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New to M&M, Need help prep a session

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  • New to M&M, Need help prep a session

    Hey Ronin Army!

    I have a group of friends that get together on Wednesdays to play Table Top RPGS. One of this group convinced people to play M&M, buy books, make characters, get excited the whole shebang! That person is now unavailable so now we have no GM to run a heroes game. I have decided to step up and run but I never even thought of running M&M so I have no idea how the GM side of things works (or really how the game works at all honestly). What I want to ask the community is what bare-bones material does a new GM need to get started? Is there a GMs guide I need to purchase? a "Monster Manual"? And if anyone has tips on basic session layout that would be great! Think along the lines of, 1-2 encounters, roleplay, Skill challenges, Because I don't know the system I don't know how to challenge my players while still making the game fun and keeping the Super Heroic Theme. I plan to steal some content from City of Heroes (the game) so I have some basic stuff to run for my party, and to stick to the comic book humor of that game as well.

    TLDR; Noob GM seeks help with preparing for session 1

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    Re: New to M&M, Need help prep a session

    The core book is all you really need. Theoretically, you could probably just run from there, building your game as you go, but you're probably going to be better off working from a prebuilt adventure. There are a number available for sale, both from Green Ronin or for free. The 10th Anniversary edition of the book came with an adventure. Lastly, there are some free items from Green Ronin. Most of the adventures are from 2E, but they're not too difficult to port over, particularly if you use the conversion guide to rough out the provided enemies.
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      Re: New to M&M, Need help prep a session

      I know my deluxe hero's handbook has two adventures in it, as well. Those old 2E adventures are a hoot, and with the 2e to 3e conversion guide, you can either make your own villian or covert them. And check the role call section if you need some quick villains Also, RPGnow.come has free villians and even adventures for 3E. Download the quick start rules, and play it. It iwll get you used to playing the game, os you can run it better. Even have your players, give it a try.
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        Re: New to M&M, Need help prep a session

        Emerald City Knights has a great story in it.

        Or this is what I do (with any RPG I run). I have a basic story premise (bare bones stuff like "streets are being flooded with high tech weaponry"). Then come up with a why: basic thugs are getting tired of being beaten by heroes. Then a twist (if you'd like one): the weaponry will deliver nanites into the wielders making them unwitting soldiers in an alien army. Then have a brain storm session with your players. Talk about the world this exists in and set some ground rules (i.e. make sure your powers make sense to your concept -- don't just take powers for the cool factor). Ask the players to come up with a brief character background (this really lets me bring in their character's personality and background into the story -- maybe a Battlesuit character had a friend who worked with him to create it, they had a falling out, now that friend is selling weapons).

        The Threat Report and the GM Guide are useful resources for powered bad guys.

        EDIT: For first timers, I'd suggest using the pregens and having the players tweak them (removing power points from one thing and adding them somewhere else that better fits their idea). Character creation can be a bit daunting in this game (IMHO).

        Also, don't be afraid to use those archtypes as villians (I took the Energy Controller, adjusted a few powers, and made him into a electricity controller who, so far, has kept the heroes guessing -- nothing like teleporting awaying as the going got tough for Bolt!)
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          Re: New to M&M, Need help prep a session

          My standard session planning for superheroism:

          1: Come up with a problem or an opportunity. These can be broadly broken down into several categories, many of which can be interchangeable depending on how you approach them: Problems include: Schemes, Disasters, and Dangerous Developments. Opportunities include: Discovery, Invention, Alliance, Exploration, and Training. The introduction and development of this problem will become your Discovery Phase.

          2: Come up with a Twist or a Revelation: a fact, event, or development that re-shapes the heroes perception of what they need to accomplish. The Twist/Revelation advances the plot from the Discovery Phase to the Resolution Phase.

          3: Come up with a few options for a Hook or Clue to add at an appropriate moment. These are factors that will play into future sessions or build along longer plot arcs: villains that get away, hints at a mastermind behind the scenes, information about a character's murky past, etc. The Hook or Clue usually emerges from the Resolution Phase as one of the facts that is snapped into focus by the Twist or Revelation. Hooks and Clues can even be phrased as questions that you don't know the answer to yet.

          None of these need to be complicated, deep, or clever. The following is perfectly fine:

          1: Commander-In-Mischief is robbing a plane! We gotta stop him and his wacky army of flying robo-presidents!
          2: Oh no, he's set the plane to crash while he makes his escape!
          3: The plane was carrying archeological artifacts with little known value. What does the Commander know about them that we don't?

          Or even the last-resort of the un-prepped GM:

          1: La la everybody's happy [working on the super-blimp] [shaking hands with the mayor] [sharing deep thoughts on a moonlit beach about life, the universe, and how to keep your spandex from riding up when you throw an overhand right], this is just a roleplay session guys.
          2: Three guys bust in with LASER TOMMYGUNS! QUELLE SURPRISE!
          3: Shadowy figure on the super-TV intimates that he was just testing the heroes... but to what end?!
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            Re: New to M&M, Need help prep a session

            I usually start with a villain or two that I'm interested in using and that I can hang a few sessions off of. My current arc, which I'm going to be trotting out for a pick-up game (and no one there should be on this forum, so it's safe to share) is:

            AI is doing bad things, PCs thwart it, part of the AI survives and declares vendetta against them and turns to supporting/creating all sorts of supervillains to that end.

            I'm primarily a setpiece GM, so I then tend to think of a few encounters, villains, ideas, etc. for those that I would like to see. In this instance it's the top 20 or so floors of a building taking off into the sky and a kaiju (clarification: those are 2 separate encounters). And, then I kind of wing the rest. I think my new guideline will be that whenever I perceive a lull, I will throw some encounters at them. I'm also shamelessly stealing villains from extant media.

            Note, this may or may not work for you, but I tend to approach GMing through setting up problems and relying on the players to then solve them. I try to think of there at least being a few means of them going about doing it, just so it's possible, but I try to encourage them to do it however makes sense for their characters. That sometimes works great. Sometimes not. This particular game is a bit more challenging since it's a pick-up game with the quickstart character generation, so I'm not really sure who the PCs will be. But, I suspect I'll manage that when the time comes. All that being said, I sort of suck at coming up with superhero plots. Characters, I think I'm quite good at, but plots are tough for me. That may make my "less is more" approach self-serving ... I don't know.