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    Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

    72. Hey, I wonder if there are superhero escape rooms? Are they training? Are they for fun? What if you and your arch-nemesis have to work together in one in secret IDs with other people, and then the whole thing turns lethal when some third party turns out to have gimmicked it...but you can't tell if they're gunning for you, your arch-nemesis, both, or someone else on the team....
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      Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

      Originally posted by kipling View Post
      Boy, that Cracked thread makes me want to put both a hero and a villain headquarters at One Times Square (as squatters) at the same time.

      And hilarity ensues when they discover each other...
      I bet the headlines in the Times and the Post would both call a violent resolution "The Battle of Times Square!"


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        Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

        Cracked have done it again with 6 Borders That Look Like They Were Drawn By Drunk People. Take special note of entries 1, 5 & 6.


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          Had a holiday in New York, and saw a few really interesting places to have an encounter.

          73: Statue of Liberty, New York City.

          This symbol of America (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) is an excellent and evocative place to have a final battle. Maybe even alongside allies from outside America to show that liberty isn't an American desire, but a human desire.

          74: Empire State Building.

          The 102nd floor was built as an airship moor, allowing for one place for fliers to meet in private. And flying up to the outdoor observatory on the 86th floor is one way to show off to the public.

          75: Central Park.

          It's very easy to get lost in this park while on foot. Plant controllers will find themselves in their element here more than in most places in the Five Boroughs. It's known for being safe during the day and for being... sketchy at night.

          76: Times Square.

          Word of any super-fights here is liable to escalate quickly, due to how many media companies have an office near here and due to how many civilians visit per day.