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Challenge/Side quest ideas for a part of my campaign

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  • Challenge/Side quest ideas for a part of my campaign

    So i'm about to start a campaign soon and i was wondering if any of you had ideas on how to implement a minor challenge/ side quest etc. for a part of it.
    I want to introduce the 3 players to the setting (modern age, greyscales, politically torn apart USA, gigantic metropolis etc.) gently. For the first session, they will be contacted, then assessed and eventually recruited by a questionable government agency (similar to SHIELD with a lot of secrets, double crossing and so on) and then put on their first field mission.

    We have a Jean Grey-ish PC ( i allowed mind reading... let's see), a taskmaster-ish one and a tuned down Alex Mercer (Prototype series) kind of guy, all of which don't know each other yet.

    The whole thing will start out with them being contacted in fitting ways, either invited or straight up blackmailed to come by. In the beginning there's some freedom for the players and i see no problem.

    Now for the scenes when they arrive at the skyscraper, are led down the corridors, given an introduction on the agency by the head of security, assessed by a psychologist (who is actually a powerful telepath herself) this where it feels very fitting to outline the dubiosity of the Organisation/leading NPCs but also quite railroading. After that they head into the Doom Room (action heavy sequence), are recruited and put on a decent (sandboxy) mission.

    Do any have you have ideas on how to include something to the mentioned part so that the players can choose to stray a little off the railroad track?