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  • Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

    Alright guys, same deal as with Yeo's new OOC thread, post up your character sheets. I'll put up the IC thread and try to get us all caught up as soon as everyone filters in.
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    Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

    Yuki Teuchi-PL 9

    image Source
    Give a Reason (English Cover)

    Teuchi Yuki - PL 10

    Strength 3, Stamina 6, Agility 3, Dexterity 1, Fighting 10, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 5

    All-out Attack, Improved Critical 3: Strike: Strength-based Damage 7, Improved Initiative 2, Languages 1, Luck 2, Power Attack, Set-up, Taunt, Ultimate Effort: Toughness

    Acrobatics 2 (+5), Athletics 8 (+11), Deception 8 (+13), Expertise: Metahumans 5 (+7), Insight 5 (+7), Intimidation 3 (+8), Investigation 1 (+3), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 7 (+12), Stealth 11 (+14)

    Bat (Easily Removable)
    --Strike: Strength-based Damage 7 (DC 25)
    Cloak of Invisibility (Removable)
    --Invisibility: Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses)
    Hat of Disguise (Easily Removable)
    --Morph: Morph 3 (+20 Deception checks to disguise; Broad group)
    I have Touched the Stars (Strength Affects Insubstantial: half ranks)
    Immortality: Immortality 2 (Return after 1 week)
    Immunity: Immunity 6 (Damage Effect: Fire, Environmental Condition: Heat)
    Ring of Protection (Removable)
    --Protection: Protection 4 (+4 Toughness; Impervious [4 extra ranks])
    Ring of Telekinesis (Removable)
    --Move Object: Move Object 10 (25 tons)
    Seven League Striders (Removable)
    --Teleport: Teleport 2 (120 feet in a move action, carrying 50 lbs.; Extended: 4 miles in 2 move actions)
    Speed: Speed 2 (Speed: 8 miles/hour, 120 feet/round)

    Initiative +11
    Grab, +10 (DC Spec 13)
    Move Object: Move Object 10, +1 (DC 20)
    Strike: Strength-based Damage 7, +10 (DC 25)
    Throw, +1 (DC 18)
    Unarmed, +10 (DC 18)

    Touched by Fire: Yuki has been host the the Phoenix Force, and this may well have unforeseen complications even with it gone.
    Coming to terms with herself: Yuki is still working though a number of issues, but her poor attitude in the past and trying to become a better person, and her attraction to both men and women.
    Enemy: Empress of a Million Dimensions: Istha Vahn is still not overly happy about how the situation with the Crimson Engine resolved, much less the Phoenix incident, and may still have unpleasant plans for Yuki.

    English, Japanese

    Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 9, Toughness 10, Will 11

    Power Points
    Abilities 64 + Powers 64 + Advantages 13 + Skills 29 (58 ranks) + Defenses 19 = 189
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      Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

      Song: Speed Star

      Super Logar -- PL 10

      STR 0, STA 6/0, AGL 2, DEX 0, FGT 0, INT 1, AWE 2, PRE 2

      Energized Body: Enhanced Stamina 6
      One of the Fastest Beings on Earth: Enhanced Advantages 7 (Improved Initiative 7); Enhanced Defenses 22 (Dodge 10, Parry 12); Movement 3 (Wall-crawling 2, Water Walking - Both Limited to While Moving); Quickness 10 (Limited to Physical tasks); Speed 17 (250,000 MPH)

      Phased Touch: Affects Insubstantial 2 on Strength

      Speedster Stunts
      - Line Bolt: Line Area Damage 10
      - Swift Blow: Multiattack Damage 10
      - Rock-Em Sock Em: Multiattack Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated)
      - Disorienting Flurry: Multiattack Affliction 10 (Resisted by Will; Impaired/Vulnerable, Defenseless/Disabled; Extra Condition, Limited to Two Degrees)
      - Full Body Energize: Insubstantial 3 (Precise; Light type)

      Agile Feint, Evasion 2, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Set-Up 5, Teamwork, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Critical (Speedster Stunts) 4, Redirect, Improved Defense, Taunt, Defensive Attack, Power Attack, Takedown 2, Improved Feint, Improved Trick, Improved Taunt, Inventor, Improved Smash

      Athletics 10 (+10), Close Combat: Speedster Stunts 10 (+10), Deception 8 (+10), Expertise: Popular Culture 8 (+9), Insight 8 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 8 (+10), Technology 12 (+13)

      Initiative +30
      Swift Blow +10, Toughness DC 25
      Rock-Em Sock-Em +10, Fortitude DC 20
      Line Bolt, Dodge DC 20, Toughness DC 25/20
      Disorienting Flurry +10, Will DC 20

      Dodge 14, Fortitude 10, Parry 14, Toughness 6, Will 10

      [Abilities 14 + Powers 92 + Advantages 28 + Skills 36 + Defenses 16 = 186]

      Motivation - Responsibility: With Logar and incredible speedster powers, Gavin is trying to adapt to his new friend and abilities all of a sudden.
      Public Identity: Given the scientific study and observation of Logar, it did not take long for Gavin's identity to be connected as the new, permanent host of Logar - plus saving the farmer's market.
      Relationship: Gavin certainly still cares for his family, and anyone choosing to threaten them would trigger his wrath.
      Shared Head Space: Gavin has to deal with the clearly intelligent now, but nonetheless erratic presence of Logar and the shadows of the minds that make up Logar itself as part of their symbiotic fusion.
      Quirk - Light Sheath: As with all previous individuals hosting Logar, the use of Logar's speed powers cause a glowing light sheath to appear around the user's form. Though now shut off when Gavin isn't using his powers, it does mean stealth or disguise is an on the job problem.

      Gavin Kyle was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or as Logar feels it, the right place at the right time. It's a point of disagreement between the two. Nevertheless, he was around in town visiting a farmer's market when strangely enough, PHANTOM soldiers appeared to swarm the location and hold everyone hostage.

      This was when the golden streak of Logar's energy appeared, and intersected with Gavin's form - throwing him into a blank confusion for a moment, and then Logar whispered in his head: "I like you. I'm gonna stay." And in moments, Gavin found his extreme super-speed made beating down the terrorists very easy.

      In the aftermath, Gavin realized he had significant powers, and more to the point, Logar hanging around in his head, the two beings fused... and they needed help with putting them to responsible use and properly get used to controlling them. His parents ended up contacting the closest super-school: Avengers Academy.

      Why Super Logar as a hero name? Logar became a Mario Fanboy.

      Update One: Banked 1 pp.
      Update Two: Banked 2 pp.
      Update Three: Banked 1 pp.
      Update Four: Banked 1 pp.
      Update Five: Banked 2 pp.
      Update Six: Gained 1 pp, spent the 8 on Multiattack for the Speedster Stunt array powers.
      Update Seven: Banked 2 pp.
      Update Eight: Banked 1 pp.
      Update Nine: Went ahead and did more spending, adding Evasion +1, Set-Up +2, the Line Bolt AP to the Speedster Array and Improved Critical.
      Update Ten: Banked 1 pp.
      Update Eleven: Banked 4 pp.
      Update Twelve: Gained 1 pp, spent on Redirect.
      Update Thirteen: Gained 2 pp, spent on Full Body Energize AP to the array, and Improved Critical 2.
      Update Fourteen: Banked 1 pp.
      Update Fifteen: Banked 4 pp.
      Update Sixteen: Truckload of updates as we level up to PL 9! Also, removed the Enemy complication as it really isn't going to come up from the looks of it.
      Update Seventeen: Banked 2 pp.
      Update Eighteen: Banked 2 pp.
      Update Nineteen: Gained 2 pp, spent on Takedown 2, Power Attack, Improved Feint and Improved Trick.
      Update Twenty: Gained 3 pp, spent on Improved Taunt, Insight, Deception and Persuasion.
      Update Twenty One: Gained 2 pp, banked.
      Update Twenty Two: Gained 2 pp, spent all on Technology.
      Update Twenty Three: Gained 2 pp, spent on Technology.
      Update Twenty Four: Gained 3 pp, spent 1 for Inventor. Banked the remainder.
      Update Twenty Five: Banked 2 pp.
      Update Twenty Six: Banked 2 pp.
      Update Twenty Seven: Banked 2 pp.
      Update Twenty Eight: Banked 2 pp.
      Update Twenty Nine: Gained 10 pp, made the big PL up smorgashbord.
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        Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

        Skeleton Key

        Theme: The Walker -- Fitz & The Tantrums

        Motivation -- Freedom: Mostly for herself: Skeleton Key just wants to do whatever she wants. But she's a nice person so she helps out oppressed people whenever she runs across them (not to mention it's fun foiling dictators).
        Hunted -- The Foiled: Whenever one helps the oppressed (whether it be downtrodden peasants or star-crossed lovers) you invariably incur the wrath of people who wanted things to go another way.
        Hunted -- For Love: Of course if you're a dashing adventurer you woo people (by intent or accident), there are always those who won't forgive you for it, whether it be because they didn't approve or because they wouldn't take "You're a psycho-b!tch with a living doll fetish" for an answer.
        Power Quirk -- Unexpected Performance Issues: Skeleton Key's miraculous thievery skills sometimes fail or cause something even worse to happen with no warning. Often in such a way like it seems the universe is doing it just for giggles.

        PL 10/187 pp

        Abilities 14
        Str 0; Sta 2; Agl 0; Dex 0; Fgt 0; Int 2; Awe 1; Pre 2

        Skills 9
        Deception 10 (+12)
        Perception 6 (+7)
        Persuasion 4 (+6)

        Advantages 19
        Beginner’s Luck, Close Attack 5, Improved Feint, Improved Initiative, Improved Taunt, Luck 3, Ranged Attack 5, Set-Up, Taunt

        Powers 3 + 22 + 4 + 27 + 12 + 1 + 50 = 119
        Weird Kitty: Small Feature 2 [size rank -4 = 1 foot; mass rank -2 = 12 lb]; Prehensile Tail Extra Limbs 1
        Miraculous Freakouts: Variable 3 (Subtle)
        Universal Instructions: Comprehend 2 (understand and read all languages)
        No One Could Survive That: Enhanced Defense 19 (Dodge +6, Parry +6, Fortitude +6); Protection 8; Enhanced Advantage 1 (Evasion)
        Lucky Shot: Enhanced Advantage 12 (Close Attack 6, Ranged Attack 6)
        Collar: Feature 1 [extradimensional storage space for 100 lb]
        Overcome Anyone Team-Up!: Nemesis [Variable 8 (Limited: Powers Suited to an Opponent, Move Action)] (AE 1)
        --AE: Summon Debug 5 (Heroic, Continuous)

        Sample Freakouts:
        --Freedom Smash (8): Strike 8
        --Free Your Mind (8): Affliction 8 (Resisted and Overcome by Will; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated)
        --Float Free (8): Affliction 8 (Resisted and Overcome by Dodge; Vulnerable + Impaired, Defenseless + Disabled)(Extra Condition, Limited Degree)
        --Skeleton Key (5): Technology +15 [limited to Defeat Security]; Skill Mastery (Technology)
        --Paper-Thin Disguise (10): Various Morph 1s (Affects Others)
        --“You Didn’t See Aaanything” (12): All Visual Concealment 4 (Affects Others)
        --“Mine!" (15): Teleport Attack 1 (Resisted by Will; Ranged, Limited to hand-held objects, Subtle, +6 save DC, Improved Disarm); Enhanced Ranged Attack 5
        --“How did that get in there?” (15): Sleight of Hand +15 [limited to Stealing/Placing](Ranged, Subtle on Ranged); Quickness 3 [limited to Sleight of Hand]; Enhanced Ranged Attack 5
        --With Catlike Tread (12): Acrobatics +6 [limited to Balancing]; Stealth +12 (Affects Others)
        --Monkey Climb (6): Movement 3 [Full Wall Crawling, Swinging]
        --Where No Hand Has Gone Before (9): Movement 3 (Permeate)(Precise, Subtle 2)

        Initiative +7
        Freedom Smash, close +11 -- damage 23 Tgh
        Free Your Mind, close +11 -- affliction 18 Will vs Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated
        ”Mine!”, ranged +12 (Subtle) -- Will DC 17 vs teleport 60 ft
        “How did that get in there?”, ranged +12 (Subtle) -- Perception vs 1d20+15 Steal/Place

        Defense 19
        Dodge +10 (+12 vs Area)
        Parry +10
        Toughness +10
        Fortitude +10
        Will +10

        Abilities 14 + Skills 9 + Advantages 19 + Powers 126 + Defense 19 = 187

        > Edit 1: Removed Redirect. Added Comprehend (understand/read).
        > Edit 2: Added Super Stunt, removed Well-Informed (due to bad previous calculation). Added Rhime Orb.
        > Edit 3: Deception +2
        > Edit 4: Deception +2. Removed Mallet, Gas Gun, Sleep Potion, Rhime Orb. Added Power Attack, Weird Kitty, Kung Fu Sash, Space Six-Shooters, Witch Hat, Wind Flute, Belt of the Thunderer, Gravity Glove. Altered background and complications to fit.
        > Edit 5: Removed enough points to fit her into a generous sidekick rank.
        > Edit 6: Added Daze (Deception), Improved Feint and Taunt, Set-Up, and Taunt.
        > Edit 7: Added "Psychic Powers?".
        > Edit 8: Removed "Psychic Powers?". Added Sidekicks. Upped Close Attack by 4. Changed "Miraculous Breakouts" to "Miraculous Freakouts".
        > Edit 9: Removed Insekt and Debug as Sidekicks. Added "Overcome Anyone Team-Up!". Changed Debug to a Heroic Summon.
        > Edit 10: Upped Defenses to be in line with PL 9. Added Luck 4.

        What Debug will likely look like as an adult

        Skeleton -- "Real" Mom: Given that the most recent changeling in Canterlot capable of laying eggs was Queen Crysalis.......

        PL 5/75 pp

        Str -4; Sta +0; Agl +0; Dex +0; Fgt +0; Int +4; Awe +0; Pre +2

        Artificier, Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Skill Mastery (Expertise: Magic, Technology)

        Expertise 0 (+4)
        Expertise: Magic 10 (+14)
        Technology 10 (+14)

        Powers 1 + 2 - 8 + 2 + 2 + 20 = 19
        Tiny Wings: Flight 1 (Limited: speed rank 0)
        Small: Feature 2 [size rank -4 = 1 foot; mass rank -2 = 12 lb]; Str -4; Dodge/Parry +2; Stealth +4
        Pretty Princess Changeling Force Armor: Enhanced Defenses 13 (Dodge +5, Parry +5, Fortitude +3); Protection 7; (Sustained)

        Initiative +0
        Unarmed, close +0 -- damage 15 Tgh

        Dodge +7 (3 Sustained)
        Parry +7 (3 Sustained)
        Fortitude +7 (3 Sustained)
        Toughness +7 (Sustained)
        Will +7

        Abilities 12 + Advantages 6 + Skills 10 + Powers 19 + Defense 11 = 58, 17

        > EDIT 1: Upped Int, Fort by, Will by 5. Added Artificier, Improvised Tools, Inventor. Added Tiny Forcefield Generator.
        > EDIT 2: Changed Forecfield to "Pretty Princess Changeling Force Armor". Upped Defenses to PL 7.


        Theme: Never Had A Friend Like Me

        Power Quirk (Comprehend) -- "Let's get naked and sacrifice a small goat.": It's a universal phrase book, sometimes it doesn't have the specific sentence in it and Insekt has to cobble together her own. Hilarity Ensues.
        Power Quirk (Morph) -- "Sure is an ugly rabbit.": Insekt's shapechanging always leaves at least a bit of "tell" to her true form (similar coloration or similar facial features etc), meaning the Genre Savvy have an easier time spotting her.
        Responsbility -- Parent: Insekt has taken it upon herself to care for the changeling nymph Debug found in the crystal caverns below Canterlot.

        PL 7/115 pp

        Str 0 [50 lb]; Sta 0; Agl 3; Dex 4; Fgt 0; Int 0; Awe 0; Pre 4

        Advantages 8
        Improved Feint, Interpose, Ranged Attack 4, Second Chance (Toughness saves vs being crushed by falling objects), Set-Up

        Deception 7 (+11)
        Expertise: Magic 5 (+5)
        Expertise: History 5 (+5)
        Expertise: Perform 4 (+8, Cha-based)
        Intimidation 6 (+10)
        Perception 2 (+2)
        Persuasion 5 (+9)

        Powers 13 + 1 + 31 + 6 = 51
        Made of Sterner Stuff: Protection 7, Enhanced Save (Fortitude +6)
        --Tiny Wings: Flight 1 (Limited [Speed rank 0])
        Genie Magic: Array 12 (Dynamic, DAE 3)
        ----DAE1: Morph 4
        ----DAE2: Illusion 8 [visual] <Linked> Illusion 8 [auditory]
        ----DAE3: Teleport 6 (Extended, Change Velocity, Increased Mass 4) [1800 ft >ex> 16 miles, 800 lb]
        ----DAE4: Create 4 (Continuous, Moveable, Subtle) [15 cbft, +4 Tgh]
        Universal Phrase Book: Comprehend 3 (understand, speak, read all languages)

        Initiative +3
        Unarmed, close +0 -- damage 15 Tgh
        Create (trap), ranged +9 -- 14 Dodge vs trapped (14 Tgh)
        Create (drop), area 14 Dodge -- damage 19 Tgh

        Dodge +7
        Parry +7
        Fortitude +6 / 0
        Toughness +7 / 0
        Will +6

        Abilities 22 + Advantages 9 + Skills 17 + Powers 51 + Defenses 17 = 115 pp

        > EDIT 1: Increased Array points (added extra Illusion [visual], Indirect +2, and Increased Mass 2). Bought Interpose.
        > EDIT 2: Bought Improved Feint/Taunt, Set-Up, Takedown rank 2.
        > EDIT 3: Increased SK’s rank to 22.
        > EDIT 4: Added Create and Variable (Environment only), upped Deception and Persuasion by 1.
        > EDIT 5: +2 Dex. +2 Spells array. +1 Dodge and Parry. -1 Fort, +1 Will.
        > EDIT 6: +1 Dodge, +1 Parry.
        > EDIT 7: Upped Sidekick by 1, added Crystalis Vomit.
        > EDIT 8: Replaced Crystalis Vomit with Crystalis Secretions. Added Drain Love and Joy. Added Expertise in Magic and History. -1 Fort, +1 Will.
        > EDIT 9: Removed Daze, +1 Improved Initiative. Upped Deception by 2, Magic/History by 1, Perception by 2.
        > EDIT 10: Added Sidekick 4 (Debug).
        > EDIT 11: Removed Crystalis Secretions, Drain Love and Joy. Reduced to 115 points for Sidekick.
        > EDIT 12: Insekt is no longer an official character.
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          Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

          gimme a tic, I'm having trouble getting durga's build (plus updates) posted


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            Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

            Theme: Discombobulate -Hans Zimmer
            Secondary theme: For he is an Englishman -Gilbert and Sullivan- HMS Pinafore

            Beyn Tryggvassen


            Abilities (84)
            Str 10 Agi 2 Fgt 8 Awe 4
            Sta 10 Dex 0 Int 4 Pre 4

            POWERS (40)
            Krogan physiology: immunity +4 (extreme heat, extreme cold, radiation, poison) (4)
            Thick shell: Impervious TOU +10, Protection +2 (12)
            240-degree vision: Sense +2 (radius sight) (2)

            The Art of Gentlemanly Fisticuffs: multiattack on Unarmed damage +10 (12)
            - AE: Discombobulate: Affliction +10 (Vulnerable/Defenseless/Incapacitated, fort resists)
            - AE: Tenderize: Weaken Toughness +10

            Rocket Boots: (flight 5, Flaw: removable) [8]

            The Great Communicator: Comprehend language 2 [4]

            ADVANTAGES (19)
            all-out attack, accurate attack, Assessment, skill mastery 2 (investigation, perception), fearless, Ultimate Fortitude, Ultimate Toughness, Improved initiative, Equipment 4, eidetic memory, well informed, Power attack, Improved Disarm, Teamwork, animal empathy

            Skills (34/68)
            Close combat: unarmed +2 (1)
            Expertise: Gentleman +8 (4)
            Expertise: Military +2 (1)
            insight +6 (3)
            Intimidation +8 (4)
            investigation +10 (5)
            perception +8 (4)
            persuasion +10 (5)
            Ranged combat: Firearms +12 (devil)
            Technology +2 (1)

            The Omnicane (extra: subtle) (19)
            - laser shot: Damage +8 (extra: range +1) [16]
            - stun setting: Affliction +8 (daze/stun/incapacitate, fort resists, extra: range +1) [16]
            - bludgeon: damage +2 (strength based) [2]

            Saves: (10)
            TOU +12 DODGE +6 FORT +10 PARRY +8 WILL +10
            abilities 84 + powers 42 + advantages 19 + skills 34/68 + defense 10 = 189

            Teenage Alien Warrior Turtle: Beyn is a Krogan, there is no hiding this fact. Despite his refined mannerisms he is still a very large turtle alien with a genetic predisposition to surviving some of the galaxies harshest environments. This intimidating exterior is rather off-putting particularly for those who hold prejudices against Aliens.

            Nice Hat: Beyn always wears the (Bowler/Top Hat) that he was awarded for graduating his Etiquette School with high honours. He is very protective of this hat. Any slight against this hat is enough to rouse Krogan instincts that usually lead to someone getting head-butted until their face is caved in. Damaging the Hat is a one way ticket to PAIN town. DO NOT MESS WITH THE HAT!

            true gentlekrogan: Beyn is always polite and well mannered. Even when he's laying you out with a punch. He is meticulous about maintaining the standards of Etiquette at all times, Even managing to lift his pinkie while drinking tea despite the Krogan hand only having three digits. He is the quintessential GentleKrogan.

            "I want to be Garrus.": Beyn looks up to a number of figures both real and fictional. Sherlock Holmes, Black Wing, Garrus Vakarian. Individuals who are able to overcome obstacles through skill and cunning, while also able to bring down villains with a precise and carefully directed application of violence. These are the people he aspires to be like.

            "he's my best enemy.": Every great mind must have its opposition. Every hero needs his villain, every detective needs his criminal mastermind, Every Holmes needs his Moriarty. And Beyn has a Moriarty all his own, his nemesis Draco Moriarty.

            Krogan went a-courting: Beyn is dating the Krogan of his dream, the demure and gentle Appa, AKA Sailor Tuchanka. He does his best to be a good suitor, and while an absolute gentlekrogan he's more than willing to resort to fisticuffs in her defense if called upon.
            Krogans are a race renowned for their hardiness and capacity for war. Built to survive as a Prey species on a deathworld, the Krogans are among the most resilient species you will find. They are also one of the most warlike as they have bombed themselves back to the stone age several times over the course of their history. As such when it comes to petty warlords or would-be conquerors who want a species to use as the basis for their cloned army, many try to use Krogans. Almost always this ends poorly as few such people, "have the Quads", to actually command with an army of Krogan. Combine this with rare Krogan scientists (usually of the Mad variety) looking for ways to overcome the Genophage with SCIENCE! and you end up with quite a number of defunct Illegal Krogan Cloning programs.

            Some of these operations did not have the same resources as others and that led to... cutting corners. This is the result of one such case. As part a standard 'Clone a Krogan Army' tin pot dictator scheme a branch of the project was dedicated to creating cloned Krogan designed to serve as the perfect officers and commanders for this clone army. However this was an incredibly poorly funded project so only one tank-bred officer type Krogan was ever created. The would be warlord was taken down long before any of the tank-bred krogan were ready for the field so what was left of the project was quickly reduced to black market merchandise.

            The poor funding for the officer program had the effect that the computers and programs designed to teach the Krogan while in the tank had their fair share of glitches. While much of the combat and officer training was still imprinted, it shared attention with Diplomat training programs, Classic literature from various worlds, and media files from across the galaxy. As a result, The Krogan who would come to be named Beyn, was shaped very differently than intended.

            The Tank containing Beyn was eventually made it into the hands of Captain Kraken, and was smuggled to a buyer on Earth.

            When the buyer opened the seals and let their supposed new killing machine out, Beyn politely asked what was going on. He continued the polite conversation for a few minutes where he was able to determine that he was in the company of individuals of ill repute, and they expected him to work for them and assist them with their acts of skullduggery. Beyn was not pleased by this situation.

            About this time SWORD raided the hideout. Beyn assisted the SWORD agents in apprehending the ones who had purchased him before surrendering to SWORD custody peacefully.

            Beyn requested he be able to stay on Earth, stating that as this was where he had first emerged from his Tank that this was the planet he was technically born on, and asked to file for a proper birth certificate and other papers. It took some time for SWORD to sort everything out but he was eventually allowed to stay on Earth.

            While still under probation by SWORD he was allowed to enroll at his request in an School of Etiquette, at which he learned everything he needed to be a proper gentleman. He graduated with high honours, the first step towards his goal in life, to become a true Gentleman heroes like the kind featured in many of the books he had been shown in the Tank. Thus begins the tales of Beyn Tryggvassen, Gentlekrogan Adventurer!

            :arrow: Jan 4 2014 update
            upgraded shotcane to omnicane. (+2 equipment advantage) (2)
            Rocket boots (4)
            upgrade ranged combat (1)
            add close combat clubs (1)
            Used up all 4 banked xp.

            :arrow: Jan 30 2014, 1 xp banked

            :arrow: Raised langauges to 3, adding Japanese and High Lemurian. Banking the other xp meaning I currently have 2 banked.

            :arrow: March 2nd update 3xp banked total
            :arrow: March 17: Upgrade to PL9
            think shell protection +2 (upping toughness), Will +2, drop close combat unarmed to +2, close attack 2, up FIT to 6, ranged combat: firearms +2, traded up languages for Comprehend.
            :arrow: April 21 took Power attack and Improved Disarm (Beyn seems to fight a fair number of weapon users the last few adventures)
            :arrow:June 3 Upgrades Technology and Expertise: Gentleman, as well as picked up teamwork. Added Complication: Krogan went A-Courting.
            Sept 6: Added Animal Empathy

            Dec 12: Flight boots, Multiattack punches, upped some skills,

            February 7 2016: Updated to PL10
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              Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

              Theme music: "Sirius (English cover)"

              PL 9 (172)

              Abilities (90)
              STR 10 AGI 10 FIT 10 AWA 4
              STA 10 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

              Powers (60)
              Adaptive: immunity +10 (life support), variable +1 (adaptation, 5 pp, extra: action +1, flaws: limited-must have experienced effect once -1, limited-no offensive powers -1) (16)
              Pactio - Amazon Valida: (flaw: removable) (16)
              - Kin'tou: Flight +8 (extras: affects others +1, flaw: platform -1) [16]
              - Ministra Magi: senses +1 (communication link-Xova) [1]
              - pactio wardrobe: feature +2 (quick change 2) [2]
              Byakugan genegraft: supersenses +12 (acute/accurate/ranged detect chi, extended radius sight penetrates concealment) (12)
              cat's eyes: senses +2 (darkvision) (2)
              Feats of strength: array on STR DMG (3)
              - Conqueror's Haki: affliction +9 (dazed & vulnerable/Stuned & defenseless, will resists, Extras: cone area +1, extra condition +1, flaw: limited degree -1, sense dependent -1) [9]
              - Megaton strike: Move Object +10 (extra: Damaging +1, flaws: close range -1, limit-only away -1) [10]
              - Not-So-Gentle Fist: Affliction +10 (dazed/stunned/incapacitated, Fort resists) [10]
              healing factor: regeneration +5 (5)

              Advantages (15)
              assessment, benefit (diplomatic immunity), fast grab, improved grab, improved hold, improved initiative, improved trip, interpose, language 2 (English, interlac, High Lemurian native), luck, move-by action, takedown 2, uncanny dodge

              Skills (16/32)
              Insight +6 (+10)
              Intimidation +6 (+8)
              investigation +4 (+4)
              Perception +8 (+12)
              ranged combat: thrown objects +8 (8)

              Defenses (8)
              TOU +10 Dodge +10 Fort +10 Par +10 Will +10

              Unarmed +8, close +10 DMG
              Arma Ultima: +6, close, DMG +12
              Megaton punch +8, close, DMG +10
              Not-So-Gentle Fist +6, close affliction +9 (dazed/stun/incapacitate, fort resists, cumulative)
              Thrown object +4, ranged, DMG +10

              Against the gods: as the student of Relentless and friend of Flare Corona, Durga has made a powerful enemy in Wotan
              Dollhouse: Durga has taken responsibility for the rescued slaves of Melody the Puppetmaster, trying to re-integrate them to society while fending off their mix of advances and fangirling. her experiences with Melody have also made Durga violently opposed to slavers and abusers of others
              Family Matters: Durga is the guardian of Genesis, aka Evan Sabahnur, the childlike reincarnation of Apocalypse. as for her own family, Durga still idolizes her oafish father Gongen, and is absolutely terrified of her mother, to the point of gruesome nightmares.
              High Lemuria Uber Alles: As a high Lemurian, Durga has her share of their signature arrogance and quick temper.
              phobia: Due to a childhood trauma, Durga has a strong fear of clowns and circuses.
              Motivation - Responsibility: Durga believes that the strong should protect the weak.
              Love is complicated: Durga is Xova's girlfriend, but is also attracted to her new friend Myung, unaware she's really Wuchou, a clown and supervillainess in training at the shadow academy.
              Stand out: as a 7'0", 200 lb., green skinned hermaphroditic amazon catgirl, Durga stands out in a crowd.
              The Idiot: Durga has a rivalry with Kid Gladiator

              Abilities 90 + powers 60 + advantages 15 + skills 16/32 + defenses 6 = 189

              A High Lemurian, Durga is the daughter of their disgraced general-turned-ambassador Gongen and Scientist Supreme Cybechidna, and handmaiden to Lady Yuna, whom durga loved. when Yuna found true love, Durga was crushed and volunteered to represent High Lemuria to the rest of the world. upon arriving in Kansas, Durga discovered that Yuna had entrusted to her care Evan, the reincarnation of Yuna's father, Apocalypse.

              Mere hours later, the two were enrolled in the Avengers Academy, and while ostracized as a weakling back home, Durga found friends and adoptive family at the school, taking the morose Jared "Foxfire" Sewell as her second foster brother, and after a trip to the distant world of Malva, returned with her girlfriend Xova, a draenei slave with biometallic skin.

              Recently, however, Durga was mentally violated by an extra-dimensional sex predator & puppet-master named Melody, who sought to add Durga to her harem of mindless slave. Although freeing herself and some of melody's slaves, and sending their mutual rapist crying home to Mother, it was not before Melody changed Durga's eyes and ears into those of a cat. Not that Xova or the other dolls mind, nor Durga's new friend Myung, whom durga does not know is a Shadow Academy student.

              update: changed the picture, and added a secondary theme

              Update 2: added Not So Gentle Fist AE to Durga's strength tricks

              Update 3: traded in the impervious TOU (unused thus far) to get the multiattack on her unarmed damage, added wall-walking, fast grab and improved trip. also changed the picture as continues on her path of becoming the High Lemurian hybrid of Empowered & Rock Lee

              Update 4: Modified Durga's motivation as she becomes more heroic, and having gotten Crinos' permission, added a new complication.

              Update 5: Switched Durga's theme to "Pork Chop Express", upgraded the byakugan so Durga can see people's chi/chakra/spirit pressure/power level, and to reflect her training under relentless, consolidated her parry and unarmed combat into a solid fighting stat of 6.

              Update 6: added analytical to the byakugan, and upped the notice by 2. also, new picture

              Update 7: spent XP to up durga's languages for story reasons, changed picture yet again (this time for sure!)

              Update 8: added regeneration, and shockwave punch

              update 9: new picture

              update 10: upped speed and leaping by 1 each

              Update 11: major overhaul to bring durga up to PL 9, adding close combat: unarmed and evened out her other skills, raising her AGI and AWA to 4, and then raising her parry, dodge and will saves to 8. traded in gatling fist to afford 3 ranks of improved critical: unarmed, reduced other effects in the array to match shockwave punch, and added a deflect (set at +8 to match durga's defenses)

              Update 12: traded in the improved crit 3 for the Iron fist and Conqueror's Haki, and traded out the analytical on the detect chi to combine with that last point for accurate

              Update 13: added extended sight, improved hold

              update 14: replaced reflection fist with sonic boom (Durga snapping her fingers with enough force to create a tiny shockwave)

              Update 15: added darkvision, bumped iron fist's improved crit to 4 & added variable descriptor for it using either chi or Annihlation zone energy as well as physical attacks, changed Durga's picture, and modded her complications

              Update 16: updated durga's backstory to include prominent in-game events

              Update 17: raised Durga's regen to +4, changed theme music to Sirius

              Update 18: upped Durga's thrown objects and regeneration, changed armor haki's variable to elemental, traded in all-out attack, power attack and diehard to up takedown to 2 and get assessment and improved grab. also added Wotan to her complications

              Update: sacrificed a chunk of the feats of strength array, used it and the xp to buy a +12 attack via magic sword, and a communication link with Xova, folded into her Pactio card. for NPC notes, Xova is now able to summon Durga to her side so long as they're in a 10 KM radius of each other

              update 20: realizing this may be my last chance for it to be relevant this campaign, Durga has gained water-walking

              update 21: some major rejiggering, moving durga's enhanced STR and STA back into abilities proper, trading her movement abilities for flight 8, upping FIT to +8, and changing arma ultima into a ranged effect (plus the pactio ability to change her clothes)

              Update 22: major refit, trading out Arma ultima and flight for a flying cloud, max AGI, upped pre by 1, a variable to adapt to any situation, also a pip of luck. also brought back durga's previous picture

              Update FINAL: Upped saves to pl 10 caps, fit to 10, AGI to 10
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                Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

                Theme: I Believe in Miracles by The Ramones

                Foxifre - PL 10

                Strength 1, Stamina 5, Agility 1, Dexterity 3, Fighting 1, Intellect 3, Awareness 2, Presence 0

                Accurate Attack, Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Favored Environment: Forest, Favored Environment: Swamp, Improved Critical 2: Fungal Infection: Blast 10, Improved Critical 2: Muscarine Toxin: Progressive Affliction 10, Improved Critical 2: Red Cap Toxin: Progressive Dazzle 10, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Close, Cover), Ranged Attack 7

                Close Combat: Mycotoxin: Weaken 10 3 (+4), Deception 4 (+4), Expertise: Biology 7 (+10), Insight 2 (+4), Intimidation 6 (+6), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion 4 (+4), Stealth 3 (+4), Treatment 2 (+5)

                Fungal Biology: Immunity 3 (Disease, Poison, Starvation & Thirst)
                Fungal Growth: Transform 3 (Affects: Broad > Broad - biological objects to fungus, Transforms: 6 lbs., DC 13; Increased Duration: continuous)
                Fungal Healing: Healing 10 (Increased Range: ranged; Limited: to others)
                Fungal Regeneration: Regeneration 10 (Every 1 round; Persistent)
                Fungal Toxins
                . . Fungal Infection: Blast 10 (DC 25)
                . . Muscarine Toxin: Progressive Affliction 10 (1st degree: Hindered, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Paralyzed, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Increased Range: ranged, Progressive; Limited: Biologicals only)
                . . Mycotoxin: Weaken 10 (Affects: Toughness, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Insidious)
                . . Pinkgill Toxin: Suffocation 10 (DC 20; Limited: biologicals)
                . . Puffball: Cloud Area Concealment Attack 8 (All Visual Senses, Extra Ranks 4, DC 18; Cloud Area: 15 feet radius sphere, DC 18, Attack: Dodge, Increased Range: ranged; Partial)
                . . Red Cap Toxin: Progressive Dazzle 10 (Affects Sense: Visual, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Progressive; Limited: Biologicals)

                Initiative +1
                Fungal Growth: Transform 3, +1 (DC Dog 13)
                Fungal Infection: Blast 10, +10 (DC 25)
                Grab, +1 (DC Spec 11)
                Muscarine Toxin: Progressive Affliction 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)
                Mycotoxin: Weaken 10, +4 (DC Fort 20)
                Pinkgill Toxin: Suffocation 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)
                Puffball: Cloud Area Concealment Attack 8 (DC Dog 18)
                Red Cap Toxin: Progressive Dazzle 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)
                Throw, +10 (DC 16)
                Unarmed, +1 (DC 16)


                Native Language

                Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 10, Toughness 5, Will 10

                Power Points
                Abilities 32 + Powers 93 + Advantages 20 + Skills 17 (34 ranks) + Defenses 27 = 189

                Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
                Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition is ©2010-2015 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.


                Same Name, Different Person: Foxfire isn't the only hero or villain to take that name. He really doesn't know the others that share his name as he was a homeless drifter for the better part of three years.

                Ugly: Foxfire is ugly. His skin has patches of mold growing on it, his is missing small amounts of bone and flesh, and he smells like mildew all the time. He wears heavy clothing and a burlap sack mask to hide his features and try to mitigate his smell.He will not remove his clothing or burlap sack mask with anybody present and will resist quite violently anyone who tries to do so.

                Every Injury hurts more: Though Foxfire has regeneration. That regeneration is a quick stopgap by Shan to prevent Jared from dying. The more Jared is injured, the longer it will take for him and Shan to completely merge and for Jared to become basically human again. Basically, the more Jared gets injured the uglier and more putrid smelling he becomes.

                One Body, Two minds: Jared and Shan are two different personalities and memories. Jared is more heroic while Shan is more pragmatic. They can argue sometimes and it sometimes seems to other people that Jared spaces out.

                Uncle Jared: Jared has been adopted into Durga's father and helps take care of Evan.

                Love Reign O'er Me: Jared and the High Lemurian Rothaga have become a couple.

                Native Language

                Hero Lab® and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
                Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition is ©2010-2012 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.

                Jared Lee Sewell is united with an alien fungal colony which calls itself Shan. Jared came upon Shan when he lost his arm up to his elbow due to a alligator attack. Miles away from help, Jared was sure that he was going to bleed out trying to get back home. Delusional from blood loss and shock, Jared collapsed by a rotted out log filled with foxfire as night fell. He closed his eyes for what he was sure was the last time when a bright light flashed across him coming from the foxfire. He heard a voice in his head that said it could save him if he would accept it and show it the world. Thinking this was nothing more then his mind finally going from loss of blood he accepted. The foxfire then exploded showering Jared with spores. Jared doesn't remember anything else as he passed out from shock.

                Waking back up at dawn, Jared saw that he was still alive but changed. The voice, which now was in his head explained that while it was able to rebuild his arm, the process was not as smooth as hoped and the union of their biologies was "suboptimal". Instead of being normal, Jared now looked like a rotten corpse with small bits of bone and tissue missing. The voice told him that it had to take mass from somewhere to rebuild his arm. Staggering back into his small Louisiana town, Jared was met with cries of horror at his new appearance. He was soon run out of town since the townsfolk believed that he was a joker or taken over by a demon. They really never made their reasons clear.

                Wandering through the south for almost three years, Jared picked up his layers of heavy clothing and burlap sack mask. He mostly drifted from town to town not saying long. He was just another one of the homeless. His smell was attributed to bad hygiene and his refusal to take off his mask was chalked up to mental illness. He was handed over to Avengers Academy after he was arrested by the Austin PD when he put two UT students in the hospital with severe fungal poisoning after they tried to beat him up for fun. The police found about his condition when they took off his mask to take a mugshot. The charges were dismissed after video evidence showed that Jared acted in self defense. The police though couldn't just someone with Jared's deadly abilities just walk out on the street though. They handed him over to Avengers Academy as a charity case since no one in his immediate family responded back to him. In fact, Jared was never reported missing or as a runaway.
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                  Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

                  PL 10 184


                  Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 2

                  Lethal Ultrasonics Perception Damage 10, Resisted by Fortitude, Subtle 41
                  Sonic Stun Ranged Affliction 12, Dazed&Vulnerable/Stunned&Defenseless/Incapacitated, Improved Critical 2, Resisted by Fortitude
                  Sonic Barrage Blast 12, Multiattack, Improved Critical 2
                  Sonic Wave Cone Area Damage 10, Increased Area-120 foot cone
                  ShatterRanged Weaken Toughness 12, Affects Objects Only
                  Quiet Time Burst Area Affliction 10, Resisted by Fortitude, Hearing Impaired/Hearing Disabled/Hearing unaware, Subtle, Selective
                  Super Ventriloquism Illusion 12 (hearing, Selective)

                  Sonic Shields Sustained Protection 8, Impervious Toughness 11, Subtle
                  Sonic Manipulation Senses 9 (Accurate & Analytical Hearing, Extended Hearing 4, Ultrahearing, Radio), Enhanced Skills-Perception 12, Limited to hearing things Mimic Feature 1, can mimic any sounds he's heard

                  Advantages: Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Attractive, Beginner's Luck, Daze (Intimidation), Evasion, Extraordinary Effort, Improved Initiative, Improved Smash, Luck, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 3, Skill Mastery (athletics), Takedown, Teamwork, Ultimate Perception

                  Skills: Acrobatics 1 (+2), Athletics 5 (+7), Expertise (current events) 2 (+2), Expertise (pop culture) 2 (+2), Insight 5 (+6), Intimidation 13 (+15), Perception 6 (+8/+20), Persuasion 5 (+7/+9), Ranged Combat (powers) 3 (+8), Stealth 4 (+5), Treatment 2 (+2)

                  Initiative +5
                  Sonic Blasts +8 Damage 12
                  Sonic Stun +8 Affliction 12
                  Unarmed +5 Damage 2

                  Dodge 8, Parry 8
                  Toughness 12/4, Fortitude 8, Will 12

                  Abilities 36+Powers 81+Advantages 19+Skills 24+Defense 24=184

                  Relationship Max is best friends with Flapjack, the chosen Keyblade wielder. He is also dating Katniss/Artemis.
                  Accident Despite his control, Max's powers can sometimes go beyond what he thinks of as their limits. This is especially likely when using extra effort-nearby windows will blow out, people's eardrums might burst, and other unpleasant side-effects.
                  Secret Max keeps his powers under wraps, only discussing them with the others like him.
                  Quirk Max has had voice problems ever since he was young.
                  Responsibility Max considers it his unofficial duty to watch Cap'n Knuckles and keep him from causing, or getting into trouble-in that order.
                  Hatred Mad scientists who experiment on human beings against their will, specifically Victor Reeds and Peter Hanks.
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                    PL 10

                    Strength 6, Stamina 6, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 6, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 2

                    Attractive 2, Close Attack 2, Defensive Roll 2, Improved Critical 2: Trident Strike, Improved Disarm, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Interpose, Languages 1, Luck 2, Power Attack, Sidekick 30, Teamwork

                    Acrobatics 3 (+6), Athletics 3 (+9), Close Combat: Trident 2 (+8), Expertise: Magic 4 (+6), Insight 5 (+7), Perception 5 (+7), Stealth 2 (+5)

                    Olympian Physiology
                    . . Immortality 1 (Return after 2 weeks)
                    . . Immunity 6 (Aging, Disease, Environmental Condition: Cold, Environmental Condition: Pressure, Poison, Suffocation: Drowning)
                    . . Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation: Aquatic)
                    . . Protection 4 (+4 Toughness)
                    . . Senses 2 (Darkvision)
                    . . Swimming 6 (Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round)

                    Pactio w/Tula: Senses 1 (Communication Link: Mental)

                    Trident of Poseidon (Array)
                    . . Air Mastery: Move Object 9 (12 tons, DC 24; Damaging)
                    . . Control Sea Life: Burst Area Affliction 10 (1st degree: Entranced, 2nd degree: Compelled, 3rd degree: Controlled, Resisted by: Will, DC 20; Burst Area 3: 120 feet radius sphere, DC 20; Limited: Sea Life Only)
                    . . Earth Mastery: Create 9 (Volume: 500 cft., DC 19; Increased Duration: continuous, Subtle: look natural)
                    . . Summon Sea Life: Summon 4 (Multiple Minions 2: 4 minions, Type (Broad): Sea Life; Self-Powered)
                    . . Trident Strike
                    . . . . Strength-based Damage 4 (Linked; DC 25, Advantages: Improved Critical 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Smash, Improved Trip; Penetrating 10, Reach (melee): 5 ft.)
                    . . . . Weaken 10 (Linked; Affects: TOU, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 20; Affects Objects; Limited: Magical Creatures or Defenses)
                    . . Water Mastery: Shapeable Area Move Object 9 (12 tons; Shapeable Area: 30 cft., DC 19, Increased Range: perception; Limited Material: Water)

                    Initiative +3
                    Air Mastery: Move Object 9, +3 (DC 24)
                    Control Sea Life: Burst Area Affliction 10 (DC Will 20)
                    Grab, +8 (DC Spec 16)
                    Strength-based Damage 4, +10 (DC 25)
                    Throw, +3 (DC 21)
                    Unarmed, +8 (DC 21)
                    Water Mastery: Shapeable Area Move Object 9 (DC 19)
                    Weaken 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)

                    Amnesiac Olympian: Ronai is the reincarnation of Poseidon, after his death to Xellos. He has no memories prior to his return and enslavement by Nagala.
                    Enemies: Ronai has inherited all of his past enemies as Poseidon, only he doesn't remember them all. He was also enslaved by Nagala after his return and used as the plaything of her daughter Hydra.
                    Motivation-Doing Good: Ronai has the good heart. something Nagala continually had to use magic to cover up.

                    Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 9, Toughness 12/10, Will 9

                    Power Points
                    Abilities 60 + Powers 58 + Advantages 42 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Defenses 17 = 189

                    Ronai is reincarnation of Poseidon after his death by Xellos. Nagala found him with no memories and enslaved him.
                    He was eventually freed from Nagala and her daughter Hydra by the Avengers and joined their Young Avengers team. He met Tula while working with the team and they formed a close bond, and eventually a Pactio.
                    During their adventures, the truth of his origin was revealed, though he chose to continue using the name Ronai and remained with the Young Avengers.


                    PL 10

                    Strength 8, Stamina 8, Agility 4, Dexterity 0, Fighting 8, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 0

                    Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Fast Grab, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Trip, Interpose, Power Attack, Set-up 2, Takedown 2, Teamwork

                    Acrobatics 12 (+16), Athletics 2 (+10), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+10), Insight 5 (+7), Intimidation 4 (+4), Investigation 3 (+3), Perception 6 (+8), Stealth 6 (+10)

                    Aqua Lemnniscus
                    . . Ribbon Blade: Strength-based Damage 2 (DC 25, Advantages: Fast Grab, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Trip; Reach (melee) 2: 10 ft.)
                    . . . . Rapid Blade (Alternate; Accurate: +2, Multiattack)
                    . . . . Tidal Wave: Cone Area Move Object 9 (Alternate; 12 tons; Cone Area: 60 feet cone, DC 19; Limited Direction: Away, Reduced Range: close)
                    . . . . Whipping Blade (Alternate; Shapeable Area: 30 cft., DC 18)
                    . . Ribbon Shield: Enhanced Trait 5 (Traits: Dodge +2 (+10), Parry +2 (+10), Advantages: Improved Defense)
                    . . . . Water Shield: Create 9 (Alternate; Volume: 500 cft., DC 19; Concentration, Reduced Range: close)
                    . . Summons: Teleport 3 (Alternate; Carry 50 lbs.; Accurate, Easy, Extended: 8 miles in 2 move actions, Triggered 5: 6 uses - Ronai Summons; Limited: Only to Ronai's Location, Limited to Extended)

                    Aquatic Telepathy
                    . . Comprehend 2 (Animals - Speak To, Animals - Understand)
                    . . Mental Communication 2 (Limited: Aquatic life)

                    Atlantean Phisiology
                    . . Immunity 3 (Environmental Condition: Cold, Environmental Condition: Pressure, Suffocation: Drowning)
                    . . Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation: Aquatic)
                    . . Senses 2 (Darkvision)
                    . . Swimming 6 (Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round)

                    Pactio w/ Ronai: Senses 1 (Communication Link: Mental)

                    Initiative +4
                    Grab, +8 (DC Spec 18)
                    Ribbon Blade: Strength-based Damage 2, +10 (DC 25)
                    Throw, +0 (DC 23)
                    Tidal Wave: Cone Area Move Object 9 (DC 19)
                    Unarmed, +8 (DC 23)

                    Motivation: Acceptance: Tula is rebuilding her life after being freed from slavery
                    Power Loss: Tula needs a Pactio card to summon Aqua Lemnniscus
                    Relationship: Tula is attracted to Ronai, a kinship with Durga, and still sees the other dolls as her sisters

                    Dodge 10/8, Parry 10/8, Fortitude 10, Toughness 10/8, Will 8

                    Power Points
                    Abilities 60 + Powers 43 + Advantages 15 + Skills 20 (40 ranks) + Defenses 12 = 150

                    An Atlantean warrior, Tula came from a dying earth, one ravaged by war between despotic versions of Atlantis and New Olympus. Tula herself was watching her own world crumble, as she'd become a prize to be won between her fellow warriors, Garth and Kaldur, unaware she only loved each of them like brothers. it was in this crisis that Tula fell victim to melody, a dimension-crossing sexual predator, who played to Tula's compassion with the empty promise that without her, Kaldur and Garth would have no reason to fight. Once she had Tula as her servant, however, melody betrayed Tula, breaking her will by making her watch garth and Kaldur murder each other instead, both boys dying thinking the other Tula's killer. spending years in the timeless space of melody's lair, Tula was finally freed by the Young Avengers of Earth-409, along with five of her fellow slaves. of these so-called "Dolls", Tula has taken the most to deprogramming, her heterosexuality and feisty attitude reasserting themselves. looking for time away from her 'sisters', Tula she formed a bond with Ronai and eventually entered into a Pactio with him.

                    Special Thanks to Kruezritter for coming up with the idea for Hydra and Tula.
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                      Re: Ronai

                      And I just realized the gang is all here. I will proceed with getting the IC thread back up a little later tonight.
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                        Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

                        Originally posted by Phrozen View Post
                        durga's reaction to the new duds


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                          Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

                          Still better than kitty Pryde's first costume.


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                            Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

                            Okay, doing this I just discovered we no longer have the "no more than three quotes" limitation from the old thread.

                            OH THANK YOU GOD. That alone made this all worth it.
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                              Re: Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)

                              Originally posted by Crinos View Post
                              Okay, doing this I just discovered we no longer have the "no more than three quotes" limitation from the old thread.

                              OH THANK YOU GOD. That alone made this all worth it.
                              Does that matter to you?
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