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Flat point per rank? (and other Hero Lab Questions)

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    Re: Flat point per rank?

    Okay, today (since yesterday actually). I am trying to make an array device (Freeze Pistol).
    Problem is, when I print the character sheet, you don't see the "Power Effect Text" of the array powers. (for example: Freeze Blast (Area Line 2 (60 ft.) Damage 3 (Resisted by Fortitude)). It is written: "Freeze Blast: Freeze Blast 1 (Alternate)"

    How can I edit and SHOW the Power Effect Text instead of regular infos? (I am doing it in the editor so I can just give "Freeze Pistol" to any person, quickly)

    Also, can I edit the range of ranged weapons / device / power somewhere?

    Last question: is there a tutorial online for the use of Hero Lab with Mutants & Masterminds?

    EDIT 1: Okay, so I found I have to "Name" the powers everytime so it doesn't repeat itself.

    Another additional question: can you make powers only available to Headquarters?
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      Re: Flat point per rank? (and other Hero Lab Questions)

      I am traveling this weekend, away from my computer, so I can only answer partially.

      Is the behavior you're seeing with your freeze pistol the same as when you build the array from scratch?

      As regards range, you may have to use tags and bootstraps to attach the increased range. If you have Gadget Guides installed, there will be examples. Otherwise, you just muddle through for now.

      And the only tutorial it's the one in the Help menu and it does not deal with some of the more advanced topics. Most learning is a combination of looking at how the current powers are implemented and the Lone Wolf forums.

      No idea on making things HQ only. Probably, but I don't think we have access to the right variable names without some help on the inside. Or, you can just build them as headquarter features.
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        Re: Flat point per rank? (and other Hero Lab Questions)

        When I set up my power as "Device" or "Array" it shows the same layout as any other power. That's something I saw when I decided to make mooks while waiting to expand my database, when I put device / equipement, the menu is different from the "custom device" which acts as a power even if I try to put the option "act as device".

        It's okay, I am not in a hurry