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  • [2e] Terminusscape[OOC Finished]


    An episodic game inspired by Farscapes group of people on a living ship with no way to get home. Each episode will be self contained for the most part, with the in between time completely up to the players and future episodes influenced by previous ones. The PCs start out as prisoners, who can't get home for some reason, who were imprisoned on a living ship that broke free of its control collar. The setting is the Terminus.


    Andrel: A metamorphing Time Lord.
    Faethor: A Sith.
    Anatasia: A techno mage
    Silverhawke: A short blonde power house.

    Shirin: A genie

    Away PCs

    Shadowblade: Wrist blade yielding medic.

    Terminus Overview

    Omega: He is the very powerful ruler of the Terminus bent on feeding the multiverse into the doom coil.
    Annihilists: The general's of Omegas forces who were once powerful heroes in their native Universes.
    Omega Drones: The soldiers of Omegas army who were once great fighters.
    Proles: Beaten down slaves who have little to no will of their own.
    Tarvon The Undying: Ruler of Shadow World who is constantly attempting to over throw Omega.
    Tomen: Last of the Alpians and keeper of the World Library and Source Book that holds the secrets of creation.
    Furions: Thorns in Omegas side who are constantly battling his forces. They control the world of Silverwood that Omegas forces can't get to due to the liberty shield around the planet.
    Overriders: A space motorcycle gang with bikes that protect them and are the fastest vehicles in the multiverse.
    Hundred Worlds: The 100 planets that make up the Terminus. Other than Shadow World, Silverwood, and World Library they are subservient to Omega in some fashion. Nihilhor is the planet where Omega and his Annihillists live.
    Warp Wold: A region of the Terminus that drives people mad and has a lot of strange happenings.
    Ravel: The place between dimensions that no one has ever returned from.

    Infiltrator Ship

    All stats are subject to dramatic failure as it is free equipment.

    Strength: 50
    Speed: 16
    Defense: 6
    Toughness: 12
    Powers: One active at a time of Damage 18, Concealment All Technology, Impervious Protection 10
    Capacity: 6 normal sized people comfortably, 18 if crammed in
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    Faethor here is from a Star Wars universe set in the Old Republic era.


    Alias: None
    Real Name: Faethor Koegh
    Age: 21 yr.
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 211 lb.
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Orange
    Hair Color: Black
    Relatives: Janos (father, deceased), Lilian (mother, deceased), Thibor (brother, deceased)
    Race: Human
    Legal Status: Uncertain
    Occuptaion: Sith, Adventurer
    Affiliation: the Sith Empire (former)

    PL: 10 PP: 168

    ABILITIES: STR 20 CON 20 DEX 12 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 16

    SAVES: Tough +5(+8 w/ Armor) Fort +9 Ref +10 Will +11

    Initiative +5
    Defense +12 (+4 FF)
    Base Attack +10, Unarmed +10 (DC 20 Tough.), Lightsaber +12 (DC 18 Fort., DC 23 Tough.), Force Powers +12

    SKILLS: Bluff 4(+7), Climb 4(+9), Concentration 10(+10), Diplomacy 4(+7), Intimidate 10(+13), Knowledge [The Force] 12(+12), Notice 8(+8/+16 Force), Pilot 4(+5), Sense Motive 12(+12), Swim 4(+9)

    FEATS: Assessment, Attack Specialization [Lightsaber] 1, Attack Specialization [Force Powers] 1, Dodge Focus 3, Equipment 1, Evasion 1, Improved Disarm 1, Improved Initiative 1, Leadership, Power Attack, Quickdraw 1, Sith Sorcery*, Startle, Takedown 2

    LIGHTSABER Easy to Loose Device 4 * 12 PP
    Strike 3 [Extras: Liked to Drain Toughness (+0/r) ; Power Feat: Mighty (1 pp)]
    Drain Toughness 8 [Extras: Affects Objects (+1/r), Linked to Strike (+0/r)]

    SITH ARMOR Hard to Remove Device 1 * 4 PP
    Protection 3
    Immunity 2 [Critical Hits]

    Super-Senses 5 [Detect the Force [Ranged, Free Action, Acute]; Danger Sense (Mental)] * 5 PP
    Enhanced Skill 8 [Notice +8 ; Flaws: Limited to "Force Senses" (-1/r)] * 1 PP

    Enhanced Trait Improved Initiative 1 [Extras: Affects Others Only(+0/r), Area: Perception(Auditory)(+1/r), Selective(+1/r), Triggered by "Roll Initiative" (+1 pp); Flaws: Instant(-2/r), Unreliable "Limited Uses" (-1/r)] * 1 PP

    "Telekinesis", Move Objects 8 [Power Feats: Subtle (1 pp), Precise (1 pp)] * 18 PP
    AP - "Deflection", Immunity 40 [Ranged Attacks ; Flaws: Limited to non-area attacks (-1/r), Sustained Duration (+0/r) ; Drawback "Requires Lightsabre" (-2 pp), ] * 1 PP
    AP - "Force Healing", Heal 8 [Extras: Total (+1/r) ; Power Feats: Persistent (+1 pp), Subtle (+1 pp) ; Flaws: Self Only (-1/r)] * 1 PP

    "Sith Holocron", Feature 2 [Library, Small Size] * 2 EP

    "Rebreather", [20 rounds of oxygen] * 1 EP
    "Gas Mask", [Immunity to eye and lung irritants for 12 hours] * 1 EP
    "Flash Goggles", [+5 vs visual Dazzles involving bright light] * 1 EP


    Disciple of the Dark Side - While Faethor is no monster, he still follows the Sith Code and channels the dark side of the force. Force sensitives will be able to sense this, and some may have ideological differances that cause them to be prejudice against Faethor.

    Warrior Code - Faethor has a personal code. While it isn't strict, there are certain things he is loathed to do. Some examples are: break his word, kill non-combatants, and refuse the challenge of a worthy foe. He also repays his debts, even if he feels he owes an enemy something.

    Relic Hunter - Faethor's world was destroyed and he seeks to collect what meaningful pieces of it remain. He'll go to great lengths to hunt down Sith and Jedi artifacts.

    Abilities 28 + SKills 18 + Feats 17 + Powers 45 + Combat 38 + Saves 24 - Drawbacks 00 = 168/168

    Faethor was born into a family of slaves. Slaves under the undeer the opressive Sith Empire. At the age of five, it was discovered that he was force sensitive. Promptly taken from his family, Faethor was sent to Korriban, where he was trained at the Sith academy. His family saw it as a death sentance. Either he would die in training, or the Sith teachings would turn him into a monster. In any event, there was no choice. No other options.

    As a slave, Faethor was looked down upon by his peers. Some of who were sons or daughters of Sith Lords. If his instructors were hard on him, his fellow trainees were harder. He was harassed, and assaulted regularly. As long as no one died, the instructors did nothing to dissuade the students infighting. Even then as long as deaths discrete, looked accidental, or didn't draw too much attention; some still got away with murder. Before the end of his trails there was more than one death on Faethor's own hands too.

    Faethor spent the later years of his adolescence trekking through the crypts of long dead Sith Lords as his trials progressed. During the last of which Faethor faced a long time rival in the crypt of Darth Vendal. Their task was one and the same: retrieve the Sith Lord's lightsabre. The pair worked together, fighting off the creatures that lurked in the ancient tomb until they came upon Vendal's own sarcophagus. Used his knowledge of the force to open the sarcophagus when his rival could not. Then a duel erupted between the pair to see who would claim the ancient lightsabre.

    Faethor stood victorious. He took his prize and was allowed to keep the weapon after his trials. Finally, he was Sith. Though he has since modified the weapon, improving it, Faethor still wield Vendal's lightsabre. After his trials, the Sith Lord Agamen took him as an apprentice. Over the next two years Faethor performed many missions as Agamen's fist. From breaking the back of slave rebellions to cowing rivals. Then war came, and the Sith Empire clashed with the Republic. Faethor was the spear head of many battles, leading the way for squads of Imperial Troopers. It there in the machine factories of Balmora that he faced his first Jedi too.

    The war went on, and amidst it Omega saw advantage. Both the Empire and Republic were caught off guard when the Terminus forces invaded. Faethor had been called back to defend the citadel on Dromund Kaas in those final days, and was one of the last Sith standing in defense of the structure when the world ended. Overwhelmed, everything went black, and Faethor did not see light again for some time. When he did, it was aboard a prison ship in the Terminus itself.

    Originally posted by Advancement
    Episode 1 (1 PP)
    1 PP towards +1 Will

    Episode 2 (3 PP)
    1 PP towards Improved Initiative
    1 PP towards Leadership
    1 PP towards Fortitude +1

    Episode 3 (3 PP)
    2 PP towards Skills: Pilot +4, Sense Motive +4
    1 PP towards Takedown's second rank.

    Episode 4 (2 PP)
    None spent during interlude.

    Episode 5 (3 PP)
    1 PP towards Assessment
    1 PP towards Evasion 1
    2 PP towards Reflexes +2
    1 PP towards an AP off of his Force Array: "Force Healing", Heal 8 [Extras: Total (+1/r) ; Power Feats: Persistent (+1 pp), Subtle (+1 pp); Flaws: Self Only (-1/r)].

    Episode 6 (3 PP)
    None spent during interlude.

    Episode 7 (3 PP)
    Remove "Force Push" from the "Manifesting the Force" array. I only used it once.
    4 PP towards Converting Faethor's armor from Equipment to a Device:
    Device 1 [Hard to Remove] * 4 PP
    - Protection 3
    - Immunity 2 [Critical Hits]
    Use the freed up Equipment Points to give his mask/helmet some features:
    "Rebreather", [20 rounds of oxygen] * 1 EP
    "Gas Mask", [Immunity to eye and lung irritants for 12 hours] * 1 EP
    "Flash Goggles", [+5 vs visual Dazzles involving bright light] * 1 EP
    1 PP towards "Sith Sorcery". Ritualist using Knowledge: the Force.
    1 PP towards Knowledge: the Force +4 ranks.
    1 PP towards a Power that can be used to boost Faethor's allies Initiative five times per episode.
    "Motivating", Enhanced Trait Improved Initiative 1 [Extras: Affects Others Only(+0/r), Area: Perception(Auditory)(+1/r), Selective(+1/r), Triggered by "Roll Initiative" (+1 pp); Flaws: Instant(-2/r), Unreliable "Limited Uses" (-1/r)] * 1 PP
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      Real Name: Mary Leeds
      Identity: Secret ID

      Gender: Female
      Age: 20
      Size: Medium
      Height: 5'
      Weight: 105 lbs
      Hair: Blonde
      Eyes: Blue

      Power Level: 10
      Power Points: 165
      Max Attack: 8
      Max Defense: 8
      Max Save DC: 12
      Max Toughness: 12

      STR: 34 (+12/+0)
      DEX: 10 (+0)
      CON: 30 (+10/+2)
      INT: 12 (+1)
      WIS: 16 (+3)
      CHA: 16 (+3)

      Attack +6 (Melee +8, Ranged +6, Silver Blast +10)
      Damage: Unarmed +12 (Bruise); Blast +10
      Defense +8 (+3 flat-footed)
      Initiative +4

      Toughness +12* (+10 flat-footed)
      Fortitude +12
      Reflex +6
      Will +10

      * +10 Impervious

      Bluff* 10 (+13); Diplomacy* 8 (+11); Gather Info 4 (+7); Knowledge -Art 4 (+5); Knowledge -Popular Culture 6 (+7); Notice 9 (+12); Perform -Wind Instruments 2 (+5); Search 9 (+10); Sense Motive 8 (+11)

      * Includes +4 bonus from Attractiveness

      All-out Attack; Attack Focus, Melee (2); Attractive (1 or +4 bonus to Bluff & Diplomacy); Defensive Roll (2); Diehard; Distract - Bluff (1); Dodge Focus (2); Improved Initiative (1); Interpose; Luck; Move-by Action; Power Attack; Taunt; Ultimate Effort - Toughness Save (1); Takedown Attack (1); Improved Grab

      ARRAY Enhanced Strength [24]
      --- [a] Blast [10] (Feats Accurate x2, Precise)
      Enhanced Constitution [16]
      ARRAY Super Strength [7] (Feats: Shockwave, Super Breath, Thunderclap) (Dynamic Array)
      --- [d] Flight [7]
      --- [d] Quickness [7]
      Impervious Toughness [10]
      Immunity [7] (Environmental Heat & Cold; Pressure; Vacuum; Critical Hits)
      Comprehend 2 (languages), Feature 1 (appears as same species and ethnicity as the onlooker) (Free Power)

      Base Move: 30 ft/60 ft/120 ft
      Leaping: 20 ft/10 ft/5 ft
      Flight: 2 mls (1000 mph)

      Light: 60 tons, Med: 119 tons, Heavy: 179 tons
      Max: 358 tons, Push: 896 tons

      MIGRAINES - Mary is prone to very severe migraines which can strike without warning leaving her feeling fatigued and struggling to see.
      MOTIVATION - Protecting the weak. Mary dislikes bullies and will stick up for the victim.
      BEING TINY - Due to Mary's height she can find herself ignored and underestimated by others.
      BEING HUMAN - Mary's parents never told her that they first found her as a baby in a crashed spacepod. As far as Mary is concerned she is a normal human being albeit with superpowers.

      Abilities 18 + Skills 13 (52 ranks) + Feats 19 + Powers 76 + Combat 24 + Saves 15 – Drawbacks 0 = 165 / 165

      When the experimental dimensional rocket carrying the baby whom one day would become Mark Leeds or more well known as the hero called the Centurion broke the barrier between the dimensions it was bathed in cosmic energies. These energies changed the baby giving him the potential for enormous power and alerting Omega to the existence of another dimension but it also had another effect creating alternative capsules that traveled to their own versions of Earth.

      Seeing a falling star crash to the ground while out driving one night, Jonathon and Martha Leeds found the capsule containing a small baby girl. Unable to have children of their own they adopted the child calling her Mary Leeds.

      Mary grew up in a loving environment discovering at an early age that she was a lot stronger than everybody else and as she grew developed other powers. The Leeds helped teach Mary to use her powers responsibly and installed a strong sense of right and wrong in her.

      In her teens Mary started making appearances as the Silver Hawke rescuing people and fighting crime, she was eventually offered membership into the team known as the Freedom Titans. However Mary's first love was music especially playing the flute and she turned them down wanting to study at the Freedom City Institute of Music rather than becoming a full time hero.

      It was during her first year of study that the media reported unexplained lights and reports of strange beings appearing over the world, thinking nothing of it Mary continued her studies with the odd appearance as the Silver Hawke until the day the sky split apart and hordes of Omega Drones poured in. Joining the battle alongside almost every powered hero and villain in Freedom City, Mary fought never ceding an inch as others fell to the hordes until she found herself face to face with the Annihilist called Madrigal Martinet.

      Charging into battle Mary landed a couple of solid blows before she was savagely beaten by the taller woman. As her vision faded she thought she heard the other woman say " ... obviously not the Centurion's get after all."

      When Mary regained consciousness she was in a prison cell with a nullifer collar round her neck.

      Edit 1: Added +2 Bluff, +1 Notice, +1 Search, +1 Fortitude, +1 Will, Improved Grab and replaced Groundstrike with Shockwave. New total 154.
      Edit 2: Added another rank to the Flight/Super Strength array and banked one pp. New total 156 / 157.
      Edit 3. Increased Impervious toughness to +10, +1 Will, +1 Reflex, Immunity Critical Hits. New total 162 / 162.
      Edit 4: Added +1 to Will & Fortitude. Luck and Diehard.
      New Total 165 / 165
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        Thanks to kenseido for build help
        • 153pp:
          • Change Protection 3 to Defensive Roll 3.
          • Remove Super Strength and the AP on Authentic Flying Carpet
          • Increase Dex by 6 (to 20) and decrease Reflex save by 3 (net cost of +3pp)
          • Increase Attractive to Attractive 2, add Set-Up, Daze (Bluff)
          • +2 Bluff (total: +16), +2 Perform (Dance) (total: +15)
        • 156pp:
          • Increase Cha by 4, reduced Int by 4
          • add Ultimate Defense, +2 Pilot, +2 Knowledge (Arcane Lore)
          • -2 Will, +2 Reflex, +1 Fortitude
        Shirin (PL 10; 150PP)
        Concept: Genie
        Tradeoffs: Attack -5 / Save DC +5; Defense +5 / Toughness -5

        Once the mightiest of the Djinn and Queen of the Marid, Shirin was as vain as she was arrogant, and demanded homage from all peoples of the Burning Sands. When Harun al-Rashid, wisest of the Khalifs, heard about this, he invited her to his court on the pretext of witnessing her great and awesome power in the flesh. And he said to her, "O most magnificent and beautiful of the Djinn, much has been said about your mystical might; but I have here a witless old fool -- " he pointed to his vizier, who was cowering under the skirts of the harem girls -- "who claims that even with sorcery as puissant as yours, one could not squeeze into this svelte oil lamp." He held up a golden lamp.

        And Shirin harrumphed and said, "Dumb old geezer, what do you know of magic," planting both hands on her hips. "Nothing is beyond me, Shirin, the MAGNIFICENT! Just you watch!" With a pirouette and a clap of thunder, she turned herself into a wisp of smoke, and seeped into the lamp.

        Upon which Harun promptly corked the spout and put a powerful geas on her that made her the servant of the lamp's owner. "A few thousand years of servitude ought to teach you some humility, O mightiest and most dreadful of the Djinn," the good Khalif said smugly as she wailed and raged. "You've spent enough time on your own selfish wishes -- now you will spend some on others'!"

        Years turned into decades, decades into centuries. Shirin and her lamp passed from owner to owner, served master after master, fulfilled wish after wish; and Shirin went from white-hot rage, to cold indignation, to a sort of weary resignation, and perhaps, in the end, even a little sympathetic to the mortals begged her help. And then the lamp was forgotten, and passed into myth and legend... until one day, trembling hands rubbed the lamp again, and she appeared before her new master in thunder and fire. "What do you wish for?"

        Cowering before her was the last of the Khalifs and his court. "The legends are true! Deliverance is here!"

        "The Great Enemy, Omega, is upon us," explains the vizier. "You must defeat his armies and save all our world from utter destruction!"

        Shirin smirked and stretched languidly. "Chill out," she says, hopping on her flying carpet. "Nothing is beyond me, Shirin, the MAGNIFICENT!" she boasted, before setting out to save the world. Upon which she learnt that a sleep of a thousand years really does give you a horrible crick in the neck, because the Annihilists soundly thrashed her and dragged her back to be used as a magical battery. And her lamp, left behind on her doomed world, was vaporized along with that reality, breaking the geas forever.


        Vanity: Shirin loves to go on and on about how pretty and powerful she is, and enemies appealing to her narcissism get a large bonus on Bluff and other suitable checks.

        Overconfident: Long centuries of sleep have weakened Shirin; she tends to underestimate enemies, remembering herself as being much more powerful. Trigger this complication and make her flat-footed, no save, as she forgets to be careful enough.

        Accident: Shirin's badly out of practice on most fronts, and sometimes her magic fizzles or misfires. Trigger this complication and make her spells fail outright or certain settings of her array become unaccessible.

        Fear: After ten thousand years of being cooped up in a lamp, Shirin has a healthy dose of claustrophobia. Her Fearless feat does not apply against this.

        Abilities (24pp): Str 10 (+0), Dex 20 (+5), Con 14 (+2), Int 10 (+0), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 20 (+5)

        Powers (50pp):

        "Your Wish is Granted!" ARRAY 34pp + 3pp
        BASE "Miraculous Creation!" Create Object 10 [real objects] (Continuous +1, Feature: Does not need workshop to use Artificer, Innate, Precise, Wealth)
        -- AP "Fantastical Destruction!" Damage 15 (Improved Critical 2, Ranged +1)
        -- AP "Terrific Transmutation!" Transform 5 [broad group: inanimate objects, 5pp/r] (Precise, Sustained +1)
        -- AP "Amazing Apparitions!" Illusion 10 [visual, 2pp/r] (Progression 2 [25ft radius], Sustained +1)

        "Authentic Flying Carpet" Flight 3 (Platform -1) 3pp

        "Phenomenal Cosmic Power" Immunity 10 [aging, life support] 10pp

        Feats (26pp): Artificer, Attack Specialization (Your Wish is Granted!), Attractive 2, Daze (Bluff), Defensive Roll 3, Dodge Focus 10, Evasion, Fascinate (Perform), Fearless, Luck, Move-by Action, Set-Up, Ultimate Defense, Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

        Skills (19pp / 76r): Acrobatics 8 (+13), Bluff 11 (+16), Concentration 10 (+10), Intimidate 9 (+14), Knowledge: Arcane Lore 16 (+16), Notice 10 (+10), Perform: Dance 10 (+15), Pilot 2 (+7)

        Offense (6pp): Base Attack 3, Grapple +3, Knockback -5, Initiative +5
        • +5 Fantastical Destruction! (Ranged, Damage, DC 30 Toughness)
        • +5 Terrific Transmutation! (Ranged, Transform, DC 15 Fortitude)

        Defense (31pp): Defense 5 (+15), Toughness +5, Fort 6 (+8), Ref 7 (+12), Will 8 (+8)

        Abilities 24 + Powers 50 + Feats 26 + Skills 19 + Offense 6 + Defense 31 = Total 156

        Originally posted by Design Notes
        Here's Shirin, the MAGNIFICENT! As a genie her magic is a combination of desert-themed effects (Illusion, fire) and the genie's powers from Aladdin's story in Arabian Nights (Create Object). In Aladdin (the original Arabian Nights version, not the Disney adaptation) the genies also use a great deal of what is either enhanced strength, teleport or move object, depending on how literal you want to interpret the text; I've decided not to take any of those in order to leave less overlap with a powerhouse or psychic, and took Transform instead in a nod to the Disney film.

        Shirin has a huge rank 15 blast representing a tremendous explosion, to represent a vestige of the sort of power she once had.

        Shirin's flying carpet is not a device and cannot be taken from her. When not in use, it turns into a sort of translucent sash she wears about her waist. The super strength limited to carrying capacity is so that I can carry other passengers on the carpet. The carpet itself can move independently and perform tasks, Aladdin-style, represented by the Move Object AP.

        Shirin has both a mischievous streak and the knowledge to actually use looks to advantage, hence a high Bluff skill and Attractive. As a Djinni, she can also be pretty terrifying when she wants to be; Aladdin's mom was scared witless of the genie of the lamp. I added Perform: Dance because I can't help riffing on the belly dancer costume.
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          Andrel II

          PL 10
          Concept: Renegade Time Lord
          Occupation: Rebel
          Place of Birth: Gallifrey
          Marital Status: Single
          Known Relatives: none
          Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
          Weight: 139 lbs.
          Eyes: Brown
          Hair: Brown

          Abilities: STR: 12 (+1) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: 18 (+4) INT: 20 (+5) WIS: 18 (+4) CHA: 16 (+3)

          Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+5), Bluff 10 (+13), Computers 10 (+15), Cr [Mechanical] 5 (+10), Cr [Electrical] 5 (+10),
          Diplomacy 6 (+9), Disable Device 10 (+15), Investigate 5 (+10), Kn [Technology] 10 (+15), Medicine 4 (+8),
          Notice 6 (+10), Pilot 8 (+11), Search 5 (+10), Sense Motive 6 (+10), Sleight of Hand 10 (+13), Stealth 10 (+13)

          Feats: Attack Specialist 2 (Pistols), Attractive, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 4, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Jack of All Trades,
          Luck 2, Skill Mastery (Computers, Disable Device, Sleight of Hand, Stealth)

          Powers: Time Lord Physiology [20pp]
          •Enhanced Feat (Endurance) (1pp)
          •Feature (able to see beings in Terminus as they are) (1pp)
          •Immunity 3 (Aging, Radiation, Sleep; F: Limited) (2pp)
          •Quickness 4 (x20; F: Mental tasks only) (2pp)
          •Regeneration 11 (Rec +6, Resurrection 1 min, PF: Reincarnation) (12pp)
          •Super-senses 2 (Time Awareness, acute) (2pp)

          Device 5 (Gadget Array; hard to lose) [20pp]
          •Feature: Low-light vision Glasses
          -Chameleon Field [Concealment 10 (all; PF: Close Range, Selective; F: Concentration)]
          -Ion Driver [Data Link 1 (PF: Machine Control); Enhanced Traits (Computers +5, Craft (Electronic) +5, Cr (Mechanical) +5, Disable Device +5,
          Kn (Technology) +5, Medicine +5; Ultimate Computers, Ultimate Disable Device)]
          -Phasing Field [Insubstantial 4 (F: Concentration)]
          -Pulse Pistol [Blast 8 (PF: Accurate, Improved Critical 2, Precise)]
          -Scanner [Super-sense 20 (Detect electromagnetic energy, ranged, radius, acute, analytical, accurate, tracking;
          Detect life, ranged, radius, acute, analytical, accurate, tracking; Detect chemicals, acute, analytical; Radio)]

          Reflec Vest (Protection 5);

          Damaged TARDIS
          Size: Huge, Toughness: 10
          Features: Computer, Dual Size (Minuscule), Intelligent, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Security System, Variable Environment, Workshop

          Upgrades to Ayom [Defense System, Security System]

          Combat: Attack +6, Pistols +10, Pulse Pistol +12;
          Dames: Unarmed +1, Pulse Pistol +8 (Crit 18-20)
          Defense +10 (+3 flat-footed) Init +2

          Saves: Toughness +9/+4, Fortitude +9, Reflex +10, Will +11

          Abilities 40 + Skills 28 + Feats 17 + Powers 40 + Combat 24 + Saves 19 = 168

          XP: 0/18

          Outcast: Andrel fled Gallifrey and violated their laws by sharing their technology to help save a world. As a result, she can never return to Gallifrey.
          Enemies: Despite being an outcast, Andrel still has the enemies of the Time Lords. Omega specifically wants to capture Andrel to force her to build a time weapon.
          Relationships: Andrel's former mentor and lover is on Ayom suffering severe PTSD after being tortured to death over and over. Andrel also has the feelings for Mary that Tyler originally had.
          Responsibility: Andrel recently learned Gallifrey has fallen into Terminus. She needs to rescue them or stop them before they build time weapons for Omega.

          Andrel was a young Time Lord who quickly grew bored with Time Lord. He was assigned to a team of Time Lords who decommissioned old TARDISes. So instead he stole one.
          After traveling around for a while, he landed on this world where his older TARDIS disrupted the temporal stasis field protecting the world and the planet started undergoing massive geological events. Andrel took parts of his TARDIS and rebuilt the stasis field.

          Leaving Time Lord technology on the planet violated Gallifrey's highest laws. They permanently exiled him to Earth and crippled what was left of his TARDIS. Determined to make a difference on this world, he modified his chameleon arch to turn him into a human with an activated meta-gene. He went about assisting other heroes in fighting evil. Along the way, he scaled down the chameleon arch to watch size.

          Then Omega came. Seeing that fighting was futile, Andrel joined a group of heroes and travelled to Terminus to find a way to stop the invasion. The others were killed, but Andrel was captured. Omega recognized the value of having a Time Lord servant, so he imprisoned Andrel and sent him to be used to force his former mentor and lover, Rakasha, to build a Time Weapon for Omega.

          He escaped with several other prisoners, and they have been running from Omega's forces looking for a way to end his threat upon the Universe. During the rescue of Free Bird, Andrel was mortally injured which led to a regeneration into her current form and losing access to the Metatrix.
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            Andrel I

            Abilities: STR: 14 (+2) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 18 (+4) INT: 24 (+7) WIS: 20 (+5) CHA: 12 (+1)

            Skills: Computers 10 (+17), Cr [Mechanical] 10 (+17), Cr [Electrical] 10 (+17), Disable Device 12 (+19),
            Investigate 8 (+15), Kn [Life Science] 4 (+11), Kn [Physical Science] 10 (+17), Kn [Technology] 12 (+19),
            Languages 4, Medicine 4 (+9), Notice 4 (+9), Pilot 4 (+6), Search 8 (+15), Sense Motive 8 (+13), Stealth 8 (+10)

            Feats: Attack Specialist 2 (Pistols), Beginner’s Luck, Dodge Focus 4, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 7, Improvised Tools,
            Inventor, Jack of All Trades, Luck 2, Mechanical Genius (Temporal Technology), Skill Mastery (Computers, Craft x2, Disable Device),
            Task Focus (Craft Time Weapons)

            Powers: Time Lord Physiology [20pp]
            •Enhanced Feat (Endurance) (1pp)
            •Feature (able to see beings in Terminus as they are) (1pp)
            •Immunity 3 (Aging, Radiation, Sleep; F: Limited) (2pp)
            •Quickness 4 (F: Mental tasks only) (2pp)
            •Regeneration 11 (Rec +6, Resurrection 1 min, PF: Reincarnation) (12pp)
            •Super-senses 2 (Time Awareness, acute) (2pp)

            Device 1 (D-Jacket; hard to lose) [4pp]
            •Dimensional Pocket 2, Grapple Required) (2pp)
            •Enhanced Feats (Equipment 3) (3pp)
            --Burglars Kit, Computer Kit, Electronics Kit, Investigators Kit, Medical Kit, Repair Kit, Survival Kit
            --Mini-tracer, PDA w/audio-video recorder and library, Rebreather, Flashlight

            Metatrix: Morph 1 (to Jet; E: Continuous; PF: Metamorph 1) [3pp]

            Pulse Pistol (Blast 7); Reflec Vest (Protection 5, subtle);

            Damaged TARDIS
            Size: Huge, Toughness: 10
            Features: Computer, Dual Size (Minuscule), Intelligent, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Security System, Variable Environment, Workshop

            Upgrades to Ayom [Defense System, Security System]

            Combat: Attack +6, Pistols +10;
            Dames: Unarmed +2, Blaster Pistol +7
            Defense +10 (+3 flat-footed) Init +2

            Saves: Toughness +9/+4, Fortitude +8, Reflex +8, Will +11

            Abilities 42 + Skills 29 + Feats 23 + Powers 27 + Combat 24 + Saves 16 = 161

            (PL: 10)
            Abilities: STR: 14 (+2), DEX: 18/24 (+7), CON: 18 (+4), INT: 14 (+2), WIS: 14 (+2), CHA: 12 (+1)

            Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+15), Bluff 4 (+5), Cr (Mechanical) 2 (+4), Diplomacy 4 (+5), Drive +8 (+15),
            Kn (life sciences) 4 (+6), Kn (Streetwise) 4 (+6), Medicine 10 (+12), Notice 6 (+8),
            Pilot 4 (+11), Pr (Paramedic) 2 (+4), Sense Motive 4 (+6), Swim 4 (+8 )

            Feats: Acrobatic Feint, Equipment 1, Improved Acrobatic Feint, Improved Defense, Improvised Tools, Luck 2, Set-Up,
            Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Drive, Medicine, Pilot), Teamwork

            Super-Speed [66pp]
            •Enhanced DEX 6
            •Enhanced Feats 24 (Attack Specialization [unarmed] 3, Defensive Roll 3, Dodge Focus 6, Elusive Target, Evasion,
            Improved Critical 2 [unarmed], Improved Initiative 5, Move-By Action, Takedown, Uncanny Dodge [visual])
            •Quickness 6 (task speed 100x)
            •Speed 8 (2500 mph)
            •Super-speed Array 8
            -AP: Bullet (Blast 8)
            -AP: Insubstantial 4 (Limited to while running)
            -AP: Machinegun Punches (Strike 8; E: Autofire)
            -AP: Rapid Attack (Strike 8; E: Area Burst)
            -AP: Spin Attack (Nauseate 8)
            •Wall Run/Water Run (Super-movement 3 [Wall-Crawling 2, Water-Walking 1; F: Limited only while running])

            Metatrix: Morph 1 (to Jet; E: Continuous; PF: Metamorph 1) [3pp]

            Equipment: Costume (Protection 3 [subtle 1]; 4ep), First Aid Kit (1ep)

            Combat: Init +28, Attack: +6, Unarmed +12, Grapple +8
            Damage: Unarmed +2, Rapid Attack/Machine Gun Punches +8
            Defense +12 (+3 flat-footed)

            Saves: Toughness +7/+8 with costume (+4/+7 Flat-footed), Fortitude +7, Reflex +12, Will +7

            Abilities 28 + Skills 16 + Feats 10 + Powers 70 + Combat 24 + Saves 13 = 161

            Metatrix: The Metatrix is a hard to lose device required to change forms. Memories are not shared between Andrel and Jet.
            Artificial History: Jet is created out of a modified chameleon arch and his memories are incomplete.
            Motivation - Doing Good: Jet tries to live up to the noble ideas of a hero.
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              Re: [2e] Terminusscape[OOC]

              Everyone seems ready. I will get a summary up tonight or tomorrow and we are off again.
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                Re: [2e] Terminusscape[OOC]

                The IC thread is ready to go and summary is complete.
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                  Re: [2e] Terminusscape[OOC]

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                    Re: [2e] Terminusscape[OOC]

                    Cool, I missed that bit. Now I don't need to constantly check the thread.
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                      Re: [2e] Terminusscape[OOC]

                      So I am getting the impression that Andrel is in a tiny minority of people who want the Time Weapon destroyed.
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                        Re: [2e] Terminusscape[OOC]

                        He is our John Criton. Instead of Wormhole weapons, we have temporal weapons.
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                          Re: [2e] Terminusscape[OOC]

                          I did catch the parallel. And the first time I pitched this character, Ben was the body cast. I almost used him here, but decided Simms was a better choice.
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                            Re: [2e] Terminusscape[OOC]

                            So if Andrel is Crichton, who is everyone else?
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                              Re: [2e] Terminusscape[OOC]

                              Mary is Aeryn. Shadowblade is D'argo. Shirin is Rygel. Faethor is Zhaan.
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