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  • Going Rogue: (OOC)

    Welcome all to the Catsiverse and the world of Heroes Unlimited. Where anything is possible and heroes truly are unlimited.

    Here we will tell the story of Six people seeking a change in their lives. Former villains who have seen the error of their ways and seek redemption and a new life as heroes. Of course its not going to be as easy as putting on a white hat, it never is.

    A great evil is rising, and has its claws in everything. Its web is spreading fast, and the evil that sits at the center of that web is taking advantage of the fact that the worlds heroes are distracted, and that one of its rivals has fallen on hard times and can no longer effectively oppose it.

    But one mysterious man has seen this coming, and has an idea. A small team of individual working both outside of and slightly within the law. People the world has written off as villains, monsters and worse. But he plans to take these former villains and go rogue with them. they'll go where heroes cant or wont, they'll bring unique points of view and perspectives to the game. And where a hero might fail, a villain might succeed.

    So strap on your gray hats, and pull up your boots and capes because the Villains are coming and they are going to Go Rogue!


    This is the OOC thread for the Going Rogue game.

    Here we will post characters, ideas and general OOC chatter and questions. Also if it becomes necessary we will recruit here.


    Active Roster

    Oaf by Gnalthor
    Portia by Prof W1erd
    Powerfist by Plan B
    Sebastian by Kenmadragon
    Uplift by Corrigon


    Ferrous by Kenseido
    Lady Light

    Supporting Cast

    Supporting Links

    Going Rogue IC thread

    Heroes Unlimited: IC thread

    Heroes-Unlimited: OOC

    Role Call Thread

    Catsiverse: Setting Thread


    A few rules, caveats, provisos, quid pro quos.

    :arrow: for my players I try to maintain a consistent posting speed so do your best. I'll wait about 24-48 hours as appropriate before taking control to move the story along. If you're going to be away thats fine let me know so I can take appropriate actions as needed.

    :arrow: If anyone has any questions about the rules as they apply to the game please feel free to ask at anytime via PM or here in the OCC thread.

    :arrow: The tone as stated is a JLU, X-Men Evolution, Young Justice, Timmverse, Avengers EMH, tone of story. mostly Black and White with some shades of grey. Always a light comic book tone. Players will be expected to act in a reasonably Superheroic fashion and will be appropriately rewarded as such. Players that break the law or act in a criminal or vigilante fashion will find themselves the subject of law Enforcements scrutiny. And the scrutiny of other Superheroes including their own teammates, who if they do not pursue them had best have a good explanation for it.

    In going rogue the players are former villains and henchmen seeking to turn over a new leaf. It is for my players to stick to this motif but I caution my players that their characters desire in this regard MUST BE GENUINE unless discussed by me with the player ahead of time, or unless in the course of roleplay circumstances render this impossible

    Lets have a great time ok?

    House rules and edits of Note

    4-6 players full time with possible room for guest appearances and cameos by others as appropriate to the story.

    Characters built at PL 10/155 Power Points representing relatively new heroes with a little seasoning ready for the enormous challenges awaiting them.

    I dont specifically proscribe to any house rules save as Errata or the Story demands, in point of fact I tend to err on the side of story and description more then anything.

    Feats from any 2nd ed book are allowed within reason, as is any power with a few restrictions which I always have.

    Unlimited variable powers, full Insubstantial, and a couple of others are allowed but heavily restricted, and require some serious explanation and concept behind them.

    Wealth is handled via a simple benefit feat. 1 rank = wealthy, 2 ranks = Filthy rich, or a similar appropriate descriptor. 1 rank is the realm of well off and similar people, movie stars, some lawyers and doctors, and heroes like Professor Xavier and the like fall here. 2 ranks is the realm of the super rich Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne and the like.

    Otherwise the character is considered to have any and all basic amenities, and enough money to take care of himself as appropriate.

    Complications are a must and can and will be used against you LOL.

    The tone of the game is a light 4 star Superhero comic book style, akin to that seen in the Timmverse, and X-men Evolution, and Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes. Mostly Black and White with a few shades of grey here and there. While Character death is a possibility it is unlikely save by your own folly or heroic self sacrifice.

    Heroes will be expected to be heroes, and will be rewarded for appropriate roleplay in that regard. Killer vigilantes may apply but should not be complaining when their teamates take them to the local super prison themselves.

    Edit of note:

    For equipment I consider all personal items to be freebies ie cellphones, laptops and the like. Also cars, homes and things of that nature. As long as it doesnt have powers or a direct effect on skill rolls etc.

    Ill make indiviual calls for each build as needed but for the most part any equipment not super should be free.

    Edit of note 2: Languages, for those who have a direct and obvious multilingual upbringing I am willing to allow you a single free langauge. thus a hispanic could be easily seen to have spanish and english as base languages. As could someone raised in a chinese or japanese household.

    So as long as it is approrpiate to the characters background a multi-lingual character can have 2 base languages at no cost.

    all other languages are house ruled to double per skill point spent. IE 2 for 1pp, 4 for 2pp, 8 for 3 pp and so on and so forth.

    Anything beyond 4pp should just take comprehend all languages.

    Edit of Note 3: New rule

    Tough Minions Feat ranked 1-2

    Your minions are tough, in some cases really tough. Tough enough in fact that they can rarely hold their own with some superheros and dont go down as easilly. Tough Minions are minions in every respect of the word and follow all normal rules for minions save one in that they are tougher to take down then normal.

    Rank 1 Mook Level Tough minions: Must fail 2 toughness saves before they fall, they are normal minions in all other respects.

    Rank 1 minions
    *cannot score critical hits
    *Non-minions may take 10 on attack rolls
    *Must fail 2 toughness saves and the impossible save rule does not apply
    *takedown attack and similar work as normal

    Rank 2 Lieutnenant Minions: Must fail toughness saves, and fort, and will saves as a normal character but are minions in every other respect. Tough minion lieutenants may make critical hits.

    Rank 2 minions
    *may score critical hits
    *Non-minions may take 10 on attack rolls
    *Must fail toughness saves as a normal character and the impossible save rule does apply
    *takedown attack and similar work as normal
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    Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

    Lets start with everyone posting their characters here when your ready

    to be specific these are simpl for reference you will update the ones in the Rolecall thread when you get exp.
    Dr. Silverback has wryly observed that this is like trying to teach lolcats about Shakespeare

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      Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

      Oaf - PL 10

      Strength 14, Stamina 14, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence 2

      Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Attractive, Chokehold, Daze (Intimidation), Diehard, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Interpose, Power Attack, Set-up, Startle, Ultimate Effort: Toughness Resistance

      Acrobatics 8 (+8), Expertise: Carpentry 6 (+6), Intimidation 10 (+14), Perception 3 (+4), Ranged Combat: Throw 6 (+6)

      Growth: Growth 4 (+4 STR, +4 STA, +2 Intimidate, -4 Stealth, -2 active defenses, +1 size category; Permanent)
      Immunity: Immunity 10 (Life Support)
      Impervious Defense: Impervious Toughness 12
      Power-Lifting: Enhanced Strength 11 (+11 STR; Limited to Lifting)
      . . Bracing: Immunity 10 (Alternate; Custom: Being Moved 10; Sustained)
      . . Power Stomp: Burst Area Affliction 10 (Alternate; 1st degree: Hindered, 2nd degree: Prone, DC 20; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 20; Instant Recovery, Limited Degree)
      Super-Leaping: Leaping 10 (Leap 1 mile at 250 miles/hour in 12 seconds)
      . . Immunity: Immunity 5 (Alternate; Damage Effect: Falling; Check Required: DC 11 - Acrobatics)
      . . Swimming: Swimming 4 (Alternate; Speed: 8 miles/hour, 120 feet/round)
      . . Unstoppable: Burrowing 5 (Alternate; Speed: 2 miles/hour, 30 feet/round; Penetrating)

      Initiative +0
      Grab, +6 (DC Spec 24)
      Power Stomp: Burst Area Affliction 10 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 20)
      Throw, +6 (DC 29)
      Unarmed, +6 (DC 29)

      Relationship - Lucy Mclaughling: Oaf is realy fond of Lucy who was nice to him while he was in prison. He will try his hardest to keep her safe
      Hatred - Psychics: Oaf do not like mental guys as he have previously been enslaved under one such person
      Phobia - Mice: For some odd reason Oaf absolutely cannot stand to be near mice
      Weakness - Mind Control: Almost all attempts to Mind Control Oaf works
      Quirk - Likes cats: Oaf have an odd love for cats and will go to great length to keep his furry friends safe


      Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 14, Toughness 14, Will 6

      Power Points
      Abilities 58 + Powers 56 + Advantages 14 + Skills 12 (36 ranks) + Defenses 15 = 155

      Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
      Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition is 2010-2014 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.

      Oaf is a gentle giant most of the time, but that was not how the world first came to know him. That was as Decimator, the mentally controlled lackey of The Usurper.

      The Usurper found a frozen body of our ancestors, the Neanderthals, in a glazier at the South Pole. He thawed the body up and modified it genetically to be able to stand up to the tougher supers who kept disrupting his plans. The result was the unresponsive body of Decimator. It was Alive but had no brain activity so The Usurper implanted it with a mind control chip who worked in conjunction with an interface in his helmet.

      Decimator’s first encounter with a hero went rather badly as his reaction time was too slow to actually hit a moving target. The buildings in the area on the other hand stopped being in the area as Decimators punches send most of them flying several hundred meters. The hero he faced was The Vigilant, but both The Usurper and Decimator got away

      After adjusting the implant and adding some rudimentary directives to it, Decimator got his second test run…..and his first kill. The target was Americas Federal Reserve to fund the Usurpers further research in mind control chips. They got the attention of a group of super humans, where among them a guy called Steelframe where rather famous for his durability. After some serious collateral damage, Decimator and The Usurper left the scene with the bank vault. The entire team where littered all over the place with broken bones and internal bleeding. Steelframe was not durable enough but the rest of them survived, though not in the best state to continue heroics.

      During a period of several years, Decimator became rather high on the list over hero death causes as he had 11 kills to his name and most of them rather high-end heroes.
      This was because The Usurper had loaned him out on occation to various organisations as protection or muscle, in exchange for favors to be owed
      Someday they finally managed to take out The Usurper, which enabled them to restrain Decimator, and later imprison him. It was soon discovered that he was rather mindless. After they had several psychics look into his head he was deemed not dangerous by himself and put in storage.

      Here he was being taken care of by a nice woman named Lucy McLaughlin who talked to him about nothing and everything. Meanwhile the Supreme Court was trying to decide if they should stop feeding him or not and what his right were. Meanwhile The Usurper planned his escape and that of his killing machine.

      When the fateful time arrived where The Usurper sprang himself and Decimator, Lucy was in Decimators room. Something unexpected happened when The Usurper ordered Decimator to kill Lucy. He picked her up and ran away.
      When he finally stopped then were in a forest and here he broke down crying over all the things he had done. He told Lucy that he would try to do good, because evil men like The Usurper could not be allowed to kill nice people like Lucy.

      Together with Lucy he went to the graves of all the ones he had hurt or killed and asked for their forgiveness, for that was what a good Christian would do Lucy assured him.
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        Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

        Just to clarify; this game is invite only? I ask because I love the concept and I was actually thinking of running a Suicide Squad/Thunderbolts style game in this same spirit. I would be very interested in you're looking for players.
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          Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

          This game has already been through recruitment over here.
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            Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

            The recruitment took place here
            Its a relatively old thread that was somewhat resently revived

            Edit - Curses!!! Kenseido beat me to it
            Solar Flare in Jemal's Solstice (Maybe)
            Oaf in catsi563's Going Rogue
            Gao Lao (Wuxai) and Shaun Lao Michaelson (Wavelengths) in Spectrum's Neotropolis: Age of Heroes- Wavelengths and Neotropolis: Age of Heroes- Wuxai


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              Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

              yeah sadly the recruiting phase is done

              but feel free to submit your entry regardless. One im always interested in new concepts and characters, two as anyone cant ell you I love guest shots and cameos as well. So you never know.

              Don't forget to use the 3rd ed character creator from the players book
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                Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

                Abilities: 52
                Strength 0, Stamina 7, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 4, Awareness 4, Presence 2

                Skills: 18
                Deception 6 (+8), Expertise: Magic 10 (+14), Insight 6 (+10), Intimidation 5 (+7), Languages 3 (French, German, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, Sanskrit, Spanish), Perception 6 (+10), Ranged Combat: Shadow Magic 8 (+10), Stealth 6 (+9)

                Advantages: 11
                Accurate Attack, Benefit 2 (Filthy Rich), Defensive Attack, Equipment 3 (Darkholme), Great Endurance, Improved Disarm, Ritualist, Tough 2, Ultimate Will

                Powers: 50
                Mystic Senses: Senses 3 (Darkvision, Magic Awareness)
                Nigh-Immortality: Immunity 1 (Aging)
                Shadow Magic (32 point Dynamic Array)
                . . Shadow Attacks: Blast 10 [extras: Multiattack; feats: Dynamic, Precise, Variable Descriptor]
                . . . DAE: Shadowy Conjurations: Create 10 [extras: Continuous; feats: Dynamic, Innate, Precise]
                . . . DAE: Mantle of Darkness: Concealment 4 (Visuals) [extras: Burst Area 3, Continuous, Selective; feats: Dynamic, Precise]
                . . . DAE: Shadow Tendrils: Move Object 10 [extras: Damaging; feats: Dynamic, Precise]
                . . . DAE: Shields of Darkness: Deflect 11 [feats: Dynamic]
                . . . DAE: Shadow Gate: Teleport 12 [feats: Extended, Increased Mass 4, Transmit (Shadows)]; Movement 2 (The Shadowlands and Related Mystic Dimensions) [flaws: Medium (Shadows)] [feats: Dynamic]
                . . . DAE: Hordes of Darkness: Summon 3 [extras: Active, Continuous, Horde, Responsive, Variable Type; feats: Dynamic, Mental Link, Multiple Minions 8, Tough 2]

                Equipment: 15
                Headquarters: Castle Darkholme
                Size: Huge; Toughness 8; Features: Defense System, Grounds 2, Intelligent, Isolated, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Temporal Limbo, Personnel, Self-Repairing

                Defenses: 24
                Toughness 9, Dodge 11, Parry 11, Fortitude 7, Will 13

                Abilities 52 + Skills 18 + Advantages 11 + Powers 50 + Defenses 24 = 155 PP

                Motivation - Redemption Sebastian wants to change himself - to become a better person. Before, he would do whatever he pleased to sustain his own hedonism, and did terrible things for his own selfishness. Before, Sebastian never cared. Now, he does, and he wants to make up for his past mistakes and dalliances.
                Reputation - Faustian Conjurer Sebastian used to make a habit of conjuring up entities he probably should have left well alone in order to make bargains for things he wanted. He was a greedy soul, and wanted more than what money could buy. While Sebastian has made his efforts to cast aside his own dark nature, his reputation still clings to him as a man who has made deals and done terrible things to fulfill them.
                Responsibility - Last of the Line Since his father never had any other sons, Sebastian is the last in the line of the Rajas clan. This means he has a few responsiblities to deal with: like the family castle in Darkholme. It also makes him the sole master of the intelligence that controls the entire realm of Darkholme. And given that genius loci of Darkholme wishes to ensure it has a master, it continually presses Sebastian to have an heir - whether Sebastian wants to be a father or not.
                Relationship - Darkholme Sebastian's relationship with the genius loci of his realm is complicated. On the one hand Darkholme is effectively immortal, and rather obscenely powerful within itself. On the other hand, it is completely subservient to the will of it's master - Sebastian Blackwood. Nevertheless, it is highly intelligent and was in fact the young Sebastian's tutor in the ways of magic. Yet it still hounds Sebastian to provide an heir to the title of "Master", suggesting various ways to do so to it's young master. This lends itself a manner of strangeness - the dutiful servant, a terrifying gaurdian, a lewd grandfather figure, a powerful teacher, and the very demi-plane itself. How peculiar indeed.
                Prejudice - Dark Magic BAD! While Sebastian is capable of magic of various sorts, he is especially gifted at shadow magic and other such darkness related sorceries. This lends itself to the stereotype that his magic is intrinsically evil. Granted, it's absolutely terrifying at times, and appears like nightmare fuel, which furthers the idea that Sebastian - as the wielder of such dark magics - is intrinsically evil. Which, of course, makes it hard for anyone to believe that he can possibly be a good person. But he really is, honest. Always has been. Just a little misguided, that's all.
                Identity - Sebastian Blackwood The public never knew Sebastian by his real name: the public had called him "The Shadowman". Even other mystics knew him by that name - mostly because his real name never really came up. Even demons wouldn't tell them (names are a trade secret, don't you know?), naming him solely as the "Last of the Rajas" or "Scion of Erebus". All the better to protect his own secrets and maintain his double life. By day, he was Sebastian Blackwood, erudite scholar and wealthy heir of some foreign land. By night, he had been The Shadowman. Not any more though...
                Enemy/Watched - The Forces of Light Sebastian Blackwood has run into various mystical heroes (and the occasional non-mystic heroes) in the past who have "stopped him" before. It's very much likely that they wouldn't trust him, especially given his reputation. Many would probably still attack him on sight, others are very much more likely to just regard him warily - with suspicion and mistrust. Afterall, it's difficult to trust someone who used to make deals with devils. Some of these heroes include the Master Mage Dr. Arcane, the Lady Grey, Kris Majax, and various others.

                According to the history books, Lord Edmund Garnet Boniface died during the inquisitions that took place sometime during or after the Renaissance. The truth, however, is much more intricate, and as always, much darker.

                After being declared a heretic and an enemy of God by the Pope, Lord Boniface escaped Roma, fleeing north into the Mountains. Hounded by the Pope's Inquisitors - the Pope had Boniface declared an enemy of God and the servant of Satan - Lord Boniface evaded his pursuers in the mountains of Europe, eventually making his way to a hidden valley. There, in the middle of the night, Boniface stumbled upon an ancient castle that had been destroyed by time and neglect. Taking refuge in the castle, Boniface soon found that his pursuers had caught up to him and had set themselves to attack the castle.

                Desperate, Boniface turned to the dark arts to defend himself. Calling upon ancient evils and spirits from Beyond, Lord Boniface read from the Clavicule of Solomon and applied it's teachings in summoning to call forth a host of shades - demons from Hell itself. The inquisitors were undeterred, and had come prepared for such sorcery, meeting the shades in the wilds as they fought tooth and nail, reliant upon the strength of faith which lent them a magic of their own. Lord Boniface would not allow himself to be taken, and in a final act of desperation, reached out to the depths of his dark bloodline and accepted a pact for power.

                The Primordial Darkness swelled within Boniface: changing him into something more than human. Drawing upon the raw essence of dark magic itself, Lord Boniface slaughtered his Inquistor enemies with impunity, overwhelming the Vatican's forces with an army of shadow beasts while he enacted a grand ritual beyond the scope of comprehension.

                Finally escaping the mortal coil, Lord Boniface drew upon the strength of his own blood to create a realm of his own within the Shadowlands that he infused with his own essence and power. It's own plane of existence, Lord Boniface bound his soul to the new plane, and was reborn with the power of a god.

                The being who was once known as Lord Boniface fathered children, and those children were natural sorcerers - practioners of black magic. Warlocks in many senses of the word, these descendents formed the "Line of Rajas", continuing Boniface's already cursed bloodline with a new ancestral home: the plane Boniface created when escaping his pursuers - Darkholme. As Boniface faded from existence - melding into the primordial darkness - the Line of Rajas went underground. Living in plain sight as men and women of various casts and sociities, the descendants on Boniface survived. Practicing their wicked art in the shadows, they plotted and connived, and bargained their way to power. A well kept secret to be sure. No records of their existence survived more than a few years before some calamity struck the record keepers and the records were lost or altered. The only true records remain safe within the library vault in the other-wordly Castle Darkholme.

                Tragedy would strike the Line of Rajas as a young warlock - passed over for the right to rule Darkholme in favor of his more suitable sister - struck a blow against his own family. Sacrificing his soul and the souls of his seven children, the warlock bought the services of Belial, who spent six days, six hours, and six minutes slaying as many Scions of Erebus as it possibly could. A bloodbath of family deaths as the long lived and prolific Line of Rajas was wiped out in a little less than a week.

                Almost wiped out, that is.

                Belial could not reach Darkholme - for the plane is nearly impossible to break into if a Scion of Erebus is desperate to defend his ancient home - and the few Scions who had found safe haven there were of direct descent from Boniface and Erebus. The family survived, only barely, retreating into the shadows once more, fabricating their histories and plotting their return to the world.

                But there were too few of them, and slowly, their numbers dwindled.

                Until there was only one.

                Sebastian wasn't the best of men. Nor was he ever the worst. Despite his mother's wishes, he flaunted his father's wealth and indulged himself in the best that money had to offer. Proud and ambitious, yet ultimately lazy, Sebastian didn't really care in school, spending most of his time relaxing and knowing that when he was an adult, his father would take care of him - like father always did.

                Mother always said that he shouldn't go too far - Sebastian was the last one. He never truly understood what that meant, and continued on a path of philandering and irresponsibility - the playboy lifestyle of fast women and fast cars that would mark his end - before he even graduated from high school.

                It hit him hard when his mother died. Even harder when his father's money disappeared. Sebastian never knew what his father did - hadn't even seen the SOB since he was a child - but as he watched his mother be laid to rest in her grave, Sebastian's father wasn't there. Enraged, Sebastian set out to use what remaining resources he had to find his father. Exhausting what little wealth he had left, Sebastian found his way to the mountains of Europe, where the trail went cold.

                Penniless, Sebastian wandered about the mountains, hell-bent on finding his father. Seven days walking the mountain paths, starving. Then he felt it. Calling to him. A dark power welled up within him, and he felt it's strength. Losing himself to the shadows, Sebastian felt himself falling through time and space.

                And woke up in Darkholme.

                Sebastian's father was dead. The Castle needed it's Master. Darkholme had called Sebastian back to his ancestral home.

                And it told him Everything.

                Opening his mind to the supernatural, knowledge was poured into Sebastian's unprepared mind. And like all knowledge, it was power. Raw, preternatural power. Unlocking the hidden doors that existed in everyone's minds, awakening him to the potential to simply change reality at will. But it was too much, and the young man recoiled from the strain of all that knowledge and power. So Darkholme withdrew, and began to teach the young man in earnest.

                In the course of a day, Sebastian had learned enough to perceive his sixth sense without strain. By the end of three days, he was capable of conducting simple rites and rituals. By the fifth, he was manipulating energy and beginning to master the shadows. By the end of the week, he was summoning creatures in contained rituals. By the end of two weeks, Sebastian was tearing open dimensional apertures. By the end of the first month, he was capable of combat applications of shadow magic. By the end of the seventh week, he had established his total dominion over Darkholme and was capable of opening the vault within the Castle and accessing it's untold riches.

                But Sebastian wasn't satisfied with the untold wealth and riches of Darkholme. Oh, he had power, but he now knew his family's history and the powers his bloodline had held. He wanted that power and all it promised. He had to have it. And Darkholme told him how to get it. Just a little demon-summoning and bargaining to find the various objects of power his family had lost over the ages.

                The first he sought was a toy bear. Possessed by his ancestor's little sister, the cloth creature was a powerful gaurdian spirit, capable of warding off all manners of creatures and spectres, and cuddly to boot. Unfortunately, at the time it was in the possession of a rather powerful demon known as "Carl" (it's short for something unpronounceable). Which involved going to a rather large city park in Bay City under cover of night, unleashing a few score of demon hounds to dig up the stone tablet hidden under the park, construct a massive summoning circle, then enact a ritual to call "Carl" to the material plane within the relative safety of the circle.

                For whatever reason, it appeared that the local arcanist Kris Majax took offense to a shadow magician trying to summon a dark demon from the pits of Hell to gain an artifact of dark power. Conflict arose as the shadow-hounds defended Sebastian as he was chanting the ritual incantations, though it appeared at the arcanist's own knack for acquiring artifacts played in his favor against the relatively weaker hounds... things only escalated from there as "Carl" was in the middle of crossing between the dimensional rift Sebastian had opened and the hero, Majax, disrupted the summoning ritual at an inoppurtune moment. "Carl" was ripped - painfully - from the mortal coil and thrown back to it's home dimension as Sebastian suffered from the whiplash of the disruption. Despite the pain he suffered from the backlash of the violent magical energies, Sebastian dove into his shadow gate before the hero could take him into custody.

                Things went similarly from there. Sebastian would try to make deals, but be stopped by various heroes. When he did make a successful deal, he was prevented from holding up his end of the bargain (seriously, heroes don't understand that some demons give out favors and expect them to be returned in things like stolen diamonds and gems - which have to be stolen rather than bought or given, because that's just how the magic worked)... It was all rather frustrating.

                It took him a while, but sod it, he got a few deals in. Managed to reclaim a few of his family's treasures in the process (sure, Darkholme would never let him keep the treasures, but details) and even maintain a token of a social life in his civilian alter ego. Lived up the high society life, scored a few times, even bought an suite in an apartment high-rise to keep up appearances.

                But after a while, Sebastian began to get bored of being the bad-guy. Sure, he did things that were morally questionable, but there were times that being chased by heroes wasn't all too great. Well, unless the heroes happened to be gorgeous women with spectacular figures and ... Yes, there were some heroes he happened to like. Oh so fun. But still, it got dreary after a time. No real connection to people. Darkholme was a constant companion, but the entity was no fun at all. It was rather... dull.

                Then it struck him, one night. If being the bad guy didn't seem right to him, why not be the good guy? Change his lifestyle, and do some good? Hey, if it made those heroes feel good about themselves for doing the right thing, maybe he would feel better too? Sebastian had done horrible things, to be sure, but he could change... right?

                SHADOW HOUNDS

                Abilities: Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 3, Intellect -1, Awareness 2, Presence -2

                Skills: Athletics 3 (+5), Perception 3 (+5), Stealth 4 (+6)

                Advantages: Chokehold, Favored Environment (Darkness), Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Critical (Bite), Improved Trip, Move-by Action, Teamwork

                Born of Darkness: Feature 1 (+5 Stealth in Darkness)
                Superior Senses: Senses 8 (Darkvision, Normal Hearing [Extended], Ultrahearing, Scent [Acute, Ranged, Extended, Tracking])
                Hunters: Speed 2
                Natural Weapons: Strength based Damage 1

                Defenses: Toughness 2, Dodge 4, Parry 4, Fortitude 4, Will 2

                Abilities 16 + Skills 5 + Advantages 7 + Powers 12 + Defenses 5 = 45 PP
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                  Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

                  Powerfist aka Robotica aka Susan Steel


                  Strength 2/8, Stamina 2/8, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 8, Intellect 10, Awareness 2, Presence 0


                  Powerfists :27 pts +3 AE (easy to lose device -2) 18 points
                  Death ray: Damage 12 Ranged, Accurate Improved Crit 2
                  AE:Matter disruption: Weaken toughness 12 (dodge save), improved crit 2, linked: 4 str based damage
                  AE:Agony Matrix: Affliction 12 (dazed, stunned, incap. Save Will), improved crit 2 Linked 4 str based damage

                  Physical Amplifier Suit: 50 (Hard to remove device -1 rank) 40 points
                  Enhanced Strength 6 12 pts
                  Enhanced Stamina 6 12 pts
                  Force field: Protection 4, Enhanced feats: Withstand Damage 5 pts
                  Regenerate 5
                  Teleport 3 (250 feet), Easy, Extended (8 miles), Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout 15 points
                  AP: Spacial Distortion: Concealment 6 (all audio and visual senses) 1pt

                  X-ray visor: 5 (easy to lose device -2) 3pts
                  Senses 5: X-ray vision, Therm-vision


                  All out attack, Follow up attack, Jack of all trades, Power Attack, Inventor, Improved Feint, Speed of thought

                  Deception 10, Expertise (computers) 4 (+14), Insight 8 (+10), Perception 6(+8), Persuasion 4, Ranged combat: death-ray 6 ,Technology 6 (+16), Treatment 4 (+14)

                  Initiative +10
                  Powerfists +8 Weaken 12 DC 22 (dodge), Damage 12

                  Dodge 8 Fortitude 12
                  Parry 8 Toughness 12
                  Will 8


                  Identity: Powerfist used to known as Robotica

                  Motive: Redemption: Powerfist has now seen what her creations have been used for. Nows she set on destroying her previous creations and find a way to make up for what they've done.

                  Motive: Protect the Earth, after surviving the <insert alien race here> attack protecting the from extra terrestrial threats has become abit of an obession


                  Power Points
                  Abilities 48 + Skills 17 + Powers 59 + Defences 18 + Advantages 6 = Total 155


                  Susan Steel born gifted, a towering intellect, with an uncanny aptitude towards technology. Always unruly and bored Susan focus on machines rather than people. When she was a teenager she her boredom grew eventually turning her creations against security systems, after several break-ins she was caught and sent to a Juvenile Correctional Facility. During that time she was recruited by a front for A.I.M., in a matter of years she was promoted to a lead role, her creation causing havoc across the globe.

                  During the <insert alien race here> invasion, her hidden facility was attacked, thinking it lost her high ups activated the bases self destruct to cover their own tracks. Though luck and cunning Susan escaped and feeling betrayed used the resulting to fake her own death.

                  In the following months she pieced together what had happened, disappointingly, heros had banded together to repel the <insert alien race here> threat. All the amassed superweapons and armies she had been been create were hoarded pointless, by petty little men. Unsurpising this made Susan angry. Angry enough to ransack several safe-houses and stockpiles for parts to construct her devices and start dismantling A.I.M operations.


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                    Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

                    Lian Mei / Alias : Portia

                    Martial Artist, PL10, uses ZhiZhu quan (Spider Fist) technique
                    Name : Lian Mei / Alias : Portia
                    Age : 28
                    Appearance : young athletic Chinese woman.

                    Attributes : STR 3 STA 3 AGL 5 DEX 5 FGT 12 INT 1 AWE 6 PRE 1 [ 72 pp]

                    Feats [28 pp] : Agile Feint, Defensive Roll 4, Improved Initiative, Power Atk, Takedown, Improved Critical (Kusari), Quick Draw (Kusari), Equipment 2, Favored Foe (Martial Artists), Hide in Plain Sight, Precise Atk (Close, Concealment), Teamwork, All-Out Attack, Assessment, Improved Disarm, Evasion, Weapon Bind, Prone Fighting, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics), Skill Mastery (Stealth), Redirect, Move-By Action; Improved Feint, Unbalancing Strike

                    Equipment : Bo shuriken (Multiattack 1, Ranged) 3 ep, Kusari (Chain : Damage 2, Reach 2, Improved Grab, Improved Trip), 6 ep

                    Skills [ 16 pp ] : Acrobatics 6 (+11), Athletics 4 (+7), Close Combat 2 (weapon, +14), Deception 4 (+5*), Perception 4 (+10*), Sleight of Hand 6 (+11), Stealth 6 (+11), Languages 1 (English, Japanese; Chinese native), Investigation 4 (+5), Expertise (Criminal) 6 (+7), Expertise (Martial Arts Lore) 4 (+5)
                    * +2 bonus to Deception, Insight, Perception, and Intimidation vs Martial Artists

                    Chi-based Powers [ 21 pp]
                    Whirling Chain Power :
                    Deflect 12 (Close -1, Limit : Physical only -1, Reflect +1), Reach 3 [ 9 + 1]
                    • AP (Whirling Chain Barrage) : Damage 3, Multiattack 6

                    Chi Boosting : Speed 1, Leaping 1, Wall Crawling 1 (Distracting -1) [3 + 1 pp]
                    • AP : Disruptive Touch : Alt Save (Fort) 3 on unarmed damage, Secondary Effect, Distracting

                    Chi Senses : Analyze Style (Perception Range Affliction 5 : Will resist and overcome, Vulnerable, Defenseless; Limited Degree -1, Limited to her attacks -1); Subtle, Insidious, Check Req'd 1 (Expertise : Martial Arts Lore) [ 6 + 1 pp ]
                    • AP : Senses 6 (Detect Life, Accurate, Acute, Ranged; Danger Sense)

                    Defenses : Dodge +6, Parry +1, Fort +6, Will +5, Tou +0 [ 18 pp]
                    (Final Dodge +11, Parry +13, Tou +3/+7, Fort +9, Will +11)

                    Offenses :
                    Initiative : +9
                    Unarmed : +12 to hit, +3 damage
                    Melee : +12 to hit, 3+x damage
                    Whirling Chain Barrage : +14 to hit, +6 Damage (multiattack bonus)
                    Kusari Fundo : +14 to hit, +5 damage
                    Disruptive Touch : +12 to hit, DC18 vs Fort (hits twice)
                    Ranged : +5 to hit, x damage

                    Attributes 72 + Feats 28 + Skills 16 + Defenses 18 + Powers 21 = 155

                    Motivation : Atonement, Be the Best
                    Complication (Power Loss) : needs a chain weapon to use the Whirling Chain power. Any chain weapon will do (since it's the wielder and NOT the weapon).
                    Reputations : former supervillain, practices an 'evil' style
                    Enemies : former associates, law enforcement, other martial artists
                    Background :
                    350 years ago, T'ang L'ang Ch'uan (Mantis) kung fu was developed by Wang Lang from observing how one fought and moved.

                    Since one style could be created that way, why not others ? At least that was what Lian Xu thought.

                    But while Mantis kung fu became widely popular (spawning dozens of variant styles), Lian's ZhiZhu Ch'uan - spider kung fu - languished in obscurity.

                    Bitter and angry, he studied and improved the style, realizing that one of the flaws of perfection was predictability : by knowing how one 'perfect' stylist fought, it would be easy to devise counters to utterly defeat it. And there were always people willing to pay to see other styles crushed and humiliated.

                    As the years went by, he hired his services out to anyone that needed protection from nosy, do-gooder fighters that stuck their noses in where they did not belong. It was quite the lucrative business for many generations.

                    So lucrative that they were contacted by agents of Arachnos. Seeing the organization recognized the obvious superiority of spiders, and was willing to pay them to beat the snot out of inferior and weaker styles (ie, any style not Zhi Zhu Quan), they joined up.

                    Mei was the latest in the family business, and was one of the top Blood Widows. After years of intense training she managed to unlock some rather unusual - and powerful - abilities. Which she taught to other members of the organization as one of their trainers.

                    She was terrifying good at her job, but after one too many missions she began to have second thoughts about it.

                    So far, she was merely fighting for the sake of fighting in the service of others; there HAD to be more to life than that.

                    What was is all for ? Money ? She could work for years to accumulate it - then someone just like her could break in and take it all away.

                    Glory ? She worked in secret - few knew of her. All anyone had ever seen (or was EVER supposed to see) was the results of her work - a badly beaten martial artist.

                    The higher ups in Arachnos were excited about a plan they'd been working on; and when that many evil people are excited about something, pain and misery can only follow.

                    She recalled something from her lessons from years ago - life is a balance between Ying and Yang. Darkness and Light. She'd had her fill of the Darkness, so she figured she should try working with the Light to balance things out.

                    She decided that now would be the best time to try - perhaps if she could hinder the plan a little by warning people about it, she might actually make a difference.

                    The leader of Arachnos - Lord Recluse - was a believer in 'survival of the fittest'.

                    And anyone that would question him or betray him was not fit to live.

                    And thus she was beset by some of her former accomplices and teammates.

                    Fortunately Morpheus helped her, and so she became honor bound to protect him.

                    He was the one that gave her the name Portia, to reflect her new role.

                    Portia is a family of jumping spiders that eat other spiders. They have amazingly advanced hunting techniques, and known to take down victims twice their size, with venom that is more effective on spiders than on the usual fare of insects. Morpheus thought the codename fit quite well, given she was out to destroy other spiders.
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                      Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

                      Last calls for Epic and Corrgon

                      *poke poke pokety poke*
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                        Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

                        sorry, couldn't post at work earlier

                        Abilities (34pp)
                        Str 0 Sta 1 Agl 2 Dex 2 Fgt 2 Int 8 Awe 2 Pre 0

                        Defenses (21pp)
                        Dodge 7 Parry 7 Fortitude 7 Toughness 1/11 Will 8

                        Initiative +2,
                        Punch +2 Dam 0
                        Energy Blast +10 Dam 10

                        Powers (66pp)
                        Quickness 2 (ltd to mental tasks)
                        Cybernetic Jump enchancements - Leaping 3

                        Power Staff (Easily Removable)
                        Energy Blast 10
                        AE Cutting Torch - Weaken Toughness 10 (affects objects only)
                        AE Tractor Beam - Move Object 10

                        Radar Glasses (Easily Removable)
                        Senses - Radar - Accurate radio, extended 4, Infravision, penetrates concealment, Microscopic Vision (DNA Level)

                        Uplift Harness (Removable)
                        Immunity 10 - Life support
                        Forcefield - Protection 10 (Personal, sustained, impervious)
                        AE Extended Forcefield - Protection 6 (Area, sustained, impervious)

                        Body booster - Boost Trait 5 (Variable enhanced abilities, str, sta, agl, Dex or Awe - pick one)
                        AE Healing injections - Healing 3 (Restorative, stabilise)

                        Feature - Built in tools
                        Extendable robotic arm - extra limb 1, elongation 1

                        Skills (24pp)
                        Expertise (Engineering) 10 (+18)
                        Expertise (Science) 10 (+18)
                        Expertise (Computers) 10 (+18)
                        Technology 10 (+18)
                        Investigation 1 (+9)
                        Athletics 2 (+2)
                        Perception 4 (+6)
                        Vehicles 3 (+5)
                        Insight 4 (+6)
                        Ranged Combat (Staff) 8 (+10)
                        Stealth 5 (+7)
                        Acrobatics 1 (+3)

                        Feats (10pp)
                        Skill Mastery (Technology)
                        Second Chance (Technology)
                        Eidetic Memory
                        Improvised Tools
                        Equipment 5

                        Equipment 25 points
                        Home above a hidden workshop - Size Medium, toughness 8, features - communications, computer, concealed, garage, gym, living space, power system, workshop, security system x2, Defense system - 13 points

                        Mole Machine - Huge, str 11, speed 4 (Burrowing), defense 6, toughness 12 - 10 points

                        Comlink, rebreather

                        Motivation - recognition and redemption - wants to make up for his past actions. Designed or upgraded much of the equipment used by various villains and organisations and feels guilt for actions carried out using it.
                        Blue collar worker - likes to do his job and not make a fool out of himself. He always strives to be professional
                        Still used among the villain community - various villains still want to use his services as most do not know or care about the incident with the Corrupted.
                        Wallflower - tends to be quiet unless needed.
                        Machine Curiousity - any new technology he is drawn to see how it works. This can be a problem when he's needed to dismantle a bomb or disable the robotic killing machine trying to exterminate them.
                        Dislikes physical conflict - whilst he will happily blast things, he is useless at close combat and actively tries to avoid it. He has in the past surrendered rather than be hit, but he recognises that won't be an option.

                        Previously known as the Mechanic, Uplift was the go to tech guy for various villains and acted as a henchman to more powerful and ruthless villains. He was usually able to escape from heroes and authorities using his tech skills, but when physically confronted, would normally surrender, saying it was just a job. He tried to stay away from groups with a homicidal bent, helping organisations rob banks or make spectacular statements, rather than commit murder. He has been arrested a few times, but would normally end up escaping as part of other breakouts. His time amongst the villainous fraternity, especially the homicidal and psychotic members, caused him to sour on his life and long for something better. Previous clients include Viper and Deathstroke. He designed Riplash's cyber whips.

                        He also was one to hire for high tech heists and even bank robberies. Such was the demand for his help, that he designed and built a mole miner to make it a lot easier to get in vaults. He was the consumate professional even when his associates were not. In fact, he was astounded at how stupid far too many of his fellow criminals could act.

                        His last job was for the Corrupted. Initially hired to set up their security, he realised that their plan was to mentally control children through use of a TV programme and accessories. He balked at this and led authorities to their base. he was given amnesty and forced to retire. However, doing the right thing felt good and he wants to capitalise on that before he slips back into his old habits.

                        His father was a careers criminal and helping his father caused him to fall in with a bad crowd, who recognised his technical skills, which came natural to him.


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                          Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

                          Last moment for Epic to post is Saturday then I get the ball rolling
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                            Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

                            @Gnalthor - I've noticed that you have an undefined ranged combat - did you have soemthing in mind for that? Otherwise, its three skill points going to waste


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                              Re: Going Rogue: (OOC)

                              Originally posted by Corrigon View Post
                              @Gnalthor - I've noticed that you have an undefined ranged combat - did you have soemthing in mind for that? Otherwise, its three skill points going to waste
                              Its to dumb skills points. Its made in Herolabs and it can either be with 3 skills pr pp or 2 skills pr pp, not 3 for some and 2 for others. As Catsi want the combat skills to be 2 ranks for 1 pp and the rest 3 rank pr. pp.
                              So i set the program to give me 3 skill rank pr. power point and then dumb 1 rank in the undefined ranged combat for every 2 ranks i have in combat skills. does that make sense? i find it became a rather rambling explanation
                              Solar Flare in Jemal's Solstice (Maybe)
                              Oaf in catsi563's Going Rogue
                              Gao Lao (Wuxai) and Shaun Lao Michaelson (Wavelengths) in Spectrum's Neotropolis: Age of Heroes- Wavelengths and Neotropolis: Age of Heroes- Wuxai