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  • [3e OOC] Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (CANCELLED!)

    repeat: due to lack of participation prior to the holidays, my gut says to end this game. Thanks for playing, everyone

    Welcome to another experimental take on Crinoverse games, a lost adventure from the Back Issue Bins of Heroes past

    It is a time of darkness and a world of fear, when superstition and the sword ruled, a time men speak of in hushed whispers as...

    THE 1980'S...

    You are six heroes of relative obscurity in late 1989, who are about to uncover a conspiracy to control the hearts and minds of generations to come, in amidst the glitz and glamor of Hollywood itself

    this will be an adaptation of the Palladium games Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness module "Turtles Go Hollywood" for six-seven players of PL 8, 120 points, for M&M 3rd edition, and +3/-3 tradeoffs. this is also the sequel to my 2012 game "Truckin' Titans"

    Ares - White Dragon
    Enigmaticone - Brendan Konda
    Mettaur - T-Rocks
    stavaros-the-arcane - Formica
    Omega Girl - Flare
    Yeoman - Cogwheel

    considering the source material, martial artists and/or mutant animals are encouraged, but I'll probably greenlight anything from the three cartoons the turtles have had (so aliens, cyborgs, street fighter grade martial arts, traditional super heroics, etc.)

    so, let's see what you've got
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    Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)


    Thread 1
    Thread 2
    Thread 3

    the 1980's in the crinoverse were much as in the comics, most notably the dawn of the so-called Iron Age, the rise of morally ambiguous and cynical vigilantes over old fashioned and idealistic heroes, and a rise in violence in supercrime. Many cities, have an active ban on 'freelance' heroes (those not working directly for city government) at best, while others have outlawed superheroes entirely. this wave of anti-metaman prejudice comes after the 1988 democratc convention massacre, wherein dozens of people were killed by Metaman assassins trying to kill New York Senator Gregg Hartmann, considered by just about everyone to be the next Kennedy, but left a babbling, incoherent borderline mental patient after his brushes with death.

    Not that there aren't rays of hope, such as the newly established Patriots and their 'junior league', the New Fighters for Freedom, but by and large the days of saving kittens from trees and getting the key to the city arenow things of the past.


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      Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

      Reposting stats, will get background soonish.


      "In confusion, there is profit!"
      PL 8

      Strength 10, Stamina 10, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intellect 0, Awareness 3, Presence 5

      Fascinate (Persuasion), Languages 1, Well-informed

      Deception 7 (+12), Insight 4 (+7), Investigation 7 (+7), Perception 6 (+9), Persuasion 7 (+12), Stealth 14 (+10), Technology 5 (+5)

      Morph: Morph 1 (Linked; +20 Deception checks to disguise; Single form)
      Speed: Speed 5 (Linked; Speed: 60 miles/hour, 900 feet/round)
      Growth: Growth 4 (+4 STR, +4 STA, +2 Intimidate, -4 Stealth, -2 active defenses, +1 size category; Innate)
      Immunity: Immunity 7 (Environmental Conditions (All), Suffocation (All))
      Mechanoid Biology: Feature 1

      Initiative +0
      Grab, +6 (DC Spec 20)
      Throw, +0 (DC 25)
      Unarmed, +6 (DC 25)

      English, Neo Cybex

      Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 10, Toughness 10, Will 6

      Power Points
      Abilities 52 + Powers 27 + Advantages 3 + Skills 25 (50 ranks) + Defenses 13 = 120

      Looks like a good place to lie low: Cogwheel is hiding out on Earth until some business that went bad with the Pirates Guild blows over. They, apparently, do not have a sense of humor.
      This'll be the big one: Cogwheel just can't resist trying to make a deal with a sucker.


      Cogwheel is a nonaligned Cybrtronian. Instead of signing up with a side in The Great War, he hit the road. While everyone else tore the homeworld to pieces, he set about making a living selling things. Things that people needed, but more commonly, things they didn't need, but which he could convince them they did. used Starships, miracle cures, maps the galactic ley-lines, whatever he could manage.

      And it worked for awhile. Cybertronians are longer lived than most species, the galaxy is a big place and most of his targets were locals. Most anyone that took exception would never find them in their life span. And then he got greedy. How was he supposed to know The Ravagers had just signed up with the Pirates Guild? Or that those creates had larval Brood in them? Obviously something got mislabeled.

      So now he's on Earth. Planet has been making a reputation holding off non-local threats, and their adventuring community is remarkably willing to forgive a bot's past if he makes himself useful. Just need to lie low for a century or so...
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        Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

        Brendan Konda

        PL 8

        Strength -1, Stamina 0, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intelligence 10, Awareness 10, Presence 2

        Dodge 5, Fortitude 6, Parry 5, Toughness 11, Will 10

        Deception 6 (+8), Expertise: Science 2 (+12), Insight 2 (+12), Investigation 2 (+12), Perception 2 (+12), Persuasion 6 (+8), Technology 2 (+12)

        Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Luck 3, Ultimate Will

        TK Lift: Flight 2 (Subtle) [8 MPH]
        TK Shield: Sustained Protection 11

        Telekinesis: Perception Move Object 8 (Precise) [6 tons]
        - Alt: TK Strike: Perception Damage 8
        - Alt: TK Grab: Perception Affliction 8 (Resisted by Dodge; Hindered/Vulnerable, Defenseless/Immobile)
        - Alt: TK Hammer: Ranged Burst Area Damage 8

        [Abilities 42 + Defenses 16 + Skills 11 + Advantages 7 + Powers 44 = 120]

        Young: Unfortunately, Brendan is 12-13, and people tend to let that color their impressions of him, rather than the super-genius and psychic that he is.
        Puberty: Puberty suuuuuuucks.
        Those People: Unknown black-ops types were responsible for experimenting on and empowering Brendan. They might show up again...
        Amnesia: The fog of lost memories pretty much occludes Brendan's past life and what he went through during the time as a prisoner.

        He wishes he could remember further, but all Brendan can remember is being held prisoner by very mysterious people in a secret facility. Experimented on, with the goal of making him a superhuman for whatever reason. They succeeded in making him a super-genius psychic - and failed to prepare for the logical consequences.

        After breaking out, Brendan wound up running, to anywhere but he chose Hollywood for now. A melting pot of a place to hide in with all sorts of attractions for a new-found adolescent. Now if only his age didn't get in the way where other people were concerned.
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          Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

          Hmm, I'm on the Fence about bringing Picasso back or bringing in a new character.

          I shall contemplate this further.


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            Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

            Added Cogwheel's background.

            For the record, I'm using the Mechanoid Biology feature to represent things like that he ages, just slowly, that he does eat and sleep, just not like humans do, has to make repairs rather than heal, and can't get biological diseases, but can get mechanoid ones.


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              Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

              "T Rocks"
              Real Name: Ignatius "Iggy" Pealson

              No Risk No Glory - Vince DiCola

              It all began the night before the big battle of the bands concert in Los Sauros. All the biggest bands in the region were gathering to prove who was the best, and finally have their big break and become rock stars. Iggy's band, the Mammal Munchers, was one of the bands entered but it seemed like a long-shot.

              Iggy thought he would give his band an edge by sneaking into his dads lab and 'borrow' a device he had been working on, some kind of Resonance Amplifier, thinking a high tech amp would make his music louder and better. His father was a lead government research and developer, having been working on analyzing a strange red meteorite that had fallen to the planet, and trying to harness its latent extra-dimensional abilities.

              The night of the battle, Iggy played his heart out with the band, hardly noticing that as he played strange things began to happen. Wind appeared where none was before, sets on the stage began to change, and bolts of force and light fired off like fireworks from nowhere. The crowd went wild and Iggy pushed himself to the edge as with the final chords he ripped a hole in space and was sucked into the resulting vacuum before disappearing from sight.

              When he became aware again, he found himself in an alien world so much like his own yet so different! Hominids swarmed everywhere like an infestation, but somehow they had the ability to speak! He was horrified and disgusted as much as those he first met were... But he found they shared one passion in common. Music.

              Motivations & Complications
              I Wanna Be A Juke Box Hero Iggy is certain that his destiny is to become a huge rock star. Fame and Fortune are his end goals.
              Not So Cold Blooded Iggy has a very gentle heart, and can't help himself but to come to anothers aid or help out others.
              Meat is Meat After being transported, Iggy has seen meat in a new light and has become a very vocal vegan.
              Vegetarian! Not Herbivore! Iggy takes huge offense at being called an 'herbivore', as its slang for weakling/coward.

              Power Level 8 Points 120
              Abilities 42 points
              Str: 4, Sta: 6, Agl: 3, Dex: 2, Fgt: 4, Int: -1, Awe: 4, Pre: 6

              Skills 13 points
              Close Combat [Unarmed] 4 (+8), Expertise [Music] 12 (+11), Intimidation 4 (+12), Persuasion 6 (+12)

              Advantages 7 points
              Daze(Intimidation), Defensive Roll 2, Fascinate (Music), Improvised Weapon, Set Up, Startle

              Powers 51 points
              Dinosaur Physiology
              "Huge Size"Growth 4 [Str/Sta +4, Mass +4, +2 Intimidation, Size +1 rank. -4 Stealth, -2 Dodge/Parry] 8 points
              "Huge Size"Enhanced Strength 6 [Limited: Lifting/Applying pressure only] 3 Points
              "Resilient Constitution" Enhanced Fortitude 4 4 points
              "Reptilian Mind"Enhanced Will 2 2 points

              As-You-Will-It Guitar[Easily Removable] 34 pts
              Enhanced Parry 4
              Resonant Force [24 Point Array][4 Alternate Effects] 28 pts
              -Power Chord [Line Area Damage Linked with Move Object limited to away only] 8
              -Free your Mind [Burst Area Nullify [mental]; Concentration, Simultaneous] 8
              -Rock Out [Burst Area Affliction; Compelled, Entranced, Controlled; Concentration] 8
              Feature [Summonable, Nigh Indestructible] 2 pt

              Combat 7 points
              Tough: 8, Dodge: 6, Parry: 8 (4), Fort: 10, Will: 6

              Abilities 42 + Skills 13 +Advantages 7 + Powers 51 + combat 7 = 120
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                Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)


                this is that which is that which could prove most useful....


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                  Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

                  Character still in progress including deciding her name, but Here's what she looks like. EDIT: Character info being edited in.


                  PL8 (120pp)

                  Abilities: [62]
                  Str: 8, Sta:8 , Agl 5: , Dex: 0 , Fgt: 4, Int: 0, Awe: 4, Pre: 2

                  Advantages: [9]
                  agile feint, Evasion, move-by-action, set-up, redirect, improved trip, takedown 2, taunt

                  Powers: [15]
                  Movement: Wall-crawling 2, safe fall, [6]
                  Immunity: poison [1]
                  Burrowing 4 [4]
                  Leaping 3 [3]
                  alt effect on str: Ant Sting forearm spines: affliction +8 (daze/stun/incapacitate, fort resists)[1]

                  Skills (23/46)
                  acrobatics +8
                  athletics +6
                  close combat: unarmed +4
                  Deception +4
                  insight +4
                  perception +6
                  persuasion +4
                  sleight of hand +2
                  stealth +8

                  Defences: [11]
                  Dodge: 8 Parry: 8 Will: 8 Fortitude: 8 Toughness: 8

                  Abilities: [62] + Advantages: [9]+ Powers: [15]+ Skills (23/46) + Defences: [11]= 120pp

                  Real Name: Taylor Grayditch

                  Age: 19
                  Hair: Blonde
                  Eyes: Green

                  Daughter of two world class scientists, a geneticist and a chemist, Taylor had a fairly normal life until four years ago. Her parents had been hired to test the effects of various substances on the genetic structures of living things, usually using insects as test subjects, including what Taylor would later learn to be some early form of the street drug Blooze. Taylor had been visiting their lab when the freak fire claimed both of their lives and destroyed the majority of their research, and while she survived she was hospitalized for months as a result of the exposure to smoke and lab chemicals. The doctors said it was a miracle that she had not received more than a few small scars despite being so close to the source of the blaze.

                  By the time she was released the police investigation into the fire had yielded nothing and she had been shuffled off into the custody of her uncle who couldn't care less about raising a kid. After moving into Taylor's parents house and selling off whatever he could of their stuff, he basically hoisted Taylor off on the Benton House charity for troubled teens with barely a second thought. Which was fitting because Taylor's feelings of helplessness had manifested in a strew of mischief making and anti-social behavior. Beyond finishing high school she had no goals or direction in her life, until the night she snuck into her old home intent on taking back as much of what truly belonged to her as she could that she stumbled onto a hidden safe her uncle had not ransacked.

                  What she found was part of her parents research and the key to a storage unit, and some of the disturbing implications surrounding it. It was quickly clear that her parents death had not been an accident but part of some larger conspiracy that her parents had been drawn into.
                  Shortly after this revelation, Taylor was present at the Rio when the explosion claimed the life of Emmett Star, for the dual purpose of seeing her favorite musician as well as investigating a possible lead on the source of Blooze and its connection to her parents. While not caught in the explosion itself Taylor was exposed to Blooze used to spike the refreshments.

                  The results were... unexpected. Her previous exposure to the less refined version of the substance had strengthened her body against Blooze's tendency to cause wild mutations, stabilizing the changes into her current set of powers. With her new Ant like powers Taylor feels she might finally be able to bring the ones who killed her parents to justice, as FORMICA!
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                    Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

                    and for those wanting to talk about 'current events' in game without needing to figure out how real-world events played out in a world of jet powered apes and time travel,

                    Recent events (in no particular order)

                    after several incredibly successful years, the bottom drops out of the comics market in freedom city, and several comic book companies are ruined as the speculation bubble compensates, in addition to Foswell enterprises, a majority shareholder in several of them

                    the world famous Atom Family, virtual American royalty among the super-powered set, celebrates the birth of the newest Atom sibling, Chase Atom

                    Falconcrest City vigilante Black Wing goes from urban legend to media darling after saving the city from the Beholder's homicidal artistry

                    the LAPD busted a MAJOR drug operation being run through the Ambassadorial Consulate for the Kingdom of Thule. when the consulate pled Diplomatic immunity, the public response was "It's just been revoked!"

                    Jokers (deformed superhumans) across America nearly riot in outrage after former superhero Hiram "Fatman" Worchester recieves a proverbial slap on the wrist of five years probation for the "involuntary manslaughter" of celebrated nightclub owner Chrysalis, when the evidence was overwhelming that he'd slowly beaten her to death with his gravity-controlling powers

                    the masked vigilante known as "The Scorpion" blows up the special prisoners wing of Riker's Island Prison, killing several dozen inmates and guards alike

                    tensions continue to mount between the authorities and Joker Squatters on Liberty Island, now commonly called "The Rox". the standoff persists through the sorcerous, reality-bending powers of the Rox settlement's leader, Bloat

                    the paranormal investigation firm Ghostbusters has recently gone back in business

                    in sports, the Cleveland Indians beat the Yankees in the American League East Pennant Playoff

                    former washed-up children's television show host Picasso the Platypus returns to daytime TV, not just in children's entertainment, but rumored interest in a family friendly talk show, following talks with fellow entertainer Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, better known as "Sideshow Bob" on the Krusty The Klown Show

                    celebrated Danish action movie star and martial artist Franz Rayner all but single-handedly brings an end to what's now commonly being called "The Ninja War" by killing ninjas all across the country. its rumored that all the movies about one white guy beating up a bunch of ninjas and/or other Asian martial artists are simply based on snippets of Rayner's adventures. characters with a more detailed martial arts background know this is a lie, and that Rayner's 'victories' were nothing but a one-man murder spree against all ninjas, regardless of affiliation or alignment, and that his massacres have only ensured multiple lesser 'ninja wars' over the next decade to fill the power vacuum he's created

                    the newly established company Trans-Global Research Institute (or TGRI) continues to make a name for itself in all manner of scientific and electronic fields. rival companies such as ASTRO labs or the Gonzo institute are placing odds on when TGRI's corporate HQ gets hit by supervillains
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                      Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

                      Originally posted by Kreuzritter View Post
                      and for those wanting to talk about 'current events' in game without needing to figure out how real-world events played out in a world of jet powered apes and time travel,

                      Recent events (in no particular order)

                      after several incredibly successful years, the bottom drops out of the comics market, and several comic book companies are ruined, in addition to Foswell enterprises, a majority shareholder in several of them
                      Did the collapse happen earlier in the Crinosverse?

                      the paranormal investigation firm Ghostbusters has recently gone back in business
                      ... one more thing I kinda need to find a way to use. That and GI JOE. Which put my main campaign idea between this and Japanese supers.


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                        Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

                        Originally posted by Yeoman View Post
                        Did the collapse happen earlier in the Crinosverse?
                        well, I got that line about the comics market collapsing from M&M: Iron Age. the bit about foswell is because I figure the comics collapse fits in well with the origin of Foxbat


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                          Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

                          Originally posted by Kreuzritter View Post
                          well, I got that line about the comics market collapsing from M&M: Iron Age. the bit about foswell is because I figure the comics collapse fits in well with the origin of Foxbat
                          Fair enough. The dark age started and ended a bit earlier in the Freedom Universe than it did in actual comics anyway. IIRC, Freedom's is mid 80's to early 90's, as opposed to late 80's to mid/late 90's in the real world.


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                            Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

                            Originally posted by Yeoman View Post
                            Fair enough. The dark age started and ended a bit earlier in the Freedom Universe than it did in actual comics anyway. IIRC, Freedom's is mid 80's to early 90's, as opposed to late 80's to mid/late 90's in the real world.
                            yeah. and iirc, the general rule is Freedom City's an early adopter of trends, so their comics bubble burst first, causing a momentary panic through the rest of the speculation bubble, so yeah, things proceed as they do in the real world. i'll adjust it


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                              Re: Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (invitation only)

                              Not to get you off on another 2 Week Project Kreu, but you or Crinos or someone with an appreciation for that setting and humor needs to run a Freedom Force game, based off of the video game. I'm watching a Lets Play of it, and man I'd forgotten how silly and fun those games are. It'd be one of those things where I don't want to run that game, but I'd love to help co-develop the setting, move the timeline along to the 70's, maybe have the Freedom Force version of Crisis on Infinite Earths in the 80's, etc.
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