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Heroic Fights Due to Misunderstandings

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  • Heroic Fights Due to Misunderstandings

    So there have always been reasons for heroes to fight heroes which inevitably turn out to be misunderstandings which get put aside and then they team up against the real threat. What are some good ways to introduce this kind of misunderstanding? Here's ten... what have you got?

    1. Villain hiding among a team of heroes disguised as one of them; the other heroes know that the villain is there (or suspect there is something wrong with the team as a whole because the villain has left evidence behind pointing at the team he's hiding among).
    2. A villain has been manipulating a hero to make him see conspiracies where none exist and then leads him to believe other heroes have gone rogue and are behind the conspiracies.
    3. Alien shapeshifters have impersonated a team of heroes before, so when the heroes do something that seems out of character everyone just assumes they're impersonated again.
    4. Same as #3, but substitute psionic villain mind-controlling the team of heroes in the past.
    5. A hero is doing damage in the streets, but he's trying to get to a trapped person whose life is imminent danger and no one else is aware of the trapped individual.
    6. Same as #5, but the hero is trying to get to a hidden bomb that could blow up a large portion of the city if it isn't stopped.
    7. A hero has gone "undercover" by acting like he's turned villain to get close to another villain so he can capture him... but he didn't tell anyone else and now they believe he's really turned evil.
    8. Something has tricked a hero's senses and now he sees his greatest enemy in place of another hero until he can be shocked back to his senses or the root of the deception uncovered.
    9. A hero has gone after another hero's nemesis with what looks like murderous intent (perhaps after being provoked); and it's up to the villain's regular rival to protect him.
    10. A villain is trying to do the right thing for once and is helping a hero try to prevent city- or even world-wide destruction (because he lives there too), but other heroes see the team-up as something sinister... especially if what the villain is trying to accomplish will cause some collateral damage in the city-/world-saving process.

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    Re: Heroic Fights Due to Misunderstandings

    11. Cosmic being recruits/forces them into an arena ala Contest of Champions, Planet Hulk, Thor: Ragnarok, etc.
    12. Superhero Olympics, this one allows for them to compete without necessarily having to be punching each others face in. It's fun to see eight superheroes deciding who would win a million meter foot race.


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      Re: Heroic Fights Due to Misunderstandings

      13. A reformed villain has not yet gained enough recognition as a new hero and his mere presence elicits suspicion and aggressive action from another hero when he doesn't immediately stand down (because he knows something bad is going down and the other hero is ignoring it to focus on him).
      14. A new hero on the scene has the unfortunate choice of using an old supervillain's name as well as possibly similar costume and powers, and other heroes immediately distrust the new hero as they suspect there is a greater connection to the villain than there actually is.
      15. Tony Stark's mom was killed by Winter Soldier and Cap is just trying to defend his friend who had no control over his part in her death.
      16. A hero looks especially monstrous and everyone just assumes the worst.
      17. Same as #16 but no matter what the hero tries to do, he only makes the misunderstanding worse with his actions (such as clumsiness leading to property damage, recklessness endangering bystanders, or just letting the villains escape because of a greater priority such as saving lives which conveniently goes unnoticed when the other hero shows up).


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        Re: Heroic Fights Due to Misunderstandings

        Alternate-15. A hero breaks the law believing himself to be morally justified, like most criminals, and the other heroes have to bring him to justice.

        18. A sinister warlock or necromancer raises the souls of dead heroes to fight the living heroes.
        19. An alternate dimensional warp hole has opened either a) flinging the heroes into an alternate reality forcing them to fight their evil counterparts, or b) flinging the villains of an alternate reality into our universe forcing them to fight their good counterparts


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          Re: Heroic Fights Due to Misunderstandings

          20) An alternate dimension hole has opened to the Mirror Universe, so each team of heroes is fighting what in their universe is a team of villains.


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            Re: Heroic Fights Due to Misunderstandings

            21) Clones. Just....clones.