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    Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

    @ Jemal: thanks for the quick response to my Qs.

    Here's what I have so far;

    MARIGOLD (the 1st minute would be Dr. Sydney Sampson personified)
    PL: 10 (160 pts)

    The third child of physicist Dr. Frances Sampson, and radiologist, Christine Garmon-Sampson, Sydney Sampson was raised in a upper-middle class household. Unlike her siblings, she took to the sciences early on with a special interest in the analysis of matter (she broke things, unrepentantly). In school, Sydney excelled, eventually attending university on full academic scholarship, although she was a fine volleyball player as well. Always a conscientious young woman, Sydney took notice to the boorish and bullying attitudes of some males and often defended her more introverted peers from harrassment. Before graduating with honors and moving on to grad school, Sydney gained an internship at SAT, where her research into synthetic DNA repair first drew the attention of Carl Clarke.

    After earning her Sc.D, Dr. Sampson the younger found she had a position awaiting at her old stomping ground, SAT. After short re-introductions and indoctrinations, Sydney went to work on her unfinished opus; a serum which might arrest cellular mutation related to cancer and other diseases. Permanently. While SAT staffers were skeptical and often hyper-critical, it was the unexpected encouragement of Clarke himself that kept Sydney from falling to frustration. Perhaps he saw something in her work that young Dr. Sampson lacked the vision to identify.

    Years later, on October 21, running out of resources, support, and patience, Sydney stumbed upon an unusual DNA sequence resulting from serum exposure and mistakenly theorized the genesis of her "Super-Cure". Lacking test animals and time for further experimentation, Dr. Sampson followed in the footsteps of Benjamin Franklin, Barry Marshall and many other scientists: she tested the serum on herself. Staying (essentially) locked-up in her lab, Sydney noted any and all physiological changes, while taking multiple blood samples for future analysis.

    Just in case she died, at least others could identify her fatal miscalculations.

    But within hours, Dr. Sampson realized she had (1) definitely miscalculated, and (2) this serum was something beyond snake-oil! Her body mass increased nearly 400%, her skin-density reached a Mohs-hardness equivalent to Corundum, off-the-scale magnification of physical strength/constitution, and a sensation of psycho-biological exhilaration. The new golden-metallic, epidermal 'luster' was also shockingly-distracting!

    "Well, Sydney", Dr. Sampson said, parroting her father, "what have you broken now?"

    Spending the next full day compiling her findings and theories, noting the transmutation effects diminished and completely vanished after approximately an hour, Sydney prepared a full presentation for SAT review. Then she paused, considering possible backlash from not only within the scientific community, but surely from outside. The unexplained appearances of new super-human beings was unsettling the world and her new discovery might be added fuel to the fire.

    No. Sydney would sit on the serum, no matter how ground-breaking and self-redeeming it could be. She would discuss "possibilities" with her parents and Dr. Clarke, gather their unaffected opinions, then decide the proper course of action.

    Height: (as Dr. Sampson) 5'8", (as Marigold) 6'8"
    Weight: (as Dr. Sampson) 140 lbs., (as Marigold) 520 lbs.
    Hair: (as Dr. Sampson) Short & blonde, (as Marigold) short, metallic-gold
    Eyes: (as Dr. Sampson) Blue, (as Marigold) gold
    Unusual Features: As Marigold, Sydney is a huge, muscular woman with metallic gold skin (No clothing made of 'unstable molecules'TM means a flexible bodysuit that gives her the 'She-Hulk' vibe I'm aiming for)

    Doing Good: Every law-abiding citizen has a duty to challenge the more lawless among us.
    Thrills: Hoisting buses and leaping tall building with a single bound can be a hoot!
    Accident: Still getting a handle on the whole 'Super-Strength' thing.
    Identity: Dr. Sydney Sampson being Marigold isn't public knowledge (yet).
    Obsession: Scientific exploration
    Prejudice: Being a woman can be like riding a roller-coaster without the restraining bar.
    Relationship: Her family and Carl Clarke.
    Responsibility: SAT and the greater scientific community.
    Rivalry: Bullies get special attention.


    SKILLS: Acrobatics 5 (+5), Athletics 3 (+15/+4), Close Combat: Unarmed 8 (+8), Deception 3 (+3/+5), Expertise [Chemistry] 9 (+15), Insight 4 (+5), Intimidation 10 (+10), Investigation 2 (+8), Perception 4 (+5), Persuasion 5 (+5/+7), Ranged Combat: Throwing 4 (+4), Technology 4 (+10), Treatment 4 (+10)

    ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Attractive, Benefit (well-off), Connected (SAT), Daze (Intimidation), Equipment, Fast Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative 2, Improvised Weapon, Interpose, Power Attack, Teamwork

    Superhuman Form: Alternate Form; Activation (Move action);
    "Super-Powered": Enhanced Trait 22; +11 Strength, +11 Stamina, sustained
    "Invulnerability": Impervious Toughness 12 & Immunity 12; Life Support, crits
    "Super-Jump": Leaping 10; 1 mile

    EQUIPMENT: Home Lab HQ; Townhouse-Sized, TGH 8, communications, fire-prevention system, infirmary, laboratory/CPU, library, power system, secret (DC40), security (DC40) [4 ep]

    Initiative +8
    Close Attack: Unarmed +8, DC27
    Ranged Attack: Throwing +4, DC*

    Dodge +6, Parry +8, Toughness +12, Fortitude +12, Will +6

    Abilities 18 + Skills 32 (65 ranks) + Advantages 14 + Powers 77 + Defenses 19 = 160

    Critiques am welcomed
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      Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

      Solar Flare 2.0

      Real Name: David Samson
      Age: 27
      Former Occupation: Grill chef and all around cook
      Hair Color: Red (Formerly Light Brown)
      Eye Color: Red pupils, Yellow Iris's and Orange where it should be white (Brown formerly)
      Skin: Red (Formerly Caucasian)
      Height: 1,87 m (613ft 6 13⁄64in)
      Weight: 73 Kg (160 lbs)

      David Samson was a grill chef, well still is
      He had made quite a name for himself in the grill community and hosted a grill party every year at various locations.
      The latest was in 2013 where he decided to have the happening in death valley. Unfortunately he forgot to give explicit instructions for its exact location and no one ever showed up. This meant that he stood in the sun at the hottest day in 100 years (29th of June). When he awoke the next day after having nearly died of a heatstroke, he discovered his powers. He was able to project fire and fly, amongst a host of other application he discovered later.

      Quote: "This exact temperature is perfect for steak"

      Solar Flare - PL 10

      Strength 0, Stamina 8, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 0, Intellect 0, Awareness 0, Presence 0

      Agile Feint, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge

      Expertise: Cooking 10 (+10), Perception 8 (+8)

      Fire Flight: Flight 8
      (Speed: 500 miles/hour, 1 mile/round; Extras: Custom 2: Hover, Custom 2: Maneuverable, Notes: 2/r*8r+4flat =20PP)
      Furnate Stomach: Feature 1 (Notes: Can eat almost anything 1PP)
      Light senses: Senses 7 (Infravision, Penetrates Concealment: Sight, Tracking: Sight 1: -1 speed rank, Ultravision, Notes: 1/r*7r =7PP)

      Power of the Sun (Notes: 27PP main power 6PP alternates =33PP)
      . . Fireball Shower: Damage 8 (fire, heat, radiation, DC 23; Extras: Accurate 5: +10, Homing: 1 extra attempt, Increased Range: ranged, Notes: Alternate (1/r+1ex)*8r+6flat =22PP)
      . . Fireflash: Cumulative Perception Area Affliction 10 (1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Unaware, DC 20; Extras: Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Perception Area: DC 20 - Visual, Cumulative; Flaws: Limited: Vision, Notes: Alternate (1/r+2ex-1fl)*10r =20PP)
      . . Flaming Ray: Damage 12 (fire, heat, DC 27; Extras: Accurate 3: +6, Increased Range: ranged, Notes: Alternate (1/r+1ex)*12r+3flat =27PP)
      . . Heart of the Sun: Environment 4 (Heat, Heat (Extreme), Light, Light (Bright), Radius: 250 feet, Notes: Alternate 6/r*4r =24PP)
      . . Heat Ray: Damage 8 (heat, radiation, DC 23; Extras: Increased Range 2: perception, Incurable, Precise, Subtle: subtle, Notes: Core (1/r+2ex)*8r+2flat =26PP)
      . . Heatstroke: Affliction 8 (heat, radiation, 1st degree: Fatigued, 2nd degree: Exhausted, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 18; Extras: Accurate 5: +10, Increased Range: ranged, Insidious, Subtle: subtle, Notes: Alternate (1/r+1ex)*8r+6flat =22PP)
      . . Inferno Blast: Cone Area Damage 10 (fire, heat, DC 25; Extras: Cone Area 2: 120 feet cone, DC 20, Penetrating 6; Flaws: Distracting, Notes: Alternate (1/r+2ex-1fl)*10r =20PP)

      Solar immunity: Immunity 25 (Common Descriptor: Heat, Damage Effect: Radiation, Life Support, Notes: 1/r*25r =25PP)

      Initiative +6
      Fireball Shower: Damage 8, +12 (DC 23)
      Fireflash: Cumulative Perception Area Affliction 10 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 20)
      Flaming Ray: Damage 12, +8 (DC 27)
      Grab, +0 (DC Spec 10)
      Heat Ray: Damage 8 (DC 23)
      Heatstroke: Affliction 8, +12 (DC Fort 18)
      Inferno Blast: Cone Area Damage 10 (DC 25)
      Throw, +2 (DC 15)
      Unarmed, +0 (DC 15)

      Accident - Skin Cancer: Solar Flare emits low level of radiation that over a long time can cause skin cancer or other side effects of too much sun
      Fame - Grill Cook: Flares human persona is widely known in the grill community and have attended several cooking shows. He also makes the grill happenings every year late June
      Power Loss - Energy: Solar has to take in an ridicules amount of energy to fuel his powers. If he doesn't get enough he cant use any of his fire based abilities


      Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8, Will 12

      Power Points
      Abilities 24 + Powers 86 + Advantages 7 + Skills 9 (18 ranks) + Defenses 34 = 160

      Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
      Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition is ©2010-2015 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.
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        Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

        A question...did only humans gain powers?


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          Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

          Thanks for the feedback on the movement modes. I kinda like JDrooks idea, i might do something like that..
          any other input?

          Neo paladin: yes, the year of change has very specifically only affected humans.

          Trisk: there are 366 because there were two winter solstice changes, the beginning and end (Alpha and Omega)
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            Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

            Ah.. shoot. Well so long leap year. I hardly knew you.

            I guess so far I've got my Irish guy.
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              Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

              Here's the updated version. The way I'm interpreting this, the Amulet nullifies four ranks of growth, leaving Charles a little over the stature of a Space Marine (eight to nine feet in height and the stature of a bodybuilder [but not one of the grotesquely over-muscled ones]). Still kind of a pain, but manageable.

              Drake (Charles Humberway)

              An upper-class gentleman of old noble stock, Charles was from birth fascinated with the ancient tales of knights and dragons - especially since his family had once been knights. He and his friends spent long hours acting out tales of wyrm and princess and knight and king, and while they each took on different roles, Charles always favoured the dragon.

              On October 10th 2014, at 17:11, Charles was perusing an old family photo album, reminiscing over his childhood games. His eyes alit on one particular picture of a game he intimately remembered, born of a creative spark - what if the dragon were not evil, but merely misunderstood? And all at once, he felt fire through his veins, and he grew tall and broad, wings and scales and tail splitting his tailored suit. That day was the birth of Drake.

              ((Note that Charles is Half-Dragon, not full dragon, and thus is still bipedal and has hands. It isn't immediately obvious in the character sheet.))

              Abilities - 54
              Str 8 or 4 with Amulet of Shrinking, Sta 12 or 8 with Amulet of Shrinking, Agi 2, Dex 1, Fgt 6, Int 1, Awe 4, Pre 5

              Advantages - 4
              All-out Attack, Fearless, Power Attack, Skill Mastery (Intimidation)

              Presence Advantages: Benefit (Status: Old Nobility) 1, Benefit (Wealth) 4

              Skills - 18
              Athletics 2 (+10) or (+6 with Amulet of Shrinking)
              Close Combat (Good Old-Fashioned Fisticuffs) 6 (+12)
              Deception 0 (+5)
              Expertise (History) 4 (+5)
              Insight 4 (+8)
              Intimidation 2 (+10) or (+8) with Amulet of Shrinking)
              Perception 4 (+8)
              Persuasion 3 (+8)
              Ranged Combat (Throw) 7 (+8)
              Stealth 0 (-4) or (+0) with Amulet of Shrinking)


              Dragon's Constitution - 2
              Immunity 2 (Disease, Poison)

              Dragon's Fire - 14
              Cone Area Damage 10 (60ft Cone; Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable, Unreliable (5 Uses))
              AE: Line Area Damage 10 (5ft by 30ft Line; Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable, Unreliable (5 Uses))

              Dragon's Roar - 10
              Perception Area Affliction 10 (Daze/Stun, Resisted by Will; Limited Degree 1, Perception Area (Auditory))

              Dragon's Scales - 18
              Protection 3
              Impervious Toughness 15

              Dragon's Senses - 8
              Extended x10
              Tracking 1 (-1 Speed Rank)

              Dragon's Wings - 8
              Flight 6 (30mph/500ft. per round; Manoeuvrable 2, Wings)

              Dragon's Size - 12
              Growth 6 (Permanent) - Reduced to Growth 2 with Amulet of Shrinking

              Amulet of Shrinking Device, Easily Removable - 2
              Nullify 4 (Growth; Personal, Sustained)

              Tailored Suit, Half-Dragon size
              Amulet of Shrinking (Statted Above)

              What Ho, Old Boy: Charles is the epitome of stereotypical British upper-class. He speaks in a refined accent and a soft voice, and is eminently polite to everyone he encounters, even supervillains. This is, to say the least, somewhat at odds with his appearance.
              Terribly Sorry, Old Chap: Charles isn't quite used to his massively enhanced strength and durability yet, especially since he rarely gets a chance to practice, wearing the Amulet almost all the time. However, he handles any such accidents with a heartfelt apology, a monetary compensation, and a perfect example of British upper-class dignity.
              Long Fuse, Big Bang: As a gentleman, Charles has an excellent rein on his temper. However, when he reaches the end of his tether, the results can be... explosive.
              For Queen and Country: Charles stands up to supervillainy in the name of the Queen and Britain. He can get quite testy when either of them are questioned.
              Prejudice, Monstrous: Charles is a massive half-dragon. He looks, to put it mildly, bloody scary.
              The Amulet A few days after his transformation, Charles awoke to find himself significantly shrunk down. This turned out to be due to the amulet that now sat around his neck. He doesn't know who or where it came from, but he intends to find out and repay his debt. Unfortunately, while the Amulet is a great boon, it can also cause problems if someone pulls it off unexpectedly.

              Defense - 12
              Dodge 5 or 7 with Amulet of Shrinking
              Parry 5 or 7 with Amulet of Shrinking
              Fortitude 12 or 8 with Amulet of Shrinking
              Toughness 15 (Impervious 15) or 11 (Impervious 11) with Amulet of Shrinking
              Will 8

              Initiative +2

              Dragon's Fire Cone Area Damage 10 (DC 25)
              Dragon's Fire Line Area Damage 10 (DC 25)
              Dragon's Roar Auditory Perception Affliction 10 (Will DC 20)

              Grab +6 (DC Spec 18) or (DC Spec 14) with Amulet of Shrinking
              Throw +8 (DC 23) or (DC 19) with Amulet of Shrinking
              Unarmed +12 (DC 23) or (DC 19) with Amulet of Shrinking
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                Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

                Another question since I am currently going through several concepts...the team is going to be international, right? Also, given that PL 10 heroes can effect change on par with natural desasters...what changes have gone through the world so far? Any governments toppled, etc?


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                  Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

                  Comet aka. Luke Mason

                  Strength 13/3, Stamina 13/3, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 7, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 4


                  Enhanced Strength 10 • 20 points

                  Enhanced Stamina 10 • 20 points

                  Regeneration 5 • 5 points

                  Super Senses: Senses 8 ; Normal Hearing [Acute and Extended ], Normal Vision [Extended],
                  Infravision [Extended], Ultra-Hearing [Extended], Vision Penetrates Concealment [Extended, Flaw: Cannot see through lead]• 8 points

                  Immunity: Sleep • 1 point

                  Flight 10 (Hover, Maneuverable 2, 2,000 mph, 8 miles per move) • 24 points


                  All-out Attack, Benefit (wealth) 3, Benefit (Fame)*, Fast Grab, Improved crit (unarmed)2 , Improved Initiative 3, Improved Grab, Languages 3 * , Move by Attack, Power Attack, Favoured Environment (Air), Take down attack 2,

                  *(advantages from presence)

                  Insight 6 (+8), Intimidate 8 (+12), Perception 10 (+12), Persuade 8 (+12),

                  Initiative +12
                  Unarmed +7 Close, Damage 13

                  Dodge 7 Fortitude 13
                  Parry 7 Toughness 13
                  Will 7

                  Power Points
                  Abilities 38 + Skills 14 + Powers 79 + Defences 12 + Advantages 12 = Total 159


                  Killer hero: Lukes most infamous act of super-heroics to date is the slaying of a rogue telepath.

                  Thrillseeker: Luke seeks to test limits the of his powers,

                  Motive: Good

                  Fame: Comet is almost instantly recognizable, his powers are well know.

                  No Gods: Comet has publicly denounced the idea that the gods have returned as delusional.


                  Prior to his empowerment, Lukes life was normal, he hovered from job to job making ends meet. Until January 5th where he spontaneous developed powers. Since then Luke has reveled in the fame and fortune his powers have afforded him while attempt use his powers for good in the rare moments where he could. After dozens of rescues and displays of power in his first and most famous superpowered "battle". A rogue telepath took control of a large section of Paris, rapidly descending into an orgy of sex and violence ruled by a mad emperor until Comet arrived in a blur and obliterated his head in a single blow in the middle of his televised rant.

                  The media frenzy following the event catapulted Comet to global fame. He has repeated stated "it was not his intention to kill" and has been more careful in his battles (although often bloody no else has died) and has since funded several charities to deal with the aftermath of post-human attacks.
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                    Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

                    Yes, the team will be international, with about two dozen affiliated members counting the PCs. Since it's essentially Captained by Clarke and sponsored by SAT, it's based in the US, but several governments welcome their presence to protect against disasters - including Super ones - and most at least tolerate it in the extreme circumstances that usually call for their intervention.
                    Notably, many of the middle-eastern countries tend to be less than welcoming of the outside interference, but that generally doesn't stop Heroes from going where they feel needed.

                    There haven't been an enormous amount of changes globally - it seems for every would-be super powered despot that is created, so to is a hero to stop their schemes. Roughly 100 of the empowered have become Villains.
                    The biggest change would be the Fearsome Four, a band who came together and took over an Island nation off the coast of Africa before anybody knew about them. By the time the heroes got word, they had fortified their hold over their new land, proclaiming it 'a Haven for the Empowered', though fortunately not too many have taken them up on it. As the small nation didn't have much in the way of natural resources, strategic significance, or political alliances, none of the worlds nations feel particularly compelled to liberate the occupation.

                    Generally speaking, it's rather similar to the worlds of Marvel/DC - Villain tries something bad, Heroes stop him, status quo generally maintained. Sometimes they capture the badguy, sometimes he escapes. Sometimes he's a she.

                    Ah, on the note of Villain Capture: SAT has developed a Power Nullifying field.
                    Located in a highly classified underground facility known as "The Hole", somewhere on an unknown island. The only way in is via teleportation, and only three people know it's location - Clarke, the Hitchhiker(Who transports people to and from the facility), and the Seer - because it's pretty hard to keep anything from her.

                    It requires an enormous amount of energy, and is thus not portable or weaponizable, but has allowed for incarceration of otherwise unstoppable foes. It also has the side benefit of allowing visitors to the site a chance to 'be normal' again, though they only allow a few 'visitors' at a time because the power requirements grow exponentially with each person nullified, and it's more important to keep the badguys nullified.
                    SAT was working on a second one, but between their support of the Super Hero team and building the first one, they've begun running a bit low on expendable assets.


                    A Note - we need to come up with a team name. I wanted to leave that up to the players, so suggestions?
                    For the record, I'm willing to use names (for both teams and characters) that have been 'taken' by other franchises - marvel, dc, freedomverse, whatever - I don't really care, I'd like to just make this an inclusive game, so for example if there's a woman who can turn invisible, and she wants to call herself 'the invisible woman' - well, that kinda makes sense, no?
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                      Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

                      Thanks for the info...and for my final question...can anyone tell me what kinds of concepts we have so far? I love playing paragons, but it seems the spot could be highly contested...


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                        Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

                        Originally posted by Jemal View Post
                        We need to come up with a team name. I wanted to leave that up to the players, so suggestions?
                        For the record, I'm willing to use names (for both teams and characters) that have been 'taken' by other franchises - marvel, dc, freedomverse, whatever - I don't really care, I'd like to just make this an inclusive game, so for example if there's a woman who can turn invisible, and she wants to call herself 'the invisible woman' - well, that kinda makes sense, no?
                        Some PR-friendly ideas:
                        • Möbius - the Möbius strip is never-ending, just like our protection.
                        • Bulwark - we stand against the villains.
                        • Aegis - for the same reason as Bulwark.
                        • The Protectorate - because we protect. Also, shamelessly lifted from Worm.
                        • Adamant - unbreakable, just like us.
                        • Vigil - always watching for danger.

                        Originally posted by Neo-Paladin View Post
                        Thanks for the info...and for my final question...can anyone tell me what kinds of concepts we have so far? I love playing paragons, but it seems the spot could be highly contested...
                        Well, my guy's a "gentleman brawler" type who happens to be a half-dragon, and he's actually pretty close to a typical Paragon, if with a little more ranged capacity, so we might end up stepping on each others' toes a bit...
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                          Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

                          Originally posted by Neo-Paladin View Post
                          Thanks for the info...and for my final question...can anyone tell me what kinds of concepts we have so far? I love playing paragons, but it seems the spot could be highly contested...
                          Personally i don't see a reason, why whole team of paragons wouldn't work, as long we had a niche (smart guy, blaster, social etc.).

                          I'm also toying a speedester as a back up.


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                            Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

                            I don't really care about archetype Niches, provided the people playing them don't think they'll have a problem with each other.
                            If we end up with 2 speedsters, an energy blaster, and three paragons so be it - if that's what you guys wanna play.
                            The only problem I have is if character A can do everything Character B does, PLUS more.. or does it all but better.
                            If you're roughly equal, one's a bit better defensively, another is more skilled, etc.. that's fine with me if it's fine with you guys. I just don't want one person outshining others completely.

                            I'm primarily just interested in making this Fun.

                            On that note, though, here's what I see so far :
                            Plan B - *Paragon
                            Rokoran - *Half-Dragon (Large Paragon/Gentleman Brawler)
                            Gnalthor - *Fire Controller *NOTE: Your powers are actually very similar to one of the Major NPCs (Sun based light/fire powers). Just thought I'd point that out, I don't have a problem with it if you're OK with it. Could lead to rivalry/competition.
                            Dream - *Marigold (Hulk with Control)
                            JDRook - Shazaam! :P
                            Triskanavski - Irish Dogman?
                            Neo-paladin - possible Paragon
                            Onion bubs - Size changer (Growth)
                            Digitalangel - Tentative Interest, no concepts posted

                            * = at least partial character sheets.

                            Also, I've done some rethinking on the movement modes, and I think I've come up with something :
                            I liked the idea of Frontloading, and I have an Idea:

                            Movement Modes:
                            Hover: New mode, costs 2pp. Allows you to hover in the air, slow fall, and move up to 5 feet as a move action.
                            Flight: costs 2/rank. Speed = Rank.
                            -If you do not have Hover, you must use at least 1 rank to stay airborne (Meaning you must move at least 15' per round to maintain flight)
                            -Flight is Distracting. You can use a power feat to lessen or Negate this : Manueverable (with 1 rank, flight is only distracting when used at more than half ranks. With 2 ranks, Flight is not distracting)
                            *So, the ability to Fly, hover in place, and not be vulnerable would be:
                            Flight (2/rank + Hover 2 + Manueverable 2) = 6pp. This would give you a 30' move speed. After that, speed increase is the usual 2pp/rank.
                            Teleport: costs 5 points For the ability to Teleport, and 2/rank to increase distance . Distance = Rank -1.
                            -Base cost includes Change Direction.
                            -Accurate is not an extra anymore but can be added as needed with Extra Effort.
                            -Extended Doubles your effect ranks rather than adding 8.

                            Not going to change the first post to make this official just yet, Right now I'm asking for feedback. Does this look better or worse than my initial ideas?
                            I know I wanted to keep this game relatively simple, but I REALLY don't like how the base movement modes are and have been wanting to 'fix' them for a while..
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                              Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

                              here's the rough mechanics of Irish Rover, One of the worst Super Heroes in the new world. Though well intentioned, and usually trying to do good, he does have a tendency to accidentally start chaotic events. (Which will be added to his complication list after i get back from work.)

                              March 17th St Patties Day

                              Irish Rover - PL 10

                              Strength 3, Stamina 5, Agility 1, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 6

                              Beginner's Luck, Improved Grab, Luck (Improve Roll) 5

                              Acrobatics 2 (+3), Athletics 6 (+9), Close Combat: Unarmed 10 (+14), Deception 6 (+12), Expertise (PRE): Song and Dance 8 (+14), Insight 4 (+8), Intimidation 10 (+16), Perception 4 (+8), Persuasion 6 (+12), Sleight of Hand 4 (+6), Technology 4 (+6), Vehicles 6 (+8)

                              Double Dog Dare: Affliction 10 (1st degree: Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Compelled, 3rd degree: Controlled, Resisted by: Will, DC 20; Check Required 5: DC 15 - Intimidate)
                              Irish Rover
                              . . Fur: Feature 1
                              . . Immunity: Immunity 1 (Poison)
                              . . Senses: Senses 4 (Acute: Scent, Analytical: Scent, Extended: Hearing 1: x10, Ultra-hearing)
                              . . Tail: Extra Limbs 1 (1 extra limb, Advantages: Improved Grab)
                              Lucky Dog: Luck Control 5 (Bestow Luck, Extra Ranks 1, Force a Re-roll, Negate Luck, Spend on Other, Advantages: Beginner's Luck, Luck (Improve Roll) 5)

                              Initiative +1
                              Double Dog Dare: Affliction 10, +4 (DC Will 20)
                              Grab, +4 (DC Spec 13)
                              Throw, +2 (DC 18)
                              Unarmed, +14 (DC 18)

                              Addiction: Irish Rover has an addition to Alcohol, though it doesn't affect him like most alcoholics, he's always up for drinking some more.
                              Motivation: Ain't no Coward: Irish Rover responds to most any challange. taking the challanger up on it, Especially if its a double dog dare.
                              Motivation: Thrills

                              Native Language

                              Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 5, Will 10

                              Power Points
                              Abilities 54 + Powers 33 + Advantages 0 + Skills 35 (70 ranks) + Defenses 26 = 148

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                                Re: Solstice (3e Recruiting)

                                Not going over characters yet, just noticed one thing about the dog that I figured I'd point out for everybody:

                                Check Required.
                                I don't allow Check Required's that can succeed on a one. I will require that they be at least high enough that a 1 will fail.
                                For example, with Rovers +16 intimidate, a nat 1 check still nets him 2 ranks of the affliction. I will require you to either raise the Check Required, or Lower your Intimidate so you need to roll at least a 2 to get 1 rank.