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    Welcome to the Catsiverse and The World of Hero's Unlimited. A place where anything's possible and hero's truly are Unlimited.

    This thread is for the players and GM to have OOC discussions, and answer rules questions and general chitchat about the game and characters therein.

    The current player roster:


    Dragonfyre By Shadowbourne
    Hornet By Tattooedman
    Shock By Shock


    Bastion by Sakuro
    Kris Majax By Kenseido
    The Owl By Celtic Rei
    Clover Madison By Nineofspades
    Green Lantern By Nineofspades
    Shield Breaker By Lord Bayushi78
    Johnny Liang By Classdunce
    Goliath By Aerlwyn
    Skylark By Ysariel

    The Wanderer By Femme Fatale

    Supporting Cast

    Base Personel:

    Elena Barrera

    Jean Phillipe


    Doctor Hank

    IC thread
    Role Call Thread
    Catsiverse: Setting Thread

    Going Rogue IC
    Going Rogue OOC


    Prologue: Terror at the mall
    Chapter 1: Trolls under the Bridge
    Chapter 2: The Viper Wars
    Chapter 3: Rise of the Sphinx
    Chaper 3: A The Nakamura Incident

    The Setting:

    The 20th century was dubbed The Era of the Superhuman. It has been one of the most controversial, and exiting eras in the history of this small planet. While Heroes have always existed in one form or another, even ones dubbed Superhero such as Achilles, or Heracles, The Mighty Thor, and others. Also there have been costumed types, such as Zorro the Fox, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Robin of the Hood, The Scarecrow of Romney marsh, among many others.

    Supers have fought in wars WWII saw the rise of the Ubermensch in Germany and the Freedom league from the allies. And they have helped in peacetime, disasters like Hurricanes, and earthquakes, the Fires of Los Angeles where the Arsonist Blowtorch tried to pull off a multi-million dollar Real Estate scam for Viper.

    The 20th century saw the rise of Mutants, as the Human body evolved to meet the challenges it faced from Nuclear war, and the advancement of technology, and Sciences that turned normal humans into powerful near gods.

    Mutant hysteria also blossomed as with all things strange and different people feared what they didn't understand, and tried to destroy what they feared. It wasn't until the Millennium dawned that a mutant known only as Starlight sacrificed herself to stop an invasion by the Interdimensional conqueror Istvatha V'han that the mutant hysteria died down.

    The young mutant flew directly into the Prime gate set up by the Empress of a billion dimensions and with a final explosion of her powers closed the gate and obliterated V'hans floating Fortress a move which shocked the Empress and with the defeat of her prized champion a fallen Cosmo Knight named Blackheart by the Star Spangled hero Flag who eulogized the young mutant who with her last words forgave humanity for its fears. The iconic image of Flag catching Starlights falling body and lowering it to the ground gently as a tear fell from his eye is still one of the most revered images and joined the likes of the Flag razing over Iwo Jima, and the kissing Sailor on V-J day in the national Archives.

    While some groups such as the KKK and Genocide continued the Anti-Mutant hysteria with fear mongering and pet politicians who attempted to pass meaningless and easilly defeated legislation forcing mutants to register. The majority of humanity grew to gradually accept mutation, especially combined with increased education about mutantcy that lead to the so called ""Mutant Threat"" being reduced to late night chatter on talk shows by loud mouthed pundits with little else to talk about.

    Now in the 21rst Century The Superhuman has made a bigger impact then ever before. The armored megalomaniac the Usurper in one his most bold plans to date launched an attack on the San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose Bay Area. The devastating surprise assault caught local authorities and Heros off guard and it was only with the timely intervention of the Sentinels of Liberty and its Sister Team the Sentinels of Justice, along with the Champions, Regulators, The Centurions, and the newly formed team the Avengers that the tyrant was defeated. This defeat didnt come without a cost though, as in a final stroke The Usurper self destructed all of the robots and warmachines he had brought with explosive results. The three cities and smaller towns of the greater Bay Area were devastated in the wake of his retreat, and hope seemed lost.

    That was until Flag rallied people to the cause. The great American Hero called on the citizens of the Bay Area to rebuild and used his telekinetic stripe field to hold the Golden Gate Bridge up in an amazing display of power and determination as others worked to repair it. The Multi-National Oracle Incorporated whose home offices were in San Jose itself, threw its full public support behind the effort and within a years time the newly Christened Bay City was declared opened to the world.

    Bay City was a remarkable accomplishment made easier by the influx of superhumans, and the sheer unbreakable spirit of humanity, and its ingenuity and adaptability as well. Bay City Invigorated the California and by proxy the American economy as a whole as tens of thousands of Jobs were created, demand for new homes and the possibility of lucrative new business opportunities drew people from all across the country. Federal funding helped ease the burden as did Oracles massive financial resources.

    Now some 2 years later Life in Bay City has settled into normality as much as a city of the future can claim to be normal. The expansion fo BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to as far east as Modesto, and as far south as Monterey and as far north as Eureka has enabled people to move rapidly about the area. The restructuring of the aging freeway and Bridge system eased traffic concerns and the expansion of green Bus lines and light rail trains make Bay City one of the most easily traversed Metroplexes in the world.

    Unfortunately prosperity brings scavengers and they make life difficult for the normal person. The Bay City Police department with its various departments uses the best tech of any in the world. The specially trained teams of the SWAT-AM (Anti-Metahuman) division use special training and weapons to hold their own versus the seemingly inexhaustible number of Super Villains that have appeared trying to take advantage of the prosperity of Bay City.

    That's where Hero's come into play. Solo heroes like the Mysterious Enigma, stalk the shadows, and the high flying Blue Jay, and the Powerful armored hero Sunbeam fly through the skys. But they cant be everywhere. The Federal agency PRIMUS (Primary Interdiction Unified Military Service) works with its north of the Border cousins STOP (Special Tactics Operations and Procedures) to police the superhuman community as best it can. But even with the best weapons money can buy they can only do so much.

    A new group of heroes is needed. Will you be that group?

    lets find out.

    :arrow: for my players I try to maintain a consistent posting speed so do your best. I'll wait about 24-48 hours as appropriate before taking control to move the story along. If you're gonna be away thats fine let me know so I can take appropriate actions as needed.

    :arrow: If anyone has any questions about the rules as they apply to the game please feel free to ask at anytime via PM or here in the OCC thread.

    :arrow: The tone as stated is a JLU, X-Men Evolution, Young Justice, Timmverse, Avengers EMH, tone of story. mostly Black and White with some shades of grey. Always a light comic book tone. Players will be expected to act in a reasonably Superheroic fashion and will be appropriately rewarded as such. Players that break the law or act in a criminal or vigilante fashion will find themselves the subject of law Enforcements scrutiny. And the scrutiny of other Superheroes including their own teammates, who if they do not pursue them had best have a good explanation for it.

    That's all the info I can think to add. Ill set up a Role Call thread for the fun of it and post villain builds there for you guys to enjoy.

    Lets have a great time ok?

    4-6 players full time with possible room for guest appearances and cameos by others as appropriate to the story.

    Characters built at PL 10/155 Power Points representing relatively new heroes with a little seasoning ready for the enormous challenges awaiting them.

    I dont specifically proscribe to any house rules save as Errata or the Story demands, in point of fact I tend to err on the side of story and description more then anything.

    Feats from any 2nd ed book are allowed within reason, as is any power with a few restrictions which I always have.

    Unlimited variable powers, full Insubstantial, and a couple of others are allowed but heavily restricted, and require some serious explanation and concept behind them.

    Wealth is handled via a simple benefit feat. 1 rank = wealthy, 2 ranks = Filthy rich, or a similar appropriate descriptor. 1 rank is the realm of well off and similar people, movie stars, some lawyers and doctors, and heroes like Professor Xavier and the like fall here. 2 ranks is the realm of the super rich Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne and the like.

    Otherwise the character is considered to have any and all basic amenities, and enough money to take care of himself as appropriate.

    Complications are a must and can and will be used against you LOL.

    The tone of the game is a light 4 star Superhero comic book style, akin to that seen in the Timmverse, and X-men Evolution, and Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes. Mostly Black and White with a few shades of grey here and there. While Character death is a possibility it is unlikely save by your own folly or heroic self sacrifice.

    Heroes will be expected to be heroes, and will be rewarded for appropriate roleplay in that regard. Killer vigilantes may apply but should not be complaining when their teamates take them to the local super prison themselves.

    Edit of note:

    For equipment I consider all personal items to be freebies ie cellphones, laptops and the like. Also cars, homes and things of that nature. As long as it doesnt have powers or a direct effect on skill rolls etc.

    Ill make indiviual calls for each build as needed but for the most part any equipment not super should be free.

    Edit of note 2: Languages, for those who have a direct and obvious multilingual upbringing I am willing to allow you a single free langauge. thus a hispanic could be easily seen to have spanish and english as base languages. As could someone raised in a chinese or japanese household.

    So as long as it is approrpiate to the characters background a multi-lingual character can have 2 base languages at no cost.

    all other languages are house ruled to double per skill point spent. IE 2 for 1pp, 4 for 2pp, 8 for 3 pp and so on and so forth.

    Anything beyond 4pp should just take comprehend all languages.

    Edit of Note 3: New rule

    Tough Minions Feat ranked 1-2

    Your minions are tough, in some cases really tough. Tough enough in fact that they can rarely hold their own with some superheros and dont go down as easilly. Tough Minions are minions in every respect of the word and follow all normal rules for minions save one in that they are tougher to take down then normal.

    Rank 1 Mook Level Tough minions: Must fail 2 toughness saves before they fall, they are normal minions in all other respects.

    Rank 1 minions
    *cannot score critical hits
    *Non-minions may take 10 on attack rolls
    *Must fail 2 toughness saves and the impossible save rule does not apply
    *takedown attack and similar work as normal

    Rank 2 Lieutnenant Minions: Must fail toughness saves, and fort, and will saves as a normal character but are minions in every other respect. Tough minion lieutenants may make critical hits.

    Rank 2 minions
    *may score critical hits
    *Non-minions may take 10 on attack rolls
    *Must fail toughness saves as a normal character and the impossible save rule does apply
    *takedown attack and similar work as normal
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    Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

    Going through the OOC for somethings I want here

    Kris asked a question which needs some info for everyone. Everyone present Knows Catherine Deveraux very well. Shes better knwon in some circles then any of the Kardashians. She is the public face and current CEO of Oracle Inc, and currently ranked as THE most powerful executive--woman or othersise-- in the world. She exudes a charming and graceful appearance always stylishly dressed without coming across as snobish or richyrich. As well as a warm and openly friendly personality. Those more versed in business though know she can be utterly cut throat and ruthless if the situation calls for it.

    All sources generaly agree that she is strong ally and one you want in your corner. They also agree that you do not want to pee her off as she has more then abley proven that she is capable of wiping a company off the map with very little effort through entirely legal means.

    Very VERY few people know that Catherine and The Mysterious Woman known as Oracle are the same person, or that she has telepathic abilities or is one of the most powerful and accurate Precogs in history.

    Best image I could come up with for her very beautiful, and graceful almost swan like. ice blue eyes that seem to look at you and through you at the same time, and along flowing blond hair to her waist.

    For Anastasia Grey she is the slightly less well known in public circles, but in private cricels especialy amongst the rich and influential in society she is VERY WELL KNOWN. Many seek her favor from politicians, to royalty, to would be hollywood producers. those who gain her favor seem to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

    Those who gain her emnity end up with their pictures in the dictionary near the words Epic Failure. And thats if theyre lucky. If theyre unlucky theyre never heard from again.

    At least thats the rumor, and we all know rumors are just fanciful stories right?

    Thats said in mystical circles ((thats you Kris)) she is known as the Lady Grey and it is whispered that even the Master Mage pays her respect as does the Council of Elders. She is also a standing member of the Grey Square the body of mages tasked with maintaining the balance between the evil of the Black Ring, and the Good of the White Ring as well as keeping magic a well hidden secret from the masses.

    Like Catherine she too is all grace and elegance her smile though is less readyily avilable or given, though when it is given, it can be said to be akin to an angel smiling at you, or a devil depending on which circle you listen too.

    tall and graceful she seems to float rather then walk and seems also to appear and disappear at will coming and going as she pleases.

    And lastly Delphi is known mostly be tech people though no one has seen who she really is for the moment. It is rumored amongst those close to the top circles of oracle that Barbara Gordon the bookish though still attractive red head of the three women running Oracle is the mysterious Delphi.

    No such rumor has ever been confirmed though.

    Anyone have any specific questions let me know. These are the two women who greet you inside the base when you arrive with Delphis avatar on the screens behind them.
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      Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

      Protectors Home Base

      On the Island waiting for you is a hi-tech looking building with a large half dome attached to the back of a sleek looking office building. After disembarking she takes you on a tour of the facility, which has 2 floors above ground and 3 below it. A lab, and workshop fully outfitted, and a computer with multi-touch and voice interfacing.

      A Garage, Hangar and Dock, and a full on Wreck Room and--something that gets a chuckle considering your recent adventure--A micro Arc Reactor set to power the place, along with solar panels, a set of wind turbines, and a geo-thermal tap means the facility you're touring has an enormous power supply which combined with tis environmental sealing means it would remain totally self sufficient even if the city suffers major blackouts via a disaster or invasion.

      The facility as you continue through it has security drones and a full on system of traps and defenses designed to deter anyone foolish enough to attack it, and incapacitate all but the most powerful meta-humans. Out back the island has a Zen garden, surrounded by an artificial waterfall that someone of a more esoteric bend might meditate under were they so inclined. All of this attached to what amounts to a small well groomed backyard with a nice view of the bay in which it sits roughly in the middle of it.

      Lastly you find 9 rooms 6 of which look like they're ready to be moved into.

      Protectors HQ [Size Large, Toughness 10] 25ep
      Features: Wreck Room (Combat Simulator), Communications, Computer, Defence Sytems, Dock, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Gym, Hangar, Holding cells, Infirmary, Isolated, Laboratory, Library, Living space, Personel, Pool, Power System, Security Sytems 2 [DC 25], Workshop

      Security systems: 6 Security Drones PL: 8, Pulse Cannons (Blast 10/ Stun 10), Goop Guns (Snare 10), Sleep Gas (Fatigue 10 Sedative)
      The Peregrine

      Peregrine arial/submersible/outerspace transport

      Size: gargantuan
      Strength: 50
      Speed: Flight 10
      Defence: 6, +8 (Holofield)
      Toughness: 12

      Features: Alarm, Hidden Compartents, Navigation Systems, Remote Control, Communications, Computer, Holding Cells, Advanced Sensory Array, Firelinked Pulse Cannons (Blast 7 Autofire +1), Multiple Missile system (Blast 7 (explosion +1, Homing 2), point defence laser system, Holo Field, Alternate Movment (Swimming)
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        Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC


        One night in the summer of 1978, there was a strange incident in Northern California. There were several differently colored lights visible in the sky above a small country farm and some very unusual sounds were heard for miles around. There was the usual speculation about aliens and secret government projects but of course no real evidence ever came out. What really happened was a battle between a pair of unknown supers. Nobody ever took credit for the event, so it's not known who was involved. What also isn't known is that one of the supers, upon losing the battle, hid his powers in a small child. That child's name was Chris Corona.

        Chris grew up on a small family farm north of Sacramento. He didn't mind the quiet farm life, but he always knew that he was going to do something bigger with his life. It took until high school before his powers started to manifest. At first, it was just his strength and reflexes that improved rapidly, but later he was able to generate electrical power and fields. He kept these abilities a secret from everyone and was able to explain away any slips with stories of static electricity or other weirdness.

        While in college at Stanford for chemistry, Chris began to explore his abilities more fully. He would help people who needed it but only as he came across trouble and always concealing his identity. After becoming frustrated with the limited amount of good he was doing, he took a minor in criminal justice with an eye towards becoming a forensics expert. After graduation, he joined the Bay City police force where he worked for several years while occasionally doing some late night heroics (but still always in secret).

        His career path changed when he ran across the Mysterious Enigma during one of his late night excursions. Enigma derided his "half-assed" heroic efforts and suggested he use his powers to do some real good or quit entirely. This meeting had a profound effect on Chris and he dedicated himself to do some more serious heroing. He got himself a costume, with a mask, and started publicly fighting crime using the name Shock.

        A couple years later, Shock had a disruption in his heroic career when he was framed for a murder by one of his enemies. He initially surrendered, thinking he could prove his innocence, but when it became clear that he was going to lose, he went on the run. It took months to find the evidence that would clear him and he had to resign his position on the police force. To repair his image, Chris went public with his identity and hired an agent/publicist. He has taken on some endorsements and, after a small amount for living expenses, donates the rest to various charities.

        Shock - 162 points - PL 10

        Abilities - 16 points
        Str - 12/18 - 2 points (23 for lifting)
        Dex - 14/30 - 4 points
        Con - 12/18 - 2 points
        Int - 16 - 6 points
        Wis - 12 - 2 points
        Cha - 10 - 0 points

        Attack - +9 - 18 points
        Defense - +10 - 20 points

        Saves 12 points
        Fortitude +8 (+4 con +4 bought)
        Reflex +11 (+10 dex +1 bought)
        Will +8 (+1 wis +7 bought)
        Toughness +7 (+4 con +3 forcefield)

        Powers - 62 points
        Enhanced Str +6 - 6 points
        Enhanced Dex +16 - 16 points
        Enhanced Con +6 - 6 points
        Super Strength 1 - 2 points
        Speed 1(10-40MPH) - 1 point
        Quickness 1 - 1 point
        Forcefield 3 - 3 points
        Electrical Control 11 (Lightning Bolt, Precise) - 23+4 points
        -AP:Stun 11
        -AP:Energy Aura 3 (Electricity) + Immunity 10 (All Electrical effects)
        -AP:Strike 7(Area(Line), Penetrating)
        -APamage 10 (Shapeable Area)
        Feature (can power electrical devices) - 1 point

        Skills - 20 points
        Acrobatics 2(12)
        Concentration 6(7)
        Diplomacy 2(2)
        Disable Device 5(8)
        Drive 2(12)
        Handle Animal 2(2)
        Investigate 8(11)
        Knowledge (Life sciences) 6(9)
        Knowledge (Local) 4(7)
        Knowledge (Physical Science) 6(9)
        Notice 10(11)
        Profession(Forensics) 9(10)
        Search 7(10)
        Sense Motive 7(8)
        Swim 4(8)

        Feats - 13 points
        Attack Specialization (unarmed) 2
        Dodge Focus 3
        Elusive Target
        Equipment 1 (Handcuffs, Forensics kit)
        Grappling Finesse
        Improved Initiative
        Move-by Action
        Takedown Attack

        Lightning Bolt - Attack +9 Damage +11
        Unarmed Attack - +13 Damage +4(+7 with Aura)
        Grapple +20 (+9 attack +10 strength +1 super strength)
        Defense +13 (+5 base +8 dodge)
        Knockback -3
        Initiative +14

        -Responsibility: Chris has an agent and endorsements and the obligations that come with them
        -Fame: Chris has a public identity and deals with many of the problems that come with it
        -Family: Chris' public identity makes it easy to track down his family
        -Reputation: Even though he didn't do it, the murder accusation really hurt his public reputation


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          Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

          looking good so far but don't forget to post him in the Rolecall thread

          just need him and Skylark and were good to go.
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            Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

            Posted and done!

            I look forward to continuing!


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              Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC


              I updated the OOC with the images fo the bases personel and the Peregrine.

              IC threads going to be up soon if I have anything to say about it
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                Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

                As for porting the old thread, it looks like what they'll be doing is creating a write-locked sub-forum that is all the threads from the old site.


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                  Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

                  Yeah I just like some consistency so I ported the relevant material from Skylarks intro

                  we can then proceed from there with everyone on the same page.
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                    Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

                    I like that you did since we're in the middle of the scene. It makes it a lot easier to reference what was going on.


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                      Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

                      *poke poke bastion*
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                        Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

                        Ok guys and gals just a quick update. Ive kind of let this part drag on a bit and while the action has been suitably epic thanks to you guys Im really itching to get to the next chapter where the real big bad make his appearance.

                        This adventure nominally has 3 fights left 2 smaller fights and then the big major finale where you guys save the day.

                        So I wanted to check if you guys are ok with the 3 battles then well proceed as normal, if you want to speed up Ill well bypass one of them and then have it just be 2 battle , one and the finale.
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                          Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

                          If there's some significane to the battle, I'm all for playing it out. If it's another hotspot cleanup, I don't think it's necessary. but I'm cool with whatever you decide


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                            Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

                            the other 2 are hot spot clean ups actually but more signifigant given theyre at major infrastructure spots--closing down nuclear plant, and water treatment facility specifically-- the battle were supposed to be a bit bigger and tougher leading to the final escalation of the Main battle.
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                              Re: Heroes Unlimited OOC

                              Unless the challenge is significantly different from "beat up the villains, somebody undoes what the viper guys were doing" I am for bypassing them.
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