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  • Hero Lab moving to Hero Lab Online

    Rob's statement

    It's too long for me to really quote in its entirety, but basically, Lone Wolf plans on releasing an online version of Hero Lab that runs via a web browser (but they say can be used offline) with users paying a fixed fee to acquire it and then a subscription fee for access to cloud storage.

    The launch product, Starfinder, will be exclusive to Hero Lab Online, but they say that "Hero Lab Classic" will continue to be supported. No word on how this will affect Mutants and Masterminds.
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    Re: Hero Lab moving to Hero Lab Online

    Cool! This is the first I'd heard about it. Looking forward to seeing how it develops. Maybe that "power cut-and-paste" capability will finally be feasible, and the group stuff sounds awesome.
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      Re: Hero Lab moving to Hero Lab Online


      I'm very, very interested in this. Frankly, there's not much to dislike about it at all, especially since it caches data (such as your character sheets) offline as well. And the fact that they'll be letting VTTs access their API for gaming rules and character content is potentially a... ehem... game changer.

      That said, if the software follows the modern trend of "code once, charge forever," as Adobe software has, I'll be somewhat disappointed.

      *reads more on the product*

      OK, scratch that bit. Purchased game packs will work on both Hero Lab (Classic) and HLO, already-purchased packs will be included in your account, HL content can be uploaded for a one-time fee (and includes 6 months of subscription access,) and the subscription fee is about $2/month--clearly meant to just cover server costs.

      Even if you needed to pay the subscription fee to use HLO at all (and it appears that there's limited, non-creative functionality even with a lapsed account,) the cost seems quite fair.

      We’re not planning to add major new features to Hero Lab Classic at this point, primarily because the product is pretty darn complete.
      Well, he's spot on with that. Glad to see they're not discontinuing the older software.

      Subject: Will Hero Lab Online support group play?

      That’s a core objective for Hero Lab Online. Having a central server orchestrate everything means that every device can “talk” to each other. I don’t mean a chat system. I’m referring to things like the GM assigning damage for a fireball to four of the five PCs caught within it, with one taking half damage (save made) and another taking none (save made with Evasion).


      Party loot is another great opportunity here. How does your group currently manage all the extra stuff they’ve acquired? Imagine having a simple repository where that’s all tracked. All the players/PCs can view it. At the end of an encounter, everything the party finds goes into the “stash”. Gear can then be assigned from the stash to individual PCs, and PCs can put stuff back into the stash.


      Starfinder introduces the concept of a communal starship for the party. That can be easily shared with an online model. And Starfinder combat has different PCs taking on different roles on the ship. With the online model, there are many opportunities to do things that simply can’t be done with a disconnected desktop model.

      We have a variety of other new features planned as well, but this should give you a sense of the opportunities that exist with Hero Lab Online and that we’re planning to bring to life within the product.
      Wow. Very, very cool. It's too bad that these group features won't be available at launch, but they definitely seem worth waiting for.

      Also, for those curious here's the FAQ regarding Hero Lab Online (I hadn't heard of it before this thread.)
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