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Any recommendations for a ready to run mystical campaign?

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  • Any recommendations for a ready to run mystical campaign?

    Any recommendations (in any system - I can always adapt) for any ready made campaigns set in either the mystical or faerie realms or possibly vampire-related I can run when half my players fail to turn up (and fail to let me know in advance they can't attend)..?

    I'd already set up a secondary campaign for two of the players but for the last two games of the main game I've had sessions supposedly of the main game where only two of the players (both with mystical elements to their characters) have turned up.

    I've no desire to start running a third homemade campaign 'just in case' and one of the faithful has absolutely no interest in the existing secondary campaign so I'm thinking of either an occasional mystical quest either through the Dreamlands or faerie realms I can adapt, or possibly side missions (the last game they discovered that there were a couple of different clans and tensions within the vampires so poss. a series of events to destabilise their relationships? The problem is that I am unwilling to set up yet a third campaign on the of-chance this happens again so looking for something I can just pick up and run at a minutes' notice.

    The two characters in question do not lend themselves to street level adventures and they don't want to play different characters so any adventure has to be sufficiently challenging for a mage and a Banshee character without depowering them.

    Any suggestions for existing adventures, campaigns etc. gratefully received?
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