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  • [3e OOC] Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

    Okay, as people filter in, if you'd check in by posting your most recent character sheet I'd appreciate it and we can get going again soon-ish.
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    Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

    Tycho Rosen

    PL 9 (181)

    Abilities (60)
    STR 0 AGI 6 FIT 6 AWA 4
    STA 10 DEX 2 INT 0 PRE 2

    Powers (65)
    ESP: Senses +6 (Accurate, Acute, Analytical, Radius, Ranged Mental Sense) (6)
    iron stomach: feature +1 (can eat anything remotely edible) (1)
    mind over mayhem: array (49)
    - Mind muscles: Enhanced STR +14 [28]
    - Mind crush: Damage +10 (extras: Range +2, subtle, will resists +1) [41]
    - Mind bomb: Damage +10 (extra: burst area +1, range +1) [30]
    - Mind hack: Affliction +10 (daze/compelled/controlled, will resists, extra: cumulative +1, range +2, subtle) [41]
    - Mind scan: mind reading +10 (extras: cumulative +1, effortless +1) [36]
    - Mind bullets: move object +10 (extra: Damaging +1, Range +1, precise, subtle) [42]
    - Pyrokinesis: damage +10 (extras: Range +2, Secondary effect +1) [40]
    TK-flight: flight +5 (10)

    Advantages (10)
    agile feint, eidetic memory, evasion, move-by action, improved initiative, move-by action, set-up, teamwork, uncanny dodge (ESP), well-informed

    Skills (32/64)
    Acrobatics +6
    deception +4
    expertise: Streetwise +6
    Insight +7
    intimidation +4
    Investigation +7
    Perception +7
    persuasion +4
    Sleight of Hand +4
    Stealth +7
    technology +4
    Vehicles +4

    Defenses (14)
    TOU +10 DODGE +10 FORT +10 PARRY +10 WILL +10

    Genki Jr., AKA My First Blaster: PL 12 Blast at +4 attack modifier. Firing requires DC 20 STR or be knocked prone. Missing incurs a -2 morale bonus to attacks for the next turn.

    Blade Running: Tycho is a closeted bioroid enhancile posing as a metaman
    Chummer: coming from a dystopian cyberpunk timeline, Tycho has various quirks, among them his taste for kibble
    crew comes first: Tycho will not abandon or betray his friends under any circumstances, and despises those who harm or betray their own
    Motivation-A better tomorrow: Tycho wants to give his crew, new and old alike, a future worth living
    power loss: Tycho needs to his hands free enough to gesture in order to use his Mind Powers Array

    abilities 60 + powers 65 + advantages 10 + skills 32/64 + defenses 14 = 181

    hailing from a bleak potential future/alternate timeline, Tycho's world is one where modern society has collapsed, with the elite, wealthy and powerful living within the towering, heavily fortified arcologies known as Citadels, while the majority of the population outside live in squalor amidst constant crime, poverty and war between superpowered street gangs, the rag-tag armies of would-be warlords, mutated monstrosities from the Hero Wars and the citadel sponsored mercenary outfits (think a mix of fallout, Deus Ex, Saints Row and Gears of War). Tycho is a bioroid, a cloned biomechanical humanoid who slipped through the cracks of processing to be left outside, and has used his psycho-biotic abilities to gain worth as a courier and freelancer for the legendary gang known as the Saints.

    UPDATE 1: maxed out the ESP with acute and analytical, added teamwork, and switched mind bullets from +6 penetrating to a flat +8

    UPDATE 2: upped acrobatics to +6 (+10 with agility bonus), gained the agile feat and set-up advantages

    UPDATE 3: added mind bomb and mind blast

    UPDATE 4: traded in 3 xp to change tk-leap to flight, and maxed TK-strength

    UPDATE 5: traded in the tk-grip power to boost flight by 1 rank and up the mind powers array to PL caps, and used almost all of the rest to up his abilities

    UPDATE 6: renamed the mind reading mind scan, added mind hack (mind control), used the four points to add damaging to the move object, and more or less equalizing the rest of his mental powers

    UPDATE 7 banked an xp, used the other to buy pyrokinesis

    UPDATE 8 upped the psychic powers to cap, banking the remaining 3

    UPDATE FINAL: increased STA to 10, brought psycic powers to cap
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      Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

      Barney Hale
      Theme Music: From the Sherlock Holmes movie

      Sure, Mr. Hale is the friend of the Great Detective, Sherlock Holmes himself. Sure, Mr. Hale wears a respectable suit, and masters the exotic Black Leg Style martial art. But take away the distinctly uncomfortable looking ascot and the French technique words - Barney Hale is a Dover street brawler.

      Born and raised - those niceties of Victorian proper address he displays have always been the absolutely mandatory ones. After, all not a hint of wharf talk is remotely acceptable in the presence of the middle and upper classes of Society. But always, Barney is more action than word, substance than style, pragmatic than idealistic.

      And for certain people, that was very useful. Likewise, though a semi-independent operator in the private yet dedicated circles of Sherlock Holmes, the Van Helsings, and the League of Gentlemen, Barney Hale was a pebble in comparative notice and memory. As a bit part versus the big names of the Victorian period, removing him would only create minor and fixable ripples in time...

      PL: 10

      Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 4, Dexterity 2, Intellect 0, Fighting 6, Awareness 3, Presence 1

      Dodge 14, Fortitude 9, Parry 14, Toughness 6, Will 9

      Acrobatics 11 (+15), Athletics 6 (+8), Close Combat: Black Leg Style 2 (+14) Deception 5 (+6), Insight 12 (+15), Intimidation 11 (+12), Investigation 15 (+15), Perception 12 (+15), Persuasion 5 (+6), Sleight of Hand 8 (+10), Stealth 11 (+15)

      Agile Feint, Assessment, Close Attack 6, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion, Improved Critical (Black Leg Style) 2, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 3, Improved Smash, Luck 2, Move by Action, Power Attack, Redirect, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge, Prone Fighting, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics), Skill Mastery (Insight), Teamwork, Skill Mastery (Stealth), Skill Mastery (Perception)

      Black Leg Jumps: Leaping 2
      Black Leg Style (Array)
      - Multiattack Damage 6
      - Multiattack Affliction 6 (Resisted by Dodge; Vulnerable/Dazed, Defenseless/Prone; Extra Condition, Limited to Two Degrees)
      - Multiattack Affliction 6 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned; Affects Objects, Limited to Two Degrees)
      - Multiattack Close Range Damaging Move Object 6
      *The lack of specific names for the alt powers is so I can freely mix up various moves in-character on the fly without getting too mechanically complicated.*

      Second Wind: Healing 4 (Limited to Self, Triggered 2 [When suffering two or more degrees of damage])
      Diable Jambe: Spend an HP for an auto hit that does +5 damage.

      Initiative +16
      Black Leg Damage DC 21 Toughness
      Black Leg Affliction Dodge or Fort DC 16

      Motivation - Justice: It's always been very simple at heart for Barney. You make things right.
      Power Loss: Black Leg Style depends on the use of the legs, which means if they are inhibited from motion, Barney Hale cannot use his style abilities.
      From the Victorian Era: Being from the late 19th century ensures Barney is unfamiliar with anything from the 20th century onward.
      Antagonistic Legacies: Even prior to time travel, Barney's friendship and aid of Sherlock Holmes (and the League of Gentlemen) pitted him against Nathaniel Essex, the man who would be Mastermind, Professor Moriarty and Colonel Moran and others whose existence or descendants may very well come back for another clash.

      [Abilities 44 + Defenses 29 + Skills 49 + Advantages 36 + Powers 23 = 181]

      Update One: Spent PP on Improved Smash, Redirect and Improved Defense.
      Update Two: Spent PP on Investigation +3, Acrobatics +1 and Prone Fighting
      Update Three: Banked 4 pp.
      Update Four: Banked 3 pp.
      Update Five: Gained 2 pp, Diable Jambe Special Effect, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, and two Skill Masteries, Teamwork and Takedown 2.
      Update Six: Gained 3 pp, added Second Wind power.
      Update Seven: Raising Barney towards PL caps, spent the 6 pp.
      Update Eight: Brought Fort/Will to PL cap, Investigation +3, Intimidation +1.
      Update Nine: Got Skill Mastery for Perception and Stealth.
      Update Ten: Gained 2 pp, spent 1 each on Perception and Stealth.
      Update Eleven: Gained 4 pp, spent all on Perception, Stealth, Investigation, Insight.
      Update Twelve: Gained 3 pp, banked.
      Update Finale: Gained 2 pp, added Close Combat skill, brought Dodge and Parry to caps.
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        Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

        Doctor Panik - PL 10

        Strength 0, Stamina 5, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 9, Awareness 0, Presence 5

        Defensive Roll 5, Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Evasion 2, Fearless, Hide in Plain Sight, Inventor, Luck (Improve Roll) 4, Move-by Action, Quick Draw, Speed of Thought, Taunt

        Close Combat: Medical Gear 10 (+10), Deception 6 (+11), Expertise: Dubious Medical science 10 (+19), Intimidation 6 (+11), Perception 8 (+8), Persuasion 8 (+13), Stealth 10 (+10), Technology 4 (+13), Treatment 8 (+17)

        Blackbag (Easily Removable)
        Medical Gear
        Epicat: Cumulative Affliction 9 (1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 19; Cumulative)
        Insanity drug: Progressive Affliction 9 (1st degree: Entranced, 2nd degree: Compelled, 3rd degree: Controlled, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 19; Progressive; Limited: Only to act utterly insane and irrational)
        mutation serum: Affliction 9 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Transformed, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 19)
        Nanite injection: Healing 9
        Pain stimulator: Progressive Affliction 9 (1st degree: Hindered, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Paralyzed, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 19; Progressive)
        Sedative: Cumulative Affliction 9 (1st degree: Fatigued, 2nd degree: Exhausted, 3rd degree: Asleep, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 19; Cumulative)
        Sundry drugs and tricks: Variable 7 (Distracting, Limited: Only to new potions and serums, Unreliable (5 uses))
        History recorder (Removable)
        Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 4 (Traits: Expertise +8 (+17))
        Self modification
        Combat reflexes: Enhanced Trait 12 (Traits: Dodge +6 (+10), Parry +6 (+10))
        Immortality nanites: Immortality 5 (Return after 1 day)
        Inhuman physiology: Immunity 11 (Aging, Life Support)
        self healing: Regeneration 10 (Every 1 round)

        Power Settings
        Power Setting (Powers: Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 6)

        Initiative +9
        Epicat: Cumulative Affliction 9, +10 (DC Fort 19)
        Grab, +0 (DC Spec 10)
        Insanity drug: Progressive Affliction 9, +10 (DC Fort 19)
        mutation serum: Affliction 9, +10 (DC Fort 19)
        Pain stimulator: Progressive Affliction 9, +10 (DC Fort 19)
        Sedative: Cumulative Affliction 9, +10 (DC Fort 19)
        Throw, +0 (DC 15)
        Unarmed, +0 (DC 15)

        Disability: Dr. Panik is completely and utterly insane. In the way only villainous mad scientists are insane. He is prone to giggling manically, building abominations against God and Man for no reason, and occasionally tying beautiful young women to train tracks. In spite of this, he is trying to become a better person
        Enemy: Dr. Panik once worked for the Praetorian as his chief medical advisor and torturer. Once he quit, The Praetorian did not take it well and wants the good doctor either returned to his services or dead.
        Motivation: Responsibility: Despite being a psychopath and a sadist, is trying to change his ways, and as a start he has taken a vow to never kill another living person ever again.
        Obsession: Dr. Panik is obsessed with pushing the boundaries of both human endurance and medical science. Unfortunately this gives him some very permissive views on human rights and medical ethics. And by permissive I mean none at all.
        Reputation: Most Time travellers have at least heard of Doctor Panik, the insane Doctor who does cruel, inhuman experiments on innocent creatures, and usually have the appropriate response to him.

        Native Language

        Dodge 10/4, Parry 10/4, Fortitude 9, Toughness 10/5, Will 10

        Power Points
        Abilities 38 + Powers 66 + Advantages 20 + Skills 35 (70 ranks) + Defenses 22 = 181

        Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
        Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition is 2010-2014 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.

        Concept: Team Medic/Token Evil teammate
        Image Song: Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Steve Martin version):

        History: Dr. Panik was once the chief medical officer and torturer for the Praetorian, an evil time traveling conqueror from the far flung future (Approximately the 420th century). Panik did his job dutifully until one day he was given a victim who didn't fear him, a young woman that claimed Panik was his older brother. Panik did some digging, and eventually discovered that he had once been a rebel leader who had been captured and brainwashed to be a murderous mad scientist. Panik helped his sister escape, and fled into the past, planning to turn over a new leaf and become a good guy. But reforming evil can be tricky, and Panik hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. Luckily he has new friends and a new job saving the timestream.

        EDIT 1: First update on the new board. Nothing fancy this time around. Just bumping Panik up to PL 9. Increased his dodge and parry, gave him an extra rank in close combat and medical expertise, another rank in defensive roll, and increased the ranks on all his array.

        Edit 2: upped Panik's awareness and strength by one each, bringing them both up to -1. I'm justifying the strength as Hakeshi's promise that he was going to train everyone in how to fight better. The Awareness is the fact that having actual friends and doing actual good is helping to make Panik less insane.

        Edit 3: Brought Paniks strength and awareness up to 0. Also upped his deception and gave him taunt.
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          Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

          Also, how nice is it to have a forum that doesn't cut off images anymore? If they could find a way to auto resize images like does, we'd really be in business.
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            Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

            Ge-ne-ra (pro: Genie-ra, aka Geanie)

            In the far future a warmer Earth has become water-logged, with what’s left of the land being mostly tropical islands. While humans treat it as a vacation destination it’s the perfect home for another species: catgirls. Specifically those of the Catgirl Civilization, a mono-gendered species founded by Aum-Ra, Shinchuu, Mon, Doc Hazard, and others of Aum-Ra’s old friends. Because of their extensive bio-engineering science-magic the catgirls of Earth merely gave themselves aquatic traits and settled in, taking care of the tourist destinations for the visiting humans.

            Ge-ne-ra is a native of this culture. Since the future held very little action most people got their excitement from reliving the past, with the ultimate experience being actual time-travel tourism. However you had to be certified to go on time trips and Geanie could never quite squeak by. She had to content herself with “historical” VR and only long for the day when she could see the times of the Founders for herself.

            Then one day she bumped into a dark-furred catgirl with a weird collar. Geanie never did find out her name or who she was running from because the girl pressed a button on the collar and suddenly the two of them were transported into an exciting past era! The other catgirl apparently never noticed Geanie had been brought along for the right because she disappeared and Geanie was forced to navigate the strange world of 2010 until a nice man named Doctor Tomorrow was able to track Geanie down and return her to her original time. However during that time Geanie was able to brighten up the lives of several people through boundless optimism and no small application of her unique biological traits. Life returned to normal until she was pulled into the past again by the experiments of one Dr. Maston due to her residual chronal radiation but was able to get back with the help of a genetic experiment known as Geeker, along the way making a grumpy cyborg laugh. Then she was mind-switched by a rogue Ythian, ending up in the Age of Dinosaurs where she helped the Valorians battle a Rulon plot and helped the Ythian make friends. And then............well, you get the picture.

            Geanie has gotten used to her random and unpredictable trips back through time that she looks forward to them. She likes her life in her own time, but everyone needs to “get away” once in a while. It’s like a vacation for her. A vacation where she gets to do cool stuff and give people of the past a taste of what it’s like to live in the happy future.

            Appearance: Generic catgirl of indeterminable tanning. White hair and fur with green stripes. Wears the tackiest Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian print shirt imaginable, which due to its futuristic textile technology changes design frequently.

            Motivation -- Aiding Adventure: Geanie loves time travel and wants to help others get the same experience.

            Motivation -- Making Life Better: Despite the sometimes grandness of her adventures Geanie really likes the little accomplishments.

            Quirk -- Rallywood History: Unfortunately Geanie gets all of her history knowledge from VR entertainment like “Omni: The Legendary Adventures” and “Cherry: Lolpirate Princess”. Even first-hand historical experience hasn’t quite tempered this. Possibly because alternate timelines just confuse the issue. (The GM should feel free to supply hilariously warped historical factoids even when no roll is called for.)

            Quirk -- Strange Future Mixed Up Ancestry: Since catgirls reproduce using science-magic they can have children with nearly any being, sometimes with multiple partners. As a far future descendent this means Geanie has a chance of having genes and/or other inheritance factors from a variety of sources, giving her strange and sometimes unknown vulnerabilities.

            PL 8/176 pp

            Str 6 [1.6 tons]; Sta 4; Agl 4; Dex 4; Fgt 4; Int 0; Awe 4; Pre 4

            Beginner’s Luck, Close Attack 7, Evasion 2, Fearless, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 2, Improved Trip, Improvised Tools, Inspire 3, Jack-of-All-Trades, Luck 2, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 7, Redirect, Set-up, Taunt, Teamwork, Throwing Mastery 6, Takedown 2

            Acrobatics 2 (+6)
            Athletics 6 (+12)
            Deception 8 (+12)
            Perception 4 (+8)
            Persuasion 8 (+12)
            Stealth 4 (+8)

            Aquatic Catgirl: Immunity 1 (suffocation [half effect]); Environmental Adaptation (underwater)
            Strange Future Mixed Up Ancestry: Morph 4 (any form); Move Object 1 [100 lb]; Wings: Flight 5 [60 MPH/1,000 ft-per-round](Flaw: Wings) <Linked> Feature [may treat clouds as solid objects]; Protection 3
            First Hope (Bonus): When you spend an HP, for the next hour you can use either a PL 10 Heal (wand form), a PL 8 Blast, +8 attack modifier (bow form), or Extended Senses [sight] 4 (Penetrates Concealment) (sight beyond sight).

            Initiative +12
            Unarmed/Improvised Weapon, close +11 -- damage 22 Tgh
            Throw Stuff, ranged + 11 -- damaged 21 Tgh

            Dodge +11 (+16 vs Area)
            Parry +11
            Fortitude +9
            Toughness +7
            Will +9

            Abilities 60 + Advantages 45 + Skills 16 + Powers 35 + Defenses 24 = 183 pp

            :arrow: EDIT 1: Upped Deception and Persuasion by 2. Added Daze (Deception), Improved Disarm, +1 Improved Initiative, +1 Inspire.
            :arrow: EDIT 2: Added 2 ranks of Acrobatics.
            :arrow: EDIT 3: Upped Athletics by 2. Upped Morph by 1.
            :arrow: EDIT 4: Added Improved Crit (improvised) and Fearless.
            :arrow: EDIT 5: Added wings.
            :arrow: EDIT 6: Upped Str to 6, Deception and Persuasion to 8, Luck to 3.
            :arrow: EDIT 7: Removed Daze (Deception) and Improved Critical (improvised weapons), reduced Luck to 2. Added Throwing Mastery 6 and Takedown 2.
            :arrow: EDIT 8: Removed Improvised Weapon, Defensive Roll. Added +2 Protection, Evasion 2, +1 Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, +1 Flight.
            :arrow: EDIT 9: Upped attack, damage, and defenses to PL 9.
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              Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

              Captain Thunderchild


              Abilities (52)
              STR 2 AGI 4 FIT 6 AWA 2
              STA 7 DEX 3 INT 0 PRE 2

              Powers (57)
              Array: Cyber arm (32)
              Heat Ray - Damage +10 (extra: accurate, multiattack +1, range +1) [30]
              Phasers to stun - affliction +10 [daze/stun/incapcitiate vs Will] (extras: accurate, cumulative +1, range +1) [30]
              Welding laser - weaken TOU +10 (extras: accurate, affects objects +1, range +1) [30]

              cyber-eye patch: senses +6 (darkvision, vision penetrates concealment)

              Grappling Hook system: movement +3 (slow fall, swinging, wall-crawling) [6]

              Robot Parrot: Remote Sensing (visual and auditory) + 5 (extra: Simultaneous +1, Flaw: Medium -1, Feedback -1) [10]

              Power Sword: Strike 9 (Flaw easily removable -2 per 5) 5PP

              Immunity 4: (Suffocation effects {2}, Disease, Environmental condition:vacuum)

              Advantages (15)
              improved initiative, language 3 (English, Interlac, Thieves' Cant, French, Spanish ), move-by action, ranged attack 5, taunt, uncanny dodge, Quick Draw, Precise shot 2 (Ranged: Cover and Concealment)

              Gem speeds of time: allowing the user to spend an HP to increase Ranged and Melee Attack by 2, as well and Dodge and Parry by 2 for one fight.

              Skills (38/76)
              athletics +6
              Close Combat (Sword) +3
              deception +10
              Expertise: Pirate +8
              insight +8
              perception +13
              persuasion +10
              vehicles +8
              technology +10
              Sleight of hand +6

              Defenses (19)
              TOU +7 DODGE +10 FORT +8 PARRY +10 WILL +9

              Ranged attacks (Array: Cyber arm) +10
              Melee attacks (Power Sword) +9, DMG +11 = DC 26


              Albatross around his neck:
              Captain Thunderchild is cursed to be drawn into bizarre and unnatural situations, putting him in great danger frequently. However with great risk comes great reward so his adventures deliver good and bad into his life on a whim. This shift between extremes in fortune often makes those around him nervous, particularly the superstitious, as many of his crew have not been as lucky to make it through some of the adventures.

              Beneath the Black Flag:
              Captain William Thunderchild is a Pirate, with all that entails. While not a truly evil man, he can be ruthless and underhanded in his dealings with others, and he holds little respect for the property rights of others. He is not a man to let the rules or expectations of others get in the way of his own freedom. He also is a very firm believer in the concept of Gunboat Diplomacy... In fact prior to getting his new robotic arm his weapons of choice were a pair of pistols he called 'Tact and Diplomacy'.

              A product of his time: Due to his time period of origin and exposure to the dregs of Space society, Thunderchild often finds things that would be repugnant to modern sensibilities to be a completely natural part of how the universe works. Things like Slavery for instance.

              Even the advanced technology of the aliens that he has looted as his own is seen through the mindset of a man from of the golden age of piracy which creates a strange dissonance between his advanced knowledge and his piratical mindset.

              Timeless Wonders, Fire and Thunder: Captain Thunderchild is a man driven by a lust for Adventure and the desire to express his personal freedom in whatever way he sees fit. His time as a slave to aliens has only enhanced this driving force and as such no matter what strange place or time his curse brings him to he will make an adventure of it, and take as many trophies in the form of loot, plunder, or booty as possible.

              Back story:

              Captain William Thunderchild was not that different than many other pirate captains of his time, he lived during the Golden age of piracy and the Caribbean was rife with plunder and glory to be won. Born in Bristol, England he took to a life at sea at a young age and eventually struck out for a life of piracy. Now Thunderchild was not one of the great pirates of the era and would likely be no more than a footnote on the pages of history...But there is more to his story.

              It began with a simple raid, like any other. A rich merchant's ship was ransacked and the passengers were either slaughtered or taken for ransom. The merchant had been rich enough to have some servants from the far east, and of these servants from the orient one young man had taken a pistol shot meant for their master. Thunderchild thought nothing of it, even when the boy's grieving grandfather had locked eyes at him and spoken first in a foreign tongue then in English. "May you live in interesting times"

              It was shortly thereafter that Thunderchild's fortune changed. More and more often he found himself in dire situations. His crews believed he must be cursed and fewer would sign on for his ship.

              And then things got strange.

              The destruction of Thunderchild's ship was sudden and inexplicable. A beam of light struck from the sky reducing it to blazing splinters. It was then that Thunderchild found himself dragged beyond the world he knew, quite literally.

              Alien criminals had raided the primitive world they had stumbled across to amuse themselves with the resident. William Thunderchild found himself a slave for these inhuman beings and their strange machines, the arm he lost in the destruction of his ship replaced with one of strange metal, and the knowledge that he would likely never see his world let alone home again.

              Years passed and the pirate learned the workings of the alien technology, surviving well beyond any of the other humans taken. When the time was right he led a mutiny supported by other slaves and alien crew members unhappy with the ships officers. William Thunderchild could once again take the title of Captain, and his new career as a space pirate began.

              But still the words of the old man are burned into his very destiny and are not done with him yet.

              PL10 Abilities 52 + Powers 57 + Advantages 15 + Skills 38 + Defenses 19 = 181 pts

              :arrow: Put 3 xp into Expertise Pirate.
              :arrow: Close Combat +2, Quick Draw, and Sleight of hands +2
              :arrow: upgrade Technology, Deception, Persuasion, and Perception skills each by 2
              :arrow: Added Movement power (Safe fall, Swinging) [April 18th]
              :arrow: New Power Sword (Strike 8) [May 14]
              :arrow: (upgrade to PL9) upgrade arm array, STA, Will, and Ranged Attack [May 19]
              [July 13] Precise shot 2 (ranged) and Immunity 2 (Suffocation)
              [august 12] Adding Immunity to Disease and Environmental condition Vacuum.
              [September 9] upgraded expertise pirate and Insight.
              [October 23] Various skills, movement power upgraded,
              {Finale} Cyber arm upgraded (2), Ranged attack upgraded to +5 (1), Upgrade close combat (sword) to +3 and Perception to +13 (1), Power sword upgraded to strike 9 (1)
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                Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

                Dr. Bumil Jalasubraman

                Actual name Harvey Jenkins

                Harvey's midlife crisis hit him at 27. His suburbanite wife left him on the grounds that he seemed to be 'shooting blanks', and his performance as a bank teller suffered greatly for it (not that is was great to begin with). It was then that he radically altered his life, sold everything and bought a one-way ticket to India.

                The dumpy but enthusiastic white man was somewhat of a novelty as he visited Vedas, sadus, fakirs, swamis, and magicians. And, as a joke or as a supreme test of patience, one such swami brought him to meditate before the Eye of Hatma'Gesh and the unthinkable happened - it opened to gaze upon the newcomer. All of a sudden, Harvey could sense the magic that lay around him in this beutiful, rich land.

                The stunned swamis and every other magician that heard this tale took it as a sign that this man was worthy of learning their tricks. Harvey started eating right, with heavy supplements of ayurvetic herbs to improve his body, and took up meditation to improve the sharpness of mind and intuition. He studied for decades, mastering anything anyone would teach him. Unfortunately he seemed an over-eager showman, perhaps over-compensating for a lifetime of dullness.

                He finally returned to America in the late 1940's, approaching 50 but looking like a man in his mid-30s. He knew the best way to honor his teachings and spread the word about the beauty and magic of India was to showcase it on the stage. Although he earned good money from his performances, he donated much of it to charity, needing only sparse resources himself for the simple life he'd dedicated himself to.

                His principles and focus changed when one assistant he'd hired had been accosted by a mobster's son that had taken a fancy to her. She fought the man off only to be threatened with perilous reprisals by his 'connections'. Dr. Bumil could take it no longer and took it upon himself to confront the mob family.... all of it. After many disruptions to their operations, any many more failed attempts on his life, the mob family, facing ridicule from the other families, moved their operations out of his city.

                He now protects his city from those who would muscle in on it while still developing a name for himself in showbiz.

                PL10 150-ish

                Str 0
                Sta 6
                Dex 0
                Agi 4
                FGT 0
                Int 3
                Wis 6
                Pre 0

                Defenses [17pp]:
                Tough 6+3armor+2Defensive Roll = 11
                Dodge 4+5pp = 9
                Parry 0+7pp = 7
                Fort 6 + 3pp = 9
                Will 6 + 5pp = 11

                Skills: [44pp]
                Deception 16, Sleight of Hand 16, Stealth 12(+16), Investigation 7(+10), Perception 10(+16), expertise: stage magic 5(+8 ), Expertise: Occult/Magic 10(13), Expertise: History 5(+8), Insight 5(+11), Treatment 2(+5)

                Advantages [8pp+1xp]: Set up, Eidetic memory, Equipment 1, Defensive roll 2, Power attack, Well Informed, Hide in Plain Sight, improved initiative

                Equipment: multiple Decks of Cards, Undercover chain mesh (Subtle, Protection 3)

                Powers: (total 45pp)

                Third Eye Open: Detect Magic/psychic/Paranormal/Cosmic, Ranged, Acute, Analytical [4pp]

                immunity (half effect): Suffocation, Sleep, aging [2pp]
                immunity poison, disease [2pp]

                Life is Just an illusion; illusion (All senses), Subtle 2 pr 8 [36+6xp +3AEs+2AE(xp)]
                AE:Or is it?; Create, Continuous, Moveable, Permanent, Stationary, Subtle 2, Precise, Accurate 5,innate, improved pin, improved Trip pr 10 (42/42)
                AE:Mass Hypnosis; Affliction, Cumulative, Area Perception (Hearing), Selective, (Resist by Will, Entranced, Stunned, Transformed Mentally{Memory modification/erasure})Subtle, Insidious. pr10 (42/42)
                AE:Pick a card/spoon/fork/pagade dice; Throwing mastery 8, Multiattack to Throwing 8, Secondary Effect 8, Improved Critical(Throwing) 3, Precise Ranged Concealment/Cover 2, Homing 2, Ricochet 2, Ranged Attack:Throwing (+12) (39/42)
                AE: Summon, Heroic, Variable type (stage animals - Flock of doves, rabbit, elephant, snake), Duration-Concentration. Mental link, Subtle pr 10 (although Heroic, Bumil has to use Standard to maintain every round)
                AE: The Gates are Closed; Nullify, Broad(Magic descriptor), Area-burst, Range-close, Duration- sustained, Precise, Subtle pr 10

                Now you see me... Teleportation 3, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout, Increased mass 2, [11pp] {250ft, 200 lbs}

                Bun-bun's Final Gift{BFG} [removeable -4] [16pp, 20 pool] Restricted Bumil [Free]
                Blast 6 [free] +2 more ranks of Blast, including 1 time ever, Perception Range, Rank 15 Damage. (used)
                Accurate 6 [6]
                Power Attack [1]
                Feature AI [1]
                Variable, limited Personal Range Abilities (such as Enhanced Skills, or Movement abilities) [8]

                initiative +6
                illusion (all visual, all audible, and all magical), Will DC 18
                Create, entrap, +10 to hit, DC20 dodge to avoid
                Create, damage, +10 to hit, DC25 toughness
                Mass Hypnosis, Area-Perception (hearing), DC 20 Dodge or DC 20 Will
                Thrown small object, +12 to hit, DC23 Toughness, Multi attack, Secondary Effect, Imp.Crit 3, Precise 2, Homing 2, Ricochet 2
                BFG, +12 to hit, DC23 Toughness

                Flaire and Style: Whatever Dr. Bumil does, he does with gusto and in a more dramatic way than is called for. This can get him into trouble or expose him into more danger than needed.

                Power loss: words OR gesture are what he needs to perform his magic whether it be pulling a string of scarves from his sleeve or a 'You are getting sleepy'. A bound and gagged Bumil can not perform from his magic array.

                Motivation: Doing good. Simple as that. Bring the world to a harmonious state, even if that involves putting a spoon in the eye of a summabish that deserves it.

                Theme Song: Psychedelic Electric Sitar Rock

                ASIAN ELEPHANT (Elephas maximus)
                Role: Giant Animal, Supreme Mount, Awesome Helper-Animal, Magician's assistant
                PL 10 (120 used)
                Normal Version: PL 10
                STRENGTH 5+5=10 STAMINA 5+5=10 AGILITY -1
                FIGHTING 3 DEXTERITY 0

                Skills: [11pp]
                Close Combat (Unarmed) 6 (+9)
                Intimidation 8 (+10 Size)
                Perception 8 (+10)

                Advantages: [12pp]
                All-Out Attack, Diehard, Extraordinary Effort, Fast Grab, Fearless, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Improved Grab, Startle, Takedown 2, Interpose, Improved Pin,

                "Animal Senses" Senses 3 (Acute & Extended Scent, Extended Hearing) [3]
                "Tremor-Detecting Feet" Senses 4 (Accurate Ranged x2 Touch) (Flaws: Limited to Half-Skill) [2]
                "Trunk" Extra Limbs 1 [1]

                "Natural Size" Growth 5 (Str & Sta +5, +5 Mass, +2 Intimidation, -2 Dodge/Parry, +1 Speed) -- (15 feet) (Feats: Innate) (Extras: Permanent +0) [11]
                Strength-Damage +1 (Feats: Reach) [2]
                "Thick Layer of Skin" Protection 2[2]

                "Trample" Add Area-Shapeable to Strength damage, Flaw:Must move the area. [5]

                "Trained" Comprehend (Humans, Understand) [2]

                "Animal Mind" Immunity Mental Descriptor (Half effect) [5]

                Flight 6 [12]

                Magician's Assistant:
                Get out of anything; Insubstantial, Affects Other, Precise pr 4 [25]
                Survive being cut in half; Regeneration 5 [5]
                Now you don't; Concealment (All visual, All hearing) pr6 [12]
                Confined spaces; Immunity Suffocation (half, Breath holding) [1]

                Unarmed +9 (+11 Damage, DC 26), Improved Crit, Reach, Takedown 2,
                Free Grab on Unarmed: str or dodge vs.DC 20/21(if trunk)
                Trample Area-shapeable, Ref 20 for half, Toughness 25 or 20.
                Initiative -1

                Dodge -1-2+10pp = +7 (DC 17), +3-2+5pp=Parry +6 (DC 16), Toughness +12, Fortitude +10+2pp=+12, Will 2+6pp=+8

                Disabled (Animal)- Elephants cannot speak to humans, nor use their feet to easily manipulate objects. Their trunks can, however, but not to the extent of human hands.
                Weakness (Poor Vision)- Elephants have poor eyesight, and often miss things unless directly in front of them, and close by. This makes them easy to startle or sneak up on, and makes them wary of small creatures that make great deals of noise (no really- the Mythbusters proved they don't like mice).

                Total: Abilities: 16 / Skills: 11 / Advantages: 12 / Powers: 45+43 / Defenses: 23 = (150)
                Edit: Added Summon elephant as setting on magic array. [1xp]
                added removable device [12xp]
                Bank 4xp
                Edit: Leveled to PL9, updated powers, made the Summon elephant into Summon stage animal. Will create stats for a White Rabbit, a flock of doves, and a snake {vis-a-vis an Indian snake Charmer}.
                Edit: Added Improved Initiative, Bank 1xp

                edit: link to White Rabbit And Spitting King Cobra (Sylass)
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                  Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

                  Hakeshi Tanjo " Battle Man Zero"
                  Power Level 9 -- 134 Points

                  " What makes you a man or a monster is the decisions you make today."
                  Theme #1: Samurai Strong Style

                  Era of Origin: 1971
                  Nationality: Japanese
                  Species: (Neo) Human
                  Age: 21
                  Blood Type: AB (Mutated)
                  Zodiac: Tiger / Capricorn

                  Doing Good, Justice, Hope

                  Code of Honor -- Hakeshi is a soldier of justice, and lives by his heart.
                  Communicates with Fists -- The best way to know a man is to fight him, Hakeshi is quick to fight.
                  Headstrong -- Hakeshi believes in following a path he chooses to create, and can often ignore the path set out for him.


                  Abilities 42 pts
                  STR: 2, STA: 4, AGL: 4, DEX: 0, FGT: 6, INT: 3, AWE: 2, PRE: 0

                  Skills 23pts
                  Acrobatics 4 (+8), Athletics 4 (+6), Deception 6 (+6), Expertise [Science] 8 ( +11), Expertise [Tactics] 6 (+9), Persuasion +4 (+4) Perception 4 (+6), Vehicles 10 (+10)

                  Advantages 19
                  Accurate Attack, Close Attack 5, Evasion, Extraordinary Effort, Improved Critical (Unarmed) 3, Improved Disarm, Improved Smash, Inspire 3, Interpose, Power Attack, Teamwork

                  Time Tempered Resolve [Enhanced Will 4]
                  Heroic Resolve [ Extra Hero Point ]
                  Tokusatsu Hero [ Enhanced Fort 2, Movement (Safe Fall), Protection 2, Feature ( Special Effects ) ]

                  SUPER TRANSFORMATION! (85 Point Alternate Form Array) 87 pts
                  [ Neo Human Roach Design ] -Default- [ Flaw: Move Action ] 85 pts Total
                  Resilient DNA
                  Super Senses [Low Light Vision, Ultravision] 2 pts
                  Enhanced Fortitude 6 6 pts
                  Protection 6 6pts
                  Immunity (Radiation) 10 pts
                  Immunity (Fortitude Checks) [Half Effect] 15 pts

                  Neo Human Speed
                  Enhanced Dodge 4 4 pts
                  Enhanced Parry 2 2 pt
                  Super Speed 10 [Enhanced Speed/Quickness, Improved Initiative] 32 pts
                  --[ALT] After Image [Concealment, All Visual. Limited: Partial] 10 pts
                  -- Super Speed Interception [Deflect 10; Reflect, Redirect] (30 pts)
                  High Speed Attacks [Enhanced Damage 5; Precise, Multiattack 5] 11 pts
                  Mutated Mobility
                  Movement ( Wall Crawling 2, Sure Footed 2 )
                  4 pts
                  Enhanced Skills [ Athletics +6 ] 3 pts
                  Enhanced Advantages [ Skill Mastery Athletics ] 1 pt

                  [ Neo Human Beetle Design ] pts Total 85 pts [Move Action]
                  Organic Steel Body
                  Protection 6, Impervious 6 (12 pts)
                  [I]Reaction Damage 4 [Being hit; limited to effect rank or attack rank (whichever is less] 10 pts
                  Immunity (Being Moved; sustained) 10 pts,
                  Enhanced Strength 10 [Limited: Lifting/Applying pressure only] (10 pts)
                  Enhanced Fortitude 6
                  Enhanced Parry 2
                  Immunity (Electricity) 10
                  Neo Human Burrowing
                  Burrowing 4; Penetrating (8 pts)
                  Enhanced Damage 5, Penetrating 8 (13 pts)
                  Enhanced Skills [Intimidation +8] (4 pts)

                  Tough: 6, Dodge: 4, Parry: 6, Fort: 6, Will: 6
                  Unarmed Attack +11, DC 17

                  Roach Design
                  Tough: 11 , Dodge: 7, Parry: 7, Fort: 12, Will: 6
                  Unarmed Attack +11, DC 22 [Multiattack 5 Precise]

                  Beetle Design
                  Tough: 12 (Impervious 6), Dodge: 4, Parry: 8, Fort: 12, Will: 6
                  Unarmed Attack +11 , DC 22, Penetrating 7

                  Grand Total: Abilities 42 + Skills 23 + Advantages19 + Powers 97 = 181 Points
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                    Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

                    Glad to see you all made it.

                    Okay, new thread incoming. For the future, I'd appreciate it if people would just make edits to the sheets on this page, since we've got everyone's characters in one place.
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                      Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

                      Well. So. Mechanon is Geanie and Panik's fault. So that's bad.


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                        Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

                        Originally posted by Yeoman View Post
                        Well. So. Mechanon is Geanie and Panik's fault. So that's bad.
                        ....You know what I'm actually sort of okay with that happening.
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                          Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

                          Originally posted by Crinos View Post
                          ....You know what I'm actually sort of okay with that happening.
                          We'll add it to the Wall of Shame entries.

                          Wall of Shame

                          - Got Dr. Brown and Scotty killed.
                          - Responsible for Mechanon.

                          Wall of Awesome
                          - Responsible for Charli existing
                          - Saving the Centurion Machines
                          - Fighting alongside Leman Russ
                          Impeach the peach!

                          Completed Games:
                          Crinoverse - Avengers
                          Crinoverse - Young Avengers
                          Crinoverse - Bay City Sentinels
                          Crinoverse - Time After Time
                          Crinoverse - San Antonio Avengers
                          Crinoverse - Honnounji Academy
                          Extreme Unction


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                            Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

                            Hakeshi fighting Godzilla bare-knuckle's gotta be on the list


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                              Re: Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)

                              Originally posted by Yeoman View Post
                              Well. So. Mechanon is Geanie and Panik's fault. So that's bad.
                              Originally posted by Crinos View Post
                              ....You know what I'm actually sort of okay with that happening.
                              That does seem like her. :P