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  • [3e OOC] The Obelisk of Eternity (closed, iIMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT)


    It has been said that the Obelisk in the center of the World is connected to Paradise. Dreaming of a life in Paradise, many have challenged the secret of the Obelisk, but no one knows what became of them. Now, there is another who will brave the adventure...

    those were the words that began the 1989 RPG, Final Fantasy Legend. I am hoping this campaign will be something similar, a world-hopping quest for fame, power, and fortune, or maybe just the way home. The world will likely start out medieval, yet slowly change as you progress. As the backgrounds change, so do weapons and treasure. Like laser swords? Like ninjas? Like ninjas with laser swords? You've come to the right place.

    presently, I'm looking at 6 players, PL 8/120 pp characters, and presently, the game is by invitation only, and I already have players in mind. the good news who are popping in here out of general curiosity, is that if my invitees turn down their offered seats or drops out, then spaces will open and you may submit your character's basic pitch here in-thread

    EDIT: one of my intended players has dropped out, I am now accepting submissions to fill the gap, as per above

    anywho, the game's not quite ready yet, but I figure it's easier to hammer out details in one thread than play private message tag or get the stars to align so you can all join me on Skype

    for starters, the big question out of the gate: do you want to all be from the same starting area, and thus possibly familiar with each other (but will limit your background choices), or would you prefer to be brave adventurers already, having survived what initial quest that brought you to The Obelisk, and braved it's twisting corridors long enough to reach the relative safety of Lobby Town, only to discover that the way home has been erased from your mind?

    EDIT: while I'd hoped for a decision to be reached i-thread, the majority of interested players have voted for the Lobby Town Route.

    general attitude is going to be one of irreverence, poking fun at early rpgs, as I go for a seat of the pants GM style and I make no secret that I will use what existing gaming modules I have, albeit modified as I see fit (for those wanting a preview/reminder of how I roll, please consult my previous games, Truckin' Titans or Bay City Sentinels)

    now, as some of my would-be players are unfamiliar with 3rd ed, you don't need to provide a filled-out character sheet just yet. a simple character profile and picture is all I need for now.
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    Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

    I'm definitely in. As to a starting point, I'm kind of torn about that. Starting everyone at Base Town would be simplest, and as the comic shows you don't necessarily need everyone to be from Base Town to start there. It also allows for more shock/surprise when you wind up in different parts of the tower with wildly different tech levels and such. At the same time, having everyone be from wildly different areas of the Obelisk could make for a more diverse group.

    I'd say I tend towards the former notion of everyone at Base Town, but perhaps be flexible with who can start there, including folks from higher up in the Obelisk.
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      Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

      let me be clear. this is NOT the same 'world' as the FFL LP. this campaign is inspired by it, but also by dragon ball, one piece, fairy tail, negima, planescape, yeoman's Time After Time campaign, and other such 'questing'/gonzo narratives or the like

      now, you're not incorrect on some of your presumptions if you all decide to start outside the obelisk proper. but there is something to be said for the other option as well, that your characters are already somewhat badass, having best their 'tutorial' quest already (likely solo, depending on how varying the backgrounds get), and have just reached Lobby Town, the makeshift tent-township made by other adventurers (eg: "a superhero, a mech jockey, zombie paladin, 'mon trainer and a tentacle demon walk into a bar...")


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        Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

        still, that's 1 vote for 'start outside together'

        anyone else?


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          Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

          I like starting together, but I am still reviewing the source material, so I am not entirely sure.
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            Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

            per discussion with some of my players via Skype

            Lobby Town[

            "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this."

            Many have entered the Obelisk. Legends cannot agree how many, if any returned.

            To those who do answer the siren song of the Obelisk, they find the answer fairly quickly in Lobby Town

            according to its oldest surviving resisents, Lobby town started when an adventure party, who had been beaten by the dangers that lurked above, were forced to flee back to the lower, 'entrance' levels, and made camp, only for their fire to reveal another such camp of beaten would be heroes. joining forces for the night, , they reasoned in the morning, that if they stayed and waited, they'd surely meet others like themselves for greater numbers, or to pass what they did know to others

            some say that was a century ago. others claim last week. the point is, by the time you arrive, Lobby Town is a thrown together shanty town of tents, housing made from discarded armors and long-inspected 10 x 10 rooms, filled with adventurers too injured, scared or just plain too old to continue on, instead eking out a meagre existence as a city of beginnings and endings. those who enter the Obelisk are sure to find allies for further adventures upwards, and if not.. you'll get no shame for Quitter's from Lobby Town


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              Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

              Originally posted by kenseido View Post
              I like starting together, but I am still reviewing the source material, so I am not entirely sure.
              depending on the submissions, I have no problem if some of you want to be an existing party in need of new allies


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                Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

                Still hammering out my character but the basic concept that I want to go with is someone from a fallen, incredibly primitive society (As in the last big innovation was upgrading from Rock and Stick to rock tied to stick. Also people are still getting used to that new-fangled fire.) who is incredibly intelligent. In fact they were somehow born connected to the vast knowledge of his peoples forgotten creators/gods repository of knowledge.

                As such he has ideas. He is a thinker. He doesn't like doing things 'because that's how we've always done them'. He liked to try new stuff.

                As such nobody in his tribe likes him much. His Brother, Trog, on the other hand is the caveman equivalent to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Everyone loves that guy and he's best at everything. So Trog was the natural choice when the elders said they needed a chosen one to go forth and adventure into the wider world. Until Trog choked on a small bone during the celebration feast and died.

                And so Lo-Dyte the Weird Un. Knower of Stuff and Things. Ended up as the Chosen One. The tribe was less than pleased and nobody hid that fact.

                Lo-Dyte however wonders what knew and amazing stuff the worlds beyond. Plus he thinks his tribe is composed of at least 90% jerks and people he won't miss.


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                  Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

                  well, the general consensus among my players n Skype is for the Lobby Town route. sorry ares, that's four to one against


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                    Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

                    I'm all for starting in lobby town


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                      Re: The Obelisk of Eternity


                      The dread Emperor Magnus has enslaved the Espers, set the Four Elemental Crystals in his iron crown and drained the magic from the barren earth with great Mana Spires in his quest to make the power of magic his and his alone. One of the rare few born with magical talent, Sapphire choose to join the resistance rather than face life as a lobotomized Sorceror-Thrall in Magnus' legions. Using both science and sorcery as weapons, she spent her teenaged years fighting a running battle with Magnus, buying time for the Resistance to complete its trump card: Magitek armor, advanced battlesuits infused with the power of the few remaining free Espers.

                      But before the suits could be completed, the Resistance was betrayed. As Imperial forces overran their headquarters, Sapphire took one of the incomplete suits and fled, escaping through a battle-damaged teleportal that dumped her in the Obelisk instead. Donning the suit to become the first and only Magitek Knight, Sapphire now journeys through the Obelisk in search of a means to return home, defeat Magnus and avenge her slain friends.


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                        Re: The Obelisk of Eternity


                        Birch is a bit of a mystery, even to himself. The most even he remembers starts when he wandered into Lobby Town with a scuffed but solid bat. But he can do some very impressive things with that bat, and shrug off the worst blows. Naturally, he's curious to his background, but not strongly so. Right now, he just has a wanderlust to quench with the right group.

                        Abilities [32 pp]
                        Strength 2, Stamina 3, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intelligence 0, Awareness 2, Presence 1

                        Defenses [15 pp]
                        Dodge 6, Fortitude 8, Parry 6, Toughness 10 (Impervious), Will 8

                        Skills [22 pp]
                        Athletics 8 (+10), Deception 5 (+6), Insight 6 (+8), Intimidation 8 (+9), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 5 (+6), Stealth 6 (+8)

                        Advantages [11 pp]
                        All-Out Attack, Fearless, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 2, Improved Smash, Luck 2, Power Attack, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge

                        Powers [40 pp]
                        Amazingly Tough: Protection 7; Impervious Toughness 10

                        Batting Power [Array]
                        - Strike Three: Multiattack Damage 10
                        - Foul Ball: Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated)
                        - Corking Crunch: Weaken Toughness 10 (Resisted by Fortitude; Affects Objects)
                        - Hit it Back: Deflect 6 (Reflect, Redirect)

                        Initiative +10
                        Strike Three +6, Toughness DC 25 + Multiattack
                        Foul Ball +6, Fortitude DC 20
                        Corking Crunch +6, Fortitude DC 20

                        Amnesia: Birch remembers nothing prior to entering Lobby Town.
                        Power Loss: Birch needs a bat or object that can be used similarly in order to use his Batting Power array.
                        Motivation - Wanderlust: Birch really just wants to explore.
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                          Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

                          Likewise!.I'm for starting in Lobby Town.


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                            Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

                            Okay, so I've got two character ideas that I've come up with, both with plenty of appeal, so I'm having a hard time deciding on the two. I figure I'll put them both up, and once I see what the group is looking like in terms of personalities, abilities and genres, I'll make my decision then. Or I'll just let you guys decide.

                            So here they are:

                            "Trust in the strength of your arm and the sharpness of your mind, not in the swords and trinkets you pick up along the way."

                            "Say Pax, are you sure you don't want any of this loot? There's some armor here that looks about your size?"

                            "Pffft, forget it. That moron never takes anything. All he knows how to do is hit things."

                            Though unkindly worded, there was some truth to the statement. The monk Pax had long trained to hone his body and mind into a thing of perfection, both as his daily thanks to the god that had gifted him thus and to follow the teachings of his temple, whose precepts held that the only thing one should rely on was your own strengths and the friendship of true companions. As a result, all monks had to undergo a pilgrimage out into the world to find such companions, and through them learn if their place was out in the world, or teaching at the temple. Pax had mastered many of his temples arts, and he believed had found such companions, and offered to help them on their quest to defeat a recently revived evil overlord.

                            Yet as the adventure persisted, his allies gained powerful magical weapons and gear, while Pax chose to rely solely on his own skill, developing new ones as the quest persisted. His allies would merely hit the latest threat with their newest, most powerful weapon, with the most tactics they displayed being what elemental type attack to use. Pax relied on a steadily growing number of techniques, each with their own uses, as well as on tactics and planning. Pax knew that it wasn't necessarily who hit the hardest, so much as hitting where you needed to when you needed to achieve the greatest results. His refusal to upgrade his gear and his insistence on trying things like diplomacy or even basic battle tactics soon had him mocked by several of the members of his party. The majority of this scorn came from the Knight that served as the nominal part leader, despite his grasp of tactics being little more than "Hit whatever is in front of me with the latest BFS I found until it stops moving".

                            Still, Pax stuck with the group, knowing that friendships are often forged in adversity, and despite being a bit grating, his teammates were all decent people who wanted to stop a growing evil. During the final battle with the Overlord himself, the fiends shifting elemental defenses and powerful attacks made him almost impossible to defeat. Luckily, Pax had observed what actions triggered the changes in elemental defense, and his expertly placed strikes allowed him to knock the Overlord back and off balance, giving his teammates time to recover. When he saw the Knight approach, Pax triggered the Overlord's defenses to be strong against Ice attacks, and then tripped the fiend into the Knight's path, who assaulted him with his fire sword. Constantly hitting the Overlord so that the wrong vulnerability would trigger, Pax left the Overlord vulnerable to the Knight's most potent attacks, until the fiend fell to them both. Exhausted, but having won the day through teamwork, Pax felt that he might have at last forged a true bond of friendship with his teammates.

                            "You did it Knight! You killed the Overlord!"

                            "I sure did! Big metal jerk never knew what hit him!"

                            "You saved Pax's life too!"

                            "Yep! I think someone owes someone else a 'thank you', right Pax? . . . . . Pax?"

                            Enough was enough. However good intentioned these people were, they were not his friends. It took much of his legendary restraint to keep from kicking all of them in their collective heads. They could go on their own adventures, he would no longer be the butt of their jokes, nor would he babysit them as they continued to solve all of their problems through increasingly larger displays of force. Spotting the Obelisk as he exited the Overlord's Tower of Final Darkness, Pax took it as a sign and journeyed into it. Perhaps here, he would find both purpose and companions.

                            "Believe. When the time comes, everyone does what they can."

                            Thousands of years ago, a group of humans gained the power to transform into monstrous creatures. Known as the Gurongi, they attempted to terrorize humanity, killing them as part of a grand game to make humanity as monstrous as themselves. One human was able to forge a belt that granted him powers similar to the Gurongi, and fought to defend humanity from them. This warrior became the first Kuuga, and he was able to imprison all of the Gurongi within the Earth, sealing himself inside as well in case humanity would ever need his protection again.

                            In the present day, Yusuke Godai, a young adventure visiting his archeologist friend, was present when the Gurongi were released from their prison. The ancient Kuuga was killed before he could full be awakened, his belt being torn from him and discarded by the monsters. The belt called out to Yusuke, who donned it and transformed into the new Kuuga, and like the one before him, fought to protect humanity. It wasn't easy, however. Yusuke was the only superpowered champion in his city, leaving him the only one who could stand up to the Gurongi one-on-one. It also took time to figure out how his transformation trinket worked, as the instructions on the tomb were written in an ancient language he had to rely on his archeologist friend to translate. The Gurongi themselves were often immensely powerful as well, and more than once Yusuke was hospitalized after a brutal battle, not all of which he won. Most distressing for Yusuke himself was that, at his core, Yusuke was a gentle soul. He didn't enjoy violence, didn't look forward to fighting monsters, and he didn't relish the notion of getting more powerful. As his powers continued to grow, he became more and more concerned about the damage he could cause if he wasn't careful or if he ever gave into his anger.

                            Luckily, Yusuke took a few non-traditional steps to ensure he wouldn't lose himself to his new role. He informed a few close friends about his predicament, who helped support him during these trying times. He become allies with Police Detective Ichijo, who while keeping Yusuke's secret, helped coordinate his efforts with the police to stop the growing Gurongi menace. Ichijo connected Yusuke with a local doctor who helped Yusuke recover after particularly brutal battles, and helped keep track of the changes the belt was making on him. Eventually, once the police came to firmly trust Kuuga (they thought him no different from the Gurongi initially) he even trusts several high-ranking members of the department with his identity, and are able to work more closely on defending the city.

                            But throughout it all, Yusuke held true to a single code imparted to him by a teacher: "Protect the smiles of those around you." Even before gaining true power, Yusuke tried to live by this creed, helping out those that needed him, using his gentle humor, good nature and array of skills to do what he could to make other peoples lives better, no matter how small their problems were. Even after gaining his powers, Yusuke didn't fight just to protect people's lives, but their happiness, and as such, fought all the harder against the monsters threatening that happiness.

                            In the end, Yusuke is able to defeat the Gurongi, destroying them all and being able to resume his wandering lifestyle. As his travels took him to the base of the Obelisk, he decided to see what further adventures awaited him.
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                              Re: The Obelisk of Eternity

                              Kreu also suggested I maybe combine the two ideas together, which I could maybe see working. Having a non-traditional Rider/Sentai hero getting fed up at the antics of his more hot-blooded Shonen contemporaries could be fun too.
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