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    I have these two visuals that I'm having a hard time tying together.

    1. A John Doe was recently admitted to the hospital. He's in a coma and stable. No physical injuries. Someone with Mental Sense can tell that he's an empty shell.
    2. People have been disappearing. There doesn't seem to be a connection nor do people recall who was missing. One day, your favorite barista is there, the next no one's heard of her.

    My initial thought is that a bad guy is stealing potential from his victims by removing them from the timeline, but I'm not sure how to connect John Doe to it, nor how the characters would be aware of a temporal anomaly (I have one who is considering playing a temporal character who took the Feature temporal anchor but he's not 100% sure yet).

    Now, John Doe... I'm not sure how to tie him into. Maybe John Doe is a super who has a form of temporal immunity but the side effect was his consciousness being ejected from his body.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    Re: Story Suggestions

    I think this only works if your characters have a way of being aware of the temporal anomaly, but given that, perhaps John Doe IS the "bad guy" in a way. Maybe he is a super himself, and something else removed his consciousness from his body, and he's stealing the potential of randoms ("people who nobody would miss until I can fix everything") to gather strength to return to his body.

    That way, the PCs have a mystery to solve, a moral dilemma, an adversary that could become an ally, AND a big bad to fight. That sounds like Win-Win-Win-Win to me, and it has a lot of avenues to take.
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      Re: Story Suggestions

      I'm not sure how important the temporal anomaly angle is for your story. If it's not essential I'd personally take a different route.

      An evil psychic has been sucking out people's souls and body surfing the empty shells left behind, for fun, profit and identity theft. They've amassed a collection of favorite bodies that they store in a warehouse hooked up to life support equipment, and John Doe was one of them that got misplaced in the process.

      A PKE meter or magic ritual might reveal the location of John Doe's soul, a psychic PC might be begged by his disembodied spirit for help, or a genius detective could make a leap of insight connecting both cases. The evil psychic found John Doe's body useful and attacks to get it back while the PCs must fight an invisible enemy inhabiting bodies that the original owners really want returned in good condition.


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        Re: Story Suggestions

        I like the idea that John Doe is the bad guy the entire time! I'm pretty certain that one of my players took the Temporal Anchor feature, otherwise the time travel bit may not work.


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          Re: Story Suggestions

          My session went really well. I hinted at the Time/Teleport power hero a slight alteration to the timeline (the pizza place he works for used to be called Tony's "Home of the famous New York style thin crust" now it's called Ryan's "Home of the famous New York style deep dish"). Two of the heroes witnessed John Doe being brought in (one wasn't part of the team yet -- she's a psychiatrist working in hospital's mental ward). She used her psychic powers on him to discover that the body is empty of consciousness. The other two heroes noticed strange lights (like what I grew up calling "heat lightning" -- lightning flashing in clouds) over New York Harbor which didn't appear to be natural. They raced over in time to see two costumed figures (male and female) fall from the sky. They leaped up and caught them before the hit. Both figures were unconscious so (thanks to the teleporter) they brought them to the hospital.

          Fast forward 30mins (or so) and the hospital is under attack. The two figures are a lightning controller known as Bolt and the other is a storm controller known as Tempest. They are confused as to where they are. The heroes show up and a fit ensues. Bolt using his Teleportation (limited to conductors of electricity) to get out of there, while Tempest flew away with the heroes in pursuit (it was quite epic, to be honest -- running through disheveled hospital hallways, avoiding patients/staff/etc, and jumping over gurneys and other debris only to leap through a window and miss the grab).

          The techie in the group created a device to track Bolt the next day. They went to he highest point they knew: the World Trade Center (which shouldn't be there -- adds a morally complication to a character who wants to protect the timeline) and used the device only to find Bolt robbing a bank. The beat him pretty well (-5 to toughness saves) before he grabbed a couple bags of money and teleported away.

          I've left John Doe as a mystery for now (a mcguffin for a later time) and they have yet to investigate the weird energy.