks awful to me but I can't seem to edit it further. I just get kicked back to the front page of the message board anytime I hit submit post. Is that happening for anyone else?
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                              Try a different browser. Firefox works better than Chrome for me.