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[3E] Favoured Environment Suggestion

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  • FuzzyBoots
    Re: [3E] Favoured Environment Suggestion

    Hmm... I'm pretty sure that there is a place to set a bonus that doesn't impact caps. I suspect it would, however, be hardcoded into either attack or defense. Would that still work for you?

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  • betterwatchit
    started a topic [3E] Favoured Environment Suggestion

    [3E] Favoured Environment Suggestion

    I want to make a suggestion.

    I think it should be possible to apply Favoured Environment. I've tried using the Adjust Tab for my PCs, but when I raise Dodge and Parry to represent setting it to Defence, it lowers Toughness, saying it's because of the PL cap.

    According to page 136 of the M&M Deluxe Hero's Handbook, Favoured Environment gives a circumstance bonus. Circumstance bonuses do not affect PL.