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How does Hero Lab calculate Power Levels for NPCs

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  • How does Hero Lab calculate Power Levels for NPCs

    Or is there somewhere in the core books (I'm currently using 2e) that tells how a GM estimates power levels? I feel like this is an obvious question but I'm googling and searching the books and can't find an answer

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    Re: How does Hero Lab calculate Power Levels for NPCs

    The rules for power points are used as per pages 24 and 25 of the core rulebook except that PL is descriptive rather than proscriptive. Here's the guidance for determining NPC PL:

    Instead, determine an NPC’s power level based on the character’s highest appropriate trait(s). This power level is simply an approximation to show what level of challenge that NPC offers, and is not necessarily related to the NPC’s power point total, which may be greater than or less than the recommended starting power points for that power level. NPCs are often designed to fill a particular niche in the campaign and do not need to be as well rounded or balanced as heroes.
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