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Need help running the villain, Scion

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  • Need help running the villain, Scion

    I am going to use Scion from Emerald City Secrets in the next session. How does its Adaptive Nanotech power work? Does it just instantly have 30 points of immunity or what-not to whatever power type would have damaged it? And then it changes with the next attack?

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    Re: Need help running the villain, Scion

    I would rule that it changes after it has been threatened or attacked. So if a guy on fire dropped out of the sky and said it would be delivered unto justice, it would automatically shift points into preventing fire effects. When Madame Hex blasts it from behind with her hex bolts, it will shift points into magic immunity, but probably keep fire immunity up to a point, and would still have to save against the initial attack. It's up to the GM as to how intelligently those points get shifted, but I'd probably go with a FIFO kind of setup where Scion adjusts the points to fit what it expects, as broadly as possible, and then trims down as necessary. So if it only believes its being confronted by Fire Dude, it will probably shift its points to 10 ranks of Fire Immunity (all attacks). If it's being attacked by multiple descriptors and so far Fire Dude has only tried to do direct damage, it might pare that down to 5 ranks for Fire (damage) so that it can spend points elsewhere. To keep things fair to the players, I'd avoid making things too intelligent, and 1 PP (this specific hero's powers) should be verboten. Just as a rule of thumb, I'd say treat every descriptor as "common" by default because Variable bypasses the costing of warding against common versus rare threats, which means 5 PP for a particular save against that descriptor, 10 PP for all attacks against that descriptor, 20 PP for an entire swathe (such as gaining immunity against Physical damage when its only opponents are The Medievalists).

    Adapting upon threat means that it can set immunities "in advance" of being attacked, but also means it might be vulnerable to a good Bluff to get its defenses to shift against the Ultimate Nullifier (actually a Nudifier Ray) that Agatha Spark is threatening it with so that The Raven can get a hit in with his Taser Gauntlets. Above all, as a Reaction defense, Scion shouldn't have fine control over it, which means creative heroes will find ways to cause its defenses to shift.
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