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[SWSR] Public Prep & Encounter Design: Season 2 Finale

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  • [SWSR] Public Prep & Encounter Design: Season 2 Finale

    Continued from last session,here

    No way around it, this is going to be a huge fight: three factions colliding in one place. I have some ideas for some build up, but I’m going to have to devote most of the session to this massive brawl. Actually, there are TWO final fights, one material, one psychic.

    Prologue: Travel time between Gerrix, where last session took place and Skadra, where this session will happen is 1 week. I’m going to try to frame some scenes by asking pointed questions. All the PC’s (except one) learned massive secrets recently, but things have been too crazy to really talk about it. This week-long trip is a perfect time to work that out. I also need to set up some Season 3 stuff.

    Nash has a Complication in the form of his rocky relationship with Zax’s younger sister, Elsera. Out of the blue after a solid 5 year relationship, Elsera dumps him for a Wookie. She acted very strange the whole season, including, recently, expressing interest in joining the Rebellion, a thing she was adamant on not doing for the past 5 years. Now she’s totally and literally on board, she’s going with them to help Zax perform the purification ritual on his former Padawan Jin-Korro.

    A second very important scene I need to set up is where Elsera comes to Nash while he’s busy piloting(1). She’s going to be contrite, and ask if they can talk later about maybe getting back together. If only there was an Admiral Ackbar analog in our game to warn him!

    The Tilt:

    Nash’s player has noticed these erratic behaviors and has called for Insight rolls at several key points, but alas has never met the check. He has every right to be suspicious: Elsera, right before the beginning of Season 2, was kidnapped and replaced with a robotic doppelganger. Her mission is to kill both Big Bads: Jin-Korro and Lord Vader. To that end, she’s facilitated Zax’s capture of Jin-Korro, and has sent word of the capture to Lord Vader(2). After they arrive at the Jedi Archive, she’s going to come on board Nash’s ship ostensibly to talk about getting back together but actually to trap him alone, gas him, and use the ship’s communication transmit the location to Nellith, Vader’s No. 1. Then she’ll take Nash’s ship, and Nash’s PC and I will have a talk about him possibly coming back as a Pod Person.

    Unfortunately for Vader, Nellith has ALSO been nabbed and is now a Pod Person. Vader and Nellith will come to the Jedi Archive and Vader will go down to personally kill Jin-Korro (and anybody who gets in his way). Once both Vader and Jin-Korro are in the Jedi Archive, Nellith gives the signal and her Star Destroyer will open fire on the Jedi Archive. Pass out Hero Points, because the first thing they hit is the newly installed hyperdrive that would have allowed them to escape. The rest of the fight takes place in a massive open temple that is being blown to complete shit by heavy capital ship bombardment.

    The Purification Ritual:

    This is all happening while Zax is performing the purification ritual on Jin-Korro. I struggled a lot with how to mechanically represent this ritual, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

    There’s two parts: the first part is preparation, and is a Challenge. 3 out of 5 Persuade checks for a win. Narratively, this will represent Zax diving into Jin-Korro’s brain and seeking out what small shell of the original Jin-Korro is left that hasn’t been eaten or dominated by The Emperor. The Emperor is up in that brain too, and is crazy-powerful. Each roll in the Challenge will be Zax finding the shell of Jin-Korro, and trying to convice him to fight back against The Emperor and kick him out of his brain. Each time, the conversation is cut short by The Emperor, who always eventually finds them, wherever they hide. Zax has to flee and dive back in later. Each roll will take place in a different hiding place inside Jin-Korro’s psyche, so later this weekend I’m going to try to think up a few good locations to have these conversations in.

    If Zax succeeds, Jin-Korro fights with him in the big final battle against The Emperor. If he fails, Jin-Korro cowers during the final encounter, leaving Zax alone to stand against one of the oldest and most powerful minds in the galaxy.

    The second part is your typical psychic battle. I had Zax’s player make an alternate “psychic projection” build of his character and told him the rules were very different for psychic combat. Forget the regular thematic stuff of a Star Wars remix. Dream Logic is in full effect so many more things are on the table: teleportation, flying, eyebeams, whatever, go nuts. We’re going to get pretty Dragon Ball Z up in here. Well, actually, I’m going to get all Avatar the Last Airbender up in here, since I’ve never seen DBZ, but Zax’s player has, so it’ll probably be a mix of the two.

    Psychic Combat is lethal a la The Matrix. Die in the Psychic world, Die In Real Life™. I think I’ll start the big outside fight at the same time I start the Psychic Fight.

    The Climax:

    Right after Nellith starts blasting the Archive, a mysterious and unidentified fleet, I.E. the Season 3 Big Bads comes out of hyperspace and starts utterly demolishing the Imperial Fleet. Vader tries to flee, and the PC’s receive an unexpected rescue from an old ally. I’m leaving this part vague because I’m not sure how a lot of this will shake out. This is just my general outline, but it’s a good start. Now I just gotta stat a bunch of this up before Sunday.

    (1) I talked about the design for this distance here.
    (2) Lord Vader is a title in our game. The relationship between “Vader” and” “The Emperor” is pretty different in our game, and much more antagonistic. I don’t want to get into it, but it’s a huge driving force for the plot.
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