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    Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

    46. The Wadden Sea - An intertidal zone in the southeastern part of the North Sea. It lies between the coast of northwestern continental Europe and the range of Frisian Islands, forming a shallow body of water with tidal flats and wetlands. The islands in the Wadden Sea are called the Wadden Sea Islands or Frisian Islands, named after the Frisians.
    The word 'wad' is Dutch for 'mud flat'. The area is typified by extensive tidal mud flats, deeper tidal trenches (tidal creeks) and the islands that are contained within this, a region continually contested by land and sea as the tides come and go.

    The islands are marked by dunes and wide, sandy beaches towards the North Sea and a low, tidal coast towards the Wadden Sea. The impact of waves and currents, carrying away sediments, is slowly changing the layout of the islands.

    It's a cold, windy and wet place with a grey sky and mud flats can be very treacherous; it's easy to sink into them and get stuck. If you're the sort of person that believes in ghosts, you'll be pretty sure they're there.
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      Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

      A normal city street.... thats had the gravitational pull flipped.

      The heroes would need to deal with falling cars, and buses and find a way up to the villian who is at the far end of the road.

      To them it looks like he is standing on the horizontal plane of a masssssssssssssssive wall


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        Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

        Cracked just did a list of seven secret places found in famous locations. You can find the list here.

        And it's given me a couple of ideas for my stories...
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          Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

          47. Bir Tawil the only remaining piece of land in the world not claimed by any government.


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            Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

            48: Trafalgar Square, London, UK. All sorts of events can happen in this legendary square. Cultural festivals, filming sessions... All you need to do is keep an eye on the square and something interesting is going to happen sooner or later. One very popular event happens every year in December, when the Norwegian people donate a Christmas tree to thank the British for helping them during World War 2.


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              Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

              49. Aquarium - In addition to potential property damage, some of the exhibits (such as shark tanks) could prove quite dangerous.
              50. The White House - Maybe the heroes are there to meet the President after they've performed some national service, or they've been invited as part of a formal dinner party event. Worse, maybe something bad is going on, such as a villain attempting to wreck the place or kidnap the Commander-in-Chief and the heroes have to save the day.
              51. Bank Vault - Maybe there are heavy gold bars to throw around (or dodge when the bad guys start tossing them), or the heroes might get coerced by a hostage situation into stepping inside a vault to be locked inside. Can they escape in time to prevent the bad guys from looting the place and getting away?
              52. Armory - Maybe it's a military weapons depot, or perhaps it's just a villain group's lair, but the bad guys will have a seemingly unending supply of ammo to go along with all the guns stored there. Of course, the heroes could fight fire with flamethrowers... and whatever else just happens to be hanging on the walls.
              53. Gymnasium - You've got heavy objects, a virtual obstacle course of equipment, a steam room, and a pool to almost drown somebody in.
              54. Sex Club - Marvel has it's Hellfire Club, and DC had Batgirl once follow Catwoman into a "members only" place called La Chat Ras where the dress code was no clothing. It's a good place for disarming heroes who might rely too much on gadgets (if they bother to follow the rules), as well as create some awkward situations later on. Security cameras? WHAAAAAT?
              55. School Auditorium - Wide open space, high ceiling with rafters... you can add some elevation to the terrain by having the bleachers pulled out from the wall. For comic relief, a student hiding for safety can keep score with the heroes as the Home Team and villains as Visitors every time someone gets a good shot in.
              56. Exclusive Restaurant Kitchen - Small, enclosed space to fight in with a number of weapons (rolling pins, frying pans, knives) with hot spots to avoid (such as a villain trying to wrestle the heroes face down to the hot grill and what the hell, is that a human hand in the stew pot??) as well as cold storage to lock someone in until the cops arrive to let them out (and either arrest the criminals the heroes left behind or laugh at the heroes for being trapped inside by those crafty criminals).
              57. Robot Manufacturing Plant - Typical manufacturing plant with automated assembly lines, but those look humanoid. Uh-oh, some of the robots are ready be activated and the villain has the remote control (or maybe he can just control machines).
              58. Cargo Bay of a Bomber - Yep, just like in the cartoons... and at a critical time in the fight, someone opens the bomb hatch which the villain will try to take advantage of by trying to knock the hero through the hole to fall to his death (or just a big swim to safety).
              59. Night Club - Patrons pull back and circle around the hero and villain fighting like kids in a school yard, only here the hero literally gets the main stage and spotlights on him. Disco ball and lasers could make for a distracting environment to fight in. But after winning the fight, the hero could stick around to sign some autographs and then dance the night away.
              60. Salvage Yard - Maybe it's an airplane graveyard or just a place filled with car wrecks. Lots of heavy metal to hide behind, throw around, be smashed through, or get flattened under. But be careful, the bad guy may have a kidnap victim hidden in one of the wrecks as bait to lure the heroes to the scene, and getting careless with the wrecks may mean the death of the hostage.
              61. Steel Processing Plant - Yeah, just like in Terminator 2, so don't fall into the molten metal... it might hurt.


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                Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

                62. The Very, Very, VERY Late Cretacious Period - Time travel shenanigans are required, but a fateful battle in what will eventually be the Chicxulub crater as the gigantic meteor that kills the dinosaurs hurtles down above you is the height of drama. Plus, dinosaurs!
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                  Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

                  63. Stonehenge - any era. Ancient irreplaceable monument, burial ground or hidden vault, portal to/from the unknown, power source; however you play it Stonehenge could potentially be incorporated into most campaigns.


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                    Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

                    64. Dover, U.K.

                    The iconic White Cliffs of Dover are open enough at the top to have a super-battle without taking it into the town (Mind that you don't fall off, though!) and are rocky enough that anyone on foot needs to be agile to run at full speed, so it'd be very challenging for speedsters. A villain could easily threaten a hostage. "One step closer and I throw her off!"

                    The Port of Dover serves car ferries to France, freight and cruise ships calling at various ports worldwide. A villain could enter Britain this way (if his real name isn't known in Europe or if they have a really good fake ID), or even hold a ship hostage!


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                      Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

                      The Grand Canyon - While vast and full of wildlife this Canyon can serve with many functions, perhaps to flying supers race each other towards a destination. Or a fleet of jets lay underneath the rock and the hero must find an entrance into said lair. It's vast, open area makes stealth a less recommended option as well as the occasional tourist trap for extra flair.
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                        Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

                        66: Abandoned Holiday Camp.

                        Abandoned holiday camps include plenty of space to conduct a fight, varied structures to make negotiation a challenge (even for close-quarter and urban specialists), friends and/or foes could be affected by nostalgia if they went there while it was open...

                        Twists could include encountering a holiday camp-themed psycho (imagine bumping into a blood-stained Redcoat...), the camp founder's ghost or even digging up a superweapon (Most UK holiday camps were founded pre-WW2 and were loaned to the Armed Forces during the war).
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                          Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

                          67. Nuclear Bomb Testing Site: The heroes are teleported to some random desert and see a town in the distance. Upon further inspection it seems to be the perfect example of a modern suburb, other than the fact that there are mannequins instead of people. Than suddenly they hear a warning alarm from a couple of miles away and they suddenly realize the situation there in and thus the race for their lives begins. Or perhaps a super villain desires to steal the missile.

                          68. Bazaar: A large open air market-place consisting of a large varieties of cultures and shops; many of them selling items of questionable legality at very reasonable prices. Perhaps your heroes are looking for a specific item of magical nature, or perhaps they are chasing a criminal through the large swaths of people or are perhaps the ones being chased.

                          69. Library: An environment that has an all pervading silence that is just begging to be broken. Filled to the brim with tall bookshelves stocked with heavy hard-cover novels, that would really hurt if they fell on someone. Perhaps your heroes went there to find information that cannot be found easily online and have gotten in a fight with ninja assassins and are trying to be as quiet as possible to avoid being shushed by the scary librarian.


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                            Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

                            70: Local Comic Con. Your heroes could be invited to publicly show off their powers there without having to hurt someone. And if they have in-universe comics of their own (Freedom City and Astro City are settings where that's a thing so there is precedent for the idea), they might be asked to sign a few autographs!

                            All the cosplay that happens at a Comic Con can have certain unintended effects. One of them is that less people care about what you look like, making it easier for someone who can't usually pass for a normal human to have some fun. If a villain decides to heist something like a rare comic, computer game or an iconic vehicle* for a collection, then a lot of people cosplaying as that villain would make it quite difficult to tell which one to chase. And a hero wouldn't dream of harming an innocent, would they?

                            And it's the perfect place for capes to network. After all, if they're not actually using powers or unique devices, who could tell the difference between a superhuman and an average joe in a costume?

                            * At the MCM London Comic-Con (my local con), I've actually seen (on separate occasions) the Bluesmobile, the Bumblebee Camaro, a General Lee, KITT, LAPD and NYPD squad cars... and a New York ambulance that was proven to have been in service during 9/11!
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                              Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

                              71: Safety Deposit Boxes:

                              Just taking money from a bank vault these days is both very difficult and shows that the robber lacks imagination. A better reason to rob a bank would be to get at the safety deposit boxes!

                              Money disappearing from the boxes is one thing, but what if someone was using the boxes to hide a magical item? Or even better... What if it's being used to hide HARD EVIDENCE of how a major event in your setting's history really happened?

                              And if at least one of the heroes actually has a deposit box in that bank when it gets hit, they'll be greatly invested in finding out who did it so they can get their stuff back!
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                                Re: 1001 Interesting Locations

                                Boy, that Cracked thread makes me want to put both a hero and a villain headquarters at One Times Square (as squatters) at the same time.

                                And hilarity ensues when they discover each other...
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