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[3e] [Feedback Request] Homebrew Anti-Gravity Racing Mechanics

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  • [3e] [Feedback Request] Homebrew Anti-Gravity Racing Mechanics

    Howdy! Looking for feedback on a Grav Racing system I threw together for a one-off. As it is only going to be present in one session, it doesn't need to be super balanced, but I'd like it to be as mechanically sound as possible. And yes, it is a shameless rip-off of WipEout. I'm even using their art and universe.

    Full encounter notes can be found here.

    The system details are as follows:
    • Initiative
    • Rolled at the start of every lap
    • Drivers use their initiative, while passengers can choose whether to go right before or right after their vehicle’s initiative
    • Position: Arbitrary value used to determine how far ahead/behind racers are from each other
    • Combat/Racing
    • All passengers suffer from a -2 circumstance penalty on attacks
    • People riding atop a vehicle are considered its passenger
    • Maneuvers are made with the Vehicle skill plus the vehicle’s Maneuver Bonus and use a move action.
    • Attacking with the vehicle’s guns is a standard action
    • Penalties apply to the vehicle
    • When a vehicle takes damage, they lose position equal to the difference in the DC and the toughness roll, and take -1 to their Toughness, Defense, and Maneuver Bonus
    • Race Flow
    • Every round, players will jockey for position in a single section of the track
    • The following round will take place in the next section, with Position deciding where they are in relation to other racers on the next section

    The ships available to the players can be found in the latter pages of the first linked document. Here is one for an example:

    The last ship on the full doc, the Armageddon, may seem overpowered. It is. It's the ship of the racer, Serin, that they are all racing against.

    All of these rules and mechanics are assuming the players are playing somewhat nice within the rules of the race. For this encounter, they are meant to put on a good race, even though all superpowers are running hot and Serin has requested they show her what she's got, her machine against their powers. If things go to hell, obviously the GM would have to improvise and abandon the race rules.

    I'm sure I have sections in here that are unclear, unnecessary, or require additional information. I went a little wild with this and ignored that little voice of caution that I get whenever I homebrew stuff. That said, this is intended to be a sort of minigame within the game, so I think it's okay to not have it be perfect. Regardless, I am interested in any feedback anyone may have, no matter how merciless or critical of the system! As I said, I'd like it to be as sound as possible for an untested one-off system. General feedback is also great if you don't want to spend the time to critique the stuff!

    Thank you for reading!
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