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    I have been running a Second Edition Mutants and Mastermind Campaign since 2008, which will be wrapping up this year. It is a teenage campaign. In it my characters are PL nine. I have this adventure where they are going to be captured by an extra-dimensional being who give them their perfect futures. They will figure it out and escape. I want advice on an issue with which I have been wrestling. It would make sense for them to be PL 11-12 in the future. However, this will be the penultimate session and they will have to go back to their regular PL 9 after. If a GM did this to you, would you feel cheated by having to go back to a "weaker" version of your character for the final adventure?

    I was thinking that I would allow them to "level up" to ten for the last session, but that would still less than what they were in their future versions. Thoughts?
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    Not at all, in my opinion.

    Hell, video games do it constantly. Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction started you in the first level at massive power levels, then "flashed back" to earlier events and Prototype depowered Mercer with a viral agent midway through for a while.

    It's very in-theme to have characters in a future form for a bit then go back to normal. Also, if they're not playing those characters after the next session leave them at 9, it's "normal" for them.