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  • [3e IC] Neotropolis: Nobody Be a Hero! Sun Morning

    Friday night, 8:15 pm

    The tall dapper gentleman rose to his full height from the center of the audience, smiling out across the audience, somehow presenting a cool, even comforting demeanor. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am Mister Fix. Please forgive the intrusion on this evening's brilliant treatise from Doctor Primen. In fact, please show your polite appreciation for the wisdom that she has shown so far. I need only a moment of all of your time and then we shall leave you to enjoy the rest of your evenings." with a wink and a grin he stepped down the row and towards the floor of the giant packed auditorium, "In case it needs to be said...

    Nobody be a hero! They only complicate matters and get in the way.

    The voice was strong, crisp and clear, the voice of a born performer. There was just a tease of an Irish brogue, an accent that made the senses quiver. The audience went from still and enraptured in the discussion from Doctor Primen regarding her latest research to a quiver of excitement, somehow fear being pushed away.

    A week ago

    Thomas Burge
    Puja smiled towards you, one of those heartstoppingly (if you still had one) beautiful smiles, the light bright in her deep brown eyes, "Thomas..." she frowned, pursing her lips, peering more carefully at your breast plate as she tightened some of the rivets, "What are your plans for this coming Friday evening?" It wasn't often that she asks the question with that touch of tension. Usually it means that she's about to ask you to do a favor for her that she suspects that you're going to hate but at the same time hopeful that you might surprise her to the contrary. Well, there was an option to work security for one of the upcoming GoT sessions- decent money against risk ratio, probably going to be a nicely paid chance to relax.

    Dexter Lancaster

    The semester was already passing by so quickly. You had heard that school was as much about learning to budget time as the actual classes: school, sleep or social, pick 2. The old phrase completely overlooked a rare fourth option- being a superhero. The schedule on the bulletin board before you shed light on an uncomfortable truth, you were running out of time to attend your required GoT sessions. The scheduling could be better, a Friday night, really? Nothing was scheduled yet at least though Danielle had made another set of teasing remarks about a certain red dress.

    Grant Summers
    'Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?' the ringtone that Chris set for himself on your phone went off right as you were leaving your car, your arms full for your next delivery- the less said about what's in there the better. Chances are that he's probably calling about the game this upcoming Friday- the NIT Technovores playing a home game against the.. eh, it doesn't really matter, at least its fun to watch them struggle even if they end up usually on the loosing side.

    Emma Lasher
    Ariel giggled brightly as she threw herself into her bed. It's good to see her so alive and glowing. The last time you saw her like that was when she was testing out her pogo assisted carbon fiber nanotube crutches.. and the less said about that the better. Still brings a wince when you think about it. "Emma, I just heard the most exciting thing! Doctor Primen is going to be giving the next GoT! I am soo going to go! You're gonna come along too, right?" Oh yeah, the CompSci that Ariel bubbles about from time to time, some kind of odd hero worship thing there- STEM rolemodel and all that.

    Doctor Primen paused, looking carefully at the powder that you have placed before her. Her words carefully considered as she replied back in Cantonese, "So this is really will really help with my... friend's problem? You must have gone through extraordinary efforts in order to find it?" She paused, lowering her hand before the tremor got even worse.

    Kate Ory
    The only way to keep eating, and housed and.. too many things is to keep writing. At least living in Neotropolis, you get a steady diet of items for articles. One upcoming event has caught your eye, an upcoming GoT with Doctor Primen as the key speaker. She's been someone on your radar for a while now. The woman is a brilliant computer scientist, with several significant accomplishments already and this should be another big one if you can get tickets in time. From the sounds of it, while the speech isn't going to be one of those directly huge developments, it's a key missing part that will push other projects (with some murky potential implications) much closer to completion. If that doesn't sell, Girls in STEM is hot topic right now.

    ...and let the fun begin! Please pick up from your character intros (a week ago) rather than the prelude.
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    Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl

    HP: 1 Cond: Time is hard to come by.

    Dexter stared long and hard at the bulletin on the laptop in front of him. Ah, the problems of leading a double-life. Not that he had any real choice in the matter - weirdness kept him from merging the two by coming out with his powers. At least with his ability to fly he didn't miss classes all that much. But still, he had trouble being out on patrol and actually getting time to study. That calculus test had given him a rude awakening - Dexter needed to study, or he'd be in hot water with his parents.

    Which sucks, because having genius parents is a big responsiblity when you aren't exactly a genius. Sure, Dexter was reasonably intelligent. He managed well enough. But he wasn't as skilled as his parents were, or as skilled as his parents liked. Sighing, he clicked the button that signed him up for one of the few seats at the GoT session that Friday. Dexter could deal with studying to keep his grades up - but he'd fail a class if he didn't attend a few of those GoT sessions. That was something the young man could not afford. Forget being nigh-invulnerable, Mom would kill him!

    Stretching his arms, Dexter yawned. It was only 4 in the afternoon, and he was already yawning. You're not supposed to be tired at 4 in the afternoon. Stupid college courses. Tilting his chair back to recline, Dexter stared at the ceiling as he wondered what he'd do with his time. That girl from class was surprisingly persuasive. Or at least, very suggestive. Dexter couldn't make much sense of it. He wasn't all that good looking. Rather average actually. But this Danielle girl seemed to actually be interested in him. Who knew what was up with that.

    Michael'd probably know more about that stuff. Dexter wasn't all to knowledgeable in the ways of women, and Priscilla had given him some words of advice regarding that whenever she visited his and Michael's dorm room in the res-hall. Mostly they consisted of the revelations that girls play mean and compete with each other through social and sometimes psychological warfare, and that girls always had some manner of agenda to them which was kept veiled. So who knew what Danielle really wanted. A girl being interested in The Samaritan made sense - The Samaritan identity was a Super-Hero. Dexter was... Dexter.

    Michael cleared his throat a few hours later, mumbling something about getting dinner as he got up from his own desk, swinging the dorm room door open. Nodded, Dexter resolved to get something to eat once he was done with that nasty Chemistry reading. He knew that if he read it a few times, he could remember it. He wasn't sure if that was part of his powers or being his parent's son, but it helped sometimes. When he was done, Dexter tucked his chair into the desk and locked up as he headed out. Kevin was out when he left, but Danielle seemed to catch him just as he left the dining court near the dorm.

    After walking with her back to the dorm, Dexter managed to make enough small talk to escape her company for the roof. The sun was setting on Neotropolis, and Dexter knew that he should at least try to squeeze in a few hours of roaming the city for crime to stop before he turned in for the night. Changing quickly as he pulled off his glasses and unbuttoned his shirt, Dexter stepped off the rooftop, foot planted solidly on thin air as he glided up into the air, The Samaritan ever vigilant.


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      Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl

      HP: 1, Condition: Normal

      Grant unceremoniously dumped his latest delivery into the basket of the scooter Quan had provided him for deliveries. He wasn't worried about the contents of the delivery, it was safely packaged in a shell of fake Chinese food containers (with some real ones on top...for good measure.) If anything he should be worried about the scooter. That thing was a piece of crap, barely managing to break 35mph. Grant had a suspicion that whenever something broke on it, Quan would fix it with some re-purposed kitchen instrument. Of course it got the job done most days and in a pinch Grant could always find a dark alley to change and cover a vast amount of ground as Hardlight.

      Answer his phone he says, "Remind me why I let you choose your own ringtone? You have an uncanny knack for calling when some cute chick is walking by and I instantly lose all credibility. Anyway, what's up? If you're wanting some egg rolls, I told you last time that you really got to start calling the restaurant to place your orders. Quan refuses to believe it's for you and I always get charged for it." Grant leans against the "No Parking" sign that the scooter is parked next to as he waits for Chris to respond. He's got time, plus it can be hard to here over the scooter's motor.


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        Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl

        HP: 1, Condition: Freshly repaired

        Thomas breathed a sigh of relief, earning a scowl from Puja as his chestplate moved. "Is that all?" he asked. "You had me worried for a second, like there was something serious." He thought about it for a while, looking at their reflection in the bay window. There was something meditative about getting put back together, and he imagined it gave him the same peace that other people felt when at a massage. "Sure, I'll take the job. Even if it sounds dangerously like real employment."

        Puja thumped him as she tightened the last piece, and Thomas could feel the metal quiver in his guts. "At this rate, "she said, "you're going to have to get a real job if you want to keep living here." She was referring, of course, to Thomas' stately apartment. It was tastefully painted, with high ceilings and good lighting, but it was barely furnished, and the two young people looked badly dwarfed in the stark space. "How much does this place even cost you?"

        Thomas shrugged a little. "You know. Some thousands. I figured I had the money after the last job, so I might as well try not living in a motel for a little while." Thomas' eyes twitched as he looked into the infrared, and the apartment came back to him in a sterile blue. "Who knows if I'll even stay. I'm starting to miss the free breakfast already."
        "I should hope so," said Puja. "You can't cook for shit."

        Thomas laughed and pulled his shirt back on. He could barely feel the fabric over his body any more. "You're right. I'll see if I can't afford a cook or something. In the meantime, I figure that in exchange for the tip I ought to inform you of the three bottles of wine I have stashed in the kitchen. And of my new television, and of-" here, he paused for dramatic effect. "My new copy of Super Smash Brothers 6!"

        Puja smirked. "I'm going to have to build you a new liver, aren't I?"

        "You're the one who built a wine-key into my palm!"

        Thomas disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a bottle spilling over with mist, and the night disappeared into a blur.
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          Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl


          "Doctor Primen?" Emma asked, her chin resting lightly on Ariel's shoulder to peak at her tablet's screen, "That the bloke from the 'we got a badass over here' thing on the internet?"


          "That's Neil deGrasse Tyson, you twit." Emma said with a sigh, punching in her credit cars number from memory to reserve a pair of seats, "He's an astrophysicist, the is Dr. Primen..."

          "Time travel guy in a blue box?"


          "That's Doctor Who! Are you going to take any of this seriously or– GAH!" Ariel had slammed the tablet down on the sofa beside her and turned to look at Emma directly. Emma's head was resting playfully on the back of the couch, teasing her, but Emma's body was on the opposite side of the loft working out on the speed bag by the open French doors into the balcony. "I hate it when you do that!"


          "Oh, dammit, sorry!"her head a apes back in a flash, let an arrow loses from a taunt bow. She stepped past the still swinging bag, slid the door closed, and picked up her Gatorade as she walked back to the sofa, "Keep forgetting how paranoid you are about the AC bill. Anyhow... This is the gorilla guy from that '70s Saturday morning cartoon of yours?"

          "That was Doctor Simian," she said, "And don't start in on Freedom Friends or I'll throw away your Darkwing DVDs. I swear."

          "Okay... I'll go see the guy talk. But you owe me one."


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            Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl


            Kate had just finished submitting a short article for CNET when the new email notification icon popped up.

            "This better not be another spam for Canadien pharmacueticals .
            she muttered to herself as she clicked open her email.

            What she read was rather surprising. A friend of hers at Wired magazine had emailed her about some upcoming GoT talks at the university. While normally that would be interesting enough, the email mentioned that the Dr. Primen was a key speaker! Kate had been trying to get an interview with her for years now. This was her big chance. If she could get an interview with Dr. Primen, that could score her some big bucks.

            Kate quickly pulled the website in her favorites folder and logged on. Seconds later she was entering her Amex card number in to secure a ticket. Hopefully Celestial wouldn't be needed that evening.

            Elated she had been able to get a ticket, she decided to celebrate. Grabbing her cell phone, she pressed the speed dial number for the Golden Phoenix. She ordered some sweet and sour chicken and vegetable fried rice. After ending the call, she hoped her favorite delivery man showed up. He was cute and looked like he was close to her age. All too often, she had old guys or college kids hitting on her.

            While she waited for her food, she changed into some workout clothes and did some yoga.


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              Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl

              Jiao-long, the Dragon's Breath
              Condition: Normal.
              Hero Points: One.

              Originally posted by Dr. Primen
              "So this is really will really help with my... friend's problem? You must have gone through extraordinary efforts in order to find it?" She paused, lowering her hand before the tremor got even worse.
              Jiao-long took in the doctor's trembling hand, and looked at her with sadness in his eyes. He nodded towards the kitchen, "Would you be so kind as to fetch me a cup of tea while I prepare the ointment for you Doctor Primen?" The young man leaned over and rummaged through his satchel, removing several jars, and packages wrapped in twine and wax paper. As he opened the jars, the smell of camphor and mint began to permeate the table at which he sat. He watched Doctor Primen prepare the tea, pouring the water with some difficulty into a small china cup set on a saucer. He felt almost remorseful for asking his host to prepare him tea, when it was obvious from her movements that she struggled to keep her hands steady.

              As she walked back towards the small table, the small cup rattled dangerously on the plate. With the reflexes and grace of a cat, Jiao-long covered the distance to the silver haired doctor with ease, taking the cup from her hand and holding it with his own. He wrapped her own hand through his elbow as he led her back to the table. As he took a seat he set the saucer down. "Now Doctor Primen, as an educated and intelligent woman, I am sure you have informed your 'friend'," he raised his eyebrow slightly as emphasis, "that we can continue to treat their symptoms, with perhaps problematic results to their long term health. Or we can be honest with one another and perhaps treat the root of the problem." He leaned forward as he paused, "Though the harder road, it would result in a more positive result in the long term. Continued use of the ointments, coupled with the ginger tea I have brought will result in relief from joint pain, as well as a reduction in the trembling of ones nerves. A program of ginseng, and lotus blossom extract coupled with Uncle Wei's tai chi would result in strengthened joints, and ligaments, restored energy and vigor. Please Doctor Primen, take your time, think on what we've talked about tonight, but we need to choose a path soon."

              Jiao-long began to pack up his poltices, and packages, leaving the extract and salves for Ms. Primen. As she reached for her purse Jiao-long looked almost embarassed. "Really ma'am there is no need, I had these extracts, and the tea already made, it was no effort really." She quickly flashed the young man a look that could have cowed even Uncle Wei. "Really young man, I must insist." Jiao-long thought about it, and suddenly a thought came to him. "I heard that you will be speaking at the Glimpse of Tomorrow talks?", she looked at him, her role as teacher, instructor seemed to light a fire in her. "Yes?" she replied curiously. "Well, perhaps, you. If so inclined. Could ensure that a seat was saved for one. Ms. Ariel Dukes for the seminar." The young man, full of grace and speed a moment ago seemed almost clumsy in comparison. "I saw a textbook you had written in her apartment, Visual and Contextual Perception in the Development of Facial Recognition Software. I think that she would enjoy your seminar very much." He paused as the Doctor considered his words.

              OOC: After reading your post in the OOC thread I kind of ran with the scene, then after it was done I realized I had kind of jumped into making the NPC react to Jiao's ideas. If this needs to be edited let me know. Sorry!
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                Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl


                Ariel quips back, ".. and Doctor Primen isn't a guy, she's a woman and has made remarkable discoveries in the field of computer science, regardless of her gender!" It's been a bit of a sore point in the past with Ariel, the field being such a boy's club, but like most things she just sets her chin and works harder to get things done. "Anyway.." she rises shakily up to her feet and frowns thoughtfully as she looks out onto the balcony, "I think that your boyfriend is here" as a human shaped shadow passes by. What is Samaritan doing around here? In your neighborhood?


                It's been a quiet night so far but presence is also a significant deterrent. You've taken a turn into one of the nicer areas of downtown, mostly nice lofts, upper middle class- a few students and young professionals that haven't made it yet. It takes a moment to perk back up from the monotony- street light, street light, street light, pitch darkness, street light... Down in the murky darkness you can just barely make out a man and a woman, walking together on the side walk, between , arms full of groceries, lost in being in love. Even harder to notice and you're not even making out the details, something around them is starting to move in towards them.


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                  Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl


                  Chris grins audibly into the phone. "You've got game, really? Heh, maybe it's that little scooter you ride around in that scares off the cute girls." The grin grows even further, "I've got good news and some not so great news. Florres and her wife just had their first kid and the guys on the force have decided to give the two proud mamas some quality time with their new daughter." Good for them, Florres has done some good work for the team and has always had a friendly smile and a decent tip (for a cop's salary) for you when you deliver. That and the poor girl's completely head over heels in love with Jenny. No chance at all for her now.

                  "Anyway, I'm going to have to cancel on you for Friday night. I'm taking the GoT session but chances are I'll be seeing you there. You're doing the catering, right?" Not that you'd heard of, but Quan also isn't known for sharing everything with you. If past experience is any indication, it's a mark of pride from the other restaurants that have done it in the past- and a lot more work for everyone involved.


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                    Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl


                    Moving back in time just a little. You threw some fun pitches and I'd like to run from them. Sorry!
                    Getting the tickets is turning out to be more difficult than expected. Journalist tickets are sold out. A certain number of tickets are reserved for students and they're not completely out.. yet but they're pretty difficult to get if you're not a student. You know some people who know some people but that'll take some time and calling people at the right times.

                    Instead, your stomach is gurgling and demanding food now.

                    A young, giggly, bright voice (Mia) answers the phone, "Golden Phoenix, hold please.." *click* *hold music* *click* "Oh hi Kate! How are you doing tonight? Let's see.. sweet and sour chicken and vegetable fried rice tonight? Or would you like something special?" Oh, that's always awkward, when you order from the same delivery place often enough that they know your name and your usual order too.. nice touch though.

                    It's just about at that moment that a few things click into place. It'll take some research though to see if it actually proves out. The idea of augmented reality personal advertising has been jostling around for the last few years but it had never quite clicked, various technical aspects kept getting into the way. When the topic started to pick up, the personal freedom and privacy nutjobs starting crawling out of the holes too. Dr Primen's presentation tomorrow night is the kind of thing to push the concept much closer to being a marketable reality. On one hand, a personal shopping experienced catered to every individual to make them happier customers. On the other hand, tightly directed marketing campaigns that the average person couldn't possibly be wary enough to defend against. Of course, that's just the paranoid nutjobs talking, right?


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                      Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl


                      I don't mind at all, you threw me some very good curves to play with.
                      Originally posted by Jiao-long
                      Please Doctor Primen, take your time, think on what we've talked about tonight, but we need to choose a path soon."
                      Dr Primen carefully cleared her throat, gazing respectfully into your eyes for a moment, to emphasize the seriousness of the situation, "I'm sure that you appreciate that this situation requires a certain delicacy. The cold rationality of Western medicine has so far been unsuccessful. It is very hopeful that the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine may shed the necessary light into the situation. I shall be very appreciative if your results are successful." A look of recognition flashed in her eyes a moment as she thoughtfully looks over your face before being most carefully concealed.

                      I want to verify something before pushing forward on this.. did you mean Ariel Dukes, E-Girl's housemate? Or someone else?
                      Originally posted by Jiao-long
                      The young man, full of grace and speed a moment ago seemed almost clumsy in comparison. "I saw a textbook you had written in her apartment, Visual and Contextual Perception in the Development of Facial Recognition Software. I think that she would enjoy your seminar very much." He paused as the Doctor considered his words.
                      Dr. Primen carefully steepled her fingers for a brief second before reaching to draw out her phone, taking a long moment to work through the interface. "Ariel Dukes? Yes, I recognize that name, a brilliant young woman with a strong future before her. She approached me the other day to discuss a subtle point in a study from years ago." she shakes her head, "Only one ticket Mr. Han? If you show such favor towards a friend, wouldn't you wish to join her? Or should the ticket be delivered with discretion?"


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                        Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl


                        As you start to go through your notes, it's starting to become more clear why referrals have been your friend so far. Good word has spread well so far but generating new revenue streams is much more difficult.

                        The security gig at the GoT hasn't been confirmed yet. You know a few people that would be willing to start that process but each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses and just what you're willing to do in terms of side jobs connected with it. In most cases, it would be coming to them from a weakened negotiating position unless you could bring something more to the table.

                        The summary of the discussion is freely available from the NIT website. Honestly, it doesn't make much sense. You've tried a few times and your optic receptors get crossed after a while and you loose focus. Really brainy stuff. Puja might be able to explain it a more if you can get a hold of her. That can be difficult at times, which is one of the reasons that last night was so special. Karlamov might be able to explain it but chances are there would be costs attached- the guy is a useful scumball at best. Even more risky would be trying to get a hold of Babel- high risk for high reward. Finally, you might be able to guy the information from somewhere, gotta spend money to make money right?

                        On the employment side of things, the most obvious choices are approaching the NiT or the NPD. They tend to work very closely together but hire freelancers from time to time if they're expecting trouble. So far, you haven't heard them say anything but that could mean that they're not expecting anything or that you're not in the right loop on this one. It's likely that if the police aren't interested, the criminal element isn't either- unless something is planned that they don't want anyone to hear about.

                        So many questions, so little time gumshoe. What's it gonna be?


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                          Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl

                          HP: 1 Condition: Normal

                          "Hmmm, let me think about this. Waiting hand and foot on a bunch of high-minded intellectuals and self-important college kids...I think I'll pass. Quan hasn't tried to rope me into it yet and I still have a week to figure out a way to weasel my way out it, so don't count on me helping with the catering," Grant responds.

                          "Is that so," says Quan, who is standing directly behind Grant. Grant jumps and exclaims out in surprise. He hadn't heard Quan approach at all, of course that was normal. There was actually a pool going with the employees of the Golden Phoenix that Quan was some kind of super ninja. No one ever heard him coming and he could hit you upside the head with a dumpling hard enough to see stars from across the restaurant. "Maybe I'll save you the trouble and just fire you, since you seem to be finding ways not to work right now as well," Quan continued while shoving another bag for delivery into his hands. Grant could tell by the weight though that this was simply Chinese food, not a "special" package. "Go! Before orders back up even more!" Quan shouts before walking away, muttering in Cantonese. Grant recognized several phrases that Quan always seemed to mutter around him. He'd tried to have Jiao-long translate them once, but had been told that the translations weren't appropriate for "polite society."

                          Grant put the phone back up to his ear to hear Chris laughing hysterically. "Oh, just shut up. Tell the new mothers congrats for me. Later." Hanging up the phone Grant checks the address on the new delivery and puts it in the basket with the other one. He then shuts the lid and locks it. This was the one part of the scooter that Quan actually made sure worked correctly, given the sensitive and often valuable nature of some of his deliveries. Starting up the scooter with a bang and a puff of smoke, he heads off on his deliveries. He'd deliver the food first, since that could actually get cold, and then he'd probably "Hardlight-it" over near the address for the special delivery to make up time.


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                            Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl

                            HP: 1 Condition: Normal

                            Thomas pinched the bridge of his nose as he failed, once more, to find anything of criminal interest in Dr. Primen's presentation. It seemed perfectly benign, some kind of catered recognition software, something about marketing, maybe, and yet NiT was looking for freelance security detail. He sighed. The chances of him making the cut for a security gig were good even without any advanced leads, but being mere hired muscle wasn't exactly Shrike's thing. He wanted to show up with a plan.

                            He took a break to make himself some coffee, trying to shake off the last echoes of last evening's resultant hangover, and then sat down and got to work. First off he sent his resume out to NIT's security manager. It was pretty straight forward to list his credentials as a freelancer with NPD history, but he still felt like he needed an edge over the patrolling guns, and so he added something to his proposal:

                            "...Aware of the sensitive nature of the on-site equipment, I'm also willing to conduct a periphery investigation to identify and eliminate prospective threats before the event occurs to help maximize the safety of the speakers and the participants. I am licensed with the NPD and..."

                            He didn't, of course, know anything special about the presentation, but that wasn't something that the manager needed to know right now. What mattered was getting in the door, and getting an excuse to do some legwork outside of patrolling a university. He wondered what kind of money a rent-a-cop even made, and he shuddered after doing a little bit of math. No, security alone wasn't going to cut it. What he needed right now was a bounty, and he was sure that this job would bring him close to one, if he could just figure out how. He stalked the empty floor of his apartment for a while, racking his brains for who in the world would be interested in "facial recognition" and "contextual perception." Ogress? No. Dr. Sing? No. Karlamov was a slimy piece of work, but he wouldn't threaten his own university. It was no use.

                            Finally he sat back down in front his computer, and he was glad that the inhibited circulation in his face hid what would have been a blush. He ran an IP masker and logged onto the internet with an anonymous VPN. Soon he was at a small, private Forum called The Badlands, where he made a public post with the fake handle, "Oneironaut."

                            "Too many people talking in too many languages that I don't understand. Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered with no glimpse of tomorrow."

                            He hoped the biblical reference would be the bait that he needed. Babel always had an ego. He wasn't somebody that Thomas wanted to deal with, especially now that he'd gotten out of prison, but when it came to weaponizing technology, Thomas could think of no-one better. He just hoped that he could keep the price low, and his identity secret.

                            OOC: Switched to purple since Jiao is also green.
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                              Re: Nobody Be a Hero!: Ch 1 Gach Súl


                              The Samaritan sighed as he glided through the gentle skies. Evenings were nice, and especially around sunset. The nice-ness seemed to stick around for an hour or so after the sun went down, by which time it was darker and colder. Granted, the Samaritan didn't really feel the cold much. Heck, it was part of the reason why he was comfortable up in the air - where they would be inhospitable to most people, the altitude and chill didn't bother him. Or rather, perhaps it was also a fear of heights and falling that most people suffered from.

                              But the Samaritan didn't fall. He merely glided along, watching, keeping guard of the area. It was mostly boring. Granted, the first few patrols had been action packed, but word spreads quickly somehow, and people began to know that the sight of the man with the "S" was merely amused by their little pistols and bullets, that wooden bats shattered against his skin, and that the hero could send a grown man flying with a flick of his finger. When he showed up, the regular criminals knew that they didn't really have much of a shot. Super-criminals on the other hand, were the bigger problem - and the ones Samaritan was most worried about.

                              It was weird though, that one street light that was out. Drawing his interest, Samaritan slowed his glide, hovering in mid-air as he simply watched, a bad feeling coming over him. It was this strange tingle down the back of his spine, telling him that something about the situation didn't make sense. The Samaritan knew that this wasn't any new superpower (he was always worried about developing new abilities that he'd have to get under control) but something inherent to every human - instinct. Though humanity's sensitivity and reliance upon this insight had dulled over the years - to near nonexistence in many - it was still around. Instinct still worked, and it was kicking in right now, telling the hero that something was moving in those shadows.

                              For a moment, Samaritan only noted the man and woman, sighing with relief that it wasn't anything overtly sinister. But with a few more moments of observation, he noted how close they were, how very much in love they were. Instinct and insight - ancient "powers" as can be. Samaritan gave a sad sigh. How he envied them - to be in love. Then again, most single men envied those who were in love - and were loved back. But there was still something wrong... he couldn't put his finger on it. Wait... were those shadows moving? No trick of the light, surely, he felt like something was moving towards the couple...

                              Best be on the safe side, Samaritan knew, as he glided in softly to take a closer look.