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  • Mecha in Hero Lab

    I'm working on a Mecha Campaign and am trying to see how HL handles mecha (I do own HL licenses for Power Profiles and the Gadget Guide).

    So I made a sheet for the pilot and then created the mecha on the equipment tab using "Custom Mecha" listed under vehicles. The Dashboard shows the Pilot at the top and the mecha listed under it (and with the pilot's name in parenthesis next to the mecha's name, so I assume this means it associated the the two together).

    But none of the stats appear to calculate between the two. For example, the Mecha has a rifle and a sword. On the mecha's sheet (and it the printout), I believe it should calculate the attack bonus for the rifle using the pilot's Ranged Combat skill and the sword using the pilot's Close Combat skills. Or even a custom-made Mecha Combat skill. But the mecha doesn't seem to recognize any stats from the pilot's sheet.

    And if I go to the pilot's sheet and look at Skills, I can click the "Set Attacks" button but it only shows weapons and powers on the pilot's sheet and not the powers or weapons that are part of the mecha.

    So is there a way to make Hero Lab calculate the Mecha's stats using the pilot's skills? If not, does anyone have a workaround for how best to manage mecha? Ideally I would like to be able to see the pilot and mecha listed separately as the players will likely be swapping between a few different "stock" mechs in the campaign.

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    Re: Mecha in Hero Lab

    I'd say just house rule it. Build the mech like a normal character, take away AWE, INT, PRE, and STA.

    When the pilot gets in they're AWE, INT, and PRE are used for if it comes up in battle, as well as certain advantages.

    Either the pilot's own attack and ranged attack are used (up to the Mecha's pre built max) to determine the same values or it's covered by Vehicles/Tech. Or just say the pilot always uses the mecha's skill levels while while piloting.
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