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I want to try running a Play-by-Post game here, Suggestions?

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  • I want to try running a Play-by-Post game here, Suggestions?

    I am trying to learn how to play M&M. My hope is to one day convince some tolerant family members and friends to play a game. Right now I am trying my hand at playing online. I am in my first game in these forums (Crisis), and I was thinking about trying my hand at GMing. I have an idea for a one-shot. However, I want to make sure I am not under-preparing for a campaign. This would be my first GM'd game. I also want to make sure that there aren't some unknown forum rules for making a game. The rules didn't seem to suggest any requirements for being GM. Just the typical "Don't be a jerk" and the 20 post rule.

    Below this line I have posted some details on my one-shot idea. This is what I am posting right now, though obviously I am keeping a few things to myself (identities, secrets, etc...).

    Working Title: "Fox in the Hole"

    Synopsis: A group of minor super-powered criminals have been found and detained. They have been given a choice. They can either help find the identity of a mysterious leader of a gambling ring, or go straight to prison. To do this, they must infiltrate the gaming club, and use whatever abilities they can to find the leader before someone kills them, or the leader gets tipped off and leaves.

    Intended PL: 8

    Single Location: Abandoned Office Complex

    Ideas for possible solutions: Fake robbery to draw out villain, Tip off villain in attempt to take on police (or escape), Get caught cheating/starting fight (to draw out villain), Manipulate criminals to turn on one another, break security or other high-tech infiltration.

    Any ideas? Thoughts? Uncontrollable flashes of disgust?
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    Re: I want to try running a Play-by-Post game here, Suggestions?

    GMing here, there isn't any rules really aside from the general forum rules. Your concept sounds fun and simple enough for a first go at GMing.

    That said, there is a few things to keep in mind.

    1) Try to post once a day at least. In longer campaigns, you might be able to do every two days, but in a one shot game once you lose momentum is over. Player attrition is bad enough, for perfectly valid reasons, so the GM slowing the game just makes it worse.
    2) Be ready for anything. MnM powers can get pretty powerful such as mind control, insubstantial, xray vision, etc. As a GM it is tempting to say it doesn't work or minimizing the effect of those powers to suit the plot frequently. In the end though, it makes it not as much fun.
    3) Everyone, GM and players should be having fun with the players feeling like the stars instead of puppets for the GM plot. Its good to plot out A->B->C, but some players might take side tracks or be clever enough to skip B completely.

    As for helpful hints, I can share what I do normally.

    1) Use NPC's built by someone else and change the fluff. Doing the stats and such for NPC is tedious for me, so I find it easier to use prebuilt NPC's.
    2) Treat the NPC's as PC's you control. They have their own motives, drives, and personalities if not standard mooks. It makes or a richer experience when it comes to RP.
    3) Be prepared. Even if you don't use something, it helps to have it written down.
    4) Be detailed. GM posts take a bit of time precisely because you need to ensure you give enough detail. Clarifications can take days over PbP, so the more clear you are the better the pace will be.

    Above all, you need to make sure you pick the right players if more than you planned for the game submit a character. GM and Players should all be in alignment for the most part. Otherwise it isn't fun for anyone.
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