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Epic Battle of Party vs 1 Supervillan

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  • Epic Battle of Party vs 1 Supervillan

    I have an idea to end an adventure I am working on. I want something like a Characters vs 1 giant entity type battle. Has anyone ever done that type of battle. How did you run it or set it up for the players to have a way to win. Since not every hero is a super strong, able to do a lot of damage type there needs to be a way for the others to feel like they are contributing as well.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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    Re: Epic Battle of Party vs 1 Supervillan

    I did close to this in one of my games. The big bad was very hard to hurt due to high saves, but I set it up where he could be weakened by destroying a pillar. I didn't tell the PC's this straight off, but I described it as when he used his powers the pillar lit up. To spice things up, I also tossed in some minions to distract the PC's.

    You can also spice it up by having a ticking time bomb or dooms day device that needs to be disabled. Hostages also add a nice dramatic flair.
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      Re: Epic Battle of Party vs 1 Supervillan

      Thanks for the ideas. There was some good stuff there that I think I can use.


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        Re: Epic Battle of Party vs 1 Supervillan

        One of the issues of one supervision against a team is action economy. If the villain has five attacks coming in every turn, the odds of at least one bad roll is pretty high. Minions or lieutenant henchmen can help. You can so build them as Final Fantasy style monsters that have individual parts led by something central with initially high defenses that go down as the component parts get destroyed.

        Otherwise, don't be afraid of either Area Attacks or a prepared environment (a Mastermind villain should have mounted gun emplacements, the ability to drop the floor out from under heroes, hostages in death traps, etc).
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