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Using Precognition for Combat

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  • Using Precognition for Combat

    I had a hand wavy moment awhile back with a Perception based attack made by a time traveler. In essence, the target of his attack went for cover but because he Precog'd the fight before hand he knew where he was going to end up and was able to attack him.

    I was thinking a perception based damage with Indirect 4, Quirk (Must have used Precog prior to fight), then just hand out a hero point when used for the first time.


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    Re: Using Precognition for Combat

    Doesn't matter if he knows where the person is. If he can't perceive them with an active sense he can't hit them with a perception based attack.

    You're the Gm though, you can have it work simply because you want it to, but you need to give them a hero point with each shot if you really want to be fair.

    Perception works on seeing/perceiving the target, not simply knowing where they are. You shouldn't give an attack the ability to ignore defense that *also* can stop people from going for cover.